The 3 Best SEO Dashboards To Track Your Results

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SEO dashboards are essential for SEO campaigns.

They provide a short but sharp summary of your SEO campaign, giving you the most important information within seconds.

With dashboards, SEO reporting will become a breeze and they are one of the easiest ways to stay on top of your results.

Not to mention clients love them!

So with that in mind, I’ll share with you the top 3 SEO dashboards you can find on the market and how to take advantage of each of them.

What Are SEO Dashboards?

SEO dashboards are customised analytics reports that display the most important information about your SEO campaign on one screen.

example seo dashboard

These dashboards are made of widgets and display only the really important metrics you want to track. A good SEO dashboard will tell you exactly how your SEO campaign is performing in just a quick glance.

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Why SEO Dashboards Are Essential To Measure Your SEO Success

All SEO campaigns should have at least one SEO dashboard setup.

In most cases, you will have multiple dashboards depending on:

  • How big your campaign is
  • Your clients’ goals

So, here’s why it is essential to set up good SEO dashboards and what metrics you should add to them.

Track Your Organic Search Traffic

One of your biggest priorities in every SEO campaign is to drive targeted organic traffic to your website.

This is at the core of your campaign. But how do you see how well the search traffic is going without clicking through tons of analytics reports?

Simply make it part of your SEO dashboard.

google analytics organic traffic

You should be able to see exactly how much organic traffic you are driving and know whether it is-

  • Growing
  • Decreasing
  • Staying the same


One of the most important KPIs is seeing how much organic traffic your campaign is generating:

  • If traffic is increasing – then your strategy is working.
  • If the organic traffic decreases or stays the same – then you know there is a problem.

If you can identify issues quickly through your SEO dashboard, you can solve them quicker too. Pretty handy, right?

Monitor Your SEO Campaign Conversions

Every SEO campaign should be centered around ROI.

Too many SEOs ONLY focus on soft metrics like rankings and organic traffic.

These are important, but if they don’t turn into conversions, your campaign isn’t really providing a lot of value.

Conversion tracking is easy to set up and display in your SEO dashboard. You want to track the most important conversion metrics for the client. These are usually:

    • Opt-ins
    • Leads
    • Affiliate link clicks
    • Sales

With a good SEO dashboard, you can display exactly how many of these are coming from organic search traffic.

Over time, you can also get a feel for what a good conversion rate is and what strategies are working best.

Monitor Your Link Building Strategies

Every SEO campaign should include link building.

It’s one of the best ways to improve rankings and increase traffic. It makes sense then that you should be tracking your links in your SEO dashboard.

There are a few important link building metrics you can track:

  • Total backlinks
  • Linking domains
  • Do follow links vs No Follow links
  • Lost links

important seo metrics

You should also have a graph that shows you the total number of backlinks over time. This will help you see if you are:

  • Gaining backlinks
  • Losing backlinks

…And you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

Keep Track Of Your Keywords and Rankings

Last but not least, it’s the obvious one.

Good SEO dashboards must track your target keywords and rankings.

While good keyword rankings aren’t the only indicator of SEO success, it is one of the best top-level indicators as to whether your SEO campaign is effective or not.

You can’t get organic traffic if people don’t see your site ranking in the SERPs.

You want to track:

It’s also a good idea to keep a close eye on your competitor’s rankings. This allows you to monitor what your competitors are doing with their own SEO strategy.

3x Best SEO Dashboards To Track Your SEO Metrics

Despite what you may have heard, you don’t need lots of expensive analytics tools to create great SEO dashboards.

These are the only 3 dashboard tools you need for every SEO campaign – And 2 of them are completely free.

Google Analytics Customisable SEO Dashboard

If you aren’t using Google Analytics, you are missing out.

Google Analytics has a huge underrated feature that allows you to create customised dashboards. You can even build dashboards around specific landing pages.

seo google analytics dashboard

One of the best ways to see exactly how much organic traffic your campaign generates and whether the traffic is converting into leads and sales is a Google Analytics dashboard.

It allows you to bring in all the important metrics you want to track. It takes advantage of Google Data Studio and displays the SEO data directly inside Google analytics.

Here’s how to set up your own Google Analytics SEO dashboard:

Log into your Google Analytics account and click Customisation, then Dashboards.

create google analytics dashboard

Click create and choose whether you want to start with a blank dashboard or use a template.

google analytics template dashboards

Once you have created the dashboard, you can customise it using the different widgets that Google offers. This includes a range of tables and charts to make it look good!

analytics dashboard widgets

Do you have a custom metric you want to track?

You can create your own custom metrics that you want to display. Anything that is tracked inside of Google Analytics can be used to create custom metrics.

It really is that easy and best of all…

It’s completely free!

To be clear: Google Analytics doesn’t contain any keyword data.

While it is an essential tool for all SEOs, Google Analytics isn’t a rank tracking software.

It is best for:

  • Tracking traffic
  • Seeing how that traffic engages with your website (with heatmaps and other techniques)

You will need to combine the data it provides with other SEO tools.

That leads me to the next SEO dashboard tool…

Don’t trust Google? Check out my list of Google Analytics alternatives!

Ahrefs SEO Dashboard

Ahrefs is the mecca of SEO tools.

And their dashboards are a big step up from Google Analytics, allowing you to track even more SEO metrics.

You can quickly get a high-level view of your SEO campaign and track your overall SEO performance and progress.

The SEO reporting dashboards are built to provide you with all of the key campaign metrics including:

  • Overall Health score
  • Domain rating
  • Referring domains and backlinks
  • Organic traffic and keyword rankings

ahrefs SEO dashboards

This makes it super easy to log in to your Ahrefs account and instantly see how your campaigns are going.

You can even integrate Google Search Console (GSC) with your Ahrefs account and get another dashboard displaying important GSC data.

google search console dashboard

Ideally, you will want to set up a dashboard on both Google Analytics and Ahrefs.


This allows you to leverage both platforms to track the key traffic and SEO metrics, providing a much better understanding of your SEO results.

If you want to learn more about why Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools money can buy, check out my complete Ahrefs Review.

Databox SEO Dashboards

Looking to create an SEO analytics dashboard that leaves your clients wanting more?

It doesn’t get much better than Databox.

Databox is a data analytics platform that allows you to build beautiful SEO dashboards. You can connect tools such as:

databox seo integrations

This allows you to display the important metrics from each tool and build out completely customised dashboards. You can even create custom metrics by combining data from two different tools.

databox seo dashboard example

Databox also has integrations with Ecommerce tools like:

This allows you to track everything from SEO metrics through to leads and sales generated from your campaigns.

And the best part?

Databox has an entirely free plan that allows you to take advantage of all its integrations and create up to 3 dashboards.

It’s literally a no brainer for serious SEOs who want the best SEO reporting software to impress their clients!

Wrapping It Up

These 3 dashboard tools are all you need to create excellent SEO dashboards for all your campaigns.

Each tool offers different features to better help you understand your campaign.

At the very least, I recommend using Google Analytics and Ahrefs as these provide all the essential metrics you need to effectively track your SEO campaign.

Between those two you have everything you need.

When you are ready, you can test Databox out by trying their free forever plan.

This will take your reporting up a notch and really impress your clients!

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