SEO Visibility Scores: What You Need To Know

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What if I told you it’s possible to measure the success of your entire SEO campaign with just one metric?

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SEO Visibility Scores.

What Is An SEO Visibility Score?

An SEO visibility score (also known as Search Visibility score) calculates how visible your website is in Google’s search results.

seo visibility score

It is a sitewide metric that takes into account all of your ranking positions.

Think of it like this:

Your SEO visibility score is based on each of your rankings. If your score is high that probably means your rankings are good. If your score is decreasing you should pay attention.

That is why it’s a good idea to keep your eye on your overall SEO visibility score and there are a number of different ones to choose from.

How Are SEO Visibility Scores Calculated?

There isn’t just ONE way to calculate it. Different tools calculate SEO visibility slightly differently.

In general though, SEO visibility scores are calculated using your:

  • Target keyword ranking positions
  • Estimated number of impressions
  • Estimated click-through-rate for each keyword

But what’s a good SEO visibility score to use?

How Do I Check My SEO Visibility Score?

Checking your SEO visibility score is easy and there are a number of different tools you can use to do it easily (and sometimes, for free!).

1. Google Search Console: Performance Report

Google Search Console (GSC) is the best free tool to check your SEO visibility scores.


Google Search Console is more accurate than any other SEO tool.


Google Search Console doesn’t:

  • Guess
  • Estimate

It displays real data directly from Google’s search engine.

How To Check SEO Visibility With Google Search Console

Google Search Console doesn’t provide a specific “SEO Visibility Score” but does provide the exact number of “impressions” your website receives.

What does that mean?

More Impressions = More Visibility

With Google Search Console, you can look at exactly how visible your website has been over a period of time.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log in to your Google Search Console account
  2. google search console overview

  3. On the left side menu, under Performance, click “Search Results”

google search console performance

This creates a report of how your website is performing in the Google search results.

You see your websites:

  • Total impressions
  • Total clicks
  • Average CTR
  • Average Ranking Position

You can use the total number of impressions over time as an SEO visibility score of sorts. The more impressions you receive, the more visible you are.

You can also scroll down the page to see the exact search queries that your website is ranking for.

top queries google search console

You can change the date range to see how many impressions your website has received from almost any time period. The available date range available will depend on when you set up your GSC account.

But that’s not all…

…you can also see the SEO visibility score for a specific keyword or page!

Here’s how you do it:

  1. In the performance report at the top of the page, click “+ New.”
  2. clicking new performance google search console

  3. From the drop-down, select “Query”.
  4. filtering search query google search console

    Now you can filter your website performance results for the specific search query.

  5. Click on “Queries Containing” and change it to “Exact Query”.
  6. exact query filtering google search console

  7. In the keyword section, type in a target keyword and click “Apply”.
  8. getting SEO visibility for exact search query

    This will display the exact number of impressions your website has received for that search query:

    total impressions 3 months

  9. Now click on the “Date” filter at the top of the page and select “12 months”.

increase date range 12 months

Now you can see the trend of your impressions for that keyword in the last 12 months.

seo visibility trend search query 12 months

In other words…

You can check if your website’s overall visibility or a page/keywords visibility is increasing or decreasing.

Google Search Console provides you with the most simplified way to check your SEO visibility scores.

And the good news?

It’s completely FREE.

PRO TIPS: To improve your SEO performance, make sure to use all the Google tools available. Don’t know anything about these tools? Take a look at my list of Google tools.

2. SEMRush: Visibility Trend Score

The SEMRush Visibility Trend Score is also a great indicator of your and your competitors overall SEO visibility.

semrush visbility trend score

They estimate the percentage of times your website is seen based on the ranking positions for that keyword.

How Is Visibility Trend Score Calculated?

SEMRush takes a slightly different approach with a Visibility Trend Score which is calculated based on the rankings of your target keywords.

Each ranking position in the top 100 has an estimated percentage of how often it is seen. SEMRush uses those estimated percentages to show how visible each of the keywords is.

The data is displayed in a line graph showing whether your rankings are increasing or decreasing over time.

You end up with:

  • Accurate measurement of visibility for each keyword
  • The overall search visibility of your website
  • Strong trends of your overall rankings

And if you want to keep an eye on your competitors, I’ve good news:

SEMRush also allows you to see the Visibility Trend Score of your competitors so you can compare their score are against yours.

How To Check Your Website’s Visibility Trend Score?

Head over to SEMRush and sign up for the free trial.

semrush free trial

Next, start a new project and add your website.

add new project semrush

Now click on dashboard. In the position tracking box and click setup.

dashboard semrush

This will take you through a setup wizard where SEMRush will ask you to input your:

  • Target location
  • Target keywords

After completing the setup wizard, you will see a dashboard with your website Visibility Trend Score.

Want to learn more about Semrush? Check out my full Semrush Review or my Semrushbot blog post.

3. Accuranker: Share Of Voice Metrics

Want to understand how your top keywords are performing?

Meet Share of Voice (SoV): One of my favourite SEO metrics from AccuRanker (my favourite rank tracker)!

AccuRanker Share Of Voice Graph

SoV is Accurankers SEO visibility score metric. This metric combines:

  • Keyword search volumes
  • Your current keyword rankings

It’s a quick way to see whether your high traffic keywords are losing or gaining ranks.

How Is Share of Voice Calculated?

It’s simple-

The SoV metric is calculated using this formula:

Average CTR of all Keywords in Top 20 x Search Volume of Each Keyword
= Share of Voice

Let’s say:

  • You have five keywords in the top 20
  • The total search volume of the five keywords 2,300
  • The average CTR of all the keywords is 9.5%

In this case, your SoV is: 9.5% x 2,300 = 218.5

Want to keep track of your competitors’ SoV?

With Accuranker, you can get a detailed comparison of your rankings vs your competitors. From here you can develop a strategy to increase your rankings.

How To Check Your Website’s Share of Voice?

Head over to Accuranker and sign up for the free trial.

accuranker free trial

Next add your domain.

add website accuranker

Now add all of your target keywords.

Make sure that you choose the right location that you want to rank in.

AccuRanker Add Keywords

AccuRanker How to Add Keywords

Once your keywords are in, Accuranker will start pulling the relevant data into the SEO dashboard. From there you’ll see a range of data and information about your website as well as your Share of Voice report.

AccuRanker Share Of Voice Graph

Check out my full Accuranker Review to learn about how powerful it is and why it’s my favourite rank tracker.

4. Moz: Search Visibility Score

Moz is the OG in making the SEO visibility metric popular.

Their tool is called search visibility score.

moz seo visibility score

What’s different about Moz to most tools is that…

The Search Visibility score is calculated into a simple percentage.

Basically, the Search Visibility score is the percentage of clicks Moz estimates you receive based on your organic rankings posisitions, across all of the keywords you’re trackings in your Campaign.

How Is Search Visibility Score Calculated?

The Moz Search Visibility Score is calculated using:

  • Ranking positions of your target keywords
  • Estimated CTR for each keyword

All keyword CTR’s are added together.

The formula is then:

Total Sum of all CTR’s / Total Number of Target Keywords = Search Visibility Score.

This might seem a little confusing…

Here’s a simple example:

You have 3 target keywords with 3 different CTR’s

  • Keyword 1 CTR = 30.3%
  • Keyword 2 CTR = 24.8%
  • Keyword 3 CTR = 11.6%

The total sum of each keyword CTR is 66.7%.

Now that you’ve got the total, all you have to do is apply the formula.: 66.7% / 3 = 22.2%

How To Check Your Websites Search Visibility Score?

Head over to Moz and sign up for the free trial.

moz homepage

Similar to Accuranker, follow Moz’s account setup walk-through:

  1. Add your website
  2. Choose your location
  3. Add your target rankings
  4. Choose your search engines

Wrapping It Up?

Don’t know how well your website is performing in organic search?

SEO visibility scores are one of the best ways to understand it!

But, there’s not just one way to calculate it- there’s plenty! Each takes into account slightly different variables.

Now: How do you know which one to choose?

In my experience, it’s best to choose the one that you feel most comfortable with. The most important thing is to consistently use the same metric.

You could even incorporate a couple of these metrics into your monthly reporting to make sure you are seeing every side of the coin.

In the end:

The growth in search results for your website is what matters. And SEO visibility scores are the best metric to track that outside of actual traffic.

search logistics cta

Frequently Asked Questions

Visibility scores are based on the ranking position of the keywords and its average monthly search volume. It is usually calculated per keyword and allows you to quickly see how visible your results are in the top 30 rankings.
SEO visibility (also known as search visibility) is a metric that helps you understand how visible your website is on the internet. This score shows you how often people find your website when they search for keywords you are targeting.
A good SEO visibility score is somewhere in the mid-40s. If you have a higher score than this- you are doing better than the average website.
SEO visibility score is tied directly to the number of impressions your website gets based on the rankings. Want to improve your SEO visibility score? Just focus on improving your rankings in the search results.
0 is not good. 0 means that your website is not at all visible in the search results. Simply put- your website is not ranking for any of your target keywords.
There are a lot of great tools out there to calculate your SEO visibility score. My three favourite tools are:
  1. Accuranker
  2. Moz
  3. SEMRush
If you don't want to pay for a tool, Google Search Console is your best option.

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