Tribel Social Statistics: Can Tribel Compete With Twitter?

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The social media world is competitive and very few new social media networks actually make it.

Tribel is one of the newest social media platforms to join the industry!

But Tribel Social has been making headlines in the news as an alternative platform to social sites like Twitter that has…

“Safeguards in place that will put morality, truth, and We the People first”.

They are on a mission to help facilitate conversations online while censoring posts that might cause harm or aren’t truthful.

It all sounds very noble!

But does Tribel really have what it takes to compete with a giant social media site like Twitter?

This is the question we’re going to answer in this post- by analysing the lastest Tribel Social statistics and trends.

What’s Tribel Social?

tribel social logoTribel Social is a social media platform that was released in November 2022, so to say it’s new is an understatement.

Tribel has been branded by its fans as the new “truthful” and “customised” Twitter.


Because it offers a similar platform to Twitter in terms of:

  • User experience
  • Function

…but also has some unique features that cannot be found in any other social media platform.

Overall, it looks like it has its foot in the door of the social media world but only time will tell.

Here’s what you need to know about Tribel.

Tribel Features

Are you tired of posting great content that no one sees?

Tribel might be worth considering.

The key to Tribel’s success so far is:

  • Customisation – You can control the content and posts you see
  • Connection – Find and connect with the right audience and groups quickly

Tribel’s goal is to create a safe platform where everyone can participate in conversations around topics that interest them.

Here’s how they do it:

First of all, Tribel allows you to reach your target audience immediately.

How does it work?

Before you publish a post on the platform, you can choose an audience that the post is relevant to.

You select the audience based on a topic and this acts as a guide for Tribel to show your post to people who are interested in it.

There is nothing like this on any other social media platform.

Another huge feature is customised news feeds.

Like with Pinterest and Twitter, you select a few topics you are interested in when you sign up for the app.

This way, you only see content that you are interested in.

tribel social app

Tribel even has other filters to help you curate your newsfeed even further.

What about businesses and organisations?

Tribel has a number of quality tools to help businesses and brands connect with their followers online.

This includes-

  • Google Analytics integration
  • Engagement features (like gamification, AMAs, polls and more)
  • On platform analytics to measure performance

Because Tribel is a relatively new platform, the free organic reach that posts receive is very high.

And because this is coupled with the target audience feature, it’s easy to post content and reach the right audience quickly.

This makes it attractive for both businesses and individuals who want to connect with other users.

There are some really solid ideas that Tribel offers which have helped it get off the ground.

But the question is…

“Are these features enough to help it compete with the big social media companies?”

Tribel User Statistics: Who Uses Tribel?

In October of 2022, Tribel claimed to have over 400,000 users on the platform.

While this means it has a very long way to go, the good news for the company is that they have a user base to work with.

Tribel Social Followings & Downloads

A big part of how Tribel has grown so far is through other social media sites.

Tribel currently has:

  • 396,000 followers on Facebook
  • 15,700 followers on Instagram

This has been their primary strategy to drive people to their own platform.

What about Twitter?

In December 2022, Twitter shut down the accounts of many social media sites, including Tribel.

Before being shut down, Tribel had about 127,000 followers on Twitter.

Social Media Platforms Number of Followers
Facebook 396,000
Instagram 15,700
Twitter 127,000

This is not uncommon for smaller social media sites to promote themselves on bigger sites and it has worked well for Tribel.

The key to future growth will be getting their current users to share the platform with their friends and family.

This must happen for Tribel to become a large social media network.

Currently, the Tribel social media app is available for download on:

  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play Store

Apple doesn’t release information on how many downloads an app has, and Tribel hasn’t shared this information.

But we estimated it to be over 150,000+ times since launch.

What about the Google Play Store?

Tribel has had over 100,000+ downloads from the Google Play Store.

Apple App Store Google App Store
Downloads 150,000+
Ratings 4.7/5 4.4/5
Reviews 4,500+ 3,520+

The biggest downsides to Tribel is:

  1. The lack of people
  2. The content being posted

But if the platform can continue to grow its user base, this will change over time and more content will be created.

Tribel User Demographics

Who uses Tribel?

While Tribel is yet to release data on their use demographics, SimilarWeb has some information based on their data analysis and modelling algorithm.

SimilarWeb estimates that almost 92% of all Tribel users currently come from the United States.

Here’s a breakdown of the top 5 countries for Tribel users according to SimillarWeb:

Country Percentage of Tribel Users
United States 91.8%
Canada 4.49%
New Zealand 2.13%
Australia 0.73%
Pakistan 0.11%

The top countries are primarily English-speaking nations, which makes sense because Tribel has only launched the app in English for the time being.

What about age demographics?

The majority of users are estimated to be aged 55 to 64. This age bracket makes up about 19.81% of all users on the platform.

The truth is that SimillarWeb estimates that Tribel has a very balanced representation of all age brackets.

Here is the breakdown of Tribel users by age group:

Age Group Percentage of Tribel Users
18 to 24 12.26%
25 to 34 18.79%
35 to 44 16.10%
45 to 54 16.26%
55 to 64 19.81%
65+ 16.78

This is very interesting because most new platforms usually attract a younger audience. On Tribel, about 53% of the audience is estimated to be over the age of 45!

When it comes to gender, the platform is estimated to have a more male-dominated audience.

58.67% of Tribel’s users are estimated to be male, while just 41.33% are female.

Gender Percentage of Tribel Users
Male 58.67%
Female 41.33%

According to the above data, the average user on Tribel is likely to be a male from the United States, aged 55 to 64!

Social media user statistics show that there isn’t another social media network with this kind of user demographic as its primary audience – even if Facebook is heading in that direction.

But there is another big aspect to the user demographics of Tribel.

What is it?

Political affiliation.

Tribel users have mostly been linked with politics as the app has been compared directly with:

While both of those platforms lean toward right-wing users and Republicans, Tribel appeals to left-wing users and Democrats.

Tribel is free to join and there is no requirement to hold specific beliefs or opinions. In fact, the app encourages people with different views to join the conversation.

But why does Tribel tend to attract more left-wing and Democrat voters?

While Twitter is far more popular, many left-wing users are said to have deleted their Twitter accounts after Elon Musk purchased the company for $44 billion in October 2022.

There was speculation that the platform would become “too toxic” and lack “truthful transparency” for users.

After Elon Musk took over the company…

  • Barack Obama lost 5,000 followers in 24 hours.
  • Taylor Swift lost 15,000 followers in less than 48 hours.

Tribel was perfectly positioned to pick up many people who left Twitter!

Wrapping It Up

The bottom line is this:

Tribel and Twitter are actually very different platforms with different goals.

While the social media apps do share similar features and designs, the way they work is quite different.

But the big question is – Can Tribel compete with Twitter?

Short answer – Not anytime soon.

Tribel currently doesn’t have the user base or support to compete with a major company like Twitter.

And because Tribel tends to attract a very specific demographic of users, it’s unlikely they will be able to attract a wider range of users anytime soon.

All of the Tribel statistics indicate that Tribel is likely to remain more of a niche social media site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The people behind Tribel are pro-Democratic activists Omar Rivero and Rafael Rivero, who also run the Occupy Democrats news site. The investors are currently unknown and have chosen to remain anonymous, but there is strong speculation that the owners of Tribel are Democrat supporters.
Tribel Social Media is a social networking app that strives to provide users with a more positive and personalised social media experience. The app focuses on building connections between users within smaller communities. Tribel encourages users to have authentic conversations and share their passions with others who have similar interests. The app also strongly emphasises user privacy and combating the spread of misinformation.

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