What Are The Best Bing Rank Tracker Tools In 2024?

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If you aren’t paying attention to your Bing rankings…

You’re leaving money on the table.


  • Bing is the second most used search engine in the world.
  • Bing holds 8.88% of the global search engine market share.

Bing even has as much as 13% of the desktop market share in the US.

Bottom line – Bing rankings are now worth tracking.

Here’s the problem:

Most rank tracking tools are built for Google. But the good news is there are a few Bing rank trackers that are accurate and worth using.

In this blog, I will show you the 3x best Bing ranker tools you should use to track your Bing rankings.

Top 3x Best Bing Rank Tracker Tools

What’s the best Bing rank tracker?

There are 4x things that all good rank tracker tools will do:

  1. Track rankings accurately
  2. Update SERP data regularly (ideally on demand)
  3. Easily manage keywords
  4. Provide quality data about search visibility

These are the 3x best Bing ranker tracker tools you can buy right now.

1. Bing Rank Tracker By AccuRanker

AccuRanker is my favourite rank tracker.

I use it for all of my websites and my team uses it for all of our SEO clients. There really isn’t another rank tracker that compares.

bing rank tracker from accuranker

AccuRanker has an excellent user interface that allows you quickly analyse and monitor keyword positions on Bing.

You can also set up competitive tracking to measure your site performance against your top competitors.

Rankings are automatically updated every 24 hours, but AccuRanker also lets you manually refresh your keywords tracking whenever you want.

accuranker position tracking

That’s a big bonus!

Want to track your Bing rankings in a specific location?

AccuRanker’s built-in geo-targeting features allow you to track rankings for any:

  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Postcode
  • Specific Address

You can also track Bing rankings on a global scale if you prefer.

And did I mention that AccuRanker is also the most accurate rank tracker available?

You can see why AccuRanker has quickly come become one of my favourite ranking tracking tools. It has a ton of powerful features and gives you the flexibility you need to make intelligent decisions for your SEO

Check out my complete AccuRanker review to see everything this incredible tool can do.

How To Track Your Bing Rankings With AccuRanker

Tracking your rankings in Bing with AccuRanker is easy.

Signup for the AccuRanker 14-day free trial (no credit card details are required).

accuranker free trail

After following the onboarding process and verifying your email, it’s time to track your rankings.

In the dashboard section, click “Add Keywords”.

AccuRanker Add Keywords

Start by adding your target location.

AccuRanker Add Keyword tracking location

Here you will be able to specify the search engines that you want to track and whether you want to track mobile or desktop rankings. You can choose both.

Select “mobile” and “desktop” for Bing.

AccuRanker bing Search Engines

Now you just need to finalise the details and add the keywords you want to track.

AccuRanker How to Add Keywords

That’s it!

AccuRanker will take a bit of time to find the keyword positions for the site and display them in your dashboard.

2. Rank Tracker By SEO PowerSuite

Rank Tracker is one of SEO PowerSuite’s best SEO tools:

  • It’s reliable
  • It’s accurate
  • It comes with some great features

One of those features is Bing rank tracking.

rank tracker by seo powersuite

Rank Tracker is a desktop-based software – NOT cloud-based.

That means you’ll need to download it on your computer before using it.

Straight off the bat, Rank Tracker offers a great keyword checker for the Bing search results. It provides accurate information about keyword positions on both:

  • Mobile
  • Desktop

All of this data is displayed in an easy-to-read dashboard.

rank tracker position tracking

Need to do keyword research?

Rank Tracker is one of the only Bing rank checker tools that allows you to do keyword research for Bing.

This means you can get powerful insights into search volumes and make good decisions on what keywords you want to target.

You’ll also get all of the SERP analysis features you need such as:

…And so many more!

Rank Tracker also doesn’t have any keyword limits so you can add as many keywords as you want to track without having to pay for a higher price plan.

While Rank Tracker won't be for everyone, it offers a great suite of features to accurately check your website rankings on Bing.

Take a look at my Rank Tracker review to see all of the features that it offers.

How To Check Your Bing Rankings With SEO PowerSuite

Rank Tracker has a free-to-use version, but your data won’t be saved.

That means you can see all of the features, but you’ll need to pick up the full license to save your data for the next time you open it up.

Start by downloading Rank Tracker for free.

bing rank tracker from seo powersuite

Create a “new project” and add your domain.

add your site

Next, add the target keywords you want to track.

add keywords

Now select “Bing” and the locations that you want to target. You can also choose to select mobile and desktop rankings.

add your locations for tracking keywords

You’re done!

Rank Tracker will get to work and pull up all of your Bing rankings for each keyword.

3. Bing Rank Checker By SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an underrated all-in-one SEO tool.

It has many powerful features and doesn’t charge nearly as much as other well-known SEO tools like Ahrefs and Semrush.

One of its completely unique features is the built-in Bing rank tracker.

se keyword rank tracking

The first thing you’ll notice about SE Ranking is its easy navigation. It has a robust user interface and displays tons of data in easy-to-understand graphs and charts.

This makes it easy to:

  1. Stay up to date with your rankings
  2. Easily identify changes quickly

SE Ranking’s Bing rank tracker tools automatically update rankings every day. It’s not possible to manually refresh them.

You can monitor Bing rankings for any-

  • Locations
  • Language
  • Device

This lets you get hyper-targeted on your website rankings and see how your site performs in the SERPs.

bing rank checker dashboard

Want to track your competitors?

Track up to 10 competitors at the same time. You can automatically monitor your main organic competitors or manually add your own.

SE Ranker has a visibility rating which is their core SEO visibility score metric to quickly see how you stack up against the competition.

SE Ranking also has a ton of other features like-

This will give you all the insights you need to make intelligent decisions about your SEO strategy.

SEO Ranking offers a great Bing rank tracker that’s robust and will be effective in helping you dominate the SERPs.

How To Check Your Bing Rankings With SE Ranking

Start the SE Ranking 14-day free trial (no credit card required).

se ranking bing rank checker

Add your target keywords to the rank tracker. You can also use SE Ranking’s automatic keyword suggestions.

add your target keywords

Select Bing as the search engine you want to track and choose your target locations.

select bing as your target search engine

Next, you can add your key competitors (optional).

add your competitors

Click save and that’s it! SE Ranking will start scraping the SERPs to pull in your Bing rankings.

Why You Should Track Keyword Rankings In Bing

Now you know the best Bing rank trackers to use.

But is it really worth paying attention to Bing?

Short answer – Yes.

Here are 3 reasons every serious website owner should pay attention to Bing right now.

Bing Is The 2nd Biggest Search Engine In The World

Bing isn’t new.

It was created and launched by Microsoft back in 2009.

That means it’s been around for a long time and cemented itself as the second biggest search engine globally.

Search engine market share

Bing has 126 million unique users and a massive 66 million of them use Bing as their exclusive search engine.

And that’s only going to increase.

bing search engine growth

You also have to realise that Bing is the default search engine of all windows computers. That means by default tons of people use Bing as their main search engine every day.

And finally – Bingbot is one of the most active crawlers online today!

My point is this:

Bing has become the sleeping giant of the search engine world that no one is talking about. It’s used by millions of people every day and is slowly chipping away at Google.

Taking advantage of Bing SEO is a great way to increase site traffic and generate more conversions in your business.

Anyone NOT Paying Attention To Bing Is Leaving Money On The Table

Most site owners think search traffic from Bing isn’t as valuable as traffic from Google.

That’s simply NOT true.

The truth is that people searching on Bing have the same searcher intent and the same goals as people using Google. I mean they’re all people, right?

In some cases, you might find that Bing traffic outperforms Google.

Here’s what I mean:

After seeing the growth Bing was experiencing as a search engine, I decided to jump into my own data and see how Bing traffic performed on my site.

The data was surprising:

bing seo traffic performance

You can see the Bing traffic-

  • Had a lower bounce rate
  • Visited more pages
  • Spent more time on site
  • Subscribed to my email list more
  • Clicked more affiliate links

Unexpected right?

Had I not optimised my site of Bing, I would have missed out on hundreds of subscribers and affiliate sales. Make sure that you check your own data before passing judgment.

Bing Offers Less Competiton Which Makes It Easier To Rank Higher

Here’s the hard truth: Search traffic is getting competitive.

And it will only get more competitive as more people…

  • Launch new websites
  • Create more content

Think of Bing like the blue ocean.

There is far less competition on Bing because all your competitors only focus on Google. That gives you an opportunity to get ahead before others see how powerful Bing could be.

Sometimes it’s better to be the big fish in the small pond.

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Wrapping It Up

There you have it.

The 3 best Bing rank tracker tools that you can get right now.

Best Bing Rank Tracker Tools

Choose your favourite rank tracker from the list and start putting it to work for you. If you’re unsure where to start, I recommend using the AccuRanker 14-day free trial first.

AccuRanker has proven itself to be the most accurate and reliable Bing rank tracker money can buy.

But don’t sleep on it…

Bing is a growing search engine. Experts estimate Bing will likely grow in search engine market share over the next few years.

Now’s the time to focus on Bing and take the space before your competitors wake up to it.

Want to increase your Bing rankings? Follow my complete Bing SEO tutorial to learn everything you need to know about ranking higher in Bing.

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