Fully Managed SEO Results

Take the hard work out of SEO by allowing us to take full control of your search traffic.  We could increase your search traffic by 14x
Justin Le Brocque

“Having a partner with an extensive knowledge of SEO has played an important part in the rapid online growth of our company.”

Justin Le Brocque - Sports Industry

The Client Experience

Our client experience was designed for us to take the stress out of SEO so you can focus on growing your business.  Our search specialists will take full control, so you don’t have to.  This is how we do it-


Defining Your Goals

Before anything else, we need to define your goals.  Some clients are looking for fast rankings before the holidays while others demand slow measurable growth.  We will discuss your business, goals & how we can support that first.


Auditing Your Site

Every site has different SEO strengths and SEO weaknesses.  We will analyse your site to identify any problems while drawing up a list of quick win opportunities that we can take advantage of.


Effective Keyword Research

We will find all of the keywords that will bring you the most amount of value in the shortest amount of time.  These keywords will be supported by a broader structure to provide a complete and effective keyword strategy.


Plan Of Attack

Now we know where we are starting from and where we want to get to – it’s time to form our custom plan of attack.  This will become our SEO blueprint for success that will help guide the campaign.


On Page Optimisation

It’s important to build a solid foundation that Google will love so at this stage we will begin to improve your compatibility with Google while fixing any issues that were found during the technical SEO audit.


Link Acquisition

Our dedicated outreach team will take control of acquiring links from real sites in your business vertical through targeted outreach.  Not only will these links send authority, but they may send traffic as well!


Conversion Rate Optimisation

We want to make sure that you extract as much value and sales from your search traffic as possible.  We will also work with you to increase the conversion rate on your site by making a few simple changes.


Grow, Report & Improve

Every month you will receive a report that shows how the campaign is progressing based on your goals.  We will show you what we’ve working on along with what we will be doing next to help grow your search traffic.


How Do We Measure Success?

While success can mean lot’s of different things – for us it only means one thing.  Return on investment.  We are focused on delivering tangible results which are measured in 3x different ways-

New Traffic

Our main goal is increase the number of qualified leads that find your business from search engines.

Conversion Rate

We are only interested in attracting traffic that converts, so we pay close attention to how new traffic is behaving.

Visitor Value

Ultimately we are here to increase your  revenue & bottom line because if we don’t… we will lose our jobs.

Rusell Smith

The team took the time to understand our complexities

“Our SEO campaigns have seen continued traffic growth each month. The team took the time to understand our complexities & came up with a plan to grow our organic traffic. They do more than they promise and made a complicated specialty easy for us to understand. We had spent several years and substantial funds wading through scammers to find them and we are quite satisfied that we did.”

Russell Smith


Why We Might Not Work With You...

We have been doing this for a long time and have delivered great levels of success for our clients.  That is because we are selective of who we work with and will only work with serious people that agree-

SEO Is A Long Term Strategy

Success doesn’t happen overnight with SEO.  It is about gaining success over time in a safe and structured manner.

You Must Take SEO Seriously

Organic search will become one of your biggest sales channels and you must treat it with that level of respect.

Effective SEO Is Not Cheap

SEO requires input from developers, designers, outreach teams, writers, SEO specialists & project managers.  It shouldn’t be cheap.

Explore our Case Studies

Words are cheap but results are not.  Take a peak behind the curtain with our client case studies below.  We have examples from a range of business verticals that include penalty recoveries & much much more-

Health Supplements

We were able to take search traffic from 2,732 visitors per month to 38,420 in just 8x months.

Furniture E-commerce

Learn how we improved this furniture retailers traffic by 122% which delivered an extra £165,586 revenue.

Coupon Codes

We increased organic search traffic from 10,439 per month to 472,591 per month.

Any questions? Read our FAQ

We will work in any niche (gambling/adult/crypto is fine), however we do have some requirements around the types of clients that we work with.

You must-

  1. Be an established business that has the systems in place to adequately convert search traffic
  2. Take SEO seriously which means treating it as a long term strategy and integrating the advice you are paying for
  3. Not condone anything morally adverse, such as gun violence, hate or crime

Our most successful clients have these 3 things in common and we are only interested in working with a business that we know we can deliver results for.

If that is you – please get in touch immediately.

Each client’s progress is different and it is morally and ethically wrong of any SEO professional to promise specific results.
While we have a great track record of increase search traffic and sales for our clients, it’s important to remember that we are always at the mercy of Google.
So rather than selling you on promises or expectations that have no real foundation – the only thing we can ethically do is to show you the results we have delivered for other people.
Please feel free to browse through our case studies and testimonials to see what results we have being able to deliver to the clients that were kind enough to allow us publish public case studies.

There is not a single SEO or service on the planet that can give you a guarantee technically, ethically or morally.

The reason for that is we are all at the mercy of Google.

And even though we have a solid track record of increasing people’s search traffic and sales – that doesn’t change the simple fact that we, you and every SEO on the planet is at Googles mercy.

But what we do guarantee is that-

  • We are honest, upfront and realistic
  • We are present, available and contactable
  • We are focused on delivering tangible results
  • We employ some of the worlds most intelligent SEO’s
  • We are fueled by data, intelligent decision and hard work
  • We have decades of experience & success
  • We are here to help you grow your business

Link building will literally make or break your campaign.

We have spent the last couple of years building a dedicated team who do nothing but outreach dedicated to creating relationships with writers, editors and site owners.
outreach team

That means we are able to acquire genuine relevant link placements on sites that other people cannot.

Yes! We offer technical SEO audits here.

You will get a complete report that guides you through every SEO issue along with a custom checklist that any developer or in house staff member can begin working through.

They’ll also have complete support from our technical SEO team via our live Skype helpdesk or phone call if they need it.

You can take a look at how we increased the search traffic of Matthew Woodward’s SEO blog by 45% with an SEO audit right here.

In order for us to present a fair service for our clients, we don’t have much wiggle room when it comes to pricing.

However we can certainly discuss your requirements if you have more than 1 site you would like us to work on.


What we do is a very time consuming and resource heavy process that requires a large capital investment upfront.

And after that investment our ability to earn is purely controlled by someone else’s ability to sell and deliver a product (and actually pay us our cut).

That means we have extreme levels of uncontrolled risk with large amounts of capital on the line. It just doesn’t make good business sense.

Especially when that resource is better invested in developing and promoting our own web property’s that we have full control of.

Every site, business and niche is different. 

Some clients already have a foundation that Google loves and can get straight to building authority where as others need to build that foundation first which takes a little longer to see results.

But I know it’s important that you have a rough idea of how long it will take to see results.

So we have produced this timeline to give you a very rough idea of time frames.

SearchLogistics SEO Timeframe

But it’s important that you remember it is a rough idea.

The reality is some sites need less work, some sites need more work, some sites react slower, some sites react quicker.

But even in the worst of worst case scenarios you should expect to start seeing positive traction in search visibility within 4 months of starting the campaign.

There are 2 factors that go into answering this question.

Typical Timeline

First – we created this timeline to give you a very rough idea of time frames.

SearchLogistics SEO Timeframe

Every site, business and niche is different so it’s important you remember that “typical” does not exist in SEO.

Contract Length

Secondly our minimum contract period is 4 months after which it just rolls monthly.

The reason for that is we spend the first 4 months of the campaign focused on increasing your “Google compatibility”.

We do that through a technical audit, keyword research, creating a plan of attack and executing that plan which includes implementation, content creation and link building.

At the end of month 4 you are free to walk away if we are not performing and even if you do choose to walk away you will continue to see results from our work in the coming months once the effects of the Google compatibility stage sink in.

Most clients stay with us for 18 months because honestly, once we have fixed up their site, grown their search authority and sales – we become irrelevant.

The main way that we support your business is by being present, available and contactable.

Whether that is answering a quick question via our live Skype helpdesk or if you need someone on the phone right now.

Ultimately we are here to increase your search traffic and sales but to do that we need to have an open relationship as we work to make that a reality.

Every client is unique and needs supporting in different ways and we are here to support you whether that is extra support with implementation or to help build your understanding of SEO.

How we help and support your business really depends on the help and support that you need, but please take a look at our case studies and testimonials to see how we have helped and supported others.

There are so many moving parts that go into a holistic SEO service that we don’t quote based on hours.

Every client is different and there is no knowing which parts of your strategy will receive more or less resources at different stages of your campaign.

For example, there’s cost for outreach effort, occasional cost for links achieved, on-site analysis, backlink audits and so on. Each have different costs and come in different quantities in different months.

But because we do everything in-house, we are able to manage costs efficiently to deliver a complete package under a set price.

The minimum budget we can cater to is $3,100 per month.


Because we offer a holistic SEO approach and if we took on projects with lower budgets our hands would be tied before we started.

We are committed to delivering results but we know what it takes to deliver those results and at what cost.

Larger budgets allow us to get more done in a shorter period of time which directly influences the progress of your campaign.

Negotiating on that would come at the expense of the results and we are not willing to sacrifice any part of that to offer a discount.

SEO is a serious long term investment and you must treat it like that if you want to see results, because we take what we do very seriously.

If you are not ready for a fully managed service you might be interested in our technical SEO audit service.

We are a specialist SEO agency that is led by world renowned SEO Matthew Woodward.

We specialise in increasing search traffic and sales – nothing more, nothing less.  To offer any other services beyond what we specialise in would be misguided.

We are very good at what we do and we stand by that whole heartedly without compromise.

If you want to increase your search traffic you need to build a solid foundation that Google loves first.

When we did offer a link building only service it was very rare to see sites that had done that and people did not want to hear about boring things like on page SEO.

All they cared about was how many links we would build a month and that is a very naive approach to take because SEO is so much more than link building.

We also noted that the clients that had the best results, were the clients that gave us full control of their SEO.

So we decided to stop offering our link building only service to focus all of our resources on delivering the best results.

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