Domain Rating (DR)

What Is Domain Rating (DR)?

Domain Rating (DR) is an SEO metric developed by Ahrefs that shows the strength of your website’s backlink profile compared to other websites online.

DR is measured on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100, with a higher score showing you have a more authoritative website.

domain rating

The higher your Domain Rating, the more competitive keywords you can target and the more likely you are to rank higher in the search results.

Logarithmic scale means that the gap between a DR78 and DR80 is much bigger than the gap between a DR20 and DR22.

In other words, the higher your DR is, the more difficult it is to increase it.

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How To Use Domain Rating

These are some of the top ways to use Domain Rating to help your SEO:

  • Backlink prospecting
  • Evaluating keyword ranking potential
  • Understanding your site’s authority
  • Review a competitor’s website authority

The most important thing to remember about Domain Rating is that it’s a comparison metric.

For example, when doing keyword research, if you see other websites with a similar DR ranking – There is a good chance you can also rank for that keyword.

Simple, right?

How Is Domain Rating Calculated?

Domain Rating is calculated by the quantity and quality of backlinks.

It takes into account a number of different factors including:

  • Number of domains linking to your site
  • Quality of dofollow backlinks
  • The DR of individual domains
  • How many domains a website links to

Domain Rating only takes into account dofollow referring domains and backlinks. Noffolow links do not pass DR.

How To Check Your Domain Rating

The easiest way to check to check your Domain Rating is to use Ahrefs’ free Website Authority Checker.

Enter your domain and click “Check Authority”.

website authority checker

Ahrefs will show your Domain Rating along with the total number of backlinks and link websites.

What Is A Good Domain Rating?

A good Domain Rating is considered 50 or above. This demonstrates an authoritative site with a solid backlink profile and good ranking potential.

Below is a table that shows you the differences in authority of Domain Rating:

Domain Rating Authority
DR19 & Under Very Low Authority
DR20 to DR34 Low Authority
DR35 to DR49 Medium Authority
DR50 to DR80 High Authority
DR81 & Above Very Higher Authority

Here’s the thing to remember…

Domain Rating is relative. That means you should only compare your Domain Rating with sites in your industry and your key competitors.

Let me explain:

If a website with a DR100 gets more backlinks, Ahrefs doesn’t increase the DR to 101. Instead, they push all the other sites down and lift the standard of Domain Rating as a whole.

What does that mean?

Domain Rating is relative. Ahrefs compares your backlink profile to other sites before assigning you a Domain Rating.

Your goal SHOULD NOT be to reach the highest DR possible.

It SHOULD simply be to have a higher DR than your competitors.

How To Increase Domain Rating

To increase your Domain Rating, follow these 3 steps:

1. Create Great Content

Your first step should be to create great content that people naturally want to link to.

People want to link to content that helps others:

  • Find answers
  • Solve problems
  • Buy quality products
  • Get accurate information

Brainstorm content ideas and do keyword research to help you find great topics to cover.

Add images, videos, tables, FAQs and more to make your content stand out.

Great content that people love is the best way to attract good links from other websites.

2. Build More Quality Links

The main thing that affects your Domain Rating is the number and quality of links.

That means you need to build more backlinks. The good news is there are tons of link building strategies you can use.

Here are a few of the top ones:

If you need more help, we’ve put together a complete link building checklist to make it easier to build high DR backlinks.

3. Hire A Professional Link Building Service

The truth is link building is really hard work.

Increasing your Domain Rating can feel like an uphill battle because it’s dependent on the number of backlinks you have.

If you are stuck, then we recommend hiring trusted link building services to:

  • Build real backlinks
  • Increase your Domain Rating

That way you can focus on growing your business while the pros take care of your links. They have a reputation for building high-authority links that will benefit your SEO.

Our favourite link building service is LinksThatRank.


Looking for more ways to increase your Domain Rating? Check out our complete increase domain authority guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have no Domain Rating, it simply means you don’t have many backlinks, or your backlinks have very low authority. To increase your Domain Rating you need to build high-quality links.
Your Domain Rating is most likely dropping because you are losing backlinks. If you begin to lose high-quality backlinks, you will start to see a drop in Domain Rating. Keep in mind that it’s common to see your DR fluctuate by 1-2 points every now and then.
No, Domain Rating is not a Google ranking factor and does not directly impact the search results. It is a metric created by Ahrefs. Domain Rating is used by SEOs to measure website authority because there is a strong correlation between websites with a higher DR and rank for more keywords.

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