19 Social Media Tools To Flood Your Site With Traffic

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Armed with the right social media tools, it is easy to send viral floods of traffic to any site.

But if you don’t arm yourself correctly, you’ll soon find that you are investing huge amounts of time managing everything with nothing to show for it.

Instead, you should take control of social media once and for all with my personal list of the very best social media tools on the planet.

These tools will help take you from social recluse to viral social media rockstar in no time!

#1 – CoSchedule

CoSchedule makes it easy to manage your content and social media calendar either for yourself or your entire team.

It comes with a handy WordPress plugin to schedule all your social posts in advance that will automatically go out when the post goes live or any time frame you decide.


Not only that but you can also use it to assign different tasks to different people.

For example, you could have it automatically notify your graphic designer 7 days before a post goes live to design a featured image or remind you to add internal links from old posts upon publication – it’s super flexible.

#2 – Adespresso Examples

Creating social media ads asks a lot of questions:

  • What makes a good advert?
  • Will my content be good enough?
  • Will people convert?
  • Am I wasting money?

And it can be off-putting to even get started, because honestly, how do you know until after you’ve done it?

Thankfully, Adespresso created a way for you to take out some of the guesswork.


This Facebook Ads database shows you thousands of example adverts that are running now, or have run in the past, so you can find out what your competitors are doing and how you can learn from their mistakes.

For example, if you wanted to see how competitors are sharing their article content on Facebook Ads you’d put in your niche – in this case travel – and look for examples:

adspresso ad examples

The fact they’ve used this style over and over again shows it must be working, so why not try a similar one for yourself?

 Simple, easy to use and could save you a lot of money on wasted ads.

#3 – Buffer

Buffer, if you’re not aware, is a social media automation tool where you can preload updates for all your social media channels and they’ll go live at the time you request.

Meaning you can invest your time now and reap the rewards later.

buffer social media tools

They’ve recently added connectivity for Instagram and their mobile phone tool is super easy to navigate now. So you can preload tweets from the toilet, if you really want to.

What I really love with this tool though is the RSS Feed feature. Because it’s a great way to tweet about, and gain interactions, from influencers in your niche. Like this:

buffer screenshot

Do this a couple of times a week and you can start to grow any following, without having to be there at the point of upload, and chip away at building a strong platform there.

It’s incremental, but big picture it can help you massively. The free version is great, but I’d recommend upgrading to the $15 awesome plan for full functionality.

#4 – BuzzBundle

BuzzBundle is the tool I used to help generate traffic when I first launched this blog. Without it, the blog would not be what it is today.

It allows you to monitor social media, blogs, forums, Q&A sites & more for your keywords.


I use it to monitor for conversations related to my content and then jump in to offer my help and of course, a link back to the relevant piece of content I already have prepared.

#5 – TubeAssist

TubeAssist is the ultimate tool to help you get more views & grow your channel quickly.

Just connect your channel & kick off one of the prebuilt campaigns based on what you are trying to achieve then sit back and relax.

You can use it to comment on videos, subscribe to channels, send messages & more.


All of this is done automatically via the YouTube api and is fully compliant with all of YouTube’s terms and conditions.

Checkout some other great Youtube tools in this article.

#6 – Edgar

Edgar does update your social media feed like buffer.

But, it’s focused is on getting maximum exposure for your social media updates.

By saving the updates you publish – about a new post or a nice bit of commentary – it then republishes them in the future, on multiple occasions, so they don’t get missed.

Here’s their official video explaining what I mean:

Basically, where your updates would only reach a snapshot of your audience, Edgar aims to reach as many people as possible.


Currently, their model is invitation only, so if you’re a social media-minded marketer, I’d recommend getting on the list:

#7 – TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a dashboard for managing all of your Twitter happenings.

You can run it as a normal feed, or run separate columns monitoring hashtags and mentions of you and your site.

tweetdeck social media management tools

Being able to switch quickly, and see Twitter in more context, means you can be more deliberate in your actions.

For example, by setting up hashtags to follow, you can actively become involved in conversations as they’re happening.

And not just when Twitter lets you know they’re going on (which is usually too late).

productivity hashtag

It’s free and you can access it from inside your browser or as an external application.

#8 – Stencil

Never have I found a tool that allows you to make such beautiful images, with no previously required skill, in such a short amount of time.

You can honestly have images online in minutes that look like they took hours:

stencil screenshot

Stencil gives you access to over 680,000 free background images and over 200,000 icons. As well as full branding capabilities for each of your images.

You can create these images on any page using their Google Chrome plugin.

Or, you can create them in their on-site application. The free version will get you 10 images a month, but for $12 a month you can access everything.

#9 – Pablo

If you’re not a fan of Stencil (or Canva) you can also get access to Pablo by Buffer.


It’s a free alternative to the two tools, and it integrates with the Buffer tool I mentioned before, making stunning pre-loaded updates super easy.

#10 – Commun.it

Commun.it analyses your twitter – the people you follow and who follow you – and then lets you manage it all from one simple Dashboard.

You can:

  • Find the influencers worth connecting with
  • Share content directly from the tool
  • Thank people who have interacted with you
  • Highlight who your most engaged followers are


The Twitter tool itself can be hard to stay on top of when you have a lot going on. This simplifies it and shows you what you need to do to win.

Free trial is limited but you can survive on it. The premium comes at $19.99 a month. But if Twitter game is important to you, it’s a good buy.

#11 – Hashtagify.me

Hashtagify me is a free tool that allows you to find, and connect, different hashtags and boost your reach on Twitter and Instragram. Search your Hashtag to find the related ones:


Then click on any of the other hashtags to dig deeper and get even more related hashtags:

Each hashtag comes with its own usage data so you can determine if it’s worth your time.

Or you can get a full analysis:

Hashtagify full analysis

#12 – Tagboard

A Tagboard is a little like a Pinterest board for Hashtags. And, it’s a great research tool for your social strategy.

It shows you actual updates relating to your Hashtag, so you can find what content people are looking for, and other hashtags they’re relating to:


Just search a hashtag – like Marketing – and it’ll show you everything that’s going on right now to do with it, in a visual format:

tagboard board

Now you can see the content that people are talking about, what interactions they’re getting, and where you can gain some extra mileage on that hashtag.

Or, if you should change to another.

You can save your boards to monitor how your hashtag evolves daily. And, you can capture a lot of information about your audience or other influencers in your niche. Winner.

#13 – Woobox

WooBox is a social media engagement tool.

It allows you to create competitions – such as photo contests, quizzes and instant wins – right on your social media pages and video accounts.

And, they work as integrateable landing pages for your WordPress blog.


Competitions are proven to increase revenue and engagement, so this tool is perfect if you feel that fits your strategy. And they even give you a full guide to show you how to get the most out of your free account, check it out here.

#14 – Snapchat

Snapchat currently has 10 billion daily views and, while the focus is still on organic reach, marketing and advertising are becoming features as we speak.


If you want an authentic way to connect with your fans, show your creativity and sell products directly to someone’s phone, there is no better way than Snapchat right now.

#15 – Periscope

Periscope is another mobile-only video tool that allows you to stream directly from your phone. But, the important distinction to make here is in it’s link, periscope.tv.

Where Snapchat is about brief snippets of your life, Periscope allows you to stream longer content directly to your (TV) channel on the Tool.


As I sit here typing this, people are live streaming from Turkey in the midst of a Military Coup, while others are sharing what’s happening in their office in Texas right now, and someone is sharing a Sunset somewhere in Africa.

 All of which is truly amazing.

But, there’s real marketing power here. You can create webinars, talks, review products and sell yourself in real time to people who follow you. You can be anywhere in the world.

And, right now, people can play it back at a later date, too.

There have been over 200 million broadcasts and the tool gets at least two million daily views. Not a bad pie to have a piece of, eh?

#16 – SoundCloud

There are two stats you need to know about Podcasting:

  1. Listeners are up 23% as of 2016
  2. People are listening more and more on Mobile

So if you’re a marketer with a good voice and something to talk about, now is the time to get on to the Podcast circuit. And, Soundcloud makes that amazingly simple.

Especially with their mobile tool to target those mobile listeners.

soundcloud home

For example, Gimlet Media run a host of Podcasts, like StartUp, and have used Soundcloud to bring $2 million in advertising revenue.

gimlet media start up podcast

Simply create an account. Upload your podcast. Tell people about it.

#17 – Tik Tok

Tik Tok is another mobile-only video feed that is getting a lot of attention. Like, seriously, how has this stayed under the marketing radar?


The core of the tool is all about making short music videos, like lip-sync and dancing videos, that your 12-year-old sister (mine specifically) absolutely love.

But people are also expanding into making Comedy, Product Placement and Action-style videos. So, if you want to become an early adopter and get noticed, now is the time.

Want to learn more about TikTok? Click here to get TikTok user statistics.

#18 – DripRevolution

DripRevolution increases traffic and the ranking of your site by using social signals.

Social signals are tweets, likes and shares that search engines see as votes for your site.

DripRevolution have a team of SEO and Social Signal Experts who manually create those social signals using genuine social media accounts.

All you need to do is sign up and create your project then submit some information:

  • URLs
  • Description
  • Images
  • Keywords


Not convinced?

Well, you can try out their 7-day free trial that will give you 100 free social signals.

If you mention my name to the DripRevolution support team then you will receive an extra 50 social signals free of charge.

#19 – TwChat

Influencers love hanging out on Twitter chats. But, how do you know where they are?

Twchat shows you just that. Type in your topic, and it’ll show you a list of times people are getting together to chat:

twchat page

All you’ve got to do is contribute to the conversation.

What Are The Best Social Media Tools?

Social Media is so dependent on your audience and who is paying attention to what.

Which can make it all a little tricky.

Here are the three best social media tools I’d recommend…

  • BuzzBundle
  • Buffer
  • Stencil

Let’s take a closer look…

Choice #1: BuzzBundle

BuzzBundle is the tool that helped me to build the blog to be what it is today.

Without it, I don’t know where I would be right now, which makes it one of my favourite social media tools.

It helps keep a pulse on your niche & become part of the conversation effortlessly. Whether you are trying to get a site off the ground or connect with real people in your niche – BuzzBundle is king.

Choice #2: Buffer

Buffer is the best at what it does.

Even at a free level, you can make such a big difference to your Social Media presence. And, while attention on Twitter is dwindling, you can use the tool to update all your major feeds now.

The connection here feels more honest, and you can use it to create real conversations with people, even if you’re not present.

Plus the RSS Feed addition makes becoming a content curator so easy.

Choice #3: Stencil

Images on Social Media work. And, if you can create beautiful ones in seconds with Stencil, all the better.

After they rebranded from Share As Image and brought in so many new features, their tool is the best I can find that fits the needs of:

Saving time

Creating stunning visuals

Ease of use

Low cost

There’s so much you can do, and it’s really hard to get it wrong.

Other Tools You Might Like…

What Are Your Thoughts?

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