5 White Label SEO Services That You Can Trust

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  • Time
  • Effort
  • Money

While your clients get even better results and can’t wait to receive their next SEO report.


By partnering with reliable white label SEO services…

White label SEO is when you outsource your client work to other SEO experts but still sell the services under your brand.

So, keep reading and I’ll tell you which white label SEO services you can trust and how to select the right agency to partner with.

The 5x Best White Label SEO Services

White label SEO services are a partnership.

It needs to be more than just a transactional relationship. You want a white label partner you can trust to ensure that your clients still get excellent results.

To help you out these are the top five white label SEO services I can recommend.

1. Search Logistics

Search Logistics is a specialised SEO agency that offers high-quality white label SEO services. They are known for consistently delivering well above average results across a wide range of industries.

white label seo search logistics

Search Logistics also has the biggest published collection of technical in-depth SEO case studies to back up this reputation.

Each case study provides lots of insight into their services and the level of results you can expect while working with them.

Search Logistics is very transparent with their processes and exactly how they manage the white label partnership.

Unlike other white label SEO services they even have a dedicated sales team on staff.

search logistics white label seo process

Bring them the lead and they’ll:

  1. Close the sale on your behalf.
  2. Notify you once it’s done.

And if that’s not enough…

Search Logistics specifically designed a whole 8-step client experience to help you stay focused on your business worry-free.

How To Partner With Search Logistics

Search Logistics makes it super easy to partner with them.

They have two different partnership options:

  • Client referral
  • White label SEO services

Client referral is as simple as it sounds. You refer clients to Search Logistics and they will pay you 10% of every payment the client makes forever.

The white label SEO services option is a normal white label partnership. Search Logistics family of search experts take care of the client SEO while you continue to scale your agency. Win-win!

2. Boostabilty

Boostability is one of the biggest white label SEO services in the world. They have over 30,000 active clients.


What Boostability does well is provide full-service white label SEO to their clients at scale. You can grow and scale with Boostability because they have the means to support you.

Boostability is also known for their total transparency. They have detailed:

  • Processes
  • Methods

…that they have used to rank thousands of clients worldwide in various industries.

Boostability has lots of case studies on their website you can review.

How To Partner With Boostability

Boostability has a dedicated partnership program that’s very well thought out.

You will need to fill out the form on their partnership page and their team will get in contact with you.

boostability partnership

Boostability will conduct a preliminary call with you to find out more about:

  • Your business.
  • Your clients.

Once approved you can choose to have a call with their sales team who will teach you how to sell SEO services.

After that you can bring each client to Boostability to service.

3. Vendasta

Vendasta is not just a white label SEO service provider.

They are a large platform that offers white label SEO products and services to agencies all over the world.


So what does Vendasta do?

Short Answer: Everything.

On the product side Vendasta provides you with a complete agency management system that allows you to manage each client easily. This includes:

  • Client account management
  • Billing and invoices
  • Task management
  • Client portals

And so much more. Vendasta has a huge marketplace of SEO tools and software to make your agency as hands-off as possible.

On the service side, Vendasta allows you to connect with white label SEO companies that can provide the services you need.

You can manage all communication and services directly through the Vendasta platform.

Although not strictly a white label SEO provider, Vendasta has an incredible range of SEO products and software to run your agency with ease.

How To Partner With Vendasta

To partner with Vendasta, you will need to:

  • Sign up
  • Create an account

There is a small onboarding system that will take you through to their dashboard.

vendasta dashboard

You can then choose the products and services you need on-demand.

4. The Hoth

The Hoth originally started out as a link building service. Now they offer a range of SEO and SEM services exclusively white label.

the hoth

The Hoth’s white label SEO partnership is called Hoth X.

They offer cheaper white label SEO services to agencies all over the world. With Hoth X they don’t have specific SEO packages they put together for you.

They have set prices on each service such as:

…and then you put your own package together.

Ordering white label SEO services through The Hoth is very easy and on-demand as you need it. Hoth X still provides you with a dedicated account manager and offers excellent customer service.

If you like the idea of having more control of each package, Hoth X could be a good option.

How To Partner With The Hoth

To partner with The Hoth, first create a free account.

This gives you access to their dashboard where you can start purchasing the services that you need.

the hoth white label

Once you have an onboarding call with one of their account managers and the details are finalised, simply submit each client to them.

They will take it from there and start working on the SEO campaign based on the services you purchased.

The Hoth works specifically in 30-day blocks so you can expect a white label report for your client at the end of each 30 day period.

5. HigherVisibility

HigherVisibility is a digital marketing agency that specialises in SEO.

They have an extensive client portfolio working with small businesses all the way through to fortune 500 companies.

higher visibility

Like Search Logistics, Higher Visibility has a strong focus on conversion rate optimisation.

This means that they don’t just focus on driving more organic traffic to your site but also on how you can convert that traffic into real leads and sales.

HigherVisibility’s white-label services cost more but they offer excellent support on each SEO campaign.

They have their own white-label SEO dashboards so you can easily share the results with your clients. HigherVisibility is also known for being very clear about their:

  • Processes
  • Strategies

…once you become a white label partner.

How To Partner With The HigherVisibility

HigherVisibility offers a reseller program.

Their reseller program works like this:

You can refer the client to them and they will take care of the rest. This includes further sales and support.

To partner with HigherVisibility, you need to head to their SEO reseller page and fill in the short form.

higher visibility reseller program

One of their team members will get in contact with you to:

  • Discuss your needs.
  • Explain more about what they offer as a white label partner.

What Are The Benefits Of White Label SEO Services

White label SEO services are growing in popularity.

It’s very common these days to have large SEO agencies scaling their business off the back of a quality white label SEO partner.

It’s a model that works and agency owners get heaps of benefits.

You Don’t Need To Hire An SEO Team

One of the biggest overheads of any agency is team members.

SEO team expenses

And this isn’t really a place where you want to cut your costs. The quality of your SEO agency comes directly from the SEO experts that you employ.

Because of the wide variety of skills required to execute a campaign, there are quite a few positions to fill.

As your agency grows the time and resources needed to continuously hire new talented staff can be overwhelming.

And if you hire white label SEO services?

Hiring staff becomes a challenge of the past.

Most quality white label services are used to servicing lots of different clients. That means they hire the best SEO experts around to be part of their team.

Your clients benefit from being serviced by talented SEO professionals without you needing to spend:

  • The time
  • The money

…required to hire them.

You can scale your agency as much as you want and as you score more clients, simply palm the work off to your white label partner. Easy.

You Don’t Need To Waste Money On SEO Tools

Keeping up to date with the latest SEO tools is challenging on its own.

But SEO tools are what enable you to deliver quality work to your clients. So constantly trying new tools and maintaining the best ones is a must.

SEO Tools

White label SEO services have the best SEO tools available.

They are dedicated to handling different clients and have a lot of different tools to execute each campaign effectively.

Hiring a white label partner means you have access to cutting edge SEO tools without having to pay for them.

You Can Focus On Your Primary Services

Having the time to improve and develop your core services is a luxury.

One of the biggest challenges that SEO agency owners face is the ability to focus on their own products and services while maintaining excellent results for their clients.

White label SEO services enable you to do just that!

With all of your client work being taken care of, you get the chance to improve the services you offer. In other words, you can:

  • Focus on the services that produce the highest profits.
  • Continue to develop them.

white label seo search logistics cta

Hiring a white label SEO provider gives you the space you need to focus on making your services as valuable as possible for your clients.

It Boosts Your Client Base

Most agencies spend so much time helping their clients grow…

And they are left with no time to grow their own agency. White label SEO services help you grow your client base – at scale.


White label SEO agencies are used to handling large volumes of different clients and are more than capable of handling your growing client base.

With no client work left to fulfil – you can focus solely on generating more:

  • Leads
  • Sales

As you grow your client base you can have your white label partner take care of the work.

Getting this down to a fine art allows you to really focus on growth while having peace of mind that your clients are well looked after.

Increase Your Overall Profit

Getting your margins right is hard.There is nothing worse than having an SEO campaign go:

  • Overtime.
  • Over-budget.

When you outsource to a reputable white label SEO agency this is hardly a problem.


White label SEO partners quote monthly fees upfront. You know exactly how much they will charge you each month to fulfil work.

You have direct control over how much money you make on each client. There aren’t any fluctuations in fees. Each month you get charged the same price.

How To Pick The Right White Label Provider For Your Business

How do you pick the right white label SEO partner for your business?

Here are a few things to watch out for.

Choose An Agency That Only Provides SEO Services

There are tons of white label digital marketing agencies out there. They offer everything from PCC advertising to content marketing.

Here’s the problem:

These white-label digital agencies are focused on offering whatever services they can to generate as much income as possible. They aren’t focused on quality.

White label SEO agencies that only offer SEO services are masters of their craft. They are focused on constantly being the best at search engine optimisation.

This means they are always on top of updates and implementing the best SEO tactics to get results for their clients.

Make Sure The Agency is Transparent

The most important aspect of an agency and white label relationship is transparency.

You need to be able to trust the white label SEO services you have hired. You are putting your clients in their hands, so you need to understand exactly what they are doing for each campaign.

Ask each potential hire:

  • What is your process for managing clients?
  • What SEO strategies do you use?
  • What are some of your previous results?

You want to be confident the white label partner you are hiring is a trustworthy and transparent agency.

Ask To See Case Studies

Nothing helps you gain more insight into a white label agency’s work than case studies.

search logistics case studies

Case studies show you three things about a white label agency:

  1. Insight into how they work
  2. How the agency handles challenges
  3. The sort of results do they get

Every reputable agency should have published case studies for you to review.

Check Out Clients’ Testimonials

Good results = Happy clients.

Happy clients give 5-star reviews and testimonials. If an agency has real testimonials – you can be confident they’ll deliver excellent work for you too.

Testimonials show you that the white label agency has great relationships with its clients.

client testimonial search logistics

Any established agency with a track record for delivering quality work will have real testimonials all over their site.

No testimonials? Make a quick exit to the left!

Meet The Agency’s Team Members Face To Face

Here’s the truth:

Never hire an agency without meeting with them face to face and that doesn’t necessarily mean a physical meeting.

search logistics team

You can have a video call with them to discuss their processes and have them explain to you how they work as a white label partner.

It is very important that you know who you are working with.

When meeting with someone face to face it forces them to be straight with you. This provides you with a great opportunity to ask the questions that you want and see how they respond.

You can easily evaluate the transparency of the potential hire and see if they can back up their claims.

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Wrapping It Up

White label SEO services offer a lot of benefits.

You can deliver excellent SEO services to your clients while scaling your own agency.

Makes more sense right?

But before you go ahead and make the leap to white label – you need to think about what kind of partner you want.

Choosing the right partner is the secret to long-term success.

If you are looking for a trustworthy white label SEO partner, I would recommend starting with Search Logistics or Boostability.

Both offer excellent SEO services and will help you get set up quickly.

search logistics cta

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, SEO white labeling is when you sell SEO services under your own brand but outsource them to a white label SEO agency for fulfilment. You manage the client relationship while having your white label partner fulfil the client work. White label SEO is also known as SEO reselling and private label SEO.
A white label SEO service allows you to offer SEO services to your clients using your business name, while our team at SearchLogistics handles all the work behind the scenes for you.
Choosing the best company for SEO services comes down to trust, transparency and quality of SEO results. My recommendation for SEO services is Search Logistics. They have a long track record of delivering excellent results to clients and providing quality support while executing each SEO campaign.

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