Everything You Need To Know About Enterprise SEO Services (And More!)

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Are you considering upgrading to enterprise SEO services?

There are some things you should know first.

Enterprise-level SEO is a specialised service that not every agency can deliver. It requires an entirely different strategic approach and a deeper level of SEO knowledge.

Here’s what you need to know about enterprise SEO services and how to choose the right agency for your company.

What Are Enterprise SEO Services?

Enterprise SEO services execute large scale SEO campaigns for enterprise-level businesses.

At the heart of the campaign are your:

  1. Company’s growth
  2. Brand goals
Enterprise SEO strategies aim to increase SERP visibility while strengthening your existing ranking positions.

Think of enterprise SEO as the highest level of SEO you can get.

When Should You Upgrade To Enterprise SEO Services?

Many companies start out by hiring a traditional agency to work on their website.

When the campaign grows to a certain level of success, the SEO strategy needs to change significantly. Otherwise, your SEO growth will plateau and you could reach a ceiling you just can’t get through.

It feels like a big step to switch from a traditional SEO service to an enterprise SEO service. But it’s also an exciting time because it means one thing for your business:


How do you know it’s time to upgrade to an enterprise SEO service? Here are the signs.

Your Website Ranks For 100+ Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords are essential to any SEO campaign.

But at a certain level, keyword management gets complicated. The first question you need to ask yourself is: “Does my company rank for 100+ long-tail keywords?

If yes, it’s time to rethink your keyword strategies and look for higher-value keywords.

Ranking for 100+ long-tail keywords tells you that Google thinks you are:

  1. An expert
  2. Trustworthy
  3. An authority in your industry

This is what every company is aiming for.

Google prioritises your website in the SERPs which gives you a huge opportunity to expand. This is the perfect time to bring in a trusted enterprise SEO company and let them scale your campaign.

Your Company Starts Relying On Paid Advertising To Appear In Search Results For Competitive Keywords

Here’s the truth:

Spending thousands of dollars a month to appear for competitive individual keywords is a waste of money.

Paid ads are expensive. And what happens when you stop paying for the ads?

Your traffic comes to a sudden halt.

It’s better to expand to an enterprise SEO strategy and rank for those keywords so you don’t have to waste so much money on PPC ads.

This is especially true if the PPC ads are converting because you have proven it’s a valuable keyword that’s worth ranking for.

traffic value organic
A quality enterprise SEO service knows how to:

  • Scale SEO campaigns
  • Maximise the return for the client

They handle hundreds of target keywords across multiple different niches. You don’t need to waste money on PPC ads.

It makes more business sense to target these keywords organically.

You’ll get a higher ROI long-term and end up saving a lot of wasted ad spend.

Your Website Fails To Rank For Competitive, Short-Tail Keywords Organically

I will be honest with you:

Short-tail, high-value keywords are where the real gold nuggets are.

These keywords have significantly higher search volumes, so you can really start to explode your targeted organic traffic.

And it really establishes you as THE authority in your industry.

Domain Authority Meme

Are you working with an agency that’s struggling to get you those short-tail keyword rankings?

It could be time to rethink your partnership.

Short competitive keywords require a completely different approach to SEO and a different set of skills. You need to work with enterprise-level experts that have the experience to deliver those kinds of results.

The truth is lots of SEO agencies just don’t have the required knowledge to do it.

Your Website Reaches Its Full Potential With Your Current SEO Plan And Isn’t Seeing Exponential Growth

When you reach a plateau in an SEO campaign – take it as a warning that it’s time for a change. Think about it…

It doesn’t make sense that your website has high authority but you still aren’t reaching that next level!

A company experiences consistent SEO growth for a couple of years and then it suddenly levels out. The agency you hired creates more content and targets more keywords but the overall level of traffic stays the same.

This is the clearest sign that it’s time to upgrade your SEO plan to the enterprise level to get a smarter and more sophisticated approach to SEO. This means a deeper level of:

  • Research
  • Testing
  • Optimisation

It is the only way to create large scale exponential SEO growth.

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What To Expect From Enterprise SEO Services?

There’s a big difference between traditional SEO services and enterprise SEO services.

Traditional SEO Services
  • Long-tail keywords (3+ words)
  • Low-competition valuable search phrases
  • Moderate financial investment

Enterprise SEO Services
  • Short-tail keywords (1-2 words)
  • High-competition, high-value search phrases
  • Higher financial

Enterprise SEO is done at a much more scalable level. But that doesn’t just mean doing more. The strategic approach to SEO changes significantly and the required level of SEO skill ramps up.

This is what you can expect from quality enterprise SEO services.

Implementation Of An SEO Strategy Based On Research & Analysis

Research is the basis of your company’s SEO strategy.

The agency will do a deep dive into your online presence to really understand where you are at. They will assess your:

  • Website and content
  • Biggest competitors
  • Opportunities for growth

semrush seo audit

Is the research really that necessary? Yes.

The research is essential because you get a comprehensive overview of your search market share. The analysis shows:

  • Where you are winning
  • Where you can improve

You will learn what your audience is interested in and start deciphering the different topics you need to expand into.

But don’t all SEO agencies do research?

Yes, but… the level of research done is what separates an enterprise SEO service from a traditional one.

Enterprise SEO requires multiple specialised tools and experts with experience handling large brands. The agency will have dedicated processes and systems to ensure the research is thorough.

Keyword/Topic Research Based On User Intent

Don’t underestimate the importance of topic and keyword research. Those two things are how your target audience finds your website and content online. As you are in scaling mode, the number of keywords that are being managed is huge.

The keyword research alone is enough to make your head spin!

types of keyword intent

One of the best things about SEO is that it’s highly data-driven.

That data in the hands of an expert is like having a crystal ball into your entire market. All the tangible information is there and you get a rock-solid strategy that generates results.

With this information, you will know exactly what keywords are needed to target next. The importance of keywords and topics are broken down into user intent and how they help you accomplish your business goals.

Enterprise-level keyword and topic research uncover new opportunities that provide the biggest impact.

Content Creation & Optimisation

You need content if you want to connect with your audience.

It’s the only way to:

  • Get more real estate in the SERPs
  • Reach your target audience

But standard content creation and optimisation processes won’t do.

The amount of content creation needs to increase, which means the amount of optimisation also increases.

Lots of enterprise SEO services leverage quality SEO content tools like Surfer SEO.


It takes the guesswork out of optimisation and allows the agency to focus on creating compelling and shareable content.

And the best part?

This can all be done at scale, meaning your search market share increases rapidly.

Overall Website Optimisation

Company websites are big.

They require an experienced team with a deep understanding of technical SEO and on-page SEO. In most cases, enterprise SEO services have multiple team members with specialised skills just working on the technical SEO.

It’s not a job for 1 person.

Technical SEO is one of the most neglected parts of SEO because lots of agencies don’t have the necessary skills to do it well.

But for a large company technical website optimisation is a must and can’t be overlooked.

It can be the difference between scaling and plateauing at the same level.

An enterprise SEO agency will tackle the significant technical SEO issues first.

This includes:

And so much more.

From here they will move onto core website on-page optimisation, ensuring that Google easily understands the most important pages of your site.

top five onpage seo factors

The team then tackles individual pages. This means optimising them for target keywords and creating new content to further improve optimisation levels.

Enterprise website optimisation is a huge task but without it – scaling your SEO just isn’t possible.

Content Promotion & Link Building Focus On Authority Growth

Content marketing and SEO work hand in hand.

If you’re not promoting your content you’re leaving money on the table.

Yes, your content will rank in Google and drive organic traffic.

But having a content promotion strategy in place gets the most out of each piece of content and increases traffic.

content view sharers

That’s exactly what you want.

For content to rank for competitive short-tail keywords your website must be THE trusted authority in your industry. Being one of the best isn’t enough.

What’s the best way to become a trusted authority?

You guessed it – link building.

But not just any link building will do. At the enterprise level, you only want high authority links. The link building strategy shifts away from building lots of mid-power links to ONLY building high-power links.

These links typically have a domain rating of 50-80+.

And they aren’t easy to build. Enterprise SEO services have specialised link builders experienced in connecting with high DR websites that are well known.

link building quality control

Ensure that your enterprise SEO services know how to build high-quality links.

Need more high DR links? LinkThatsRank builds the highest quality links you can get to move your company’s rankings forward.

Testing To Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Testing becomes a critical part of SEO at the enterprise level.


Because…competition is fierce. You are competing against both:

  1. Large international brands
  2. Smaller niche brands

The only way to stay ahead of the competition is to test.

How is SEO testing done?

Testing is almost wholly focused on ROI. That means using SEO to drive more leads and sales. It will include:

  • Creating an organic conversion strategy
  • Website auditing to improve conversion rates
  • Increasing click-thru rates in the SERPs
  • Focusing on conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

The better equipped the SEO team is the more testing they can do. This ultimately leads to a higher return on your SEO investment.

How To Find A Reputable Enterprise SEO Agency

You can’t just hire any enterprise SEO agency. You need to be confident that the agency can deliver the results you need.

Use these criteria to evaluate each enterprise SEO service you are considering.

What Should You Look For?

There are tons of things that make a great SEO company. But there are five important ones that enterprise agencies must have.

Here’s what you should look for:

1. Great Reputation

There are no two ways about it: Good services = happy clients.

The agency must have an outstanding reputation and consistent history of generating excellent results for clients. This is non-negotiable.

Enterprise-level SEO campaigns are huge. Without prior experience, it is impossible to execute an enterprise SEO campaign well.

You shouldn’t even look at an agency claiming to do enterprise SEO if they don’t have previous results to back up their claims.

You can check an agencies reputation by:

example testimonial

This gives you a feel for the agency’s past experience and how they go about executing their campaigns.

You can also see if they really are as good as they claim to be.

2. Transparency

Client and agency relationships are partnerships.

At the centre of partnerships is trust. Don’t proceed if you feel that agency isn’t transparent with you.

Ask each agency:

  • What is your process for managing clients?
  • What SEO strategies do you use?
  • What are some of your previous results?

They should have no problems answering these questions.

conversion rate

They should be able to tell you exactly what to expect throughout the campaign and the core tactics they plan to use.

You want to be confident in the agency you hire so ensure they are trustworthy and transparent.

3. Scalability

Scalability in SEO is unlike any other marketing strategy.

It requires systematic processes and careful planning based on real available data.


SEO takes time to work. The last thing you want is to have an agency spending months working on a strategy that you find out later was doomed from the beginning.

The key to scalability in SEO is deep-level research and experts who know what they are doing. It’s a skill that most traditional agencies won’t have.

Scalability SEO

Ask potential hires how they scale SEO campaigns.

If they can’t answer confidently, look elsewhere.

4. Data-Oriented

Every SEO decision should be based on data.

Here’s why:

Data doesn’t lie. It tells the whole story and allows us to make informed decisions.

When you interview an enterprise SEO agency, watch what they base their decisions on and how they draw their conclusions.

Do they have the data to back it up? OR are they just using their intuition and feelings?

Date-oriented SEO agencies will outperform other agencies any day of the week. The saying rings true…

Knowledge is power.

Data provides all the information needed to make intelligent decisions.

5. Good Communication Skills

Good client and agency relationships are maintained through excellent communication.

You should always know exactly how your campaign is progressing.

Good agency communication skills include:

  • Sending frequent reports
  • Helping you understand results
  • Being accessible when needed
  • Having a dedicated account manager
  • Answering your questions as needed

Before hiring an enterprise SEO service ensure they offer good communication and are reliable. It will save you a lot of headaches down the road.

What To AVOID At All Costs

So you know what to look for in an enterprise SEO service.

Here are some red flags to watch out for.

1. Cheap Pricing

Enterprise SEO services aren’t cheap.

The amount of skilled SEO team members and required work is expensive.

There are tons of agencies out there claiming to offer enterprise-level SEO services. They promise huge results for comparatively affordable prices.

Don’t be fooled.

Good enterprise SEO costs money. Cheap SEO services use dodgy techniques to generate quick results.

While you might see some good results initially, they will end up hurting your website in the long run.

Google penalty example

Quality enterprise SEO services typically charge $13,000 to $30,000 per month depending on the level of service required. 45% of enterprise clients invest over $20,000 per month into SEO. (Check out my SEO guiding price).

If you are being quoted any less than this – run the other way.

2. Promises Of Fast Results

Fast results and SEO don’t belong in the same sentence.

SEO takes:

  • Time
  • Effort
  • Patience

…Before you start seeing real results. If the agency is promising quick results that sound too good to be true – it probably is.

Most of our enterprise clients typically start to see scalable SEO results within 8-12 months. Sometimes it’s quicker and other times it takes longer.

But the thing to remember is that good SEO takes time.

3. One-size fits all approach

Just because it worked once…

That doesn’t mean it works well for every client.

Every business and industry is unique. That means you need a customised enterprise strategy built around actual market research to be successful.

Avoid any agency that presents a cookie-cutter strategy.

Search Logistics: My Go-To SEO Agency

Search Logistics is my recommended agency for enterprise SEO services.

search logistics seo agency

They have an excellent reputation for delivering outstanding results for large companies scaling their SEO campaigns.

While most enterprise agencies only focus on brand visibility and rankings, Search Logistics focuses on sales.

Visibility and rankings are important but only if they lead to sales.

Search Logistics has the expertise to win the top SERP positions for competitive keywords that provide a real competitive advantage for your company.

Search Logistics handles every part of the campaign including:

Search Logistics also has tons of verified case studies to review.

search logistics case studies

They built a reputation for being highly transparent and consistently delivering results for their clients. So, if you are ready to take your SEO to an enterprise-level, arrange a call with their specialist team.

Wrapping It Up

Enterprise SEO services are designed for large companies ready to scale their campaign.

But note – not every agency can deliver enterprise-level SEO.

It requires experts who are experienced in managing large campaigns at scale and know-how to rank for highly competitive short-tail keywords.

Before hiring an enterprise SEO service, make sure you do your research.

Ensure that they:

  • Have a great reputation
  • Are transparent
  • Know how to scale
  • Are data orientated
  • Have good communication

Any quality enterprise SEO agency should have no issues proving each of those things to you. If you are ready to hire an enterprise SEO agency, I recommend Search Logistics.

They have an excellent reputation for delivering great results to larger enterprise clients.

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