How To Increase Search Visibility With FAQ Schema

Once you have watched the video below I guarantee you stop everything you are doing to implement it immediately.

Because I am going to show you how to take advantage of FAQ Schema to-

  • Increase search traffic (in near real time)
  • Win double listings on the same page
  • And gently push rankings towards the top of page 1

Don’t believe me? Then watch this-

Because in less than 5 minutes I was able to serious increase search visibility by popping the FAQ results box for my target keyword.

That was repeated with multiple examples in the video above including popping a double listing result with attached FAQ box.

double search result with faq schema

And of course…

…you saw how I had a little bit of fun with it as well-


Which I have now removed because that’s not how they should be used and no doubt there will be a future penalty for people that abuse it (you’ve been warned!).


So let me take you behind the scenes of the full process end to end because I am sure you are excited to start experimenting!

Here we go…

How To Add FAQ Schema To Your Site

Adding FAQ Schema to your posts and pages is pretty straight forward.

It takes around 5 minutes to add them to each post/page but as you’ve seen, Google processes the results in near real time!

faq structured data example

Before integrating FAQ Schema, you should pay close attention to-

  1. Google Developers Docs
  2. Google Webmaster Central Blog

You can also learn more about them at SearchEngineLand & SERoundTable.

In the video below, I am going to give you access to my FAQ snippet code generator AND the full process end to end including-

  • How we find the questions
  • How we choose which questions to add
  • How we add the questions on the front end
  • FREE TOOL: My FAQ snippet code generator

Resources In The Video

If you want to download the video to hand off to your team easily – just sponsor a dog here, forward me the email confirmation and I’ll send you the MP4 file.

Why Does This Work So Well?

I often find weird things with Google that I can’t replicate.

However this is different because it’s so solid, so robust, so repeatable – almost sequential. It’s like it was programmed to function like this.

But WHY would it be programmed it to function like this?

Because what better way to get everyone to give you the data you want, in the format you want it for every topic on the planet from qualified individuals?

All Google needed to do to win the $49 billion dollar voice market is increase the weight/visibility of FAQ snippet data in the algorithm…

Then all the SEO sheep like us run to feed them the data they want, in exchange for higher search visibility.

Let me put it like this. Can you say medic update?

Google has spent the last 20 years organizing the worlds data, it’s what they do better than anybody else. This is an advantage that competitors like Alexa and Siri don’t have.

And that’s why they are consistently proven to return the most accurate results-

response success

So I can’t see why else this would work with such efficiency unless it is intended to.

There are multiple things happening in real time from the request of the crawl, the actual crawl, the processing of the data, updating the index and then pushing it into search results.

It’s highly unlikely that a bug could transverse all of those things in complete harmony.

But arguably it’s a win, win, win situation-

  • Google wins because they can extract higher quality data from authoritative sources
  • Publishers win because they get more visibility in the search results & voice search
  • Users win because they get the answers they need, when and how they need them

What do you think about it all?

Wrapping It Up

Does FAQ Schema and rich snippets have your attention yet?

I highly recommend you go and integrate this on 5-6 pages on your site that are ranking on the first page of Google.

It will take you less than 30 minutes to implement and the results will speak for themselves. Especially if you integrate my SEO copywriting tips as well!

Please come back to this post and let me know what results you see

I am excited to hear from you!

Note: If you implement Shopify schema markup/structured data, don’t forget to test their quality with a schema tester.

search logistics cta

What Are Your Thoughts?

140 Responses

    1. I don’t have a precise answer to this question. But what you can do is check your competitors’ FAQ to see how long are they questions/answers and then, try to do the same. 😉

  1. Wow, very helpful tools, I’ve tested it and it worked out, thanks for this tool pal, do you also have rich snippets for review similar to this?

  2. Hello MatthewThank you for your advice, I personally believe it true, in concerne of my experience. I am truly convinced that a good, worth content, followed by a thourough SEO optimization is the key to success. And all starts with a FAQ rich snippetThank youSilvia

  3. As ever many thanks for your tips.. I’m very much a newb so a lo to take in.. One thing is my woocommerce theme dosen’t have the theme editor option that you mention so I’ll have to do a little more homework on that..

  4. Wow. You are such a treasure trove of knowledge when it comes to SEO and Blogging. Thanks a lot, Matthew. This is very helpful indeed.

  5. Thanks much! How can I add the code in a single blog post in wordpress? Also should I add the FAQ questions in my site first and then create the schema code with those questions?

    1. Yes, you should add the questions to your site. Not sure why that’s not mentioned here, but Google is clear that the questions and answers should be visible to the user. If the questions aren’t visible to the user, there’s no guarantee that Google will show them in SERPs. If they do get shown, it would be confusing to the user to browse to your site and find that the questions are not actually there.

  6. I’ve picked up so much useful info from this blog it’s insane. Got multiple clients showing review schema in less than 20 mins using this advice. Also have my dental website nearly pushing page one using this blogs tips. Thanks Matthew!

  7. Yoast plugin allows us to add FAQ scheme right on the editor. Isn’t that the easiest way now? Instead of editing the theme codes all the time?

  8. What a post for faq rich snippets, I heard many times but couldn’t understand deeply but this post is seriously helpful for me to understand the faq rich snippets, What could be better than video to understand the way to present.

    1. Glad you found it so helpful Peter. Videos are always helpful if you wanna see the process in action 🙂

  9. This post and your tool have been absolutely amazing for getting more visibility on our pages. Thank you for putting this together!

  10. Omg, this is amazing! Have it working on a few posts and it’s so cool to see your page take up all that space on page 1 in the SERPs!I installed a Snippets plugin and paste the code there. I can keep all my FAQ snippet code in a separate group and I think it’s cleaner than adding to a child theme functions.php directly or adding to the header.Thanks for the great tip!

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