Backlink Indexing Case Study: Testing 14 Different Indexing Methods

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I wanted to find out which backlink indexing strategies work.

So I tested 14 popular indexing methods – but only 3 actually indexed URLs .

You see:

I built a script that automatically generated 200 pages of junk lorem ipsum content on 15 brand new domains:

indexing script generator

Here’s an example of what each of the 200 pages looked like after it had been generated by the script:

lorem ipsum page example

As you can see, it’s complete spam and each page has 300 words of lorem ipsum content on a brand new domain but zero:

    • Styling
    • CSS
    • Images/videos
    • External/internal links

Absolutely nothing!

The idea was to generate the worst possible pages and see which indexers could get Google to crawl AND index the content.



We took all 200 URLs of junk content from the 15 domains and submitted them to different backlink indexers.

This is how we measured the results:

  1. Visits from Google – This is the first step in the indexing process. Were any of the services able to get Googlebot to visit our junk pages?
  2. Number of indexed URLs – Getting Google’s bot to arrive is one thing, but actually getting a URL indexed in Google is another challenge entirely.

The Results

Here is a quick overview of all the data at the end of the test on day 14.

During the test, we only saw visits from Google’s mobile crawler, so we have removed references to that in the data below for simplification.

All of GoogleBots’ visits came from their mobile crawler.

Backlink Indexing Test Results – Day 14

backlink indexing test results: day 14

See Test Results

Indexing Service GoogleBot
Indexed in
Final Index
Rate (%)
Elite Link Indexer 0 0 0%
GIndex 0 0 0%
Google Tools 200 0 0%
GSA Indexer 0 0 0%
Indexification 0 0 0%
Indexing Expert 200 199 99.5%
IndexInject 0 0 0%
Instant Link Indexer 0 0 0%
Lindexed 0 0 0%
Link Processor 0 0 0%
OmegaIndexer 181 177 88.5%
OneHourIndexing 0 0 0%
Pinging 0 0 0%
SpeedLinks VIP 145 145 72.5%
Control 0 0 0%

Interestingly submitting the urls to Google’s own tools (pagespeed, rich results, mobile friendly) triggered the Googlebot to visit and crawl all the pages.

However none of them were indexed using Googles own tools.

Ultimately there were 3 tools that stood out:

  1. Indexing Expert – 99.5% indexing rate
  2. Omega Indexer – 88.5% indexing rate (but costs 75% less than Indexing Expert)
  3. SpeedLinks VIP – 72.5% indexing rate

Out of the 14 indexing methods we tested, only 4 of them brought Google’s bots and only 3 of them actually indexed URL’s.

If you would like to run your own indexing test please feel free to download the script we built here.

Don’t forget:

You can see the full test data here.

The Backlink Indexing Tools We Tested

There are tons of indexing methods, tools and services out there. But we only wanted to test the most popular ones.

Here is a look at the best services and tricks for getting your news links indexed as quickly as possible.

1. Elite Link Indexer

Elite Link Indexer is a premium backlink indexing service.

elite link indexer

It is considered by many to be the best available. Our results proved different. Elite Link Indexer works by automatically pinging your URLs and links from other sites until Google notices them. Their advanced algorithm monitors each link you submit and gives you real-time reporting.

2. GIndex

GIndex is another popular link indexing service that helps you get your backlinks indexed quickly.

g index

GIndex also provides real-time reporting on each link submitted, so you can track its success. The unique GIndex algorithm monitors each link you submit for any changes or updates. This helps ensure that your links are indexed properly and correctly.

3. GSA Indexer

GSA Indexer takes a slightly different approach to backlink indexing.

GSA Indexer

Load a file of URLs into the GSA Indexer and the tool will automatically submit them one after the other in quick succession. You can also ask GSA Indexer to monitor files for any new URLs that appear and index them immediately. GSA Indexer does have an old-school user interface that will take a minute to get used to.

4. Indexification

Indexification is a mass link indexer for those who need a lot of backlinks or URLs indexed quickly.


They have a unique method of indexing that focuses more on getting Googlebot to crawl a URL. Once Google has crawled a URL, the next logical step is for them to automatically index that URL.

5. Indexing Expert

Indexing Expert is an innovative service with an excellent track record.

indexing expert

They use a secret process to give your URLs every chance of being found and indexed correctly. They also have effective and fast technology, meaning links can be indexed in less than an hour.

6. IndexInject

Think of IndexInject as the ultimate hybrid between an indexing service and an indexing tool.

Index Inject

Unlike other indexing tools and services, IndexInject allows you to control the extent of link indexing. You can limit the number of URLs you submit, customise your submission schedule and even monitor changes for updates to be indexed quickly.

7. Instant Link Indexer

Instant Link Indexer is a simplified indexing service.

Instant Link Indexer

Their unique point is “set and forget”. Upload your links and URLs that you want to be indexed and let Instant Link Indexer go to work. They index a range of content, from backlinks to blog comments and more.

8. Lindexed

Lindexed uses its own unique indexing process to get Google to take notice of your links.


The 5-step process works on 15-day cycles using popular indexing methods, including RSS feeds, sitemaps, and pinging. Linkexed also uses their own cloud-based pinging software to individually ping your links from servers worldwide.

9. Link Processor

Link Processor is a full-automated online link indexing service.

link processor

The big thing that makes Link Processor stand out from the rest is infrastructure. They have big servers located all over the world, which speeds up the time it takes to process and submit each of your links to search engines.

10. Omega Indexer

Omega Indexer is one of the most premium indexing services around.

Omega Indexer

They have a talented team of developers who have continued improving their services, even as Google’s algorithm has changed. They use safe and authoritative sources to index your links and the results speak for themselves.

11. OneHourIndexing

OneHourIndexing is just what the name says.

One Hour Indexing

They claim to be able to get backlinks and URLs indexed in as little as one hour. It’s a fully automated service where you simply copy and paste your backlinks into their backend tool, and OneHourIndexing will drip-feed them out.

12. Pinging

Pinging is the most simplified, completely free backlink indexing tool available.

free pinging

It is owned and developed by Small SEO Tools. You just paste in your backlinks, and the tool will ping each of them automatically. While pinging a link is just one method for link indexing, it is fast and free.

13. SpeedLinks VIP

SpeedLinks VIP might be the most underrated backlink indexing service around.

Speed Links VIP

They offer good value for money on all of their packages and have proven themselves to be effective at getting results. They also have a range of plans available to suit both small and large websites.

These Are The Best Backlink Indexing Services

Now that you have an introduction to the different link indexing services…

What are the best backlink indexers overall?

Ultimately there were 3 tools that stood out:

  1. Indexing Expert – 99.5% indexing rate
  2. Omega Indexer – 88.5% indexing rate (but is 75% cheaper than Indexing Expert)
  3. SpeedLinks VIP – 72.5% indexing rate

These were the only services that triggered both a visit from Google and the actual indexing of the junk lorem ipsum pages we built.


Interestingly using Google’s own tools did trigger visits from Googlebot, but resulted in a 0% indexing rate. Perhaps if the pages were not junk lorem ipsum text they might have gotten indexed.

Do You Want To Run Your Own Indexing Test?

If you want to run your own indexing test you can download the script here.

All you have to do is:

  1. Update the lorem_words.txt file with content (we put 200k words in the test)
  2. Update password.txt file with an admin password
  3. Upload the script to a new domain
  4. Enter how many URL’s you want to generate
  5. Enter the prefix for the URL’s

backlink indexing script setup

We are not offering any support for this script so please take it as is and use it to conduct your own testing.

And don’t forget you can see all of the data from our test here.

If you’ve got any questions please leave a comment below and if you are fed up with fighting to get your links indexed, take a look at my recommend link building services or link building packages that only build the type of links that Google loves.

read our case studies

Frequently Asked Questions

A backlink indexer is a tool or service that helps you get your new backlinks indexed by search engines quicker. Instead of waiting weeks for search engines like Google to find your backlinks, you can use a backlink indexer to speed up the process. This will help ensure that Google finds your backlinks and that you get the maximum ranking benefit from each link you build.
Google indexing is when the Google website crawler (Googlebot) finds and adds your web pages to Google's database. The database is called the Google search index. Google stores and organises all of your web pages in their search index. When someone searches on Google, they use the stored pages in the search index to show the user content related to their original search.
It takes Google anywhere about 3 days to 4 weeks to recognise new backlinks. When Google crawls the page with your backlink, it will recognise it. So the length of time it takes for Google to recognise a backlink depends on how often they crawl the site that linked to you.
Crawling and indexing are essential to how search engines work. Crawling is when a search engine like Google discovers the pages on your website. Search engines use crawlers to scan web pages and understand what they are about. Indexing is when search engines store, analyse and organise web pages into usable information.
You can check if your backlink has been indexed in just a few seconds. Copy and paste the backlink into Google and click search. If the backlink shows up in the search results, it is indexed. But, if Google comes back with no results, the backlink has yet to be indexed.

What Are Your Thoughts?

688 Responses

  1. You informed us that indexingexpert is having server indexing problems.
    So omega is. Since august, we don’t ger anything indexed by google, no crawled as well (log).

  2. Next time, try adding “” to your comparison.
    You will be pleasantly surprised by the percentage of entry into the index.
    I use only it, the percentage of entry is very high quality, at the lowest price. This is not an advertisement.

  3. Would be interesting to see how these tools stack up against Rank Math’s Instant Indexing WP plugin that uses Google’s API. I’ve had some excellent success with it but would be interesting to see how it stacks up against the other tools.

  4. Hi Matthew,Would it help in the Ranking to get the same backlinks indexed on multiple Platform indexing services ?Thanks for your time zand your precious articles.Cheers.

    1. Hi Jacques, No, it wouldn’t help your rankings and it would be a waste of money if I’m being honest. These indexing services are here to help you get your links indexed in Google, once it’s done, there is no need to submit your links again to any other indexing services.

  5. I gonna try one hour indexinng and see if it works, this post save me some preciuos time because the other services don´t even work, for some reason google stop crawling my site, no idea why, and this is the reason i´m trying this tool, btw thaks a lot, nice post.

  6. Great information about the timings.thanks for sharing this post about select a good Articles. really informative and valuable post.

  7. OneHourIndexing is bad service. I added 86 links and NONE of my links were indexed. I’ve uploaded again and again nothing indexed. I waited 2 weeks then I checked again, NONE of my links were indexed.DONT waste your time and money! This it is a promoted review. I really disappointed.

    1. It has been updated a few times since I first wrote it. But, yes, you’re right. I should probably write a brand new post!

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