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Who is Matthew Woodward...

I started building websites before Google or YouTube existed – back then I was just a kid delivering newspapers before school to pay for the server.

I had no idea that you could use the internet to make money. I just loved playing video games and writing which led me to build my first website for people to share their highlight videos.


This was before YouTube. To record those videos we had to rig our computers up to VHS players and press record, later we had to play the VHS back while recording it on our computer.

And while I didn’t know it at the time – I was starting to develop my skill set with building websites, writing, video production, team management and building communities. In fact it’s those foundation skills I built as a kid that have enabled me to help thousands of people.

But fast forward a little long time and I found myself at the bottom of the corporate ladder doing data entry for corporate ecommerce websites. This meant writing descriptions for hundreds of products and setting up entire product ranges.

The great thing about the corporate world at that time, was not many people really understood the internet or believed in it as a sales channel. That meant I was able to work myself up to the head of online marketing for one of the biggest electronics distributors in Europe very quickly at a young age.

That gave me the opportunity to spear head digital campaigns for multiple global brands where I and my immediate team saw great success. We took sales from £3,000 per day to £60,000 per day with zero budget, built multi million dollar brands and much more!

The corporate world taught me an awful lot that I could have never learned anywhere else, but despite the repeat successes…

…I often found myself sat in human resources disciplinary meetings!

There was a conflict between the fast dynamics of the web, the rigidness of a corporate structure and my refusal to take shortcuts or do things to a standard below our ability.

We were constantly tied down by internal corporate world politics. For example – I would literally have tens of thousands of pounds of stock sold that we couldn’t ship because of a “virtual warehouse” system that needed signing off by 3 separate people on 2 different office floors for every single order.

So much for next day delivery!

It was very frustrating to say the least and in the final meeting I had with the HR director, she told me-

"You are too passionate about what you do to work in a corporate environment".

That made me wonder why any HR department would hire so many people that lacked passion.

It’s a passion I’ve had for years in my personal life from a young age as I have continued to refine my skills. Some kids liked playing football, some like hanging out – but I liked figuring out how to make money, build websites, edit videos, writing, sales and marketing.

I have been constantly experimenting, failing and learning in those areas in one form or another for as long as I can remember. And it’s the combination of those skills that I used to find success during my corporate career…. and to build a bunch of affiliate sites at the same time.

You might remember the “free iPod” craze in 2005. All you had to do was refer 8 friends to take out an offer, and you get a free iPod (or whatever it is you wanted)-

Back then the “offer” you had to take out was to signup to a free trial of a company called LoveFilm that sent you 2x free DVD rentals via post at absolutely zero cost.

And as you can imagine, an offer like this-

Was converting like crazy! Especially when they added free video game rentals into the mix.

In fact I was getting so much free stuff every week, it was getting out of hand-

In the end I made a deal with the network to pay me out at £22 per lead rather than in freebies because it started to look like I was moving large volumes of stolen goods!

Back then I was designing all the sites myself in Photoshop then hired someone to convert them into static HTML

pages. I didn’t have any fancy SEO plugins or visual editors to do the hard work for me – everything was done manually in code by hand from the bottom up on every single page.

I remember when I launched that site it took me 2 days to figure out how to get the video to play because YouTube didn’t exist yet.

Now if I want to embed it, I just paste the link-

Play Video

That was the first affiliate focused video I ever produced 15 years ago in 2005. It took about 2 weeks to produce but was worth every minute of investment!

Quitting The Corporate World To Pursue My Passion

Throughout my life people have always spoken down to me, usually because I’m the youngest person in the room which was often the case during my corporate career.

I was 15 years old when this first happened to me and it’s something that I’ve been using to my advantage ever since.

When the original iPod launched in 2001 – I had saved up £350 from whatever side business I had at that moment in time. That was probably a combination of selling Pokemon cards and washing cars around the estate back then.

We spent all day driving around trying to find somewhere that had the iPod in stock. It was at a PC World in Stoke-on-Trent where I asked a sales guy if they had one. He looked at me and shrugged me off with an uninterested “Yeah”.

With excitement – I asked him how much it was and without thinking or looking at me, he said £250.

Knowing that he made a £100 pricing error – I immediately pulled the cash out, put it in his hand and said I’ll take one please!

In that moment, his face was an absolute picture – I’ll never forget it. He counted the money and we headed to the checkout together to ring it through… which came up at £350.

After 20 minutes of arguing with the sales guy and the manager, I walked out of that store the proud owner of a brand new iPod that was out of stock everywhere – with a 30% discount.

All because someone under estimated me and I asked a question that I already knew the answer to.

That moment taught me a lot and it’s a lesson I’ve applied to countless situations since because so many different people have treated me like that sales guy in PC World did (and still do).

So you can imagine what I was thinking as I was sat listening to the various corporate jobsworth’s talk to me like they were important while I was making more in a week with my hobby affiliate projects, than they were making in a month IF they got paid their annual bonus.

And although the corporate world taught me a lot, there is only so much of that bureaucracy you can handle. So with my affiliate projects taking off, combined with constantly banging my head off the brick wall of corporate culture – I decided to quit my job and follow my passion full time.

At that moment nearly everyone in my life told me I was an idiot to give up the kind of salary I was on at a young age. I was an idiot to turn my back on the potential future opportunities it would grant. I was “lucky” (I hate that word) to be in the position I am in and I should respect that.

If you are reading this right now – it’s obvious that I didn’t listen to the naysayers and I’ve being pursuing my passions with conviction ever since.

That has manifested itself in various ways but focused on building a fleet of affiliate sites spanning every niche that you can think of from mobile phones to baby products but all with one key thing in common – adding value through comparison.

These sites have seen various degrees of success. I’ve had sites that sky rocket straight out of the gate beyond my wildest dreams and I’ve had sites fail miserably.

One thing is for sure:

I’ve learned everything that I know today, the hard way.

From knocking on doors to wash people’s cars when I was a kid to generating tens of millions of dollars of online sales as a bigger kid. It’s been an incredible ride.

Giving Birth To The Blog

Back in 2012 I was browsing around popular digital marketing blogs and forums and noticed there were a lot of myths, misinformation and generally terrible rehashed advice being shared.

At the same time, Google under the helm of Matt Cutt’s were continually banging the drum to ignore link building and focus on building quality content because apparently if you build quality content – you attract links naturally.

That’s when the light bulb went on!

Because I realised that I wasn’t leveraging my most valuable asset to its full potential – which was my own personal SEO & digital marketing experience. All I had to do was record what I was already doing every day and share it with the world – simple!

So I decided to build an SEO blog that would not use SEO to drive traffic.

I stuck to the Google Webmaster Guidelines as closely as possible, totally ignoring link building and purely focused on creating quality content.

It was this video from Matt Cutt’s that shaped the foundation of that-

In essence he said that the best way to build links, was to-

So that is exactly what I did!

Now all of that might seem like common sense to you now – but in 2012, no one was going to that kind of effort. Most people were just writing junky 500 word articles to a 3% keyword density and voila!

So with that in mind I decided I was going to share my own research, knowledge and experience with anyone that wanted to read it.

It turned out that the experiment was a huge success and since launching the blog and YouTube channel in August 2012 it has picked up a bunch of awards, made a ton of money and helped thousands of people like you to grow their businesses.

In fact:

I published an income report every month for nearly 6 years that details the complete journey of the blog from zero to a million dollars. I share exactly what I did each month and why I did it along with all of my traffic sources, income and expenses.

They’ve helped thousands of people to build a successful business online & I hope they help you too.
And that is just one resource:

I’ve published hundreds of SEO and blogging tutorials that attract incredible feedback from people like Margus who increased his SEO visibility by 2000%-

The whole team works towards your goals are always very responsive!

“I’ve worked with many SEO agencies in the past and this is the one I am sticking with. The whole team works towards your goals are always very responsive. They put together extensive audits don’t waste time on unnecessary stuff just to get another box ticked. The knowledge their team gives has value for our business at every level.””

Margus Hõim
Gaming Industry

And Russell who grew his traffic to over 800,000 per month-

“The team took the time to understand our complexities.

Our SEO campaigns have seen continued traffic growth each month. The team took the time to understand our complexities & came up with a plan to grow our organic traffic. They do more than they promise and made a complicated specialty easy for us to understand. We had spent several years and substantial funds wading through scammers to find them and we are quite satisfied that we did.

Russell Smith
Legal Industry

And lets not forget Andrew.

Who’s company has made hundreds of thousands of dollars with the help and advice on this blog-

My business has literally made hundreds of thousands of dollars

Matthew Woodward's advice and insight is always spot on. My business has literally made hundreds of thousands of dollars (and our clients have as well!) thanks to Matthew's advice. We have greatly benefited from his blog & we look forward to each post.

Andrew Stickel
Social Firestarter

I can’t tell you what it means to receive constant feedback like that. We are publishing nearly 20 new testimonials week from people that are seeing huge success!

Without those – this blog would be meaningless so thank you to everyone that reads the blog, takes action and comes back to share their results.

It’s even got to the point people are writing about my influence on their success in books-

So thank you to each and every reader that has supported this blog over the years.

I promise to keep supporting you and you can learn how to start a blog of your own in no time at all.

International Speaking

The success of the blog has propelled me to speak on stages all over the world including Las Vegas, New York, London, Barcelona, Bangkok, Bali, Romania, Costa Rica and many more!

But honestly: I don’t enjoy broadcasting at people from a stage.

You see – the problem with speaking from a stage is exactly that. You are broadcasting at people, it’s a one way monologue which is often hard to make relevant to individual audience members.

So to bridge that gap I like to present case studies to the audience that address the most common problems by taking them behind the scenes of one of my campaigns-

Not only do they get to see the results, but they also learn how it is relevant to them and how they can walk away and implement it themselves.

I only speak at a handful of events a year – but if you ever an attend an event that I am speaking at please come and find me! You can usually find me hanging around for a few hours after my talk if we don’t bump into each other before that.

28 Day SEO Book

28 Day SEO is a hard cover book that teaches people how to increase their search traffic step by step built around our internal processes.

There are 28 lessons in total broken down into 4 weekly modules. First you focus on finding quick wins that already exist. Then the remaining weeks focus on technical, content and link building.

The 28 Day SEO book leaves no stone unturned and allows anyone to increase their search traffic, irrespective of previous SEO experience.

It is a complete and repeatable step by step SEO guide end to end that can also be used as a personal defence weapon.

Links That Rank

I built the LinksThatRank service after getting constantly getting ripped off trying to source high end links.

Many services advertise “outreach based” link building but are actually just selling posts from networks and there is a complete lack of quality control and responsibility in general – even with the big players.

So I decided to create a link building service that builds high quality links we are proud of.

First and foremost we take quality control VERY seriously. Every link we deliver goes through out 23 point quality control process to make sure you only ever receive links that move the needle.

Take a look at the LinksThatRank homepage to learn more about the specifications we build links to.

I promise you will not be disappointed.

Search Logistics

The Search Logistics team is made up of an elite team of SEO ‘s that are aligned to one core mission – to increase search traffic.

We support that mission in various ways including-

Client SEO is challenging as every site faces different challenges. Some sites need help with content production where as others are falling behind with link building which forces us to create custom strategy’s for each client.

This is especially challenging because SEO requires input from writers, developers, outreach teams and designers which is made even more challenging when trying to balance that against a clients wants/needs.

The benefit of working with so many clients in so my industries though means we are always learning, innovating and improving which has allowed us to deliver some incredible results-

Feel free to take a look at our full library of case studies or head over to the homepage and let us know how we can help you.

The Biggest Change

This blog has helped to influence many people’s lives and businesses – including my own.

There is no better example of that than what happened after I received this email in 2013-

That email ended up with me landing an SEO consultant client to fly out to Costa Rica and begin planning what has now become the biggest blog about Costa Rica.

Little did I know at that time – but that email would change my life.

After I returned to the UK, things didn’t feel right. In Costa Rica people were truly happy – people were relaxed, no one was in a rush to get things done. And better still? The majority of the country is largely untouched by capitalism.

And although it has it’s problems – it truly is a beautiful country filled with beautiful people.

Once I had been I couldn’t get it out of my head so fast forward 6 years and I am sitting here in Costa Rica with a street dog we adopted-

And more recently…

…we introduced the next generation of SEO to the world-

He was registered on October 1st 2018.

And naturally:

He already has his own blog and personal domain name because…

Live It, Breathe It, Love It.

Building websites, digital marketing & SEO has been a personal passion obsession for the last 20 years of my life and I’ll likely take it to the grave with me.

Without SEO – I wouldn’t have the family I have today. I wouldn’t have found Costa Rica. I wouldn’t have learned a second language. I wouldn’t have being able to follow my passion and I would probably be stuck in a soul sucking corporate job wondering when I’ll be put out of my misery.

Learning how to build websites and market them has given me true freedom. And I’m not talking about financial freedom, I’m talking about real freedom. Freedom from time, location and money.

It also gave me the freedom to create this blog and share my knowledge with the world which in turn has had a huge impact on so many peoples lives as well as mine.

My entire life depends on my ability to rank and market websites to make a living. And it’s not just my life that depends on that! It’s my family’s life, my employees lives and their family’s lives as well.

I have literally lived and breathed digital marketing in every sense of the meaning all my life.

So whether your looking to make your first dollar online or you want to grow your search traffic – I assure you that you are in the right place.

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A Brief History

Matthew Woodward was born on June 17th 1986 in Manchester, England. Back in 2012 it was clear from browsing around popular digital marketing blogs and forums that there were a lot of myths, misinformation and generally terrible rehashed advice being shared. So I decided to setup this blog in part to share my knowledge but also as an SEO experiment to put an old theory to the test and see if it was possible to rank a site with zero link building.

The experiment was a huge success and since launching the blog in August 2012 it has picked up a ton of awards and helped thousands of people like you to grow their businesses. In fact I published income reports for nearly 6 years that details the complete journey of the blog which you can read.

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