GSA SEO: Learn How To Use GSA Search Engine Ranker To Get The BEST Results

  • Nikola Jankovic
  • Updated on Jan 30, 2024
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Google updates are forcing us to change our SEO tactics!

What was working in the past certainly does not give the same result nowadays.

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However,  GSA Search Engine Ranker is still the best tool for automated link building and it can achieve tremendous results if used properly.

So today I am going to show you how to use it effectively.

You can also watch Matthew’s previous GSA Search Engine Ranker review to get more detailed informations about this tool.

What You Will Learn

  • How to use GSA Search Engine Ranker for serious traffic this year
  • Step by step linking strategies
  • The truth bout churn and burn SEO
  • Why some people fail with GSA Search Engine Ranker but others succeed
  • How to get maximum Links per Minute using GSA SER in 5 simple steps
  • This is the only GSA Search Engine Ranker tutorial you will ever need

How To Use GSA Search Engine Ranker To Make Money

I am going to introduce you to three different methods that you can use to turn a profit with GSA Search Engine Ranker-

  • Churn and burn GSA SEO campaigns
  • 2nd tier link pushing
  • Selling services to SEO agencies

So if you want to learn how to use GSA Search Engine Ranker to make money… read on!

Method #1 – Churn And Burn GSA SEO Campaigns

Churn and burn SEO is a method where we are creating websites and building a massive amount of backlinks in a short time in order to quickly rank at the top of Google and get huge amounts of traffic.

Google is a smart engine…

So these types of sites get banned and delisted from search results pretty fast.

They could stay at the top of Google for anywhere from several days to several weeks and the amount of traffic they will receive in that time will make a lot of profit.

The idea with a churn and burn SEO strategy is…

 Fast website production, burning it with as many backlinks as possible, profiting from it and repeating the same process again and again.
This tutorial does not cover niche and keyword research (use my free keyword research template if you need it) for such projects, but in general you should look for low to medium competitive keywords.

You just need to build churn and burn websites with around 10 pages of content where each page targets several keywords, the entire site targets around 30 long-tail keywords in total.

It could be a sub-niche for some general problem or product-specific keywords – e.g. targeting new health/weight loss/skincare/teeth-whitening product names.

Monetization is usually done with CPA and/or building email lists.

How To Set Up GSA Churn And Burn SEO Campaigns

You need to create some type of multi-layer (tiered) setup.

You can experiment with many different setups, but let me give one example of a GSA Churn and burn SEO setup:

  • Layer 1 Project 1 – All contextual platforms linking to money site
    • Layer 1 Project 2 – All non-contextual platforms linking to money site

  • Layer 2 Project 1 – All contextual platforms linking to Layer 1 Project 1
    • Layer 2 Project 2 – All non-contextual platforms linking to Layer 1 Project 1

  • Layer 3 Project 1 – All non-contextual platforms linking to Layer 2 Project 1


Basically, we are always setting up non-contextual (spammy) type links to link to the contextual ones and push them.

Here is how it looks inside GSA Search Engine Ranker projects:

GSA churn and burn strategy

Projects are divided into contextual and non-contextual platforms because for non-contextual we can turn off link verification in GSA. We just let it blast as many links as possible and we don’t care what’s live and what’s not.

By not checking (verifying), we are saving resources (CPU/Memory and GSA posting time) for more backlinks.

GSA Search Engine Ranker can post many more links per minute if you have more projects inside GSA.

To get maximum LpM (links per minute), other than following my guide below on this page, you can copy the whole project created in the step above once or several times depending on how strong your server is.

The Truth About Churn And Burn SEO – Why Some Marketers Fail

The truth about the churn and burn method is the same as it is with any other business – not 100% of projects will profit.

The general life and business rule of 80/20 could be applied here as well.

If you create just one project and expect to profit from it – yes, there are chances that you would be lucky. But the best way is to make it bigger from the beginning!

Don’t make one website,  but create 10!

For some use aged expired domains, for others try Web 2.0 sites as the main sites, and then use non-expired aged domains, etc.

Things are changing at Google and you’ll need always to do a little research to see what is working.

For example, right now most churn and burn SEO campaigns are done through one extra layer between GSA layers and the money site.

And that one layer is an aged domain with a few existing links that you can buy on domain auctions for a low price.

Play with it and sooner or later you will find a golden formula.

 And then – scale it.
I’ve given you everything you need to setup your first churn and burn SEO campaign – now it’s up to you to take that and make it your own.

Method #2 – 2nd Tier Link Pushing Campaigns

In the past we could use GSA SER to build 1st tier links easily, but Google is smarter nowadays – automatically generated spun content and pages on low authority domains is harder to index backlinks and rank.

That is why we should always use manually created 1st tier properties when we are building long-term SEO projects.

The 1st tier should be a mixture of different type of links that are manually built, e.g. social profiles like Facebook page and profile, Twitter account, Instagram, etc. then a bunch of keywords targeted Web 2.0 properties, guest posts, etc., etc.

We are looking for stable trusted platforms and big sites where we will manually place handwritten content and links to our main site inside them.

Growing such a network is regular practice in SEO, but we can give some extra power to all those links by pushing them with more backlinks using GSA SER.

We call this method 2nd Tier Link Pushing.

It is very similar to the churn & burn setup, but there is a small difference in the first layer that goes behind our manually-created layer:

  • We don’t want links in the next layer to go as fast as possible, so we will use the limit in GSA to create 20-40 verified links per day to each property in the 1st layer
  • We will use more quality target sites by filtering them by EDU/GOV

All the layers behind that 1st one in GSA are the same as for churn & burn – we are pushing strongly to upper levels with several layers of links.

Method #3 – Sell Services to SEO Agencies

Once you have mastered the GSA setup and especially if you apply settings from the below chapter on this page that will give you much higher Links per Minute, you can sell GSA campaigns to SEO agencies.

The fact is that most of those agencies charge clients $1000+ monthly for SEO work actually just resell services that they get on places like Fiverr, BHW and other SEO forums for a very cheap price.

how to use gsa search engine ranker to sell seo services

There is nothing wrong in their business model. They are investing a lot into getting clients by paying for expensive advertisements, building their brand name and conducting live meetings with clients.

I know several individuals who are selling their GSA SEO services to such agencies.

With GSA SEO it is easy profit that requires no more than a few hours of work per day to set up projects and extract links.

This is ideal for those who don’t like doing keyword research, playing with site setups, and testing niches and different linking methods.

The critical thing here is to deliver reports on time to your clients – SEO agencies.

If you can’t do work with such responsibility, then it’s better to not start that journey.

Be honest with the agencies about exactly what you provide and then provide exactly that. If you offer high quality manually spun 1st tier links, then make sure that is exactly what you are delivering.

And if you are looking for some really high-end links to impress clients with you should take a look at these link building services.

5 Steps for Maximum Links per Minute (LpM) With GSA Search Engine Ranker

Whichever of the listed methods you like, the most important thing is to get the most you can from your GSA Search Engine Ranker setup.

Higher backlinks per minute mean that you can promote more projects at the same time, which means more money for you.

So here are 5 simple steps to increase your links per minute.

#1 Use Verified Link Lists

GSA Search Engine Ranker uses a lot of server load, memory, and other resources for scraping (searching for) targets to post your backlinks.

If you use pre-scraped link lists and import them into your SEO tool, you will get much, much better results with your SEO campaigns.

  • You can use more threads and get more backlinks in the same amount of time
  • GSA focuses on building links and doesn’t waste time with scraping links
  • You don’t burn your proxies on search engines, but instead use them for link building

There are many services for link lists on the market and some are specifically designed for GSA SER.

They have auto-syncing link lists into GSA – which means you don’t need to import link targets every few days, but they are automatically updated into your tool.

One of the best on the market is SeRocket Link Lists, who provide fresh daily updates of their lists.

GSA Search Engine Ranker tutorial for link lists

They give lots of different things like-

  • Identify captcha free link lists if you are not using something like GSA Captcha Breaker
  • Verified link lists that will give you highest VpM (verified links per minute) if you are using GSA Captcha Breaker
  • Search engine option for advanced auto-syncing in GSA
  • Separate EDU link / GOV link lists

You can learn more about them here.

#2 Fast Proxies

If you want to save money on proxies, you are leaving many backlinks on the table!

 Proxies are a really crucial element in link building and your proxy speed will determine how many backlinks you get.
There are many companies online that provide proxies, but from my experience, the quality of their service varies a lot.

From my tests’s proxies are the fastest and you can’t go wrong with them. But feel free to check out my lists of SEO proxies and residential proxies if you want more options.

Standard advice for GSA users is to use 10 Threads per proxy, but this number can vary and you need to do a test on your server until you find the ideal threads number.

To begin with, 20 to 30 dedicated proxies from buyproxies is enough.

As your projects grow you can easily add more later if you need to.

#3 VPS Server

How many links GSA SEO will create per minute depends on a server’s CPU and Memory.

Now, the question is how powerful does it need to be?

The answer is not straightforward.

Let me ask you – how much profit do you want to make with your SEO efforts?

The more you invest, the more backlinks it will create, and the more profit it can make.

 But don’t go crazy with this.
I won’t recommend anyone who is a beginner to order any server that costs more than $50 to $70 per month.

You can use someone like PowerUpHosting or Hetzner.

#4 Add More Email Addresses

Having a low amount of emails per project and not changing them will drop your Links per Minute.

Use at least 10 emails or more per tier and replace them every 2 weeks, depending on how aggressive your campaigns are.

You can buy premade emails very cheaply over at or the Blazing Store.

#5 GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial Settings Optimization

The previous 4 steps are a solid foundation for very fast link processing with GSA Search Engine Ranker and GSA Captcha Breaker.

But the last and very important step is using the best settings for GSA Search Engine Ranker.

Global Settings

The Global Settings influence all your projects.

It’s important to check them out and set them up properly to get the most out of GSA.

Submission Settings

GSA settings

  1. Thread Count: The thread count depends on your number of proxies and amount of server resources. Standard advice is to use 10 threads per proxy, but you need also to pay attention to your server resources.

    When GSA and Captcha Breaker are running, take a look at the task manager. The CPU should not hit 95% for a long time, and you should have at least 500MB of RAM free.

Also, check out the GSA messages. If you see a lot of “download failed” errors, reduce the thread count.

The reasons for this can be that your proxies are too slow, you don’t have a good network card or your resources are just too limited.

  1. Activate both options and use the same settings as in the screenshot. GSA will decrease the number of threads when too many resources are used. These settings will help you to run GSA for the long term without paying attention to resource usage.
  2. HTML Timeout: Proxies will always reduce your speed, and many websites are really slow, so it’s a good idea to set the HTML timeout to 120 seconds. If you choose a value that is short you will miss a lot of links in your number of verified links.
  3. Use Proxies: I always suggest using proxies. They will hide your IP address, and you can avoid bans on platforms. Make sure that you only use the proxies for link building. Disable verification! You will only waste time if you use proxies for everything.
Proxy Settings

SER proxies

Proxies are very important in GSA. Like emails, they have a very big impact on the links per minute and the overall GSA success rate.

After you add new proxies, always check that they are working. If you use the link list to create backlinks and don’t use any search engine, your proxy must be fast (with speeds of under one second) and anonymous.

Advanced Proxy Settings

Proxy Settings

In proxy settings you’ll mainly find the settings for public proxies. In most cases, it’s unnecessary to check them.

Make sure you have “Automatically disable public proxies….” checked. Everything else is fine. Remember – NEVER USE public proxies!

They are slow and your success rate will drop.

Captcha Settings


GSA offers several services to address captchas. My first suggestion is to use GSA Captcha Breaker, which covers the most captcha types and costs only CPU resources.

To increase the success rate and create more quality backlinks, you can also think about ordering additional services.

It’s also a good idea to add one additional captcha service as a backup solution in case GSA Captcha Breaker fails.

 DeathByCaptcha is my personal favourite, but many of the others do a great job too.
Set the number of Captcha retries to 3. In my opinion, this is the perfect value, which balances successful captcha resolutions and wasted time and resources.

Indexing Settings

Link Indexing

GSA offers a feature to ping created backlinks to get them indexed by search engines. I don’t suggest using this feature. It mainly costs only resources and time in which GSA can create backlinks.

There are many better ways to index backlinks by using some external links indexing services like Link Processor.

For a few dollars more you will receive much better results!

Filter Settings


The filter is a very important GSA feature. It makes sure that SER will not create backlinks on bad platforms, which are spammed to death.

  • Check all platforms
  • Set the “maximum size of a website to download” to at least 40MB
  • Activate “Skip submission if the URL/Domain…”

If you increase the maximum size, you will download more links and GSA will have more material to filter out bad links.

Downloading more links will cost you more CPU and RAM but offers you a big value, because you really don’t want backlinks from these platforms!

Advanced Settings

advanced GSA SER settings

In advanced settings you find some of GSA’s important settings. Check only “Verified” and uncheck the others.


  • “Get PR for verified URLs”: If you don’t want to filter URLs by page rank, you should deactivate this option to avoid unnecessary Google requests via your proxies. Page Rank is an audited algorithm, so don’t lose resources on it.
  • “Enable ‘important messages’ for projects”: Activate it to receive important messages from GSA, such as “email not working”. This will help you to identify problems if a project gets too few backlinks.
  • “Detect internet connection problems…”: Activate this to alert you to error messages like “URL is down”.

Reminder: Don’t forget to clean Duplicate URLs/Domains one time each week!

Individual Project settings

Now we have taken care of the global settings we need to drill down into the settings for each individual project that we create.

Article Manager

Using the Article Manager, you can add a lot of value to your campaigns. Spend some time or money on writing some good spun articles with The Best Spinner.

They will help you achieve greater success with your campaigns.

General tips:

  • Use articles that are readable and unique
  • Include pictures and videos in your article to add more value
  • Use HTML variations and other random elements

Article Manager Settings

  • How to Link: I suggest selecting “Sentence at a random location”. Otherwise, based on the article’s structure, it is easy to find your articles and recognize them as duplicate content.
  • Insert up to .. additional: I never check this because one link per article is enough. More looks suspicious.
  • Insert up to .. random/authority: It depends on your choice. A good setting is to set it to 0-1 to get more variations in your article.
  • Insert up to .. random images: Activate it to get more variations in your article. Don’t use more than two images.
  • Insert up to .. random videos: Activate it to get more variations in your article. Don’t use more than one video.
  • Insert up to .. TAGs within sentences: A good, unique spun article will already contain your anchor and keyword, so leave this option disabled.
  • Shorten article: Always try to write or buy an article that is over 1000 words. Don’t shorten the article, as that will disrupt the flow of it.
  • Insert HTML variations: Activate this option. Your article will get more variations. You can disable it if your article already contains HTML elements in its spin syntax.
  • Do not submit same …: Activate it, set it to 1 and choose “per account”. You don’t want to spam with your account and have your articles deleted in 1st tier projects. For 2nd / 3rd tiers you can post more than once.


  • Use at least 10 emails: On most platforms you can build only one backlink per email address, but if you build backlinks for a higher tier, you want more than one backlink per platform. So, the more tiers you use, the more emails you should add to the project.
  • Use emails only one time per project and don’t share an email between projects.
  • Change your email address from time to time, every 2 weeks.

E-Mail Settings

  • Time to wait: This setting is very important and needs to be activated. SER will wait for the time you set between two logins. If you don’t activate it, some providers will ban your accounts if you query them too often.
  • Use proxies: This is not necessary for checking emails, and in most cases the proxies don’t support it, so disable it.
  • Delete message when ..: Enable it to clean up your email after the mail is processed.
  • Delete all messages: You don’t need it, so disable it!
  • Delete message if older than…: Activate it to clean up your email. If the emails still exist after 5 days, they are not necessary for link building and are just junk.

Project Data Settings

The project data settings are the heart of your projects. It’s very important to pay attention to every setting here.

There isn’t always only one correct answer for how to set some of the settings.

Link building is not an exact science, so in some cases you also need to test a few things out.

Here are some basic tips on how to set this up:

  • URL: Add several URLs from your target website to create good link juice over the whole domain. It looks suspicious if only one URL gets backlinks.
  • Use a random URL: Activate it to make the link building more natural.
  • Use verified URLs from another project: You can use this option to create backlinks to one or more other projects. It’s perfect for link pyramids.
  • Use URL variations: Activate it and choose a high value, between 80 -100%.
  • Use the root..: This option lets SER create some backlinks to your root URL. Choose a value between 10-30 %. It’s more important to get backlinks for inner pages.
  • Keywords: You only need this if you let SER scrape new URLs for search engines. In this case, add a lot of keywords. However, in general GSA SER will work much faster if you are using a link lists service like SeRocket.
  • Collect keywords from target site: GSA will save keywords from target sites.
  • Use collected keywords… : GSA will scrape keywords from target sites to find new targets. Disable this option! SER will find very long-term keywords by scraping new targets, which is inefficient.
  • Put keywords in quotes ..: SER will search for exact matches for your keywords. You don’t need this option.
  • Try searching with similar-looking keywords: GSA will search for new targets with similar keywords. You don’t need this option.
  • Anchor text: Very important! Use keywords related to your main keyword. I suggest adding at least 30 keywords.
  • Use keywords as anchor text: SER will use the keyword list instead of using the anchor list and will use this word or phrase as anchor text. You don’t need this option.
  • Partial match anchor text: SER will search for up to x% of your anchor text.
  • Secondary anchor text: Can be used for secondary anchor text. You don’t need it.
  • Branding anchor text: This is very important. Use your brand/brand variations to create a natural link profile.
  • LSI anchor text: Add some related keywords to create a natural link profile.
  • Generic anchor text: SER has a list of generic keywords that it will use as anchor text.
  • Domain as anchor text: SER will use your domain name as anchor text.
  • Use citation: Activate this option to let SER post your domain without linking to it. This looks very natural.
  • Anchor text variations: SER will change the capitalization of your anchor text. I recommend a high value, between 80 – 100%.
  • Image comment: You can use the default one; if you want more quality, write one yourself.
  • Guestbook comment: You can use the default one. Again, you can also write one yourself.
  • Website title: This will be used for article sites. Use spin syntax to get more variations.
  • Category: Choose a few categories matching your website. You can also use masks like “*Health*”.
  • Login: Check it to let SER create random usernames for logins.
  • Password: Check it to let SER automatically create passwords for logins.
  • About yourself: This will be used for the “about yourself” sections in Web 2.0 and forum profiles. I suggest writing a short spin text in it.
  • Profile image: You don’t need to change it, but if you want to use a custom avatar, place it in the SER folder.
  • Twitter URL: If your site has a Twitter URL, put it here. It will be used in link building.
  • Facebook URL: If your site has a Facebook URL, put it in here. It will be used in link building.
  • Forum comment: You can use the default SER comments, but I suggest writing your own or modifying the existing ones to avoid SEO footprints.
  • Guestbook comment (German): Use the default one. If you don’t know a German who can write you a good comment, forget it. Online translators are bad for this.
  • Micromessage: Micromessage should be used for services like Twitter. I have never used or changed it. Just add a custom message if you want to add more value.
  • Description: You can add a website description here.

Tip: SER offers several solutions to fill out most article/description fields with your article(s). To see more about this, click Tools → Auto Fill and choose one of the services.

Project options

  • Project pause: For new websites/projects, I suggest creating 1-50 verifications per day. Leave “per Url” unchecked. This way SER will create up to 50 backlinks per day for the whole project. Don’t use a higher number, because the more backlinks you create per day, the higher the chances of getting caught. For tier projects you don’t need to use this limit.
  • Ask all services: The best option is to choose all services, but pay attention to it. If you have as the first service Captcha Breaker and as the second one a captcha service like “Death by Captcha”, the process will break from the number of captchas getting sent to the second service.
    Only use this for quality projects. If you click on Options/Captcha – Add → Suggested Setups, you will also find some combinations that are suggested by the SER developers.
  • Enable custom mode: This is for very advanced usage. Don’t activate it.
  • Verify links must have exact URL: Activate this option and set “When to verify” → Don’t worry about the other options.
  • Re-verify existing backlinks every…: This will re-verify your URLs after a specified time. Don’t activate it. It doesn’t offer many benefits and costs resources.
  • Send verified link to index services: If you are using link indexing services, activate it.
  • Use character spinning .. : You can activate it to use capitalization for URLs. You can activate it if you want, but it doesn’t offer much benefit.
  • Randomly use typos: Don’t activate it. It reduces the quality of the content and doesn’t offer many benefits.
  • Try to always place an URL with .. : Activate it to get more backlinks. SER will try to create additional links in the profile and article.
  • Continuously post to site even if ..: Sometimes sites are slow, and SER fails to post. Doing a second try costs additional resources, and normally you will have more than enough targets. My suggestion is to uncheck it.
  • Tags: Activate and choose “anchors” to get backlinks from hyperlinked tags.
  • Engines: Turn all off if you are using a link list service.
  • Always use keywords to find target sites: Activate it if you are scraping and don’t want to use only the footprints in the engine files. Check “Add stop words to query” and set to 20% to get more variations.
  • Use URLs from global site lists if enabled: Here you can set SER to read links for new targets. An important difference from the global settings: SER only reads the list, so my suggestion is to import a link list to the identified list and activate only “Verified” in the global options.
  • Use URLs linking on same verified URL: Don’t activate this setting. It isn’t explained anywhere, and it only consumes resources.
  • Analyse and post to competitors’ backlinks: It’s really a nice feature in theory, but normally a lot of backlinks from the competition are dead, so it’s just using up resources.
  • Allow Posting on Same Site Again: I only activate it for the 2nd or lower tiers. Don’t use it for your Tier 1, because it’s not necessary to receive several backlinks from the same domain.
  • Post first Article without Links: SER will not place a backlink within the first article on a Web 2.0 site. This is because most Web 2.0 sites will delete your account, including all your articles, if they find a link in your first article. For quality link building activate this.
  • Time to Wait for Further registrations: SER will wait a custom time before it creates another account on the same website. Don’t check this option.
  • Time to wait before first post: If activated, SER will wait a custom time after registration before it publishes the first article.
  • Time to wait between two posts: Time between posting two articles. I suggest activating it and setting it to 120 minutes.
  • Skip sites with more then .. outgoing links: This is a really importing setting, but it can dramatically decrease your links per minute. I suggest setting the value to 40 and activating this function so you will receive enough link juice.
  • Skip sites with a PR below…: The time of page rank is over. Forget this setting and uncheck it.
  • Skip sites with a PR below: See no. 23.
  • Skip also unknown PR: See no. 23.
  • Type of backlinks to create: For quality and contextual link building, you only need to activate “Article”, “Article Wiki” and “Anchor Text”. Otherwise check all.
  • Try to skip creating no-follow links: Uncheck this option to get a healthy link profile with a mixture of no-follow and do-follow links.
  • Avoid posting to sites with just IP and no domain: If activated, SER will not create backlinks on sites without a domain. I suggest enabling it, especially for Tier 1.
  • At least x keywords must be present on…: This can dramatically reduce your links per minute, but if you want highly related backlinks, add a big keyword list related to your topic. Normally I don’t use this setting.
  • Skip sites with the following words …: Only add long words to make sure valid sites don’t get filtered out. I normally don’t use this setting.
  • Skip sites with the following words in …: Only add long words to make sure valid sites don’t get filtered out. I normally don’t use this setting.
  • Skip sites with from the following countries: Block a certain country(or countries) to receive no backlinks from them. It’s not 100% accurate and is normally unnecessary.
  • Skip sites in the following languages: See no. 32.

Wrapping It Up

So that wraps up my advanced GSA Search Engine Ranker tutorial – that is precisely how I make money with GSA Search Engine Ranker this year.

Not only that but you also know precisely how to use GSA Search Engine Ranker to get the maximum amount of verified links per minute easily.

If you have any questions about the methods or the setup, please use the comments form below and I will answer them all!

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  12. nicely writter but i think1- spin articles…come on!, its very dangerous, bad text and google identify it2-i heard that google uses gas, find the url used and give them low scoring..3-profile…hardly working4-coming soon the next google hack.

    1. 1) Not true at all2) what is gas?3) profiles aren’t worth bothering with4) What was the last hack?

  13. Hi sir, I have just buy the gsa search engine ranker with gsa capcha breaker also gsa seo indexer. However, I did a lot of project but all the result is the 000/000 [page end] and download fail. I dont know what is the problem with my project because I did the same with all the tutorial. I thought it’s because my computer or my wifi connect. Please help 🙁

  14. Hey Matthew, Is it Good for ranking Launch Jacking sites where you need to rank EMD’s very quickly and stay on page 1 during the launch?and does “Churn & Burn” SEO still works?

  15. Great article Mathew Woodward. I tried GSA before but didnt worked. I didn’t even understood all about the functionalities. NI think its time to test GSA one more time.

  16. HI , I am following your blog for a long time , You are going a great job . I need a clarification from you . I just want to know that can i run the tire 1 with our passing the project for 2 month google will blacklist my domain right ? . or i need to pass the tire 1 project for every 100 backlinks submission per day ?

  17. Hey Matt,Once again a useful post from you, it would be really great full if you can help us providing the list of more traffic sources other than Google Organic search. It could be also from your old articles as well. Please help us 🙂

  18. Hello,As always, really valuable guide. It is possibility to rank a site in different language but in the niche of gsa sites? I have few sites about loans in my native language (slovakia) and I want to know, if i could rank them with GSA on google.skThx for your awesome posts

  19. Hello Matthew,1. Thank you, newbie but familiar with development and page scrapping.2. I have a new website (launched on Amazon at the begining of the week) .3. I own also GSA Search engine Ranker 10.904. As I am budget tight, I can go and setup the above for the new domain ( as you replied : Malik Mati), yet I would like to know : 1. Is there any GSA_SER ready that can be imported to GSA ? 2. If not, do you have such service you provide ? ( paid of course ) RegardsItay G

  20. Any suggestion on volume of links for the initial contextual & noncontextual layers that hit the money site? Are you just going balls out on link volume for those as well? Thanks.

  21. “GSA can post many more links per minute if you have more projects inside GSA.””URL: Add several URLs from your target website to create good link juice over the whole domain. It looks suspicious if only one URL gets backlinks.”So if I build 10 web 2.0 properties I have 10 campaigns running and inside those I link to multiple urls of the web 2.0 properties?”We will use more quality target sites by filtering them by EDU/GOV and using tools such PRJacker”If I have a quality fresh list of target sites do I need to use PRJacker also?

  22. The 1st tier should be mixture of different type of links that are manually built, e.g. social profiles like Facebook page and profile, Twitter account, Instagram, etc. then a bunch of keyword targeted Web 2.0 properties, guest posts, etc., etc.This sounds like a complete tutorial of its own.Assume these all have to build behind fake emails, proxies?Is this different from Domain Authority Stacking?

  23. What is the best tool to fill in all of GSA SER fields with quality content. This would be for Tier 2 links.I use AutoFill Magic and create very real Web 2.0s to link to my moneysite. I would like to backlink those Tier 1 links using GSA. I have Wicked Article Creator Premium (which has a Tier 1 option)but have some concerns about quality. Should I be worried? What about Kontent Machine, are they better. Or is there another alternative?Right now I am using another, SE Nuke service but they only pull articles from Article Builder and they don’t have any articles directly covering my niche. The AB articles look OK for Tier 2 but again, are not totally on topic.Also, I want more control over how it all works. I also might want to learn to do this good enough to sell some gigs, but that is an after thought, I am primarily here to build Tier 2 links.

  24. GSA SER isn’t some magical solution for ranking sites with spam, it’s a very powerful piece of software but the results are determined by the sophistication of the operator. here are some of the big ones…1. You’re using GSA to scrape sites.2. Your proxies suck.3. Your site lists suck.4. Your engine selections suck.6. You’re checking PR.

  25. Hello, Matthew thanks for the grate tuts, affiliate links is part of the game, and some have to “pay” for your work so do not bother for these kind of comments. I download the sample template for GSA and i add my details to all the layers (loaded from KM api key) but i have no submitions for layer 2 and 3 , but only for layer1 Look the image please and tell me what to check.

    1. Just wait, it will take some time for the tier 1 links to be verified in order for the other tiers to do their thing.

  26. I like that tier setup you outlined in the first section for the churn & burners. Any suggestion on volume of links for the initial contextual & noncontextual layers that hit the money site? Are you just going balls out on link volume for those as well? Thanks.

  27. Hi Mathew,Thanks for the details you have shared about GSA. I have noticed that my website gets slow when I turn on the GSA ranker. I currently host the website in hostgator baby plan. Is that can really happen? What is your idea about my issue?

    1. I’m not sure what you mean, GSA is a windows desktop tool that has nothing to do with your websites hosting.

  28. I don’t know why but when I starting GSA I have vpm about 10, but for the next couple of minutes this number is dropping to about 1-2. When i stop my project and start it again, the same situation happen.

  29. Thanks Matt!I´ve been trying online marketing for about 8 years now. Will work a couple months then forget about come back. And here I am again, thanks so much for your guide I´m sure it will work this time 🙂

  30. Hi MattI would like to ask. Here’s my question:1. If I create tier link building with gsa like picture above, is the power from tier 2 and 3 effect to moneysite? If so how it can be happen? How long after I blast my tier 1 until my moneysite get a change in ranking?2. Do I need blast no follow link too? Some people said that blast tier 1 which have no followlink to moneysite will give no effect to ranking. That will be useless.3.If I create new web 2.0 for tier 1 how many link per day to every website that I can blast with gsa? Some people recommend to not blast fresh web 2.0 because fresh web 2.0 will get penalty or block quickly even I create shorten url before blast. They recommend only use aged web 2.0 to be blast with gsa.Thanks.

  31. Hi MattI have gone through some of the GSA tutorial on here but i want to ask if i can do the following with GSA settingI have gone throguh several of my competitor backlink profile using ahrefs and i have digged out around 50-70 sites that i want to post to, they are all wordpress sites where i can actually manually go in and create accounts and post content to,can i actually import these sites into GSA and make GSA just post to these sites only? If yes, how can i do it?

    1. Yes just right click on the project and import targets, then you can set to only post to those sites in options

  32. Hi mathew, My question is under contexual links i am added web 2.0 properties,Doc sharing what else i can add under contexual backlinks?And i added social bookmarking,directory submission,web 2.0 and forum profiles,blog comments what else i can add under non-contexual backlinks?Which adds more weight to my money sites contexual or non-contexual backlinks? I also created one video and submitted in youtube. Thanks.

  33. Hello Mathew, I am building 1st tier web 2.0 so my question is 1) How many times i can spin one unique article and use for web 2.0 properties?Thanks.

  34. Hi MattI am little unsure about how the VPS works? I think my computer is not really powerful enough so am considering getting a VPS but Do i simply pick a subscription and then i can use the window remote access to connect to the VPS? How about installing the GSA software? Do i install the software on the VPS?

    1. Yes you just have a remote access windows and you work on the VPS just like you were working on your local computer

  35. Hi Matt, i’m looking for a software that can search google for desired keyword and grab 1 paragraph from each matching website with total of 5-10 paragraphs without using heavily used article directories. So that i can use craped content later with a spinner to get a “unique” mashed-up article. Anything like that exists? Tnx!

  36. Help! New at this despite of having GSA, Ultimate Demon at your suggestion for the last two years. I also have WAC which works with both of them. I have Scraoebox but I won’t give you credit for it. Somebody recommended that one at random. I bought all the tools to help me rank videos but, I never done it! Can you be sympathetic enough and point me in the right direction to get my feet wet in order to help rank videos with all this tools. If your too busy can anyone reading help out as well thanks. The reason I asked it’s because I have a few other tool Vidpengun and IFTTT commando along with video attack alpha also created by the guy that did IFTTT Commando. VAA creates 100 links from one YT video link and it’s the only reason I feel confident enought to blast some of the variations of the original video link. I read all you article on GSA and UD and views the videos but they are mostly directed at websites. Thank you one and all for your assistance.

    1. Sounds like you need to forget about ‘tools’ and design 2 or 3 different strategys/approaches to rank your videos for example you might say ok for video 1 I am going to send a mix of 100 backlinks, 200 social signals and some youtube likes/dislikes and then create an entirely different strategy for video 2.Once you have those down, THEN look at how the tools you have fit your strategy rather than doing it the other way around.

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