6 Ways To Increase Search Traffic

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How to fix the most common SEO problems to increase search traffic?

In this episode of Unboxed SEO, you’re going to learn about 6 of the most common SEO problems we find.

I am going to tell you-

  • What those problems are
  • Why they are problems
  • And how to fix them

So please follow along with the video and write a comment below if you have any of these problems!

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Resources In The Video

Here is a complete list of everything that was featured in the video, in order of appearance-

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  1. Hi Matthew, Thank you for putting up this article. I also have a website, and I face issues with traffic sometimes. Most of the time, it has been a challenge in pinpointing the cause of less traffic, and ways to fix that. But your video has been really helpful. I use some of the techniques and resources you share and look forward to using more of your tips. You really did an amazing job. Looking forward to checking out more.

  2. Really I enjoy your site with effective and useful information. It is included a very nice post with a lot of our resources. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy this post.

  3. One of the best blogs for brginners because this blog explains the various methods of increasing traffic.Thank you

  4. As for me, here is my list:1. Build a website and promote it to other websites. Anyone can do this but is guaranteed to be seen by the widest group of people with a fast response time, usually tomorrow. 2. Write SEO optimized content that is targeted for topics that are searched often and upload it on popular platforms such as Medium or Tumblr. 3. Use YouTube videos for your topic(s) and implement relevant keywords in the video description or title so when people search those terms they can find your video too! Time consuming yes, but could pay off nicely!

  5. Which do you think is more reliable? Ahrefs or Semrush? Because I have observed that these two have different ways to measure website authority.

  6. Increasing traffic of an eCommerce site is a noble task if you want to increase the reachability of your site this means more Adsense revenue and more sales and this is the ultimate goal of creating the online business blog.

  7. HIGood to see to this post…. no doubt an informative post about traffic increasing issue… thanks for sharing

  8. Awesome Blog. Very helpful article. I’ll try your 6 ways in my photo editing website. Thanks for sharing great information.

  9. Great post. I am reading this post. Very useful information to share in this article…Thanks for this post.

  10. This is an eye-opening article for SEO beginners & experts. It’s a lovely post about increased traffic on the website. I would like to share this post because it’s very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing such kind of nice information with us. Keep sharing.

  11. Thanks for sharing such great information and also thanks for sharing your strategies by sharing in file and accessible for everyone to download.

  12. I appreciate such an informative blog. All the six ways you mentioned are practical and are in real time practice.

  13. Hello,Thanks for sharing information of 6 Ways To Increase Search Traffic. It really useful to me. It really helpful to increase traffic for our website. Thanks for sharing information..

  14. Increasing your rankings is always a combination of factors. It is not just about one strategy. It is a combination of strategies that gets your website ranked.

  15. Very nice article. Your explanation very good. You discussed 6 common problem and also solution this problem. It’s will be helpful me and others user. Thanks a lot.

  16. Are you able to help me drive more traffic to my website. I lived in the United States, Columbia South Carolina?

  17. Thanks for sharing the knowledge to increase the search traffic. The tips are definitely useful. Appreciate the post and its content explaining the whole idea and with short and quick tips on search traffic.

  18. Many are unaware about the SEO issues that affect the search traffic which are nicely covered over here. Thanks a ton!

    1. Yes, you’re right! SEO issues can be the cause for lack of traffic, penalty, etc. They need to be fixed; no matters what!

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