14 Productivity Tools That Will Help You Get More Done

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Nobody actually likes working right?

Well I have some great news for you…

With the right productivity tools  you can work a lot less while getting more done!

We have all had those days where it feels like no matter how hard you try to be productive, you’re swimming against the current and can never really get, well…anywhere.

Well I am going to share the very best productivity tools with you that help me get more out of each and every day.

And trust me when I say that I try to work as little as possible…

#1 – Calendar

The latest productivity tool that has come to my attention is Calendar.

It is a time management tool which helps organise your day, giving you more time to focus on your goals.

Here are some of the features you will find most helpful with Calendar:

  • Connects to your other calendars
  • Get unlimited scheduling
  • Personalised calendar link
  • Notifications via email or SMS
  • Get event notifications automated
  • Personalised reminders and messages
  • See your calendar views
  • Schedule time slots
  • Meeting transcriptions

As you can see it is a dynamic tool that will enable you to focus on your priorities and see if your schedule matches those priorities.

You can try out their basic version for free to get a feel for the tool or get a 30-day free trial using the Pro plan.

#2 – Evernote

Evernote is for taking notes on any device and saving them.

Meaning that you never have to rely on your memory again.

You can store:

  • Notes
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Receipts

  • Web clippings
  • Article outlines
  • Random musings

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, too.


With accessibility from all of your devices and it’s super-simple interface, it’s beautiful to work with. And will probably save your skin at some point.

The free version is sufficient for small usage, but for $4.99 per month for the premium, it’s worth every penny.

I also use it to organise everything in my life, from business to personal time using TheSecretWeapon system which is 100% free and can be used with the free version of Evernote which makes it one of the best productivity tools.

#3 – Google Keep

I’m not a Google Affiliate, I promise.

But if you don’t like Evernote, Google Keep is the next best thing.

It’s a free, basic, version of the same software as Evernote. You can store notes and images and that’s about it.

But, if you prefer your note-taking stripped back, it’s your best alternative:

google keep

You could also apply the same principles from TheSecretWeapon getting things done system to help you stay on top of everything in your life.

Honestly, TheSecretWeapon system is one of my best productivity tips.

#4 – RescueTime

RescueTime is a time tracker that keeps you in check.

It tracks every minute you spend on your computer/phone & tells you where you’re wasting & making good use of time.

rescuetime home

In the past I’ve used Rescuetime to cut my work week down to just 16.5 hours (even at peak times) by using it to see where I’ve been wasting time.

Better time spent at work.

More time spent doing what I want to do. (Spearfishing & Ceviche, anyone?).

#5 – LastPass

LastPass lets you keep all your Passwords in one place and increase the strength of them because you no longer need to remember the tricky codes.

lastpass homepage

It has a bunch of awesome features like filling out login forms automatically or giving you 1 click logins to any site.

I can’t stress enough how much time this little tool saves me every single day and it syncs across all of your devices including your smartphone & tablet.

#6 – IFTTT

IFTTT is one of my favourite tools, and you should get on the bandwagon too.

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a tool that allows you to automate your workflow. If you take one action, the tool will take another one for you.

ifttt recipies homepage

The recipes they use keep growing and you can find some seriously helpful ones.

Take a look at my video tutorial that shows you just a few ways that I use it to help automate & manage this blog-

It’s super simple to use and you can create your first IFTTT ‘recipe’ in seconds!

#7 – Zapier

Zapier is an IFTTT for the more technically minded marketer.

You can use it to create highly personalised recipes – for example, if you have specific Excel Macros – and want to connect hyper-specific elements of your day.


If you have a serious productivity problem that you need a personalised fit for…

Zapier is for you.

Free plans are available, but the $20 a month plan can make all the difference.

#8 – Tomato Timer

The Pomodoro technique is a producitivty ‘hack’ where you work for 25 minutes, rest for five and repeat.

It’s used widely by Psychologists and Business People.

And, by yours truly. And it definitely works.

tomato timer screenshot

Take a task. Do it for 25 minutes. Rest for five, or be done with it and move onto the next task. This simple clock times you and tells you when your time is up.

Making it easier to remove distractions and work until completion. Neat.

#9 – Slack

Slack helps you communicate between existing teams, all in one place.

Meaning you don’t need to have:

  • Skype
  • Mail
  • WhatsApp!
  • Google Hangouts
  • Facebook Messenger

All running at the same time.

You can just put people onto Slack. Talk and share documents. And, save hours of time getting back to people (or, you know, not).

slack homepage

You can even run calls and access this from your phone, so you’re only a tap away from all the information you need.

The free version is more than enough for any small scale marketing. But, from $6.78 a month their premium packages won’t break the bank.

#10 – Franz

Not everyone is using Slack yet, so if you want all of your instant messengers under one roof – then meet Franz.

Franz is a desktop tool that connects all of your favorite messenger services including Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Steam, Google Hangouts, Gmail, Slack & many many more.


This is one of my favourite productivity tools because it helps minimise on window clutter and keeps everything neatly organised under one roof.

Oh and did I mention it’s free?

#11 – Unroll.me

Do you ever find yourself opening your inbox only to be drowning in a sea of junk?

Well Unroll.me helps put an end to that by scanning your inbox and allowing you to unsubscribe from junk mail instantly at the click of a mouse.


That means you’ll spend less time wading through junk in the morning and more time spinning on your chair which makes it one of the best time management tools!

Just don’t unsubscribe from my email list mmmk!

#12 – Avast WiFi Finder

Okay, the final productivity tool really is one that you need to use if you work remotely.

Avast Wifi Finder shows you where all the WiFi hotspots in your area are and how strong the connection is.

avast wifi home

You just download the tool, flick it on and find your WiFi.

You’ll need data for this, or to be connected to a WiFi to begin with – hotel or home before you head out – but if you load the tool before you venture out all the information remains.

Saved me a lot of time walking around looking for decent WiFi in coffee shops.

Hope it helps you too.

#13 – Better Proposals

Better Proposals is a piece of software that is designed to make proposal writing:

  • Easy
  • Fast
  • Help you win more work

You can use the customisable template or choose from another 50+ available others.

better proposals
The SEO proposal template includes:

  • A Stunning Cover
  • A Dedicated Section for Services
  • Process and Timescales
  • A Case Study as Social Proof
  • The Pricing Section
  • The Next Steps
  • A Contract
  • Get Paid Straight Instantly

So if you want to save time and get paid quicker then use this template when it’s time to write your SEO proposals.

#14 – ProofHub

ProofHub is an all-in-one software for all your project management needs.

This software is extremely effective when it comes to managing teams and projects. And the best thing, it works for all kinds of teams irrespective of their size or industry.

With ProofHub, you can:

  • Manage several projects at a single time
  • Create and assign tasks
  • Communicate with your team
  • Organize files and documents
  • Define custom roles
  • Create resource and project reports

The software is cloud-based, and you can access your projects from anywhere using the internet.

Unlike many other project management software, it does not follow the per-user pricing model, which is great.

Also, it has a pretty straightforward and easy-to-use interface.


What Are The Best Productivity Tools?

The best productivity tools…

  • Evernote
  • Rescue Time
  • Last Pass
  • Franz

Productivity comes down to you.

What are you good at? What are you bad at? Where do you waste time?

So for this, I want to recommend the best productivity tools that can help you save the most time, no matter your troubles…

Choice #1: Evernote

No matter where you are, or what you need to do, you can make a note of it in Evernote.

If an idea strikes. A necessary task pops into your head. Or, you need to record a receipt of your client’s lunch.

Everything you put in Evernote is there, waiting for you, either as a reminder or a note, to keep you organised.

Choice #2: Rescue Time

Being able to see where you’re spending time is important to being able to correct it.

By using Rescue Time and personalising when and where counts as good or bad time, you can get an honest look at what you need to correct.

From here you can start to choose the tools and tools that will help you fix your problems in a more personalised way.

Choice #3: Last Pass

LastPass is one of those tools that saves you more time than you realise.

Having all of your passwords in one place that syncs across multiple devices ensures you’ll never waste time trying to find a password when logging into a site again.

It has a bunch of awesome time saving features and works with nearly every web browser out there.

Choice #4: IFTTT

Taking the above two tools into account, If This Then That has a solution for almost any problem.

Tools and tasks are linked together seamlessly and you can put a lot of your time drains on autopilot.

Invest a little time setting this up and you can see a big return on time saved almost immediately.

Choice #5: Franz

I have tried lots of different all in one messenger clients and none of them come close to Franz.

It’s quick and easy to setup but most importantly it is stable. It saves a bunch of time and reduces desktop clutter which helps keep you focused on task.

Not only that, but its 100% free and who doesn’t love free productivity tools that help you spend less time working and more time having fun!

Other Tools You Might Like…

What Are Your Thoughts?

16 Responses

  1. I agree that productivity tools can help a lot. I work remotely and I can’t imagine managing without a productivity app anymore 🙂 My favorite one is https://kanbantool.com/ . It’s easy to use and really boosts my productivity. The idea of it is that you have a board divided into 3 categories and you put all your tasks into one of them. It might sound simple but it’s powerful in fact.

  2. Great list. Buffer, Canva and IFTTT are my favorite! I’d also like to add my favorite tool to the list of keep it all organized- proofhub.com. This is one of the most feature-rich management tool in the market right now. In built time tracking, gantt charts, proofing tool and much more. Must have tool to keep work organized!

  3. Great article, thanks. I didn’t know about RescueTime, I will definitely try it out. As an entrepreneur, I’m always trying to manage my time in the best way possible. What I have found to be the ultimate productivity hack is to setup a personalized browser start page with all the links and RSS feeds I frequently use. I’m using https://start.me for this and it saves me a few hours per week easily.

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