Podcast Jacking For Links, Traffic & Authority

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I want to share a strategy that I’ve been using to build free backlinks, traffic and authority with great success across the past 18 months.

It’s simple to execute, costs absolutely nothing and doesn’t take much time to do.

What am I talking about exactly?

Podcast Jacking!

I’ve used it to build 50 awesome links like these with minimal effort-

links won with podcast jacking

And it’s not just about the links!

Because it also means I have constant exposure to new audiences along with the opportunities and authority that comes with that.

So today I’m going to show you how the method works and how to automate it!

What Is Podcast Jacking?

Podcast Jacking is the process of finding and pitching relevant podcasts on autopilot.

That lead you to awesome podcast interviews like this one with Brady from BrandBuilders.

I am going to show you how to automate the entire process including prospecting later, but for now, this is how it works if you were to do it manually-

PRO TIP: Before starting any link building campaign, it’s best to determine how many backlinks you need to rank and archive your goals.

Step #1 – Find Your Targets

The first thing we need to do is find a list of relevant podcasts that we want to appear on.

Most people spend hours and hours trawling through Google searches to find and qualify them, but there is an easier way!

For example, we can broadly assume that when Brian Dean appears on an SEO podcast, that I might be able to offer something of value to that podcast audience as well.

So all we need to do is use this awesome free tool that indexes podcast appearances of every person on the planet in near real-time-

podcast jacking

To start building a list of target podcasts for us to appear on!

You can expand on this to include as many other relevant people and companies in your field to build out your target list.

Step #2 – Find Their Contact Details

Next, you need to find the contact information for all of your target podcasts. Preferably the email address of the podcast host themselves.

You can do this manually with my email address lookup guide or with tools like FindThatLead or Hunter which both give you enough free credits to pull off this strategy-

podcast jacking

Just enter the target domain of the podcast to find all the contact details you need!

Step #3 – Send Your Pitch

Now we just need to send our pitch to each of the podcasts on our list.

We can use a template like this-


I hope you’re well!

I was wondering if you were looking for any podcast guests at the moment?

It’s a great time to book because I’ve got a lot of interesting things to talk about in SEO that you won’t hear anywhere else.

I guarantee that your listeners will be scrambling to take notes!

You can learn more about me here #INSERT-URL# and if you are interested in booking we can put something special together for your audience.


If you do choose to use this template, make sure you customise it heavily or it will go straight to spam!

This approach has resulted in a 26.36% response rate

podcast jacking

Not bad for cold out reach compared to a lot of our other link building strategies.


Nearly 40% of the links we win come from the 2nd and 3rd follow up emails-

podcast jacking

If you don’t get a response, make sure you send at least 1 follow up email.

Quite often people are just busy, on vacation or distracted-

podcast jacking

We only ever send 3 emails to anyone contact at a company.

If we don’t get a response after that, we move onto the next email address we found for the company in step #2.

Step #4 – Record The Podcast

Once you have received a response and booked the podcast, now you need to actually record it!

Usually, during the booking process you have discussed a rough general topic and most podcasts follow a very conversational format starting with an intro then flowing into your subject from there.

Before you start any podcast you should check if its audio-only or if they record a video as well because many produce video versions of the podcast like this-

YouTube video

Other than that-

  • Make some notes of the key points you want to touch on
  • Don’t be nervous, just talk about your subject with passion
  • Make sure you have your microphone and camera ready
  • Keep a pen and paper handy to make notes throughout the recording
  • Over deliver on value, advice and insight where possible
  • Ask their audience to reach out to you personally with questions
  • If you have one available, promote your lead magnet/freebie/trial at the end

Remember podcasts are per-recorded and don’t go out live so if you do make a slip of the tongue don’t worry!

And if there are any specific questions, most podcast hosts will provide those to you ahead of time so you can prepare – although the best shows are ones with no set script.

Step #5 – Share It With Your Audience

Once your podcast goes live, it’s common courtesy to share it with your audience.

So make sure you pull out a relevant quote and share it across your social channels at a minimum.

How To Automate The Podcast Jacking Strategy

So now you understand the basic strategy-

  1. Find relevant podcasts your competitors have appeared on with Google
  2. Lookup the contact details for each podcast
  3. Send your initial outreach email + 2 follow ups
  4. Move onto the next contact at the company if you don’t get a response

I want to show you how we automate that with Pitchbox which allows us to set up outreach campaigns based on Google searches-

podcast jacking

Essentially it will go to Google and scrape all of the podcast appearances for us.

Then it automatically fetches all of the contact information we need-

podcast jacking

Once approved, Pitchbox will start sending out our 3 part outreach email series to the first contact in the list to try and get a podcast booking.

If it doesn’t get a response after 3 emails, it moves onto the next contact in the list.

All on complete autopilot.

(If you want to learn more about this tool, read my full Pitchbox review).

But Thats Not Even The Best Bit…

What makes this campaign super mega wow wow awesome is that you can set it up to be a “Recurring Campaign”

podcast jacking

What that means, is that every month it’s going to-

  1. Perform the Google searches looking for new podcast opportunities
  2. Lookup all of the relevant contact information
  3. Send the outreach sequence to get a podcast booking

And it does all of that on complete ‘autopilot’.

You don’t have to waste time…

  • Searching for podcasts
  • Prospecting
  • Looking up contact details

…or remembering to send follow up emails.

Once set up, you just get a stream of relevant podcast bookings in your inbox every month.

Wrapping It Up

Podcast Jacking is a great way to build

  • Links
  • Traffic
  • Authority

Running through the process every month will make sure you get constant exposure to new audiences and the opportunities that comes with that.

If you follow the manual process it costs absolutely nothing to do except a bit of effort!

So please tell me:

Will you be using the Podcast Jacking technique as part of your strategy?

Or perhaps you have an idea to improve on it? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. This is the best article i like it very much. This is very informative and useful content. please keep sharing with us.Thanks for this great post!

  2. Hi Matthew, It was an amazing article! This strategy looks great, and I am glad that you were able to generate free backlinks using it. I have never really heard about Podcast jacking, but I think it will be a great strategy as well. I have recently started a podcast, and I think this strategy will help me a lot. I learned a lot from it, and I will be applying it to my process. Thanks a lot for sharing this helpful article, it will definitely help a lot of other readers as well.

  3. Excellent post. You have shared some wonderful tips. I completely agree with you that it is important for any blogger to help their visitors.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing all of this great information! I’ve decided to comment more for my business and this information is exactly what I needed to learn. Thanks!

  5. To summarize, here are my takeaways:1. Find someone else’s podcast in your target niche that has a relatively healthy download count and create high quality content for their audience.2. Invite them to the show as a guest and position it as an opportunity for new listeners in your particular topic area to learn more about another successful person who is also interested in the same thing that they are interested in. This builds trust with the audience, but also gives you the chance to come across as a trusted authority on your given subject matter because of this guest appearance on this other popular podcast!

  6. Hey MatthewYour post is very helpful and informative. You have mention great strategy .I was searching over search engines and found your blog site which is awesome.Podcast Jacking is the process of finding and pitching relevant podcasts on autopilot which is easy to use and you have suggested steps are very good.Thank youSweety

  7. Thank you for the valuable tips you are sharing. Such a great content! Every time I learn something new! Keep up the great work !

  8. Thank you dear, I found your information really useful. I would like to say thanks once again for this information. keep posting all the new information.

  9. I am looking for some good blog sites for studying. I was searching over search engines and found your blog site. Well i like your high quality blog site design plus your posting abilities. Keep doing it.

  10. Thanks, Mathew,It seems a simple yet result-oriented strategy. I’m going to try this one. Through my English is a little weak as I’m from Asia but I hope to get over it.

  11. Always dismissed podcasts in my head as I didn’t think it would be relevant to my industry of gift design but you’ve inspired me to take another look. Thanks

  12. Great technique Matt, nice to see you using Pitchbox, we are running large numbers of campaigns using it, best outreach tool there is!

  13. Thank you for sending the email with the link for this podcast jacking for links education. Your emails and tutorials are greatly appreciated.

  14. Hi Matthew, great strategy, but I think it only works if you are already an authority in your field, doesn’t it?

    1. Not necessarily – But it helps, for sure. The key is the pitch. You have to convince people that you are able to speak about a topic and that you have a unique point of view to offer.You need to demonstrate that you can bring value to the podcast. If you do that, it would work for you.

  15. Wow! I knew that being on podcasts was a good idea, but I didn’t think about the SEO benefits as well. That’s awesome!Thanks for sharing!

  16. Hi Matthew,I am newbie in seo. Can you please share name which extension you are using for finding “DR” Thank you

  17. Thank you for Sharing!My opinion is that it’s easier said than done.I tried to get on Podcasts about children books.I wrote 20 individual Mails and did only get one response. Which was a No.I also sent Out a Bulk Mail to all Media with about 500 people. Only get one answer. Maybe my product and Mail sucked. But to be honest, I think the Problem is that Nobody wants to Help you. Maybe it’s a German thingI think it’s almost Impossible as noname to get Featured. There a few Podcasts in Germany which are worth to spend time.

    1. I am sorry it didn’t work out for you te first time, but I think it worths trying again with this strategy. It’s rik free and might work! Keep up the good work & wish you good luck.

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