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If you want a stress free launch that maximizes profits…

 Then you need to create your own product launch checklist.
That might sound like hard work, but I am going to share my personal product launch checklist with you later in this post.

This is the same product launch formula that I used to generate $134,171 in just 6 days.

What You Will Learn

  • The 7 stages of a 6 figure product launch
  • How to get people excited about your product
  • The strategy that delivered $56,369 of sales on the last day
  • Download a copy of my personal product launch checklist

The 7 Stages Of A 6 Figure Product Launch

Before I give you a copy of my product launch checklist, it is important that you understand all 7 stages of a successful product launch-

1. Pre-Pre Launch (this is the secret sauce everyone misses)
2. Prelaunch Content Release #1
3. Prelaunch Content Release #2
4. Prelaunch Content Release #3
5. Open Cart / Sales Video Release
6. Closing The Cart
7. Post Launch Management

I am going to explain each of the stages along with real examples from my own 6 figure product launch to give you a better picture of how it all fits together.

Until you understand each stage, my product launch checklist won’t make any sense at all.

Step #1 – The Pre-Pre Launch

The pre-pre launch is the most important part of the entire product launch but is often overlooked entirely.

It serves a few important purposes-

  • To finalise your product and offer
  • To identify any objections to your product (reasons people won’t buy)
  • To collect testimonials
  • To build excitement & anticipation

That might sound difficult to do, but trust me – it is as simple as sending an email and scheduling some social media updates.

The Shot Across The Bow

Using Jeff Walkers Shot Across the Bow technique, I sent out the email below.

Take note of how it is written and structured to gently introduce the product and start to build excitement.

shot across the bow email

That then took people to a survey which continued to build excitement but also asked 2 very important questions-

  1. What is your single most important question about private blog networks?
  2. If I could go the extra mile & include something you haven’t seen before – what would it be?

product launch plan survey

The first question is used to create a list of reasons people would not buy the product so I can tackle those issues head on later on in the product launch.

Here are some of the answers that I received-

question 1 answers

The second question is purely to help me deliver the best final product possible.

It allows me to see where I might have holes in my teaching or how I can really knock peoples socks off with the product.

Here are some of the answers I received-

Question 2 answers

As you can see, each of those answers serve to help me to plan the rest of my launch and fine tune my product.

But it didn’t stop there, on the next page of the survey I implemented the secret sauce that Jeff Walker teaches to collect testimonials to use during the launch.

Building Buzz & Excitement

The other purpose of the pre-pre launch is to build excitement and buzz for your upcoming product.

The way I did that was by teasing people with behind the scenes tidbits of information and photos much like popular TV shows do when they are about to launch a new season.

Here is an example of how I did that-

creating buzz part 1

Nothing too fancy but enough to start drumming up interest.

Take a look at another example here-

creating buzz part 2

I applied the same strategy to every marketing channel I had available to me, including all social networks, emailing people I know and on the blog.

Drip feeding out that teasing content as you approach your launch will get people excited for what is about to come.

You should do the same thing with your product launch!

Step #2 – Prelaunch Content Release #1

I talked about the importance of prelaunch content and how to structure it in my product launch formula case study.

When you release the first piece of content you want to make as much noise about it as possible.

You should write down a list of ways that you can promote that first piece of content and then use each of them to their full potential.

For example I had these opportunities-

  • This blogs email list
  • A new post on this blog
  • Deploying a header bar across the blog
  • Deploying an exit popup on the blog
  • Updating signatures in related forums
  • Updating my personal email signature
  • Adding a PS line to all emails in my autoresponder
  • Contacting people featured in the product
  • Social networks
  • Facebook adverts
  • Twitter adverts

I suggest you make your own list of promotion opportunities to work from!

Then you just need to make a plan of attack like I did with my product launch checklist which you can download below.

Step #3 – Prelaunch Content Release #2

Launching the second piece of prelaunch content is in essence a mirror of launching the first piece.

PLC 2 launch

The only difference is now you must also send an email to all of the people that opted in to receive the first piece of prelaunch content to let them know the second piece is avaialable.

Again you can see everything I did to promote it step by step in my product launch checklist below.

Step #4 – Prelaunch Content Release #3

As with the first and second prelaunch content releases, you want to maximise exposure of the third release through all available channels.

 Don’t be afraid to push your message hard.
Remember, prelaunch content in itself is highly valuable and will knock the socks off anyone that watches it.

At this point in the game, all you have delivered is pure content that helps people so don’t be afraid to push it as hard as possible.

Step #5 – Open Cart / Sales Video Release

For me, this was the most difficult part of the entire process.

Not because it was actually difficult, but because the day you put the sales video live and open the cart is the culmination of all of your hard work.

If you get it wrong – it sucks!

But if you get it right, you will make it rain.

Before you rush out to tell everyone that the final video is available and you have opened the cart, you must do one important thing.

And that is to test everything AND THEN test it all again. Here are a few examples of things you should test-

  • Does the sales page load correctly
  • Do all of the links to your cart work
  • Is your payment processor set to “live” mode and not stuck in “test” mode
  • Try placing a live order – does everything work as expected?

Make a list of everything you need to test ahead of time and then run through it all before you start sending traffic to your final offer.

Trust me, you don’t want to learn that lesson the hard way!

open cart

Once the cart is open you need to PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE.

Promote harder than you have ever promoted in your entire life because the cart is only open for 3-7 days depending on the Product Launch Formula you have used.

That means you have got less than 1 week to make as much bank as possible!

I have shared my entire open cart day promotion plan in the product launch checklist below.

Step #6 – Closing The Cart

Closing the cart might seem like a bad idea, but it’s important that you create scarcity by taking the product away from the market.

This drives sales absolutely wild, I mean take a look at how my sales were distributed below-

product launch sales

The last day shows $11,344 in sales but that was just to account for time differences.

In actual fact the last day made $56,369 which is over 40% of total sales.

To maximize your sales you always want to make sure that you close the cart on a weekday. Avoid closing the cart on a weekend like your life depends on it.

You can take a look at how I closed the cart in my product launch checklist below.

Step #7 – Post Launch Management

After everything is said and done, it’s very important that you shift your focus to the customer.

Make sure that you follow up with all of your new customers and most importantly…

 Deliver first class customer service.
People will have all sorts of problems from losing their login details to questions about the product itself. Make sure you are available to answer them.

You should take all the questions you get asked and use them to build out an FAQ page that will help serve other customers without duplicating your own workload.

I can’t stress how important it is to deliver a fantastic customer experience end to end!

There are a couple of things I like to do that helps with that.

First of all I send out a little thank you post card that looks like this-


Secondly I have set up my email marketing automation system to congratulate people as they move through the course automatically.

I have also set it up to reach out to them if they haven’t started the course or stop working through it at any point-


This will ensure everyone who bought the product, actually consumes the product which will lead to happier customers and significantly less refund requests.

Take time to get your post launch right and you will transform every customer into a raving fan for the lifetime of your business.

My Product Launch Checklist

So now you understand the 7 parts of a successful launch, I am going to share the exact product launch checklist that I created for my own 6 figure launch with you.

But before I do that, I highly suggest you check out Jeff Walkers free product launch workshop and download his blueprint.

You will learn how to take everything I have shown you above and put it all together to drive sales wild!

There is also a 22 page PDF that outlines the entire process for you that I highly recommend.

Click here to watch the product launch blueprint video and download the PDF now.

My Personal Product Launch Plan Checklist

For those of you that just want to download my personal product launch checklist:

Wrapping It Up

So there you have it!

The last post showed you the product launch formula I used to make $134,171 in 6 days.

And in this post I detailed my entire product launch plan by sharing my personal product launch checklist with you.

The only thing left to do is watch the free product launch workshop videos for yourself.

After all, that is precisely how I learned to put together my 6 figure product launch.

I hope you choose to do the same!

What Are Your Thoughts?

56 Responses

    1. Once shared, check where you clicked the share button and the link to the blueprint will appear.

  1. Dude this is awesome.I have been racking my brains for the same :PLaunching my online course on investing this month & this is going to help speed things up Massively!!!!

  2. Thanks for this. This came just in time when I am thinking of launching a new product. You gave me tons of new ideas that I can implement.

  3. This is such a good resource. I’ve been toying with the idea of launching an information product for a while and put much more thought in actually creating it, rather than making people want it. This is such a great blueprint to work from. Doing a survey before hand – as obvious as it seems now – is such a good way of ensuring you’re going to give you direct and give something the buyers are actually going to be satisfied with. Appreciate you taking the time to walk us through it all

  4. I am going to dig into this intell and let you know what I think.IF it is as good as it looks, I am going to promote this on everyplatform I can think of.Cheers,Robert Farmilo

  5. This is something I will have to follow.. 2017 is almost over and still I could still do some improvements on my websites with your guide.. thanks..

  6. This is just brilliant but I have one question. I create online software or SaaS sites. Do you think it is a good idea to give 20 review copies or invite beta testers from my list for pre-launch? I’d really appreciate your reply..Thanks!

  7. Great resource Matthew, I have been on your mailing list for long and can’t Imagine I didn’t see this till now.Thanks for sharing. Will be of great resource in launching my product.Thanks

  8. I will download that Jeff’s blueprint and also give more attention studying all I need to study about product launch. I don’t want to make mistakes that should have been avoided. My year 2017 is packed up.

  9. Hi Matthew,What an awesome walk-through. Very rarely do we get exact product launch walk-throughs that we can emulate in our own launches. I am thinking to launch an ebook, not at the scale of this but what do you suggest? I am struggling with the building buzz part, how do you build a buzz when you have no audience or better yet how to attract or promote your product when you have a different audience that what you have?Thanks for the post, hope you answer these. :)-Anil

    1. If you don’t have an audience already you can use the seed launch that Jeff teaches and then generate buzz in online communitys like forums or facebook groups that are relevant to your product.

  10. Thanks for sharing the exact implementation details. Very useful reference to get my head around the actual PLF steps.

  11. Hi Matthew,i have a question about the survey.Is there a way to make a survey and than link it to an email?For example i ask about topics or email sending frequency and than the subscribers that answer 1. receive special emails about 1. and subscribers that answer 2. will receive something different.I dont think surveymonkey does that?Is there a tool that you know of? Create a tool like this with your contacts ;-)thank you in advance

  12. Hey Matthew, awesome list!I liked how you mentioned the importance of scarcity and closing the cart. Do you like this earns more money as opposed to keeping it an evergreen product?Do you think you could make more than $134k if you kept it open year-round and kept the marketing materials live?

    1. Yes I think on the initial launch that is the right way to do it, but you can always make it evergreen in the future.

  13. Nice work and makes me want to go on vacation. It seems like you don’t focus to heavily on external PR or influencers, is that just because you have the audience? Or is there more method to that madness?

    1. I’ve not really taken that approach to marketing, I prefer to just focus on providing helpful content which markets itself

  14. Much of this should be pretty automated/template based.I’d also throw in “exclusive access” for a number of people.You can target loyal users/visitors/commentors.You can target influencers, high-visibility socialites, industry names (or near-names) etc.Both audience groups give you different benefits (and doing a 50:50 mix may work for most).Loyalty rewards gains you even more loyalty, free testers and feedback, word of mouth to other targets etc.Pro-targeting may gain you additional traffic, links and insider/in-the-know insights.Just my tupence worth 😀

  15. MatthewCan’t thank you enough for this and the last post on product launches.I have Jeff Walker’s book ‘Launch’ (itself a part of one of his launches – with the just pay P&P strategy) and have always watched his pre-launch videos.I think this time I’ll bite the bullet and buy the whole thing.I’ve spent the last 4 months creating a course for launch in the New Year and I can’t bear the thought of it flopping after the hours I’ve spent.I have at least tested the content with my list so I know I am creating a product they want, but the launch will be key.Thanks again for the posts and this checklist.Will

    1. Yes I have his book as well for quick reference but the workshop he puts out every year always teaches me something new!Sounds like you are in the perfect position Will, good luck with your launch – ping me here if you have any questions

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