Which Is The Best YouTube Rank Tracker On The Market?

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Are you serious about your YouTube SEO?

Then it’s only right to get yourself an accurate YouTube tracker.

Most of your competitors don’t bother to track their SEO results. They just continuously create videos and cross their fingers that one of them eventually ranks.

Don’t get caught in this trap.

Take the strategic approach with your SEO and measure your results and rankings.

A good YouTube tracker will:

  • Give you a competitive advantage
  • Help you achieve your goals faster

These are the 3 best Youtube trackers and how you can take advantage of each of them.

What Is A YouTube Tracker?

A YouTube tracker is a rank tracking tool that allows you to accurately see the search rankings of your YouTube videos.

If you want to make it easy to monitor your target keywords and see if your Youtube video rankings are improving over time then that’s what a good Youtube tracker does.

Why Should You Use A YouTube Tracker?

A YouTube tracker will give you a competitive advantage.

Here’s why every serious YouTuber should be using a YouTube tracker.

Track (Any) YouTube Rankings

Organic traffic is the lifeblood of a strong and successful YouTube channel.

Ranking your YouTube videos for valuable keywords will explode your channel and make you some serious money in the process.

But to do that, you need to know how your videos are performing in the YouTube search results. Because if you forgot…

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world – Not to mention the second most visited website in the world!

YouTube trackers make it easy to see how your video SEO performs with precise keyword rank tracking. Getting consistent updates about rankings allows you to understand which optimisations are working best.

There’s a saying…

What gets measured gets done.

Measuring your YouTube video rankings will keep you focussed on what’s important and ensure you make informed decisions based on actual data.

See Where You Stand Against The Competition

YouTube is only going to get more competitive.

Seeing how you perform against your top YouTube competitors is important to detect overall trends and gain competitive advantages.

youtube rank tracking

With a YouTube tracker, you can see exactly how your videos rank against your top competitors. This allows you to compare your YouTube SEO directly with theirs.

More than that, you can see your overall visibility on YouTube for each keyword against all of your competitors.

This allows you to see important top-level data such as how your channel performs against theirs as a whole.

Over time it gets easy to see what topics and SEO strategies work the best making you the authority in your niche.

Who doesn’t want that, right?

Replicate What’s Work For Your Competitors

Your top YouTube competitors are constantly working hard on their own SEO.

This is where a YouTube tracker really shines… As you monitor your competitor’s rankings, you’ll see what adjustments are working for them.

What works for them will most likely work for you – there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

Simply replicate their strategies and apply them to your own videos. This way you:

  • Leverage their hard work
  • Only need to focus on implementation

Continuously doing this is hands-down one of the best ways to improve your YouTube SEO. And a YouTube rank tracker makes it easy to do just that!

What Are The Best YouTube Rank Trackers Available?

There are a ton of YouTube trackers to choose from.

Most of them claim to be the best but don’t offer the needed features and accurate YouTube rank tracking to really help your YouTube SEO.

These are the three best YouTube rank trackers you can get.

#1 – AccuRanker

AccuRanker is the most advanced YouTube tracker you can buy.

There is a reason they are the market leader in rank tracking tools.


AccuRanker goes the extra mile to provide you with all the data you need to make informed decisions about your YouTube SEO. And it doesn’t stop there…

The data and analytics are displayed inside a simple to use interface, making it easy to understand how your videos are performing.

Ranking data is updated automatically every 24 hours, whether you log in or not.

Want to refresh your rankings data more regularly?

You can manually refresh your rankings any time you want.

This is a unique feature that AccuRanker offers and means you always have the most up to date information anytime you want it.

AccuRanker lets you track keywords for both:

  • Mobile searches
  • Desktop searches

You can also use their location-specific feature to track results in different countries.

accuranker location tracking

Here’s the truth:

Not all keywords are as valuable. You need to know which keywords are giving you the most visibility so you can focus on the ones that deliver the most benefit.

You can add your YouTube domain to AccuRanker which allows it to automatically fetch every video on your channel in one go. Talk about easy.

AccuRanker then provides a “Share of Voice” metric.

This unique single metric lets you see how much search traffic you are getting for each of your keywords vs your competitors.

Pretty cool, right?

accuranker competitors

These are AccuRanker’s best features:

  • Very accurate rankings for any keyword
  • Track video rankings in multiple search engines
  • Compare your performance with competitor
  • Easy to use interface
  • Share of Voice metric
  • Check YouTube video rankings on demand
  • Monitor and compare up to 10 competitors

AccuRanker has been at the top of the YouTube tracker game for years and consistently outperforms other top rank tracking tools.

Want to learn more about what AccuRanker can do? Check out my complete AccuRanker review. I breakdown all the important features of this powerful tool.

How To Use AccuRanker To Track Rankings On YouTube

Follow these steps to get started with YouTube tracking on AccuRanker.

Signup for AccuRanker (they have a free trial) and add the exact URL of your YouTube channel as the domain.

accuranker add youtube channel url

You have the option to add a display name and choose the exact location that you want to track your YouTube rankings in.

Next add in your primary target keywords for each YouTube video. On the right side, click the Add New Search Engine button.

accuranker add target keywords

Choose your target search engines and the locations you want to track.

accuranker search engine selection

Want to track multiple countries?

You will need to add a new search engine for each country you want to track.

AccuRanker will get to work and pull up your current rankings of each target keyword.

#2 – RankRanger

RankRanger makes it easy to track and optimise your YouTube videos.

They offer a number of cool features that provide in-depth reporting for individual videos and your entire channel as a whole.

rankranger youtube tracker

Your YouTube video ranks are determined by a lot of factors.

One of the most important factors is your SEO title. RankRanger offers keyword research tools that help you find and select the most valuable keywords for your YouTube video titles. It even…

  • Offers keyword suggestions
  • Monitors the popularity of each keyword you are tracking

All of the data is displayed in an extensive range of tracking reports and graphs.

youtube tracker graphs

This makes it super easy to understand your rankings and visibility for each video.

You can also integrate your YouTube video analytics with RankRanger to see all the data directly inside the platform.

Here’s what you will get with RankRanger:

  • Accurate rank tracking
  • Keyword research tools
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Clean user interface
  • Video and channel engagement analytics
  • YouTube SERP tracking

In other words, RankRanger is a great Youtube tracker to help you stay updated with all your video SEO rankings.

How To Use RankRanger To Track Rankings On YouTube

Signup for RankRanger (they have a 14-day free trial) and click on Campaigns, then General settings.

Name your campaign and add in your YouTube channel URL.

YouTube General Settings

Leave the tracking mode as default and click Save.

Choose your target search engines and countries to track your YouTube rankings in.

youtube search engine locations

Manually add in all of your target keywords for each YouTube video.

youtube campaign keywords

You need to tell RankRanger which video you want to rank for which keyword. This helps RankRanger provide more accurate and actionable SEO data.

Click on the target icon for each keyword and select the target video in the popup.

target urls

RankRanger will pull all of the data into your dashboard and give you accurate rankings for your videos.

#3 – Rank Tracker by SEO PowerSuite

SEO Powersuite is an all in one SEO tool.

One of their best tools is Rank Tracker.

rank-tracker from seo powersuite

Unlike the other two tools, Rank Tracker is a desktop based-tool, not a cloud-based tool. That means you will need to download and install it onto your computer before using it.

rank tracker download form

Rank Tracker makes it easy to track the individual keywords of each video.

You can add multiple keywords and map them to each video URL or let Rank Tracker detect the URL for you.

Along with YouTube rank tracking, you get access to a whole lot of other valuable information. Rank Tracker gives you an estimated number of searches for the target keyword and then breaks down how many video views you can expect to get.

rank tracker youtube rankings

You can even get an estimated click-through for each keyword based on the position you are ranking in.

Want to see your results in different search engines?

Monitor your video SEO across different search engines by easily adding them to your tracking dashboard.

Rank Tracker also allows you to do hyper-targeted rank tracking so you can see ranking results at a city level or within different countries.

The ranking report shows your overall channel visibility and lets you compare with up to 5 YouTube competitors.

Here are some features to love about Rank Tracker:

  • Track unlimited keywords
  • Update your rankings data daily
  • Check the rankings of your entire channel
  • Monitor the YouTube SERPs for any keyword
  • View your competitor’s rankings
  • Track rankings across multiple search engines.

Rank Tracker is a very powerful YouTube tracking tool. Its user interface will take some time to get used to but it comes packed with powerful tools to maximise your rankings.

Check out my full Rank Tracker review to see everything you can do with it.

How To Use Rank Tracker To Check Rankings On YouTube

Download and install the Rank Tracker software on your computer.

download rank tracker

Once installed, start a new project and paste in your YouTube channel URL.

add youtube url

Next, you’ll see a window prompting you to connect your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts. Ignore this for now and click Skip.

Add in all of your target keywords for each of your videos and click next.

enter your keywords

Choose your preferred search engines and target countries. You can also select whether you want to track mobile and/or desktop rankings.

choose serach engines

Click Finish and you’re done!

Rank Tracker will take a bit of time to get your ranking positions.

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Wrapping It Up

YouTube trackers are an essential tool for any serious YouTuber wanting to see some success on the platform.

How are you supposed to improve if you aren’t tracking your results?

Any of these three YouTube rank trackers above provide you with accurate ranking positions for all of your videos.

My personal recommendation is AccuRanker.

It is the best YouTube tracker on the planet and offers a ton of other cool features. It’s also the rank tracker I use for all my SEO campaigns.

But if you’re on a budget, Rank Ranger or Rank Tracker will do the job just fine.


Successful long-term YouTube SEO is about making informed decisions.

That means you need to be constantly measuring your results and looking at the data for where you can improve.

This is what separates you from the rest!

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  1. Hi , You may also add YouTubeRank.com to your report, this is by far the best free tool to track and measure local youtube ranking, and its all free to use.

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