Who Has The Best Shopify SEO Services?  

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Let’s face it:

Shopify SEO is hard work.

Due to the unique size and nature of Shopify stores, a deep understanding of SEO is required to get good results.

Not to mention how competitive it is in the online shopping world.

So how do you get good SEO results while still finding enough time to run your store?

You hire reputable Shopify SEO services to do it for you.

You’ll benefit from experts taking care of your SEO while you get to focus on growing your business.

So, here are the best Shopify SEO services and why you should hire them.

6x Reasons To Hire Expert Shopify SEO Services

Ecommerce SEO is the most complex type of SEO you can get – that goes for Shopify stores as well. You need to know what you’re doing and how to overcome the challenges that will come up.

These are the six reasons why hiring Shopify SEO services makes sense.

(Interested in the ecommerce industry? Check out these ecommerce statistics).

1. You Will Have More Time To Focus On Other Aspects Of Your Business

There is no way around it…

Good Shopify SEO requires a significant investment of time.

You need to consistently be:

  • Fixing site issues
  • Creating new content
  • Building powerful links
  • Identifying areas of improvement
  • Keeping up with new SEO updates

And that’s just for SEO. Think of all other things you need to do to run your Shopify store.

When you hire good Shopify SEO services, they take care of your SEO for you. This frees you up to focus on what you do best – running and growing your business.

A Shopify SEO service allows you to:

  • Scale your business faster
  • Improve your SEO at the same time

2. They Will Fix The SEO Issues That Block Your Site From Growing

Large Shopify stores are notorious for having bad technical SEO issues.

These issues are often only uncovered by knowledgeable technical Shopify SEO experts who have a deep understanding of the platform.

The problem is that these issues are often the reason your store SEO isn’t growing.

If left unfixed, your SEO results will eventually plateau or even worse…

Start dropping off altogether.

A good Shopify SEO service monitors your website constantly and identifies any issues before they damage your rankings.

This removes any blocks that your site has and gets it growing consistently.

3. They Will Help You Increase Your Search Traffic & Boost Your Sales

SEO is the ultimate traffic strategy for any ecommerce store.

Who doesn’t want tons of targeted traffic you don’t have to pay for, right?

SEO is compounding in nature which means the results get better and better over extended periods of time.

A good Shopify SEO agency understands this.

They will put together a strategy that compounds your SEO results from day one.

shopify seo services results

While you pay them the same fee each month, your revenue can grow exponentially.

Ultimately your ROI will continue to grow the longer you have professionals working on your store.

4. They Know All The Features & Secrets Of The Shopify Platform

Any old SEO service will do, right?

Wrong! You can’t just hire any SEO service to take care of your Shopify store.

You need to hire an SEO service that specialises in Shopify.

Shopify has spent tons of time building powerful SEO features into the platform.

shopify platform seo features

If you aren’t using them, you are missing out.

Shopify SEO services know the platform like the back of their hand:

  1. They understand exactly how to take advantage of it
  2. They give you an edge over your competitors

5. You Don’t Need To Invest In Expensive SEO Tools

Good SEO requires good tools.

But good Shopify SEO tools cost money, and those costs can add up to be a sizable monthly expense. My own SEO tool stack exceeds $2,500+ per month.

SEO Tools

Quality Shopify SEO services invest in the best SEO tools so you don’t have to.

They keep up to date with the latest trends and know how to use their tools to benefit their clients the most.

When you combine the cost of tools and the cost of your time, it often works out cheaper to hire a Shopify SEO service to do the work for you.

Plus you get the added benefit of all their expertise!

6. You Don’t Need To Build Your Own SEO Team

Considering hiring your own in-house SEO team?

You need to understand exactly what’s involved first.

Hiring any staff member costs a lot of money. You need to take into consideration:

  • Wages/Salary
  • Onboarding Training
  • Insurance
  • Employee benefits

These costs add up pretty quickly.

Building a team is expensive

And on top of that, good SEO requires a lot of skill sets. The biggest ones are:

It’s hard (maybe impossible) to find someone who has all the necessary skills to execute a high-quality Shopify SEO campaign.

More than likely you will need to hire multiple people.

And if you do manage to find that magic person, you need to make sure they have a good understanding of Shopify.

Otherwise, you’re missing out by not taking advantage of all the SEO features Shopify offers. When you consider this, it’s easy to see why it’s more cost-efficient to hire a reputable SEO service instead!

How To Select The Right Shopify SEO Service

Are you ready to hire any Shopify SEO service?

Here’s what you need to consider first.

Choose An Agency That Offers The Services You Need

The first step in hiring a Shopify SEO service is to know exactly what you need.

This way you can find an agency that offers the services you need to achieve your business goals.

SEO is a huge field. There are lots of different services that solve various problems. You need to figure out what the most important fixes are first to maximise your ROI.

How do you do that?

Use this free SEMRush trial.

semrush free trial

This gives a good overview of where you can improve your website. From here, make a list of what you think needs to be done.

This can include:

And more. At this point you’re probably thinking…

Won’t the agency tell me exactly what needs to be fixed and improved?

Yes, it’s true that any SEO service worth their salt will do a quick SEO audit of your website before even quoting a price.

But the more knowledge you have, the better you can understand what they are offering.

Knowledge is power.”

Put together a list of fixes and improvements to show each Shopify SEO service. This helps them understand what you want to focus on.

Pick An Agency That Fits Into Your Budget

So many people make this mistake.

They don’t put together a budget before talking to potential SEO services. They think they will get some quotes and see what they get back.

Don’t make this mistake.

With SEO you get what you pay for. If you are looking for the cheapest quote, you will likely end up with the worst service.

Cost of SEO

It’s far better to know exactly how much you can (or want) to pay for quality SEO services.

Once you do that, find a service that’s a good fit and matches your budget.

Ask The Agency Questions About Their Methods & Processes

Here’s the truth:

Every agency and client relationship is built on trust. That means you ONLY want to hire a completely transparent agency.

You want to ensure that the SEO agency:

    • Uses updated strategies
    • Understand you industry
    • Has a proven record of results
    • Doesn’t use risky strategies

That last point is important!

There are tons of Shopify SEO services out there that promise amazing results but don’t have any idea what they are doing.

They will say whatever they need to sign you as a client.

The only way not to get caught in this trap is to find out how they get results for clients. Ask them about their:

  1. Methods
  2. Processes
  3. Expectations for your campaign

They should have no issues explaining exactly what they plan to do.

Check Out Their Case Studies & Testimonials

It is as simple as this… Good Shopify SEO services have happy clients.

Before hiring an SEO service, check out their:

  • Case studies
  • Client testimonials

client testimonial example

This gives you a good idea of their previous results and tells you whether they are a good fit for your business.

Look at the agencies’ website:

  • Do they have real testimonials?
  • Do reputable clients work with them?
  • Do they offer any case studies?

If they have provided quality services in the past, they should have a bank of testimonials and case studies for you to review.

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The Best Shopify SEO Services

Who has the best Shopify SEO services?

Whether you need full-service Shopify SEO or high-quality link building, these are the 2 best agencies I can recommend.

Search Logistics

Search Logistics is a full-service SEO agency that specialises in ecommerce SEO – especially on Shopify.

ecommerce seo search logistics

They have a reputation for delivering excellent results in the long run.

What makes Search Logistics different is their approach to SEO.

While most Shopify SEO services focus on just rankings and traffic, Search Logistics is focused on increasing sales.

Traffic and rankings are important but only if they lead to sales. After all, you are investing in SEO to get a return right?

If you’re not exactly sure what services you need exactly, Search Logistics will put a custom Shopify SEO package together for you.

They handle every part of the campaign including:

Search Logistics also has tons of verified case studies to review.

read our case studies

Some of their recent ecommerce ones include:

If you’re really serious about your own Shopify SEO, arrange a call with their team.

Plus, they offer enterprise SEO services for bigger ecommerce sites.


Have the SEO down but need some help with link building?

Link building is one of the most challenging and time-consuming parts of ecommerce SEO. It’s also one of the best ways to increase rankings.

LinksThatRank builds the best ecommerce links money can buy.

links that rank

One of the most important parts of link building is quality control – especially for ecommerce stores.

Every link that LinksThatRank builds goes through a strict 23 point internal quality control process so you can be confident in the links they deliver.

This quality control process includes:

  • Building links only on relevant websites that have real organic traffic
  • Each outreach link is placed with a 1,000+ word piece of content
  • None of the links are ever placed on sites with a “write for us” page
  • They have a specialist team member manually review each link before it is built

This means you only end up with high-quality links that improve rankings and traffic.

LinksThatRank has even gone as far as to create a backlink blacklist. This is an internal database that has over 60,000 blacklisted domains.

backlink blacklist

To say they are serious about link building quality control is an understatement.

They have also completely simplified the buying process so you can purchase links on demand and test them for yourself.

Have an ecommerce site and want to build your own links? Check out these 6x ecommerce link building strategies you can use to boost your traffic.

Private Shopify Consultation With An SEO Expert

Sometimes you just need to talk to an experienced SEO expert.

Whether you need a completely new Shopify SEO strategy or are looking for new SEO opportunities, I can help.

freelance seo consultant

After more than 12+ years in the SEO industry and working with hundreds of clients, I have seen and overcome my fair share of SEO challenges.

I will help you stop wasting resources trying to figure out what is working and get you moving in the right direction.

If your SEO is already in a good place, you are ready for the really good stuff. I can design a customised strategy that will scale your SEO campaign and take you to the next level.

Check out my own client SEO case studies and read through the testimonials people have left. This is the real reason I love what I do.

Ready to get on top of your SEO?

Take a look at my SEO consultation page to learn more about what’s included in each consultation.

Wrapping It Up

Quality Shopify SEO services will save you:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Resources

All while helping you get the SEO results you actually want. It’s a no-brainer.

But before you hire a service to take care of your SEO, remember that you are entering into a partnership. Selecting the right partner is the secret to your long-term SEO success.

If you are looking for full-service Shopify SEO, I recommend starting with Search Logistics.

They offer excellent SEO services and will help you get set up quickly.

If you need an expert to look over your current SEO, book a consultation with me. I will help you overcome any challenges you are facing and show you what you need to do to generate some serious SEO results.

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