Zoom User Statistics: How Many People Use Zoom In 2024?

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Zoom is possibly the world’s most popular online video meeting platform.

They have been popular ever since they first launched – signing up over 400,000 people in the first month. The popularity has only continued to grow from there since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

When most of the world went into “work from home” mode Zoom was perfectly positioned to facilitate online video meetings for hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

How is Zoom going today?

Here are the Zoom user statistics that paint the whole picture of how big they have really become in 2024.

Zoom Key User Statistics

Zoom is not just a desktop application.

You can use Zoom’s mobile app for phones and tablets too. The Zoom mobile app was downloaded 485 million times in 2020 alone.

Here are some of the key Zoom revenue and usage statistics:

    • Zoom was one of the fastest-growing apps in 2020 and 2021 with active meeting participants growing by 2,900%.
    • In the last quarter, Zoom achieved $1.137 billion in revenue, marking a 3.2% increase compared to the previous year.
    • The amount of meeting minutes Zoom facilitate every year is now over 3.3 trillion.
    • The Zoom mobile app has been downloaded 81.48 million times during the first 6 months of 2023.
    • Zoom boasts 3,731 customers who contribute more than $100K each in annual recurring revenue.
    • The Zoom Phone segment has reached 7million paid user seats.
    • Worldwide, 8,484 full-time employees work at Zoom.

Zoom’s growth in 2020 and 2021 has been tremendous. They have proven that they can handle rapid growth and adapt to customers’ needs even in a crisis.

However, as of February 2024, Zoom has experienced a substantial decline in its market capitalization.

From its peak value of $159 billion in October 2020, it has now dwindled to $20 billion, all while facing fierce competition from platforms such as Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

Calls, Meetings & Webinars In Minutes…

Zoom has previously just focussed on facilitating quality video meetings.

But as time goes on they have changed their platform to cater for lots of different kinds of communication.

You can now use Zoom to make phone calls and even host live video webinars.

Annual Meeting Minutes

Zoom hosts 3.3 trillion meeting minutes each year.

Zoom Annual Meeting Minutes

That is a 65% increase from 2 trillion meeting minutes hosted in the previous year.

Date Annual meeting minutes
December 2013 200 million
June 2016 6 billion
February 2019 60 billion
Q2 Fiscal Year 2020 79 billion
Q3 Fiscal Year 2020 97 billion
Q4 Fiscal Year 2020 101 billion
Q1 Fiscal Year 2021 2.6 trillion
Q2 Fiscal Year 2021 2.0 trillion
Q3 Fiscal Year 2021 3.3 trillion

Not all of these users pay for a Zoom subscription. Zoom offers a free version. Users on the free account can host meetings for 45 minutes at a time.

The focus for them is to acquire business customers of which they have 470,000.

Between both free and paid accounts they have hundreds of millions of people relying on them for online meetings from business owners to entire school organisations.

Annual Webinar Minutes

Live webinars and even facilitating webinar replays have become very popular on Zoom.

Zoom makes it easy for webinar facilitators to present and communicate with attendees. You can share your screen and quickly mute/unmute participants as needed.

Zoom facilitated over 45 billion webinar minutes in Q3 of 2021. That is 7.14% growth on the previous quarter which was 42 billion.

Quarter, fiscal year Annualized webinar minutes
Q2 2020 2 billion
Q3 2020 3 billion
Q4 2020 3 billion
Q1 2021 42 billion
Q2 2021 42 billion
Q3 2021 45 billion +

3 billion webinar minutes registered in Q4 of 2020. The growth has been insane for webinars at over 1,400%.

Not bad for a video conferencing company that initially had no interest in focussing on webinars.

How Many People Use Zoom Daily?

Looking at yearly Zoom users is one thing, but seeing how big the Zoom user statistics are daily is almost unbelievable.

Zoom had 10 million daily meeting participants back in December of 2019.

Zoom User Statistics

Since then they have grown by over 2,900% on a day by day basis. Today Zoom averages 300 million daily active users (day) in meetings.

Date Number of daily meeting participants
December 31, 2019 10 million
March 31, 2020 200 million
April 21, 2020 300 million

All of this growth has taken place in less than 2 years.

Is Zoom Only Used For Work Purposes?

Businesses are the primary focus for Zoom.

But since the COVID-19 pandemic, many families have been separated and unable to see each other like before.

Now Zoom has a large user base of business customers and lots of customers using Zoom to simply speak with family and friends.

Zoom Popular Usages

89% of people use Zoom for work purposes, while 63% use it for conversations with family and friends.

There is a big overlap of people that use Zoom for both work & personal video calls.

Who Contributes The Most To Zoom’s Revenue?

Zoom offers a lot of different plans and products to suit your needs.

The Zoom cloud meeting products range includes:

    • Zoom meetings
    • Zoom phone
    • Zoom webinar and events
    • Zoom rooms
    • Zoom united

Zoom Cloud Meeting Products

Each product caters to the different needs of the diverse customer base they have developed over the last 2 years. Zoom meetings is the most popular product for users who need a video communications app.

Remember Skype?

Yeah, that seems to slowly be a thing of the past now. Zoom is the future of video communication.

Zoom pricing starts at $14.99 per month and they have an enterprise plan for companies with lots of employees.

Zoom Revenue Overview

Zoom brought in over $882 million in earnings over the last quarter of FY 2020.

That is a significant increase of 13.51% on the previous quarter where they generated $777 million.

Date Quarterly revenue
April 2017 $27 million
July 2017 $33 million
October 2017 $41 million
January 2018 $51 million
April 2018 $60 million
July 2018 $75 million
October 2018 $90 million
January 2019 $106 million
April 2019 $122 million
July 2019 $146 million
October 2019 $167 million
January 2020 $188 million
April 2020 $328 million
July 2020 $664 million
October 2020 $777 million
January 2021 $882 million
April 2021 $956 million
July 2021 $1.021 billion
October 2021 $1.051 billion
January 2022 $1.071 billion
April 2022 $1.074 billion
July 2022 $1.099 billion
October 2022 $1.102 billion
January 2023 $1.118 billion
April 2023 $1.105 billion
July 2023 $1.139 billion
October 2023 $1.137 billion

It’s clear that Zoom got pretty lucky with the pandemic being the main reason for such huge growth. But there are 2 really impressive things they have done:

  1. They were able to handle all of that growth
  2. They have maintained their customer base

The ability for Zoom to scale rapidly is the reason they have been able to hold onto so much of their revenue and usage growth.

Zoom Business Enterprise

Zoom considers the number of enterprise customers a crucial business metric, as disclosed in its SEC filings.

According to their definition, enterprise customers encompass distinct business units engaged by either their direct sales team, resellers, or strategic partners.

As of October 2023, Zoom boasted 219,700 enterprise customers.

Notably, revenue from these enterprise clients contributed 58% of the company’s total revenue in the latest quarter (Q3 FY 2024).

Below is a table showing the number of enterprise customers over time since January 2020:

Date Enterprise customers
January 2020 54,600
January 2021 141,100
January 2022 191,000
January 2023 213,000
July 2023 218,100
October 2023 219,700

Zoom Business Customers

Business customers are where Zoom makes the majority of their revenue.

Zoom’s US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings disclosed the number of paying customers Zoom has with more than 10 employees.

Zoom business customers

Zoom has 467,100 paying customers that have more than 10 employees.

Date Number of customers with 10+ employees
January 2018 25,800
April 2018 31,500
July 2018 37,200
October 2018 44,400
January 2019 50,800
April 2019 58,500
July 2019 66,300
October 2019 74,100
January 2020 81,900
April 2020 265,400
July 2020 370,200
October 2020 433,700
January 2021 467,100

Zoom issued 285,200 paid licenses in 2020 alone with their business customer base growing by 470.33%.

Compare this with the 2 year period before the pandemic and you’ll see just how fast they have grown.

From Jan 2018 to Jan 2020 Zoom grew by 217.44% which is still pretty impressive.

But that is half the amount of growth in double the amount of time compared with Jan 2020 to Jan 2021.

Over this 2 year period, an average of just 28,050 was added each year.

Zoom Customers Contributing To More Than $100k Revenue Per Year

Zoom has customers that contribute more than $100,000 in revenue each year.

These interesting Zoom statistics are important.

Currently, 1,644 business customers pay more than $100,000 per year each. These customers are called 100k customers.

Zoom 100k customers

The number of 100k customers has more than doubled since the beginning of 2020.

Date Number of customers contributing $100K+
January 2018 143
April 2018 184
July 2018 228
October 2018 277
January 2019 344
April 2019 405
July 2019 466
October 2019 546
January 2020 641
April 2020 769
July 2020 988
October 2020 1,289
January 2021 1,644
April 2021 1,999
January 2022 2,725
January 2023 3,471
July 2023 3,672
October 2023 3,731

About 18% of Zooms quarterly revenue is generated from organisations that pay over $100,000 each year for Zoom’s services.

The average large enterprise client pays $108,529 in plan fees.

The growing enterprise clients that Zoom has amassed is very important to them.

And it’s not just because of the revenue…

When large companies adopt new software, they typically don’t change.

Training new employees and constantly switching software isn’t something companies want to do regularly.

Zoom is likely to hold on to most of these clients for years to come enjoying the large amounts of revenue they continue to bring.

Zoom Customers Contributing To More Than $1M Revenue Per Year

Thought $100k per year was a lot?

Zoom has 88 customers contributing more than $1 million in annual revenue as of Q2 of FY 2021. This works out to be a 225.92% increase in revenue from $1 million customers compared to the same quarter of 2020.

Zoom $1 million customers

In terms of enterprise users, Zoom had 27 clients paying at least $1 million per year in 2020.

What About The “New” Zoom App For Mobile?

Zoom built a brand new app that can be downloaded from the:

    • Apple App Store
    • Google Play Store

The app has received excellent reviews from Zoom active users.

It has contributed to the growth of Zoom because it enables users to quickly join meetings from their phone or tablet.

Check out these zoom stats for the mobile app.

Zoom Phone Users

Zoom Phone is the second biggest product for Zoom. It allows users to call phone numbers using the Zoom cloud technology to do audio conferencing.

Zoom Phone launched back in 2019 and Zoom has since sold over 7 million phone seats across 44 countries.

This is important because they managed to reach this massive milestone in less than 5 years. And it’s not slowing down either.

Zoom Phone has doubled in users since July 2020 adding 500,000 new seats in just six months. It is particularly valuable to multinational companies or businesses that need to call overseas regularly.

With the Zoom Phone Pro Global Select plan, you can select to have unlimited calls across 40 countries globally.

Zoom Phone Customers

Like Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phone is particularly attractive to businesses with lots of employees.

10,700 Zoom Phone customers employ more than 10 staff in their businesses. The number of paying customers with 10+ employees has grown by 84.48% in the last 2 quarters of 2021.

Date Number of Zoom Phone customers (with 10+ employees)
January 2020 2,900
July 2020 5,800
January 2021 10,700

There has been an impressive take up from larger paying customers with Zoom Phone.

Zoom App Downloads

Zoom app downloads have skyrocketed since the beginning of 2020.

The Zoom app was downloaded more than 485 million times across Android and Google Play in 2020 alone. That is a 30x increase from 2019 where Zoom reported just 16 million downloads for the year.

Zoom App Downloads

Talking of impressive download rates…

The app was downloaded and installed 3.5 million times in a single day in April 2020. This is an all-time high for Zoom app downloads in a single day.

App downloads didn’t slow down in 2021 either…

In January of 2021 the Zoom app was downloaded more than 38 million times. This included both Android and IOS:

    • Google Play Store – 24 million downloads
    • Apple App Store – 14 million downloads

According to AppMagic data, during Q2 2023, the Zoom mobile app was downloaded a staggering 38.41 million times globally across both the App Store and Google Play.

Here is a table that show hows many times the Zoom App has been download quaterly:

Date Number Of Downloads
Q3 2019 7.33 million
Q4 2019 7.86 million
Q1 2020 116.14 million
Q2 2020 331.32 million
Q3 2020 162.61 million
Q4 2020 130.19 million
Q1 2021 103.77 million
Q2 2021 89.57 million
Q3 2021 77.48 million
Q4 2021 56.65 million
Q1 2022 64.48 million
Q2 2022 42.87 million
Q3 2022 40.7 million
Q4 2022 39.18 million
Q1 2023 43.07 million
Q2 2023 38.41 million

Zoom has continuously updated its app on both Android and Apple devices to make it one of the best video communications apps available.

Competitors have been left in the dust!

Wrapping It Up

That’s it for the list of Zoom user statistics.

Zoom User Statistics

It’s easy to see why Zoom has grown to an almost $75 billion market cap since the beginning of the pandemic.

They have adapted very well to their rapidly growing user base and reaped the rewards.

Zoom has become so popular that the word itself has now become a verb – “Send me a link and we can Zoom later today”.

Pretty amazing how important they have become!

It will be interesting to see what happens in a post-pandemic world and whether Zoom will be able to hold onto its current user base.

But as of now, they don’t look like they’re slowing down!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Zooms biggest customer is the Ayala Corporation. They are a financial services organisation based in the Philippines with 60150 employees and revenue of $232.46 billion.
Zoom has nearly half a million paying customers which includes 70% of the entire Fortune 100 and over half of the Fortune 500.
The industries that use Zoom the most are Education, Marketing & Technology.

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