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We have a solid track record of recovering clients from Google Panda, Penguin & manual action penalties safely.

“They had my back when I really needed their support, have been honest and committed to our projects consistently without glitches.”

Daniel Volshin Business Owner

What Is A Google Penalty?

A Google penalty is when a websites search rankings and traffic drop due to an update in Google’s algorithms or failing a manual review from the search team. This often has devastating effects on traffic, sales & revenue-


The 2x Types Of Google Penalty

There are 2x distinct types of penalty that you could be suffering from – manual or algorithmic. Each of these require a different strategy or combinations of strategies to fix them but this is how they work-

Manual Penalties:

A manual penalty happens when a Google employee from the search quality or webspam team has decided to take manual action against your business. These are the types of manual penalties you can suffer from-

When Google detects a pattern of unnatural or manipulative backlinks pointing to your website-

When Google finds spammy or manipulative links on your site pointing to other sites-

When Google finds lots of spam content that has been submitted by visitors in comments or forums for example-

When Google detects that your website has been hacked and you have outstanding security issues-

When Google detects pages of your site have spammy content. This is often scraped content or random gibberish-

When Google detects that you are using structured data and rich snippets in a spammy or manipulative way-

When Google has detected a series of low quality pages on your site that offer little to no value-

When Google detects that your website is showing a different version of the site to Google’s crawlers than humans-

When your showing Google’s crawlers different images than what humans would see-

When your website redirects mobile users to other content that is not available to Google’s crawlers-

Algorithmic Penalties:

Google’s search results are powered by an algorithm or mathematical equation to decide your place in the search results. These types of penalties are triggered by that equation rather than a human and there are 2x major algorithmic penalties we worry about-

Google Panda Penalty

Google Panda was originally launched in 2011 but has become part of the core algorithm recently and targets things like-

  • Thin content – pages with little to no value
  • Duplicate content – content that was copied from elsewhere
  • Ad/content ratio – pages that have lots of ads but little content

Google Penguin Penalty

Google Penguin was launched in 2012 and devastated thousands of websites. Since then, it’s become part of the core algorithm targeting-

  • Link farms – detecting & penalising manipulative links
  • Spammy links – created on low quality websites/content
  • Anchor text – detects unnatural patterns of anchor text

A well balanced approach to SEO that gets results.
“Their team is highly motivated, and provides a lot of value over the course of every month. From site audits to monitoring suspicious activity to link building & content creation, this is a well-balanced approach to SEO. Best of all, they get results…”


Start Your Google Penalty Recovery

When we find websites that are not complying with Google’s strict standards, we work to correct all technical content and backlink based issues to get the website back in good standings with Google, allowing businesses to resume their quest to increase revenue. This is how we do it-

Analysis & Technical SEO Audit

The first thing we do before anything else is to spend time understanding the problem through manual analysis and a complete technical SEO audit to reveal the full extent of the problems we need to solve.

Forming A Plan Of Attack

Once we have isolated all of the problems, we will put together a custom plan of attack to remove the penalty. This will be your “blueprint” for recovery that we will use to guide us through the penalty removal process.

Execution & Implementation

Next we will work through the plan of attack together to execute and implement all of the solutions we have listed. These will be prioritized with the most important problems getting solved first.

Support, Measure & Report

We will send you regular reports to let you know how the recovery is progressing and we are always available should you need help. You will have direct access to the team via email or our live Skype helpdesk if you have any questions.

Google Penalty Recovery Examples

Rather than telling you what we do as part of our Google penalty recovery service, it’s much better to show you-

From a 33% drop to a record breaking 45% increase

Learn how we recovered the steady decline of search traffic for Matthew Woodward’s SEO blog in
this incredible video case study .

Devastating Penalty To Best Search Traffic Levels Ever

When this client came to us a Google penalty had wiped out their organic search traffic but we were able to recover traffic to never seen before levels.

Any Questions? Read Our FAQ

If you have had either-

  • A sharp drop in search traffic
  • A steady drop in search traffic

Then it is possible you have a penalty.

If you are not sure it would be best one of our search specialists review your site.

This is an open ended question that has a number of variables depending on what penalty and problems your site has.

Recovery can happen as quick as a couple of weeks up to a year – it really depends on the extent of your problems.

Please get in touch with us and one of our search specialists will be able to give you a better estimation.

It is morally and ethically wrong of any SEO professional to promise specific results.

While we have a great track record of removing search penalties for our clients – it’s important to remember that we are always at the mercy of Google.

So rather than selling you on promises or expectations that have no real foundation – the only thing we can ethically do is to show you the results we have delivered for other people.

Please feel free to browse through our case studies and testimonials to see what results we have being able to deliver to other clients that had previous search penalties.

Yes! We offer technical SEO audits here.

You will get a complete report that guides you through every SEO issue along with a custom checklist that any developer or in house staff member can begin working through.

They’ll also have complete support from our technical SEO team via our live Skype helpdesk or phone call if they need it.

You can take a look at how we increased the search traffic of Matthew Woodward’s SEO blog by 45% with an SEO audit right here.


Our team is available to help with implementation.  Just send us an email or get in touch via our live Skype helpdesk.

In order for us to present a fairly priced service for everyone, we don’t have much wiggle room when it comes to pricing.

However we can certainly discuss your requirements if you have more than 1 site that has a penalty.

To make sure we find everything that is holding you back, we check hundreds of different on-page SEO elements across a range of categories including-

  • Index management
  • Site structure
  • Internal linking
  • Content
  • Backlinks
  • Website speed

No stone is left unturned as we hunt down every SEO problem that is causing your penalty and traffic drops.

All we need is temporary access to your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts (if you have them).

You can do this by adding us as a user to your account which you can then remove once we have completed the report.

There is not a single SEO or service on the planet that can give you a guarantee technically, ethically or morally.

The reason for that is we are all at the mercy of Google.

And even though we have a solid track record of recovering people’s search traffic – that doesn’t change the simple fact that we, you and every SEO on the planet is at Googles mercy.

But what we do guarantee is that-

  • We are honest, upfront and realistic
  • We are present, available and contactable
  • We are focused on delivering tangible results
  • We employ some of the worlds most intelligent SEO’s
  • We are fueled by data, intelligent decision and hard work
  • We have decades of experience & success
  • We are here to help you

Unfortunately no (although you might like our one time audit service)


Because we know precisely how long it takes to recover a penalised site.

We are committed to delivering results but we know what it takes to deliver those results and at what cost.

The only way we could offer a discount is by sacrificing on the quality of the service which we are not willing to do.

If you have a Google penalty – no amount of link building is going to help you.

If you want to increase your search traffic you need to build a solid foundation that Google loves first.

But if you have a penalty that means you need to fix all of your technical, on page seo and content problems before building links.

But when you have done all of that, you can use LinksThatRank to help with link building.

Don’t worry!

We are here to deliver solutions to your problems so feel free to get in touch with us and let us know how we can help!

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