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Guest posting has become a hot topic recently so I wanted to show you how to automate and manage your campaigns with my personal strategy.

The actual process of guest posting is quite lengthy and it can be very difficult to keep track of even if your only dealing with a few guest posting sites…

Nevermind when you’re trying to deal with thousands.

This tutorial will show you how to use guest posting software in the quickest and easiest way using this personal guest posting strategy. You could also use one of these guest posting services to speed things up.

What You Will Learn

  • How to do guest posting in the easiest way possible
  • How to find thousands of guest posting sites
  • How to filter your guest posting sites database effectively
  • How to contact all of them in a couple of clicks
  • How to sweeten the deal
  • Use guest posting software to track & manage your guest posting

YouTube video

Resources In The Video

Link Assistant FREE TRIAL – It’s main purpose is to find reciprocal link partners which sucks. I use it to automate and manage my guest post campaigns with a few tweaks.

SEO Powersuite FREE TRIAL – This has a huge range of uses and includes a few pieces of software – read my full SEO Powersuite review.

Don’t Like Videos? Follow This Instead!

Guest posting on high quality websites is a huge topic of late. I will show you how I manage and automate it in an efficient way so you get the most value out of your guest post.

I will teach you how to:

  • Find target guest posting sites
  • Search and filter through the guest posting sites database
  • Automate contacting your targets
  • Create the best proposal
  • Keep track of your guest posts

Process of Guest Posting

There’s a few steps that goes into guest posting.

Typically the process goes something like this:

  • Locate websites that are looking for guest posts
  • Contact the owner by email for guest posting guidelines
  • Discuss the nature of your intended guest post
  • Waiting period until the post is published
  • Keep track of the statistics and results of your post
  • Create a list of guest posting partners

Using SEO Powersuite

There is a way you can modify Link Assistant in SEO Powersuite to manage your guest posts instead of link exchanges.

guest posting software

In the columns, you can see my Partner Domains available for contact, the rank of the website, email address and status of the post. On the right most column, I have some guest posts sent, some are live, and some I have gotten a response.


When you click the Email tab, you can see all the details for the email correspondence including date, sender, and what their response is.

So you can see that Link Assistant manages your emails in an organized way so you can easily see who you’ve contacted, who you’ve written for and who is waiting.

Setting Up a New Project

Let’s get started on a new project. I’ll show you how to tweak Link Assistant to make it work for managing your guest post database.

So first, go up to File and click on New project. Enter in your URL and it’ll go and collect some data.


Enter in your name and email address that you want to be using for contacting other websites for guest posts. After you finished that, go to Preferences, Proxy Settings and click Proxy Rotation.

Remember to import your private proxies.


Next step is to select Email Client under Email Management. This is where we put in our server details and it’s important to figure out what details to enter depending on how many posts you want to send.

If you are thinking about sending out a bunch of guest posts in one day, say a hundred, then I suggest using a Yahoo or Hotmail account and using their outgoing mail servers.

If you plan on sending only a couple of emails a day, then you can enter in your website’s contact email address with those incoming mail settings.


The reason why I advise doing this is that when you’re sending out so many email requests in one day, it’s better to take advantage of Hotmail’s SMTP servers instead.

After you fill in the details, click Test Connection to make sure everything is good to go!

How To Find Guest Posting Sites

Now we’re ready to look for some guest posting sites to post on.

  • Click Search
  • Select Find sites by keyword
  • Check the enable expert options box.

how to find guest posting sites

Click Next and in the following box, enter your keywords you’re searching for. One footprint I suggest using is “write for us” a common one used by websites accepting guest posts.

The next step asks you to select your search engines. I just choose Google and uncheck the rest of the choices.

Step 4 asks you to Configure Scan Depth Limits. Now you can choose for no limit at all or choose a specified number of potential partners. I’m going to leave it at 10 so it doesn’t take forever to find results.

Skip Interested Partner Filters and then the next options can be all left at default except for the last. Make sure to check the box to get complete URLs.

Almost done!

Step 7 lets you set the ranking factors with a bunch of different preferred filtering options. I like to see the domain rank since I’m looking to get a link from a high ranking page so you can set the domain and page rank, popularity and Alexa rank as you choose.

Click Next and it’ll go and fetch all of the websites that fit our criteria we just put in.

blog posting sites

After it has finished completing the list, click Select all, Next and then Finish. Now you have a nice list of potential linking partners and websites to guest post on!

Sorting Through The Guest Posting Sites List

The list will come up and you can see it’s organized all nicely with the domain, backlink page, contact name, email, and status all in there.

potential partners

Let’s sort our list a bit more. Go up to the settings cog on the right corner and select Show All under Workspaces. Click Edit and you can choose to filter by domain page rank and the Alexa rank.


Once you finished that, make sure to remove any websites that don’t have a contact email since it’ll be useless to us if we can’t email the owner.

Email Template

To create a template for your guest post emails, go to Preferences, Email Management, Edit Email Templates and click Add with the green plus to create a template.

email template

Next, you need to name your template, add the subject and then type in your body text. I’ve included a pre-prepared template for you to use that you can download below the video.

This template is designed to give you an idea of what you should be saying so you should edit it to make it your own.

This includes an introduction, recognition of their guest post preferences and an offer of a 100% original high quality guest post written by you.

Something extra that I offer for is 25 Facebook likes and tweets to promote the guest post.

I use Fiverr to get the social media shares and you can find some that also throw in a couple Stumbles or Diggs so this is another incentive to make my offer even more irresistible!

What the Email Process Looks Like

To understand how the whole process works, I’m going to change the email contact information for one of our targets so our email will go to our own inbox so we can see how it is for both parties.

Right click on any name and choose Edit Link Partner. Where the box says Partner Email, I’m going to change it to the one I’m using.

So let’s just go and select the one we changed, click Email, paste our template and click Send.


Once the email has gone through, check your inbox and the email should be there. This is what it looks like for both parties during the email process.

Sending Out Bulk Emails

If you have a huge list of partners, you can easily email all of them at once by repeating the same steps. Select all, click Email and send out the template.

Say you have a list of a thousand potential guest post partners. One thing to help the bulk email process is by delaying emails. Go up to Preferences, Email Management, Email client settings and click the Mail Management tab.

There is a box where you can check to send out emails with delays so you can change it to 30 seconds between each email for example.



After you’ve gone and send out all your emails, we need to change the status to keep track. Select your list, right click and choose Update Multiple Partners and Status.


We can add in “guest post response” “guest post request sent” and “guest post live” to make it easier for us to keep track of our progress.

Once you send out your emails or get a response, remember to change the status updates so you don’t forget which ones you’ve sent, which ones you’ve gotten a response and things like that.

As soon as your guest post is live, you can Edit your link partner information again, click on the Backlink tab and enter the URL of your now live guest post. Change the status to “guest post live” and hit update.


On the main page with the list of all your partners, you can see that the status is changed and the URL is shown so you can see right off the bat what posts are live, etc. Link Assistant makes it nice and simple to keep track of all your guest post contacts!

Importing Targets with Scrapebox

There is a way to use Scrapebox to create a target list and filter through them.


Enter in the keywords you’re looking for and I also included my footprints which you can download under the video.

Click Start Harvesting and Scrapebox will go and look for targets.

Once it comes back with a list, click Export URL List and copy it to the clipboard. Head back over to Link Assistant and go to File, Import, Plain text and paste in your list.


Check the expert options box and click Next. Check the get complete URLs box in the next window and everything else at default. You can go and filter through again by rank like we did before or add in some other factors.

After it’s done searching, select all and click Next. Now we have a brand new list of targets imported from Scrapebox keyword scraper.


Like we did earlier, go through and remove one without an email address, sort by ranking or go ahead and email all of them.

One thing to take note of is if you are using a Hotmail or Yahoo email account with the outgoing SMTP servers and sending out hundreds or thousands of emails, your account might be banned.

Make sure to sent up the incoming mail setting so even if you get responses to the banned email address, they will be sent to your contact email.

Use Guest Posting Software To Make It Easy

That’s all there is to it! By using Link Assistant, you can easily keep record of all your guest posts and the email process. If you want to try it out, there is a free trial you can download.

Link Assistant is included in the SEO Powersuite package which is another powerful tool to do SEO audits, backlink analysis and track rankings.

I highly recommend it as I use it every day.

(If you don’t have the time or the resources, I recommend you to use one of these guest posting services to do all the hard work for you).

Resources In The Tutorial

Link Assistant FREE TRIAL – It’s main purpose is to find recipricoal link partners which sucks. I use it to automate and manage my guest posting campaigns with a few tweaks.

SEO Powersuite FREE TRIAL – This has a huge range of uses and includes a few pieces of software. You get RankTracker (the best rank tracking software imo), Website Auditor (great for checking onsite issues), SEO Spyglass (download competitor backlinks) and LinkAssistant It is an essential suite of SEO tools that everyone should have in their arsenal.

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  15. ^ That’s the way to go for most beginners: make yourself an “SEO Box” (which is what I recently did). Basically, I’ve put together a computer that will take barely any electricity, be super fast (SSD Drives for OS/Software), and have a ton of memory. I can either split these into VMs or use the box with OS on it straight up. Basically i’m hooking this thing into an internet connection in my office and it runs 24/7 doing anything I need while rotating IPs every 30 minutes :)Set up Dynamic DNS with the router and I can RDP into it from anywhere instantly to tweak/add tasks/etc.

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