The 3x Best Ecommerce SEO Services

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Ecommerce has reached an all-time high.

  • There’s more competition than ever.
  • There’s more obstacles than ever.
  • There’s more demand than ever.

How are you going to stay ahead?

Ecommerce SEO.

And if you can’t do it yourself?

Hiring a reputable ecommerce SEO service is your best option.

So if you’re ready to have your ecommerce SEO handled for you, read on for the list of the 3x best ecommerce SEO services available.

What Are The 3x Best Ecommerce SEO Services?

Finding a trustworthy ecommerce SEO service is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Hear me out-

In your search for an ecommerce SEO agency, you’ll find plenty of fake ones who:

  • Promise big results (guaranteed Google rankings) and under-deliver
  • Charge you crazy amounts in fees
  • Have no idea what they are doing


Ecommerce SEO is a speciality.

It’s a whole new ballgame that not all SEO agencies can play. That’s why I created a list of the 3x best ecommerce SEO services that will deliver the results you dream of.

1. Search Logistics

Want to take the pressure of SEO off your plate?

Search Logistics specialises in full-service ecommerce SEO services.

ecommerce seo search logistics

Based out of London, UK, they handle your search engine optimisation end to end.

They create tailored packages that are suited to your own ecommerce site needs.

Search Logistics has loads of case studies you can sift through to get an idea of their robust ecommerce SEO processes.

As a team of 12 SEO professionals, they have handled over 140+ client projects from across the world.

Services They Offer

Not sure what SEO work you need?

As a full-service SEO agency, they handle every part of ecommerce SEO which include:

Search Logistics is also known worldwide for providing excellent customer service. Each client gets a dedicated account manager assigned to them.

Specialities and Highlights

Increasing search traffic is great but what’s the point if it doesn’t increase your sales?

search logistics increase ecommerce sales with seo

Unlike other ecommerce SEO services, Search Logistics focus on increasing revenue:

  1. 3x Ecommerce revenue case study
  2. 14x search traffic case study
  3. +336% Ecommerce transactions

But that’s not the only thing that makes this agency special. They also are specialized in penalty recovery.

They have a dedicated service that takes care of Google penalties from identifying the penalty, to removing it and getting your traffic and sales back up to your standards.

2. OuterBox

OuterBox is a large digital marketing agency based in Ohio, USA.

Not only they offer SEO services but also website development and PPC advertising.

outerbox ecommerce services

With over 75 staff and 500+ completed clients projects, It’s safe to say they know what they’re doing.

Services They Offer

If you want a straightforward SEO package, OuterBox has a number of ecommerce search engine optimisation packages to choose from.

Otherwise, if you don’t find any package that fit your online business, you can ask for tailored ecommerce SEO services that suit your specific needs.

Here are a few examples of ecommerce SEO services you can ask for:

On top of that, it’s important to note that Outerbox adapts their services/strategies to each client’s situation in order to deliver better SEO results.

Specialities and Highlights

Sometimes, website owners are worried about hiring ecommerce services because they think they won’t know how to deal with their platform.

And trust me, I understand.

Each ecommerce platform works differently. It’s not because one trick works on one platform that It will work on the others…

Outerbox seo for all ecommerce platforms

One of the unique things about OuterBox is their speciality in platform-specific ecommerce SEO.

Whether you use:

OuterBox has a lot of experience with each one of these platforms.

To make things better:

If you have a large website that has lots of pages, OuterBox has a technically-focused SEO team that can handle large sites tackling complex technical SEO issues.

3. WebFX

WebFX is the biggest SEO company on the list.

Based out of Pennsylvania, USA – WebFX is a full-service digital marketing agency.

webfx ecommerce services

WebFX has over 300 staff members both in-house and remote. They also have a total of 8 offices throughout the United States.

Services They Offer

Like Search Logistics and OuterBox, WebFX takes a strategic approach to ecommerce SEO. Their detailed processes are tailored to suit each client’s needs.

From basic search engine optimisation to custom strategies, WebFX ecommerce SEO services include-

  • Keyword research
  • Custom ecommerce SEO strategy
  • Content optimisation
  • Product page optimisation
  • Content promotion
  • Technical SEO

And if you need product page SEO copywriting?

Their team can easily add that to the SEO package you choose.

Specialities and Highlights

Even though WebFX is a full-service digital marketing agency for a range of clients across the US-

One of their specialities is ecommerce.

With such a big team they have access to a significant amount of resources and skills which mean they can handle small as well as large e-commerce sites without any issue.

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What About Ecommerce Link Building Services?

You might be thinking:

I don’t really need a full-service SEO agency. I can take care of my SEO with no problem but…when it comes to link building, it’s not that simple”.

And believe me, I get it.

Link building is one of the hardest parts of SEO. So the smartest thing to do when you can’t take care of your link building by yourself is to outsource it.

But which ecommerce link building agency should you trust?

Well, keep reading because you’re about to find out!

1. LinksThatRank

For those who don’t know it yet, LinksThatRank is my own link building agency. I started this project in 2017 because I was frustrated.


Because every time I would order links I’ll run into one of these issues:

  • Poor quality
  • Bad placement
  • Delivering time too long
  • Outdated methods used
  • No quality control
  • Crazy prices

…And so on!

So, with LinksThatRank I wanted to address all these issues and make the link building buying process simple for every site or ecommerce store owners.


With LinksThatRank you have two options:

You can buy links on-demand or you can buy monthly packages. The advantage of buying an ecommerce link building package is that you’ll get significant discounts.

Specialities and Highlights

With link building- it all comes down to one thing: Quality control.


When you build links, you need to be careful that you only acquire quality links that benefit your website.

LinksThatRank has focussed on their quality control process to make it one of the best in the link-building industry.

links that rank quality control process

You see:

A good link can skyrocket your website whilst a bad link could see it spiral down.

LinksThatRank understands that, this is why my team and I put together a 23 points quality control process that would make sure that:

  • Each link is placed on relevant websites that already have organic traffic
  • Each outreach link is placed with a 1,000+ word piece of content
  • None of the link is placed on a “write for us” page
  • None of the links are placed on one of the blacklisted sites present on our own internal blacklist database of harmful websites

So, if you want a link building agency that is going to move the needle for your ecommerce store, I can only recommend you LinksThatRank.

2. Ecommerce Link Builders

Ecommerce Link Builders is a white label link building agency that provides:

This means that no matter what your needs or budget are, you’ll find an option that suits your link building needs.

Ecommerce Link Builders

Ecommerce Link Builders is a leading white label SEO service used by global digital marketing agencies, resellers, and in-house teams.

Their service is for people that care about their links and feel let down by the quality and results of other providers.

Specialities and Highlights

Ecommerce Link Builders is a UK & US-based link building service that operates the strictest blogger outreach and guest post solutions.

What makes them different from other link building providers is that they guarantee:

  • Niche relevant blogger outreach
  • 35+ point website quality control
  • Negotiating topics & placements
  • SERP Anchor text analysis selection
  • Premium content creation (1,000+ words)
  • Strict proofing & indexing quality control
  • Link placement reporting dashboard
  • FREE keyword rank tracking (ROI Proof)

If you want to see what they can accomplish for you, just take a look at their incredible case studies.

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How To Choose an Ecommerce SEO Service

Here’s the truth-

When it comes to ecommerce SEO services: You get what you pay for.

SEO is a long-term strategy that requires a significant investment in time.

ecommerce SEO longterm strategy

If someone is promising fast SEO results at a super low price- Run the other way.

So then… How do you choose the right ecommerce SEO services for you?

Well, here are some of my best tips:

Select The Agency That Matches Your Needs

Let’s be honest: No one wants to pay for something they don’t need.

Consider this:

What SEO issues is your website facing?

Choose the SEO agency that provides a solution to your issues. Quality agencies should be able to tailor SEO packages to your website needs.

Choose An Agency That Fits Into Your Budget

Let me repeat this…

You need to have a budget in mind before hiring an SEO agency.

ecommerce seo packages

When putting together an SEO budget consider two things:

  1. How much money do you have to invest in SEO?
  2. How much do you estimate is reasonable to spend on SEO?

Answering these questions determine what agencies and services suit your business.

Also, you can check out my SEO pricing to see how much you can expect to pay for high-quality SEO services.

PRO TIP: Do not go for cheap SEO services. They will probably use SEO strategies that will put your website at risk in the long-run.

Review Their Transparency

Hear this loud and clear-

NO SEO agency can guarantee results.

At the end of the day, every agency is at the mercy of Google.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t be transparent with their SEO process. Any quality SEO agency will have a documented process they use to get results.

So, before hiring an ecommerce SEO agency, test them to see if they can clearly explain how they’ll improve your website’s SEO.

If not… Look elsewhere!

Look At The Agencies Experience

Experience is the best teacher.

Regardless of how qualified an SEO team is, practical experience is key.

Ask yourself:

  • Has the agency worked with similar previous clients?
  • Do they really understand your industry/niche?

Past experience means they have the knowledge, but they also have handled similar SEO projects before.

Experience comes in handy most when…

…Unforeseen issues arise.

A good agency responds effectively and adapts to the situation.

Check Out Real Life Testimonials

The proof is in the pudding…

Or is it?

client testimonial search logistics

Real testimonials from past and current clients prove the ability of the SEO agency.

No testimonials? No thanks!

Testimonials could determine whether the agency will be a good fit for you, so take a good look through them.

Look at the ecommerce SEO agencies website:

  • Do they have real testimonials?
  • Are they from reputable companies?
  • How many testimonials do they have?
  • Are there any testimonials from other well-known businesses?

If they have provided good services to previous clients (who are similar to you), you will be confident they can do the same for you.

Do They Publish Case Studies?

Case studies are important.


They show two things: :

  1. Verified results from previous SEO projects
  2. Transparency of how the agency achieved those results

As you know, each SEO project faces different issues. Case studies show the agency’s ability to solve different challenges.

More importantly-

Case studies show you how they overcame those challenges, which indicates:

  • How they approach an SEO project
  • How they identify SEO issues
  • Which processes/strategies they use
  • How they implement their methods
  • What results they achieve

And overall, how the agency operates.

Do Ecommerce Stores Need SEO?

Quick answer: YES

Let me explain by asking a question:

What is the most important thing for a thriving ecommerce store?

Targeted traffic.

That’s it! If you have a consistent flow of potential customers visiting your website, your sales are bound to increase naturally.

And the best way to get consistent flow of targeted traffic is SEO!

Why Every Ecommerce Store Needs SEO

If you run paid ads on Facebook and Instagram, what happens when you turn them off?

  • No more visibility.
  • No more traffic.
  • No more sales.

Relying solely on paid digital marketing tactics is just too risky.

Investing in SEO has long-term benefits.

SEO Provides A Real Competitive Advantage

Today ecommerce is more competitive than ever which means that if you want to stay ahead of your competitors all you have to do is outrank them.

Simple, right?

Claim the top spot…and you will get the sales. SEO provides a real competitive advantage that can’t easily be taken away.

SEO Increases Search Traffic And Visibility

I don’t want free traffic“.

…Said NO ONE ever.

Here’s the thing:

SEO sends you free traffic but it also does much more than that. When potential customers search for products that you sell, your store is the one they see FIRST.

SEO establishes your store’s presence online so…

  • Your business gets more visibility
  • Your brand awareness increases
  • You get steady flow of growing organic traffic

SEO Boosts Sales And Revenue

As I said before, SEO helps you get targeted traffic.

What does that mean?

Well, that means that the visitors that will land on your website:

  • Will already have an interest in your product(s) or service(s)
  • Will already be on the “consideration” or “purchase” phase of the customer journey

…Which makes it a lot easier for you to close a sale. And the more sales you do, the more money you earn!

Customer Journey Map

Overall, SEO is the best way to boost your sales and increase your revenue consistently.

And if you don’t believe me, just check out the best e-commerce stores online, you’ll see that they all have one thing in common: a well-optimised website & content.

Interested in the ecommerce industry? Check out these ecommerce statistics.

What’s The Difference Between Classic SEO & Ecommerce SEO

Before to wrapping it up today…

…I wanted to write a little something about the differences between “classic SEO” and “e-commerce SEO” because this is a question I get asked quite often by my readers.

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So, keep reading, because below I’m going to show you the four key differences.

1. Location Targeting

Most small businesses want to target:

  • A specific region
  • A specific location

…Which can be done by using “classic” or “local” SEO.

classic seo local businesses

While ecommerce stores, are more likely to target keywords related to products:

  • Nationally
  • Globally

…Which can be done by using “e-commerce SEO” techniques, which requires a significantly higher investment in time and effort to rank.

2. Website Size

Ecommerce stores = larger websites.

Larger websites = higher chances of issues arising.

matthew woodward visual website size

If agencies want to service ecommerce SEO websites, they must have a deeper understanding of solving technical SEO issues than classic SEO agencies.

3. Competition

Here is a fact:

Small websites targeting local area & keywords are likely to have less competition than large ecommerce stores.


Well, because when you’re targeting local keywords you expose yourself to competitors in the same geographical area.

Whilst when you’re an ecommerce store that sell products:

  • Nationally
  • Internationally

…You expose yourself to competitors that sell similar products to you- all around the world- regardless of their location.

Which means that you find yourself competing against major ecommerce sites such as Amazon, Alibaba, ASOS, etc…

And the only way to do so is by using the same ecommerce SEO strategies they do.

4. Conversion Optimisation

The goal of every ecommerce website is to convert as many visitors as possible.

So to meet this need, ecommerce SEO for stores regroup numerous tactics and strategies that are focused on sales conversion.


What’s the point, right?

Wrapping It Up

So there you have it. Ecommerce SEO is a completely different world compared to standard SEO practices.

It’s complex, time-consuming and requires a specific skill set.

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So, is it worth it? The short answer is YES.

And here’s why:

When your site can achieve higher rankings you get:

  • Free targeted traffic
  • Consistent sales growth
  • Much higher visibility

But here’s the thing:

Not everyone has the time to properly introduce an Ecommerce SEO strategy to their business, so what do you do?

The best option, in this case, is to hire a professional to get the job done for you quickly and efficiently without putting unnecessary stress on yourself.

The experts have the knowledge and experience to accomplish your business goals.

Ecommerce SEO is a long process, why make it take longer than it should because you’re busy trying to learn the processes?

search logistics cta

Frequently Asked Questions

Ecommerce SEO is the process of making your online store rank higher in the search results. Ecommerce SEO is usually more complex than classic SEO. When people search for products you sell on Google, you want to make sure your website shows up in the results.
Yes. Ecommerce SEO is key for long-term growth. I think of ecommerce SEO as the backbone of an online store’s marketing. When you have excellent SEO in place, it is much easier to grow your business online.
It depends on your ecommerce SEO skills and the amount of time you have to work on your SEO. No time to take care of your SEO? Contact Search Logistics to learn about their ecommerce SEO services. Want to improve your own ecommerce SEO skills? Book a consultation with me.
I wrote an ecommerce SEO guide. It will walk you through step by step how to improve your own ecommerce store's SEO. Read through the guide and implement each step.

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