On Page SEO Tutorials

On page SEO (also called on site SEO) is the process of optimising specific elements on an individual website page. This process of on page SEO is primarily

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FAQ Schema

How To Increase Search Visibility With FAQ Schema

Take advantage of FAQ Schema to instantly increase search visibility, rankings and win double listings at the top of the SERPs in real time.

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Website Content

How To Write Website Content That Attracts People

Creating incredible website content is guaranteed to fast track your success. Learn how to create great content your audience will love reading.

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Featured Image - Rich Snippets

What You Need To Know About Rich Snippets

Want to stand out in the SERPs? Rich snippets will help you to attract more clicks and traffic while taking up extra real estate in the search results.

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How To Write A Listicle That Attracts Traffic & Backlinks

Listicles generate great traffic and attract tons of backlinks. Follow our proven method for planning and writing great listicles that rank.

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Featured Image - Silo Structure

3x Ways A Silo Structure Will Boost Your Search Traffic

Silo structures are the ultimate SEO website structure. Here are 3 reasons why you should use one plus real examples you can use for your own site.

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Featured Image - Bounce Rate

How To Lower Your Bounce Rate (And Increase Your Rankings)

Ignoring your bounce rate is hurting your rankings. Apply these 7 specific strategies to lower it now.

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Website Speed

6x Free Ways To Increase Website Speed (and search traffic!)

Don't let website speed be the reason you don't rank. Learn 6 free ways to increase your site speed now.

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what is on page seo

What Is On Page SEO? How To Perfectly Optimise Your Page

Learn what on page SEO is, why it's important to your website and how to perfectly optimise any page on your site to rank higher in the SERPs.

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Featured Image - SEO Audit

The 5 Step SEO Audit Process For A Successful 2024 (+45% traffic)

Learn the 5x step common sense SEO audit process that we used to increase our website search traffic by 45%.

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On Page SEO Checklist

The Ultimate On Page SEO Checklist For 2024 To Increase Rankings

This ultimate on page SEO checklist takes you through 33 essential ranking factors you must optimise.

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Featured Image - Internal Link

The Internal Link Building Strategy That Increases Search Traffic

Internal link building is one of the most underrated SEO strategies. Learn how to take advantage of it for your site.

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Featured Image - Canonicalization

What Is Canonicalization & Why Should I Care?

Canonicalization helps prevent duplicate content indexing from Google. Without it, you'll have lower search rankings, traffic & profits.

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SEO Copywriting

18 SEO Copywriting Hacks That Get Results In 2024

Use these free SEO copywriting hacks to increase engagement, conversion and search traffic. Hack number 8 is our personal favourite to get results.

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Featured Image - Google Page Speed Score

How To Get The Perfect 100/100 Google PageSpeed Score

Follow this simple guide to get a perfect Google PageSpeed score and speed up your website.

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Featured Image - Best Permalink Structure

What Is The Best Permalink Structure For WordPress?

Learn everything you need to know about permalinks/URLs and how to get the best permalink structure for your site to boost SEO results.

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Featured Image - Footer Links

How To Use Footer Links To Boost SEO In 2024

Footer links can either have a positive or negative impact on your SEO. Learn how to take advantage of them to boost your website's SEO.

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shopify schema

How To Add Shopify Schema To Your Store Easily

Follow this tutorial to learn how to add Shopify schema to your online store.

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On page SEO is the process of optimising website pages to help them rank higher in the SERPs. It includes technical elements such as HTML code and content elements such as meta titles, descriptions, keyword usage and internal linking.

On page SEO helps search engines understand what your page is about and who it is for. It is essential to have good on page SEO if you want to rank high in Google.

Not all on page SEO factors carry the same weight in Google's eyes. There are 5 factors that are more important than any others-

  • Mobile responsive design
  • Website load speed
  • Keyword in the title tag
  • Internal linking
  • Length of content

Optimising each of these factors will impact your on page SEO the most. Click on the following link to get a detailed guide to optimise the top 5 on page SEO factors.

The best way to practice on page SEO is to start with this on page SEO checklist. It lists every on page SEO element you need to optimise and will ensure you do not miss any important on page factors.

Once you have worked through each item on the checklist, you should turn your attention to your website load speed. Follow this increase website speed guide to ensure your site is loading quickly for all users.

The best on page SEO tool is Surfer SEO. Surfer SEO provides on page SEO recommendations based on the 20 sites ranking on the first page of Google. It analyses each top result and tells you what words and optimisations you need to make to rank on the first page of the Google SERPs.

Surfer SEO is popular because it provides a real-time data-driven approach to on page SEO, unlike other tools that use algorithmic modelling or just guess. Do not forget to check out our complete Surfer SEO review to see everything this incredible tool can do.

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