Frase Review: How To Increase Traffic And Conversions

  • Matthew Woodward
  • Updated on Feb 6, 2024
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I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Writing high-quality content consistently is hard work!

And if that’s not bad enough – you put in hours upon hours of work into a single piece of content without any guarantee it will rank in Google.

But I am going to let you in on a secret:

You can cut your content production time in half while ensuring that it’s perfectly optimised for Google.


By using Frase.

In this Frase review, I will show you how to get more organic search traffic and even increase your conversions, so pay close attention.

Frase Review: What Is Frase?

Frase ( is an AI powered content marketing tool that helps you write search engine optimised content and quickly answer visitors’ questions.


Frase has two main tools:

  1. Frase Content: Content optimisation tool that helps you create content that ranks in Google.
  2. Frase Answers: Powerful chatbot that provides instant answers to the questions your visitors have.

frase review

Frase combines:

… To power both of these SEO tools.

What is natural language processing?

Natural language processing (NLP) is a type of AI that helps computers understand and interpret human language.

In recent years NLP has become very important to SEO as search engines have started integrating it into their algorithms.

Frase Pricing & Plans

Frase has three pricing plans:

  1. Free
  2. Basic
  3. Team

Here is a breakdown of what’s included in each plan:

Plan Details       Free        Basic Team
Price Free $44.99 per month $114.99 per month
Users 1 1 3
Document Credits per Month 5 30 UNLIMITED
Unlimited Sharing No Yes Yes
Google Docs Integration No No No

Frase limits the number of documents that can be created and the number of users that have access to Frase. They don’t limit the features that are included in each plan.

Are you a larger company that has more needs than the Team plan?

You can contact Frase to get a custom quote for an Enterprise plan.

A Closer Look At Frase Features

Excited to see everything that this software can do? Frase has a ton of powerful features within both of their tools.

Frase Content helps speed up the content creation process with:

Frase Answers provides answers to visitors questions using:

  • Frase Site Search
  • AI Chatbots
  • Powerful Analytics

The two tools come together nicely to provide powerful content marketing software that helps increase traffic and revenue.

How To Use Frase Content To Increase Traffic

One of Frases’ core goals is to help you create quality content that not only ranks but converts site visitors into customers.

This makes it an ideal solution for business owners who want to harness the power of content marketing without spending long hours on it.

Frase has three massive features to help you do this.

1. Create Content Outlines Quickly

Think about it:

Creating great outlines for your content is a time-consuming task. The research alone can double the amount of time it takes to write a quality piece of content.

That changes with Frase. Frase outline builder automatically researches and creates detailed outlines that include:

  • Suggested headings & subheadings
  • Monthly search volume
  • Autocomplete keywords
  • Related questions

You end up with a comprehensive outline for your piece of content in seconds…literally!

Ready to get started with this feature?

Login to Frase and click Outline Builder in the menu.

click outline builder

Type your topic into the search bar and hit enter.

topic search

Frase will automatically provide a list of potential target keywords.

Click on the most relevant keyword to your topic.

related questions

Frase will generate a list of related questions people are asking. It finds these related questions directly from:

If you want to get a list of even more accurate keywords and questions related to your topic, you can use the keyword modifier at the top of the page.

keyword modifier

For example, if you were writing about the “best” link building strategies you could select “best” as a keyword modifier.

You can also filter your results by language and target country.

language and country filter

By clicking the dropdown on a specific question, Frase will automatically provide a list of more questions related to the question you just clicked on.

more related questions

This provides you with an almost endless list of heading ideas to help you create a great outline. But, wait, there is more…

Now let’s dive deeper into the fun part.

Check the boxes next to questions that you want to include in your content to build your outline, just like this:

build content outline

You can click on other “Autocomplete Keywords” and run through the same process again to get more ideas.

finalise content outline

When you are happy with your outline click the Create Document button.

create document

Frase automatically pulls your outline into a new document. Done!

completed outline in document

Now that the outline is finished, it’s time to do some in-depth topic research!

2. Automate Detailed Content Briefs

Need to create a content brief for your blog?

Whether it’s just for yourself or for a client, a good content brief…

  • Explains what to write about
  • Provides SEO details
  • Includes content strategy

This ensures every piece of content is not only well-written but also ranks for the target search queries.

On top of that, Frase automatically creates detailed content briefs related to your target keyword that include:

  • Target word count
  • Suggested headlines
  • People also asked” questions
  • SERP’s analysis
  • Top 20 topics
  • Recommended Headers to include
  • Questions you should answer
  • Key statistics to include
  • External links

You might be wondering… “where do they get all this information?

Frase generates this information from the top 20 websites currently ranking for your target keyword.

Here’s how to generate an automated brief with Frase:

Inside a document, open a new + tab and click on Automate Brief. On the right side, select what you want to include in your brief.

customise content brief

There is a lot of information that Frase can provide so choose what is relevant to you.

In my briefs, I usually include:

  • Guidelines
  • Topic Clusters
  • Topics
  • Headers
  • Hyperlinks

If you combine this brief with the outline you already completed you’ve got everything you need to… start writing website content!

When you are ready in the bottom right, Click on Insert Brief into Editor.

insert content brief

Frase will take a moment to populate all of that information into the brief.

finished content brief

Not writing this content yourself?

You can simply download the brief and send it off to your writer.

3. Write Perfectly Coptimised Content

Here is the truth: Writing great content is one thing, making sure it’s optimised so that it ranks is a whole other thing.

You can write the most amazing content but if no one reads it, it won’t matter.

Frase has a very powerful set of advanced AI features to make sure your content is perfectly optimised.

After analysing the top 20 search results for your keywords, Frase provides a list of topics that need to be mentioned and discussed in your content in order to rank.

Frase gives an overall score out of 100% based on how optimised your content is. They also provide a line representing the average optimisation rate of each website ranking in the top 20.

Is your content SEO not quite hitting the mark?

No worries because the software tells you exactly what you need to:

  • Add/Remove
  • Change

…To reach that 100%.

On the right side, you can see an analysis of the search results.

serps analysis

Frase provides lots of usable SERP data:

  • Overview – Analyses the top ranking websites and shows you the outline of their content.
  • Headers – Headings being used by the top ranking websites.
  • Links – Important websites that are being linked out too.
  • Stats – Statistics that have been used by the top ranking websites.

You get a wealth of information about articles that are already ranking. Use this information to guide you as you write your content.

Finished writing your content?

Now you want to make sure it’s perfectly optimised.

Click on the Topic Score Tab.

topic score

Frase recommends topics by analysing the top Google results for your target search term.

You get a score of how you stack up against the top results. The yellow line represents the average of the top 20 search results.

overall topic score

How do you improve your SEO score?

You need to make sure you mention and cover each of the recommended topics that Frase provides.

topics to add

Frase gives a colour to show if you need to use the topic word more or less:

  1. Green: You have mentioned the topic enough
  2. Orange: You need to mention the topic more
  3. Grey: The topic hasn’t been mentioned at all

Your goal is to use all of the topics the suggested number of times – this is how you get that perfect 100%.

In most cases, Frase will provide some topic words that just aren’t relevant. Simply delete these words so they don’t impact your optimisation score.

How To Use Frase Answers To Convert More Traffic?

The Frase AI assistant…

  • Crawls your website’s content.
  • Starts organising it into one knowledge database.

This enables Frase to understand what your content is about and answer questions that your website visitors type into the Frase Answer engine.

How does this help you?

Frase can provide customer services using just AI eliminating the need to have live customer support.

Frase Answers has three cool features to do all of this.

1. Turn Your Content Into Useful Answers

With the Frase AI Chatbot, it’s easier than ever to engage visitors on your website.

Easily install it on your website and it can start matching your content to your customer’s questions.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A visitor is looking through your website trying to find an answer to a specific question.
  2. They click on your chatbot and ask their question.
  3. Fraise AI scans your website content to look for the answer to that question.
  4. When the AI finds the answer they reply to the visitor.

Simple, right?

The chatbot also links to the page where it got the answer from. If your visitor wants to learn more about the topic they can just click on the link.

Here’s how to set it up:

In the bottom left, Click Frase Answers.

frase answers

Now click on the Assistants tab.

frase assistants

Next scroll down and copy and paste the script code in the </head> section of your website HTML.

frase html script

Now that the script is set up you need Frase to crawl your website’s content. This will help the AI understand what the content is about.

Click New Crawl.

new website crawl

Input your domain and click extract pages. Then click start crawl.

extract website

This takes some time for Frase to crawl each page, especially if you have a large website. While it’s crawling you can continue setting up the Chatbot.

Click on the Assistants tab and Click New Assistant.

create new assistant

Give your assistant a name, select your website from the dropdown and click Create Assistant.

frase assistant details

You need to specify what pages you want the assistant to load.

Add your domain in the URL Pattern Field so that the assistant will appear on each page of your website.

You can also blacklist URLs to stop the bot from appearing on those pages.

url pattern

Branding is an important part of every business and Frase allows you to customise the bot so it matches your brand.

You can change the:

  • Chatbots Colour
  • Avatar
  • How it’s displayed on the site

Finish customising your assistant just the way you want it and click Save Changes.

customise ai assistant

Your new Chatbot will now be live on your website and ready to answer questions.

2. Implement Consumer-Grade Search On Your Website

A search bar is essential for every website…

if you want to help visitors find the content they need.

Most websites have a search bar somewhere on their website but it’s often very limited in what it can do.

Frase Site Search is a powerful search bar that allows visitors to see content related to their questions in a simple dropdown.

How does this help?

When visitors see a list of relevant content you have created that might answer their questions without having to click on anything – you’ve just saved them lots of time.

They simply type in the search query and Frase automatically finds answers on your website related to their search. They can then click on the page where the answer was pulled from to read more.

And because you already set up the Chatbot Assistant you are 90% done!

Click on the Site Search tab.

site search settings

Here you can customise the placeholder text that will appear in the search bar.

You can also add featured pages that will automatically be shown to visitors before they start typing when they click on the Site Search bar.

Once you are happy with everything, click Save Changes.

Lastly, paste the below HTML code where you want Frase Site Search to load on your page. Usually, this is placed in the header and footer of your website.

site search html code

To get that HTML code click here.

That’s it you’re done! Your site search is not set up and ready to answer site visitors questions fast!

3. Use Analytics to Convert More Customers

Here’s the truth:

Customers don’t buy if they have unanswered questions.

It is as simple as that.

Frase has powerful analytics tools that provide very in-depth insights into how effective your content is.

To view your Frase Answers Analytics, just click on the Analytics tab.

frase analytics

As people start to use your new assistant the analytics will populate with usable insights.

If you can’t answer your customer’s questions they will click back to Google and try another site.

And this is where Frase Answers comes to play. Frase Answers helps use your content to move customers further down the customer journey.

frase analytics results

As visitors start to use Frase – it gets smarter… And so do you.

Frase has a very in-depth analytics dashboard that captures:

  • Total users: the total number of unique visitors that asked a question
  • Total questions: the total number of questions asked
  • Answer Click-Through Rate: the number and percentage of Assistant Answers where the visitor clicked on a call-to-action
  • Emails captured: the number and percentage of answers that captured a visitor email
  • Live chats: The number and percentage of answers that resulted in a live chat (if you set this up)

frase activity overview

What does this information tell you?

Exactly what questions visitors are frequently asking so you know what content your customers are looking for.

frase analytics topic gaps

Getting questions that you haven’t written about?

You can simply write a piece of content to answer those questions to help future visitors. Frase analytics also helps you see how effective your content is at:

  • Generating leads
  • Generating sales

…For your business.

For example, you can directly track which content and answers lead to more sales on your website. Now that’s seriously powerful.

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How Can Your Business Benefit From Frase Products?

For business owners and agencies, Frase is the swiss-army knife of content marketing – something you want in your back pocket.

But how exactly will these features benefit your business?

Frase Will Save You A Lot Of Time And Money

The biggest benefit of Frase is its streamlined content planning and writing process.

You can say goodbye to wasted hours researching, planning and getting nowhere and hello to a faster, more optimised content process…

…Without compromising on writing quality.

With their tools, I was personally able to cut my own article planning and writing time in half. You can even integrate Frase with WordPress to directly publish content to your website without the need to copy and paste.

frase intergrations

With the AI Chatbot, your website visitors’ questions get answered faster and you can save money on customer support while still providing a great customer experience.

Frase Will Help You Align Your Content To Organic Search Demand

Search is becoming more complex.

Google is moving away from keyword focussed search results to topic focussed search results. As smart SEOs, this means we need to do the same.

Frase makes content optimisation a breeze. Their topic score and search analysis features make optimising your content easy.

Plus you get a deeper insight into the topics people are interested in which helps you produce better quality content overall.

search analysis features

And if your content optimisation score is low?

Frase shows you exactly what you need to do to improve it.

No need to go through lots of different analytics. Frase makes it easy to align your content directly to what people are searching for.

Frase Will Guide You During All The Process Of Content Creation

Writing quality content is hard enough.

Frase guides you through all fours stages of creating content:

  1. Research – Generate automatic briefs for your topic.
  2. Planning – Create content outlines that include key information.
  3. Writing – Easy to use built-in content editor.
  4. Optimising – In-depth optimisation guide for perfect SEO.

From topic search to briefs and optimisation, Frase does it all. It’s nice to have everything you need to produce great content that ranks in one tool.

Frase Will Help Your Increase Organic Traffic, Engagement and Conversions

Most SEO tools are focused only on getting more organic traffic. But what do you do when you get that organic traffic?

Frase Answers offers so many powerful features to increase:

  • Engagement
  • Conversions.

Maybe you sell a product or service that customers often have many questions about before purchasing? Frase Answers will be a massive help to you.

With the Frase Assistant Chatbot installed, customers get their questions answered quickly eliminating the burden of having to spend ages replying to simple questions.

frase ai chat bot assistant

Your website visitors are also much more likely to advance through your sales process after their questions are answered.

Quick answers to questions can lead to a streamlined conversion.

You can create a customer journey so that you are not only answering questions but actively encouraging them to take the next step.

frase customer journey creator

As if that’s not enough?

Frase’s analytics features provide valuable insights into the types of questions that visitors are asking.

This tells you exactly what you need to create content on.

No more guesswork!

Does Frase Have Any Downsides?

As you can see…

I am a big fan of Frase. But Frase certainly has a few small downsides which will annoy some people.

The basic plan starts at $44.99 per month for 30 document credits. If you produce less than 30 documents (pieces of content) per month you are essentially overpaying.

Frase can get expensive for freelancers or small businesses that produce a low amount of content each month.

And you have the option to add on an SEO subscription. The add-on gives you access to SEO metrics such as:

All of this data populates nicely inside of Fraser.

But what’s the catch?

The add-on costs $35 per month on top of your subscription. That’s a hefty price tag compared with other SEO tools.

frase seo add on

Did I get you excited to use Frase Answers?

Well, I don’t mean to burst your bubble but… depending on your plan you will get a limit on how many questions can be asked each month.

This becomes annoying if you have a huge number of visitors and the number of questions they are likely to ask.

Although these issues are relatively small compared to the powerful features that Frase offers, you need to take the time to understand what you get in each plan.

Personally, I find their pricing and plans more complicated than they should be.

Wrapping It Up

Frase helps you create content that delivers great SEO results.

Frase Home Page

I don’t know any other tool that cuts down the amount of time it takes to create high-quality content while streamlining the entire writing process.

The tools are easy to use and make it simple to consistently create SEO content your readers will love.

With search engines moving towards Natural Language Processing (NLP), Frases’ content optimisation abilities are some of the best available.

And if you’ve ever worried about not being able to optimise content properly, Frase guides you to do that while ensuring your content is highly relevant in the eyes of Google.

And if Google is happy with your content… it will rank faster and higher.

That’s the end goal, right?

search logistics cta

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frase is an SEO content writing and optimisation tool. It streamlines the writing process and helps you produce high-quality, perfectly optimised content. Frase uses advanced AI analysis and natural language processing to help you write content that ranks higher in the search engine results.
Frase has both free and paid plans. Frase-free plans aren’t just a free trial. Free accounts include 1 user seat, 5 Frase Content documents credits per month and up to 10,000 pageviews for Frase Answers. Frase Answers analytics is capped at a 30-day window. Pretty good for a completely free plan!
Frase offers two main tools:
  1. Frase Content
  2. Frase Answers
Frase content is a suite of AI writing and SEO tools that help you research, create and optimise your content in the most efficient way possible. Frase Answers uses your already-written content to provide instant answers to questions that your visitors have in the search bar.
Frase offers a number of both free and paid plans depending on your needs. Paid plans start at $44.99 per month. Pay annually and you get a 15% discount.

Frase Review

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In this Frase review, you’ll learn how to use to get more traffic, leads and conversions while saving time and money.

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