16 Email Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business Rapidly

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Email marketing tools are a necessary part of your digital marketing life.

But it’s still a heck of a beast that needs taming.

So I am going to help you navigate the waters by sharing only the very best email marketing tools with you.

Whether you want to:

  • Send automated email campaigns
  • Find someones email address (check out my email address lookup guide)
  • Pick up some new blogger outreach tools

I have got you covered.

These email marketing & outreach tools will you save time & accelerate your success by connecting you with people. So without further ado…

#1 – Aweber

In my email marketing software comparison post I came to the conclusion that Aweber was the best all-round email marketing tool for you to use.

And, that conclusion still stands. With their campaign automation features, as well as their easy integration onto your sites and segmentation features, I urge you to sign up here if you have a budget.

aweber homepage

You really can’t go wrong here, no matter the size of your mailing list.

It also comes packed with awesome email marketing analytics & statistics to help you refine all of your campaigns.

In fact – Aweber is precisely what I use to power this blog and I’ve been using it for several years with great success, so I highly recommend that you do as well!

Read my full Aweber review to see why its at the top of this list.

#2 – Drip

However there have being a couple of strong new contenders on the email marketing tools scene, one of which is Drip.

In many ways it is like Aweber on steroids with the workflows designer & the ability to do fancy things like add tags to email subscribers when they visit specific pages on your site – which can in turn be used to trigger email campaigns.


However Drip is better suited to the more advanced marketer that is selling different products and honestly, the only reason this isn’t #1 in the list – is because I’m currently using Aweber.

It’s worth noting that if you are just running a normal blog then Drip will be complete overkill for you, but there is another new contender contender on the email marketing tools scene that might suit any bloggers that are reading…

#3 – ConvertKit

ConvertKit is the other new contender on the scene which was built for professional bloggers from the ground up.

It comes with all of the usual email marketing features but also includes a range of beautiful optin forms and landing pages that you can deploy easily on your blog.

It beats Aweber & Drip hands down in this area.


It also makes it really easy to automatically deliver lead magnets, content upgrades or start automated email sequences. 

Outside of that however, it’s pretty limited but it is perfectly suited to the professional blogger that sells eBooks & delivers an all in one solution with the fancy optin forms, landing page templates & easy delivery of lead magnets etc.

#4 – InfusionSoft

Infusionsoft is one of the most powerful email marketing tools for small business on the planet which also includes a full CRM system which makes it so much more than just an email marketing tool. 

It also includes a fully featured CRM, built in ecommerce, lead management, offline integration & more!


It also has the most advanced campaign builder I have ever used. 

My campaign below tightly integrates with my digital course and automatically emails people if they pass exams or sends reminders if they haven’t logged in for a while –

Infusionsoft Campaign

What I love about Infusionsoft is it literally integrates with EVERYTHING!

You can use it to automate emails, phone calls or dispatching physical post cards, letters, certificates, tshirts, chocolates & more.

One example of how I use it, is to automatically send out custom thank you postcards when people make a purchase-


You can learn more about how I use Infusionsoft towards the end of this post

 Be warned – this is for the SERIOUS marketer only.

99% of people that read this will never need something like this.

#5 – Hunter.io

Hunter.io lets you find the email addresses of anyone on any domain.

That means no more hopeless searching thinking everyone is uncontactable.

hubspot emails

You just search a domain and you can get information for up to 100 requests a month.

Not bad, eh?

#6 – Gmail

Gmail is now what Hotmail was six or seven years ago (if not longer).

It’s the go-to email tool. And, if you’re an independent marketer, I highly recommend you setting this up as your email client.

gmail screenshot

It’s the simplest to use. Is an easy to remember domain ending. And it gives you access to all of the other great Google tools on this list by default.

There’s also a boatload of customization and tools for it as you’ll see in the next steps. So if you like tweaking and personalising this is the client for you.

Even if you only use it for your personal emails, I’d recommend having it.

#7 – Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach makes other email outreach tools look bad.

It really is the ultimate tool for email outreach.

Just enter your keyword and it will find every popular blog and website in that niche and return a bunch of data like SEO metrics, social signals & contact information.

ninja outreach tools

You can then send out bulk personalized email outreach campaigns to do things like link building, finding guest post opportunities, lead generation & oh so much more.

#8 – Boomerang

Boomerang is a cool little tool that improves your email workflow.

You can schedule your emails for later and get reminders about when you need to follow up emails if there is no reply.

boomerang for gmail

This not only helps make outreach easier by reminding you of when you need to follow up.

It also means you can take care of lots of emails in one sitting.

The tool has a free package and you can upgrade to a fully featured personal account for $4.99 a month. And, they’ve released an Outlook version too.

#9 – MailTrack

MailTrack lets you see who has read your emails and lets you focus on follow-ups.

You install the tool into your Gmail inbox and it shows you, like a WhatsApp! message, one tick for delivery and two ticks for when the mail is read.

mailtrack example

Now you can see when you’re wasting your time emailing someone. If they need following up. Or, if they’re not getting your mail at all.

#10 – Gmail Snooze

Gmail Snooze is exactly what it says in the name.

It’s a snooze button for your emails that lets you come back to an email at a later time. Meaning you don’t open and forget it. You just get to it a little later on.

google snooze page

Perfect if you’re a slightly more…forgetful, marketer.

#11 – Outlook

Outlook is Microsoft’s replacement for Hotmail.

If you’re not a Gmail fan then this is your next best, free, option.

If you prefer basicness and simplicity then Outlook may be more up your street. It’s an email client, as Lifehacker suggests, for marketers looking to be more productive.

outlook screenshot

#12 – Header Emojis

I’ve posted before about how using Animated Emoticons – or any emoticons for that matter – in your subject lines can boost your open rates. But where do you get them?

If you’ve not been using them, I suggest you go and read that post and test them out.

emoji screenshot

Here are a few links where you can get your mitts on them:

#13 – ClearVoice

ClearVoice is a content marketing research tool.

But, it has incredible data when it comes to influencers.

You can find complete lists of who are influencers based on your topic. And, access their content and their social profiles to contact them.

clearvoice snapshot

Just search your topic – this is Travel Hacking – find your influencer and view their profile.

clear voice influencer

Now you can see all of their latest content and connect with them directly with the most up to date information. Think of this as background research to the sale.

Invest in them now and reap the rewards when you become good friends.

This tool is currently only paid, & their prices are under wraps, but you can test drive & get some good mileage out of it.

#14 – BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo has become an industry standard in finding quality content from your competitors. But, it’s influencer search is my favourite part of the entire tool.

In the tool, head to the top of the page and look for Influencers, then search your topic. You’ll be given a list like this:

buzzsumo influencer list

This shows you their overall influence and the ways you can get in touch with them.

And, even on the free model, you can get a lot of influencers for no money at all. Just change your search around and look for variations.

Then all you have to do is reach out and start making friends. Wonderful.

#15 – MailShake

MailShake takes the pain out of cold emailing outreach!

All you need to get started is a Google account.


It has a bunch of cool features like the ability to automatically schedule follow ups to make sure that your message always gets seen.

Not only that but it will monitor everything including clicks, replies, opens and much more!

#16 – Contact Pigeon

ContactPigeon offers an all-in-one marketing automation platform to create engaging and highly effective omnichannel customer journeys, across multiple channels.

contact pigeon
This enterprise-level tool allows you to create truly omnichannel marketing campaigns via email, web push notifications, SMS and onsite messages, either automated or not.

Among lots of other features like:

  • List building widgets
  • Dynamic exit intent pop-ups
  • Dynamic segmentation tool
  • Landing page creator

…it also offers pre-built eCommerce automations to help you start fast while the company also provides a marketing automation specialist to every plan.

Pro Tip: ContactPigeon allows you to create custom rules to unlock its powerful automation engine at full scale and set up “as advanced as you wish” automations. (for advanced users only)

What Are The Best Email Marketing Tools?

If I had to give you the five best email marketing tools…

Well, it’s tough to narrow it down but I’d highly recommend you go with these tools to give your email marketing a huge boost.

  • Aweber
  • Ninja Outreach
  • Hunter.io
  • Boomerang
  • Rapportive

Let’s take a closer look…

Choice #1: Aweber

This is a no brainer.

If you have email marketing at the heart of your business and you want the most effective and creative way of communicating with them, Aweber is the software you need.

Plus, the automated campaigns really make a difference to your results.

Choice #2: Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is the very best email outreach tool out there & it is the swiss army knife of email.

Whether you are a blogger looking to land guest post positions on big blogs, an SEO trying to build links or a small business that needs leads – Ninja Outreach has you covered.

It’s easy to use, saves huge amounts of time and is one of the most powerful email marketing tools you can have in your arsenal.

Choice #3: Hunter.io

I wish I’d known about this tool when I started writing three years ago.

Having the ability to mine any email from any website and then contact that person is a highly valuable asset.

And, if you can do it for absolutely free, why would you even pass up the opportunity?

Just go out and start using this right now.

Choice #4: Boomerang

Boomerang is an awesome email marketing tool that does nothing but help you:

  1. Be more productive
  2. Send better emails
  3. Stress less about getting your inbox to zero

And, the ability to know when you need to send another email (without forgetting about it) can make a real difference in your back pocket too.

Choice #5: Rapportive

This free Gmail plugin instantly makes your email more useful by looking up a range of details about the person you are emailing.

It will tell you their job title along with a photo and pullback all of their social media profiles. You can also see any shared contacts you have & more.

it’s easily one of the best free email marketing tools out there.

Other Tools You Might Like…

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