Become A Blogger That Matters Today With These 40 Tutorials

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What if I could teach you how to become a blogger?

And, that learning how to blog, doesn’t need to be hard or expensive.

That for every $1000 course, $500 mastermind, $100 coaching session and $5 eBook, there’s a free tutorial online that teaches you everything.

And, that you can find them all with just a couple of quick Google searches.

In fact, scratch that –  you can find every single blogging article you need right here .

In this article I’ve curated every single article you’ll ever need to learn how to become a blogger. No trick. No catch. Just to help you learn the trade the free way.

All you have to do is read on…

What Will I Learn?

What You Will Learn

This list, like my list of SEO Tutorials and Traffic Generation Tutorials, doesn’t try to be the biggest or the longest.

Instead, this is here to be the best. Every article here has been hand-picked because it offers you the most useful advice for blogging.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner who’s yet to write your first post. An intermediate blogger who’s looking to get un-stuck. Or, a 10-year veteran who’s looking to freshen up your approach.

This article has been broken up into seven sections, and all you have to do is click the link below to jump to it.

  • Starting your blog: Just starting out? Here’s everything you need to know about getting your blog off the ground.
  • Blog content ideas: Make sure the well of content ideas never runs dry with these tutorials.
  • Copywriting/Writing tutorials: Your ability to write, and write well, is the backbone of blogging. But don’t worry if you think you suck, after these tutorials, you’ll be a regular every day Stephen King.
  • Headlines: Your blog posts don’t mean anything if you can’t get anybody to read them. These tutorials will help you craft the perfect headlines.
  • Site optimization: Turn your site from just another blog and start capturing people’s hearts, minds, and email addresses.
  • Monetization: Making money; that’s why you’re here, right? Well, these pro-tips will have you making an income in no time at all.
  • Distribution, Promotion, and Social Media: You also need to be sure people see your blog posts. That’s exactly what you’ll learn here.

You’ll also find that every tutorial has a label attached to it as Easy, Medium or Hard.

That way you know what you’re getting yourself into and can filter out the articles you don’t think you’ll be able to replicate.

  • Easy: Even if you’ve never written a blog post in your life, you’ll be able to follow this.
  • Medium: You’ll need to have a few posts, and a couple of good ideas, under your belt.
  • Hard: You need to have spent at least a year in the blogging trenches.

If that all sounds good to you, let’s dive into the tutorials

How To Become A Blogger

When you first become a blogger, it’s okay to feel confused.

There’s no guidebook, no manual, and you’re not always sure what success will look like. It’s the same for any business.

What you need is to take the right steps in the beginning to know you’re setting your blog up for a bright future.

In this section you’ll find step-by-step tutorials, tips and guides from people who have grown their own $100,000+ a year blogs to give you a solid foundation.

How To Start A Blog by Matthew Woodward

  • Link
  • Style: Video Guide
  • Difficulty: Easy

matt woodward home

Want to know the specifics of how I turned my blog from just another Internet Marketing blog, into an award winning, money making machine?

Then look no further than this step by step video guide.

By watching, you’ll learn:

  • How to start a blog over my shoulder step by step
  • How to set everything up including your own domain
  • The blog will be mobile responsive, secure & automatically backed up
  • It will also be fully SEO optimised with social integration

If you’re more of a visual learner, this is the best article for you.

279 Days To Overnight Success by Chris Guillebeau

  • Link
  • Style: PDF/Manifesto
  • Difficulty: Easy

how to become a blogger overnight

This guide from Chris Guillebeau, the creator of the world famous The Art of Non-Conformity blog, talks you through how to become a blogger.

Now, this book came out in 2009, so some of the practical elements are out of date.

But, the core values are still true today. So if you want to create a blog that matters and makes money, take the time to read this book.

Inside Chris shows you through:

  • How to set goals for your blog
  • How to understand your audience and create content they want
  • The most common blogging mistakes
  • How to handle criticism and what people think of your work

By the end of it you’ll be able to put your work out into the world with purpose and confidence.

And, that’s one of the keys to blogging success.

Building A Successful Blog by Matthew Woodward

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post Guide
  • Difficulty: Easy to Medium

matt blog tutorial

This is my personal step-by-step guide that I used to grow this blog to $73,334.09 profit.

Every section of this tutorial was followed, by me, to the letter to bring this blog to where it is today.

If you want a complete blueprint that you can use to unlock the potential of your blog, this is it.

In the tutorial I’ll show you:

  • How I grew the blog from day 1 step-by-step
  • How I created blog content
  • How you can start making money right away
  • How to share your content with the world (so that they care)

By the end of my guide, you’ll have the perfect foundation to grow a profitable blog in any niche.

Beginner’s Guide to Wordpress by WPBeginner

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post Series
  • Difficulty: Easy to Medium

beginners guide from wpbeginner

Okay, this isn’t one tutorial – it’s eight.

If you start a blog, you should do it with WordPress. It’s easy to use, simple to design and so user-friendly even a toddler could use it.

Over these eight guides you’ll learn:

  • How to get started with WordPress
  • How to upload WordPress to your site
  • How to choose the right plugins for your site
  • How to select the perfect theme for your site

By the end of this series, you’ll be familiar with WordPress and be able to address some fundamental technical issues, as well as design your site.

The 90 Day Blogging Strategy by Matthew Woodward

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post
  • Difficulty: Easy

90 day blog

Want to take the confusion out of starting your blog?

Well, this guest post from James Johnson shows you everything you need to do over the next 90 days to go from blogging zero to blogging here.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • The importance of blogging with a goal in mind
  • How to give your audience what they want
  • The most effective ways to generate traffic
  • How to monetise your site instantly

This guide will ease you along the path of blogging, from creating content to making money, and show you the simplest ways to stand out from the crowd.

19 Things to Know Before You Start a Blog by Blog Tyrant

  • Link
  • Style: List Blog Post
  • Difficulty: Easy

how to start a blog blog tyrant

In this guide, Ramsay, the Blog Tyrant, shares his 19 must know steps before you start your blog.

It’s not just a list post with hollow advice, though. This guide will help you make all of the important decisions you need to make before you start your blog.

Ramsay will talk you through:

  • Why you should still be writing long content
  • Why your blog needs a responsive design
  • How to outsource the work you don’t want to do
  • How to keep your information (and your site) secure

If you have no idea what running a blog is like, this gives you a great insight.

How To Build A $500 Per Month Niche Site by Location Rebel

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post Guide
  • Difficulty: Easy

location rebel

Sean Ogle has built a career out of teaching people how to start niche blogs that make money.

In this guide, he gives away his specific strategy that has worked time, and time (and time) again.

He’ll talk you through:

  • How to choose the right niche
  • How to connect with journalists to grow your brand
  • How to get started with guest blogging
  • How to monetize your site

There’s not much more that you need to get started.

By the end of the article you’ll have a clear picture of what it takes to start a niche blog, the essential work you need to put in, and what success looks like.

How To Start A Travel (Or Any Other) Blog by Nichehacks

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post
  • Difficulty: Easy

start a travel blog

In this article James Johnson talks you through how he started his blog, One Day Guides as part of a niche site challenge.

Don’t be put off by the title, though; this applies to any blog.

He talks you through:

  • How to launch a travel niche blog (or any blog)
  • Why you don’t need to pay for a mailing list
  • The reason you need to stop worrying about design
  • The essential pages for your niche site

If you follow his step-by-step tutorials you can have your blog set up in just a few hours and for as little money as possible. Not bad, huh?

learn how to build a successfull blog in 7 days.

Blog Content Ideas

Once you’ve set your blog up, it’s time to start creating content for it. And, to do that, you’re going to need a consistent flow of good ideas.

When you first start out, it’s okay to worry that you’ll run out of ideas.

But trust me, even after blogging for this long, there are always more ideas. Sometimes they even just hit you in the shower.

But, with these tutorials, you’ll always have a sure-fire way to generate new ideas.

15 Content Creation Tools That Will Satisfy Your Audience by Matthew Woodward

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post
  • Difficulty: Easy

matt feedly

Are you like me and want to make coming up with good ideas as easy as possible?

Well, in this next article I’ll show you my personal list of tools I used to create content.

I’ll show you:

  • How to use IFTTT to automate your ideas
  • How to use Quora to find your audiences most painful topics
  • How to use Udemy to steal content ideas (and use them for yourself)
  • How to use automatically generate topics without even thinking

Save time. Generate ideas. Keep your blog alive.

150+ Blog Ideas That Will Absolutely Kill Writers’ Block by CoSchedule

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post
  • Difficulty: Medium

coschedule ideas

This article by Devin Joubert is just outstanding.

Instead of just telling you what to write, he gives you all the prompts you need to come up with ideas for yourself.

And, a little structure to give the new ideas context. Making the whole process replicable and sustainable.

Devin gives you ideas for a range of situations:

  • Content Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Repurposing
  • Creative

If you came up with one idea from each, you’d be able to create one post a week for nearly three years.

If that’s not value for (no) money, I don’t know what is.

The Ultimate List of 95 Blogpost Ideas for Creating Craveable Content by Buffer

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post Guide
  • Difficulty: Medium

buffer blog post

Want to create blog post topics that will set social media on fire?

Then, you need this post from Buffer.

They’ve pulled together all of the resources you need to create a consistent flow of content that your social media fans will love.

In it, Kevan Lee goes through:

  • Strategies for coming up with blog post ideas
  • How to create and use a swipe file
  • 36 instant blog post ideas
  • 56 more questions to ask yourself (or your audience) to create content they want to read

Once finished, you’ll have almost one year’s worth of content (if you post twice a week). And, a few hundred more social shares to show for it.

How To Generate 105 Blog Topics In Under 1 Hour by Nichehacks

nichehacks case study

Short on time? This case study from Nichehacks shows you how to generate 105 topics in just an hour.

Now, they may not all be good ideas. But every blogger must go through the terrible ideas, to get to the gold. Don’t worry about that!

James will show you:

  • How to find sexy, keyword rich, content
  • What it takes to be an unconscious content idea generator
  • A simple trick to leverage social media for great blog posts
  • Free to use tools to generate ideas for you (so you can switch off your mind)

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve had to struggle for ideas; this method is guaranteed to get you unstuck.

Copywriting/Writing Articles

How to become a successful blogger? You have to know how to communicate with people through words.

Sounds simple, right? Well, yes and no.

The bad news is that it takes a lot of practice to get there. But, the good news?

You don’t have to be a great writer to start blogging.

You just have to have a clear message and a good work ethic. The rest you can learn from these tutorials that give you practical SEO writing tips.

Copywriting 101 by Copyblogger

  • Link
  • Style: eBook
  • Difficulty: Easy

copywriting 101

My.copyblogger is an excellent resource. And, one of their best freebies is this book about copywriting.

If you’re not sure what copywriting is, just think of it as what you’re reading right now.

It’s the type of writing that is used to sell, inform, intrigue and delight.

It’s what separates Bloggers from Novelists.

They’ll teach you:

  • How to write to sell
  • What makes up good writing
  • How to write content people want to read
  • How to unlearn everything school taught you

If you’re new to writing and aren’t too sure where to start learning, this book will give you all the basics you need.

Pus, you can use these copy-writing tips to write any kind of content: article, listicle etc.

3 Steps To Writing Content That Matters by SumoMe

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post Guide
  • Difficulty: Easy to Medium

sumome content that matters

Have you ever wondered what makes a blog post, well…good? SumoMe think they’ve cracked the code.

In this article their head content creator, Sean Bestor, talks you through the three major components every blog post should have:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Usefulness
  3. Gooogle Ranking Ability

And gives you strategic ways you can apply them to all of your content.

If you find your content is falling on deaf ears, this article is the life-saving injection it needs.

A Step-by-Step Guide To Writing A Compelling Article Introduction by QuickSprout

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post
  • Difficulty: Medium

quicksprout introductions

Introductions are the most important part of your blog posts.

If they aren’t gripping, enticing and value driven, nobody is going to read the rest of your content (where you win their hearts and minds).

In this tutorial, Neil Patel shares with you the perfect formula for crafting introductions so perfect your audience will by dying to read the rest.

You’ll learn:

  • How to craft the perfect opening line
  • Ways to tell a better, more gripping, story
  • The benefits of speaking to your reader directly
  • How to focus on benefits so people want to share your article

I learned the hard way that introductions are vital. Don’t make the same mistake and get your introduction skills nailed.

17 Powerful SEO Copywriting Secrets For More Traffic by Backlinko

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post
  • Difficulty: Easy

When people come to your page, it’s key to try and keep them there.

In this superb tutorial, Brian shows you all the tricks of the trade to keep people on your page for longer.

He goes into depth about:

  • Creating introductions that decrease bounce rates
  • How to get people to read more of your content
  • Resources – like Udemy – you can use to create better content
  • Words to add to your content that Google will love

By the end of the tutorial, you’ll have an entirely new approach to creating, and writing your content. And your readers will love you for it, no matter your niche.

How To Fix Weak Writing by Smart Blogger

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post
  • Difficulty: Medium


The biggest lesson I ever learned in Blogging is that almost everything English Class taught you is wrong. The words and phrases they drilled into your mind don’t translate into real writing.

In this tutorial, Shane Arthur talks you through the words you need to eliminate from your writing right now.

By the end of this, your blog posts will snap, crackle and pop.

10 Steps To Become A Better Writer by Brian Clark

  • Link
  • Style: Poster
  • Difficulty: Easy (but it takes commitment)

This isn’t an article. It’s just this poster above. But if you want to be a good blogger, it’s one of the best tutorials you can follow.

There is no substitute for consistent writing, practice and creating content.

Not all of it will be good. Not all of it will be worth sharing. But this reminder to keep creating, no matter where you are right now, is paramount.

How To Become A World Class Copywriter In 1 Month by QuickSprout

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post
  • Difficulty: Easy

quicksprout copywriter

Copywriting is a skill that can be learned. The belief you’re either born a writer, or you’re not one, isn’t true.

And, as Neil Patel points out here, even some of the best Bloggers in the world started out awful at writing.

All it takes is the time, dedication, and the know-how in this article to become better.

Here you’re going to learn:

  • How to understand your audience (and write for them)
  • How to promote benefits and not features
  • How to strike emotional chords
  • How to write specific headlines that convert

This is your write-to-make-money masterclass.

And it will show you how to become a blogger with much, much more ease.

7 Simple Edits That Make Your Writing 100% More Powerful by SmartBlogger

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post
  • Difficulty Easy to Medium

how to edit blog post

Editing is a skill that’s separate from writing. And while you don’t need to be of the standard of the Editor in Chief of The New Yorker, you do need to know some simple edits to make your writing better.

It makes your writing cleaner, easier to read and heaps more professional.

Here you’ll learn:

  • How to identify filler words
  • How to turn long sentences into short, snappy, prose
  • How to upgrade your word choice
  • The modern approach to grammar

Take this article and apply it to your next article (or go through and improve your old ones) and you’ll see the world of difference an edit can make.


I’ve never met a successful blogger that can’t write earth-shattering headlines.

Your headline is your beacon. It’s what draws attention, captures their imagination and makes them want to do nothing more than read your blog post.

A good headline can make, or break, your piece of content. These tutorials will show you the tried and tested methods to create headlines that make sure your content is their top priority.

How To Write Magnetic Headlines by Copyblogger

  • Link
  • Style: eBook
  • Difficulty: Medium (Simple, but takes testing and practice)

magnetic headlines

The headline of this book should be enough to share the potential inside. There’s a lot of information for a free eBook that you can devour and boost your headline writing skills.

You’ll learn, step-by-step, the core values of what make an attractive headline. The words, methods, and techniques needed to stand out from the rest of the crowd in your niche.

If your headlines suck, this is the place to start.

41 Copy And Paste Formulas That Get Clicked by Nichehacks

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post
  • Difficulty: Easy

copy and paste headlines

Don’t want to take the time to write your headlines? Don’t worry; Nichehacks have you covered.

Here you’ll find a list of 41 headlines that you can simple copy, paste and fill in your words. And, with so many variations available, you’ll never have to write your headline again.

You’ll also cover:

  • 41 copy and paste headline formulas guaranteed to grab your readers attention
  • Which headlines work best for your niche
  • Understand when to use each headline
  • What makes the perfect headline

No matter who you are, or who you write for, by the end of this article you’ll have a bulletproof set of articles that are hard to ignore.

52 Headline Hacks by Jon Morrow

  • Link
  • Style: eBook
  • Difficulty: Easy

52 headline hacks

This was the first book of headlines I ever read. And, even after all these years, I keep the PDF to hand when I write headlines, too.

Jon Morrow has been writing scintillating headlines for Smart Blogger for as long as I can remember. In this eBook here, he shares with you his secrets. Including:

  • How to write painful headlines
  • How to write Zen, Minimalist, and Short headlines
  • How to use numbers to increase your readers
  • Valuable lessons from century-old newspaper headlines that still work today

And, if you write a piece of content for every headline in the book, you have enough content to last you a year. Win, win, win.

401+ Ridiculously Useful Power Words To Increase Conversions by SumoMe

  • Link
  • Style :Blog Post Guide
  • Difficulty: Easy

Power words are those words that make you feel something when you say them. For example; fast cash now. Hot coffee here. Explode your traffic.

There’s an emotion behind them which you can picture, and feel, in your bones when you say them. And this emotion is what makes people care about what you’re writing.

You’ll also find there is no better place to put them than in your headlines, either.

This article from SumoMe may just be a list of words. But once you learn how to use them, you’ll start to blog in the big leagues.

Site Optimization

Optimization is all about taking the traffic you get to your site and converting it into customers, email subscribers, and loyal fans.

These tutorials are going to show you how to design your site, create lead magnets and do the basic SEO for your WordPress blog posts.

If you want to learn how to perform Search Engine Optimization on your site, you should check out that list of SEO tutorials right here.

How To Create A Lead Magnet In Under 10 Minutes by Robbie Richards

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post Guide
  • Difficulty: Easy

robbie richards lead magnets

A lead magnet offers the people who visit your site a free product in return for their email address, social share, or any action that you want them to take.

Don’t worry, this isn’t an expensive product and doesn’t even need to cost you a lot of your time.

In this step by step guide, Robbie Richards shows you how to create a product in under 10 minutes that will convert your traffic into loyal fans in just a few clicks.

He’ll share with you:

  • How to create killer content
  • How to optimize it fully
  • How to create a lead magnet from it
  • How to create opt-in boxes that convert

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to create lead magnets for all of your content and see a drastic increase in your conversion rates.

How To Optimize Your Blog Design by SumoMe

  • Link
  • Style: Case Study
  • Difficulty: Easy to Medium

You may think your blog design is just about how pretty your site looks when people land there.

But, your design can also impact how much money you make. And if they take the actions you want them to.

SumoMe saw this issue and took a much deeper look into it.

After researching the most efficient templates on the internet right now, they distilled the information into an actionable strategy you can learn to design your blog.

They’ll teach you:

  • How to use a Hero Image to improve your read time
  • How to eliminate choice paralysis
  • How to increase your scroll rate
  • How to use rows and get more eyes on more content

If you find your bounce rates are high, and not enough people convert the way you want, you should take a look at the strategies in here.

The Start-to-Finish Guide to Optimizing Your WordPress Blog Posts by Moz

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post with Checklist
  • Difficulty: Easy

moz optimise blog post

SEO is one of the most talked about subjects in blogging.

It’s also one of the most misunderstood by bloggers. This post helps make that a little easier, especially if you’re a newbie blogger.

Serge Stefoglo shows you really basic steps you can take, like:

  • How to correctly format HTML
  • How to make your images Google friendly
  • How to write a meta description
  • How to use the YoastSEO tool

That will help you get your blog noticed by Google and drive you some well-deserved traffic.

Case Study: How to Collect 4,635 Email Subscribers by Robbie Richards

  • Link
  • Style: Case Study
  • Difficulty: Medium

robbie richards sumome

The amount of email subscribers you have correlates to how much money you make (more on that next).

So, it’s important to capture as many emails as you can from the people who visit your site.

Again, Robbie Richards is here to show you how to do that with ease.

In this excellent case study, he shows you how you can capture lots of emails even with just a tiny bit of traffic.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create simple pop-ups that convert
  • How to A/B test to double your sign ups
  • How to 4x your email subscribers in five minutes
  • How to get thousands of social shares

All of this is proven with real clients in a real environment. And you can replicate every step even on a tiny budget, and a minuscule amount of traffic.

learn how to build a successfull blog in 7 days.


This is why you’re here right?

A blog is an incredible way to make money online that comes with a lot of perks, such as: not having a boss, freedom, control over your income and making hundreds of dollars from topics you love.

The only question that gets in the way is, well…how do you monetize a blog?

Well, that’s where these tutorials and guides home in.

They show you how to become a blogger that makes money online, by highlighting the most effective ways. All you have to do is follow along.

31 Ways To Monetize Your Blog by Matthew Woodward

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post Guide
  • Difficulty: Easy to Medium to Hard

31 ways to monetize your blog

There are lots of ways to monetize your blog.

But, in this article, James breaks it down to the 31 ways you can start to make money right now.

These are plug and play strategies that work.

James talks you through:

  • 31 simple strategies to monetize blog traffic
  • How to start making money by the end of the day
  • Why advertising isn’t the devil
  • Why your audience is crying out for you to sell to them

That way you start to make money in minutes and not months.

And who doesn’t like quick money, right?

60+ Ways to Make Money With Your Blog by ProBlogger

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post Guide
  • Difficulty: Easy toMedium toHard

problogger monetization

Want to know every way you can monetize your blog? Then look no further than this complete menu from Problogger.

This classic article shows you every single way you can monetise your blog effectively. You’re also talked through the pros and cons of each so you can make informed decisions.

This isn’t quite a tutorial. But, there’s so much here for you to consider it did need to make the list.

How to Learn a New Skill and Get Paid for It in 48 Hours by Jeff Goins

  • Link
  • Style:Case Study
  • Difficulty: Medium

jeff goins passion challenge

I love this case study from Jeff Goins. To run it he posed the question, “Can you start a blog and make money from it within 48 hours?”.

Taking his (second) passion, coffee, he was able to create a free blog and generate a new customer in just a two days period.

In this guide, he talks you through the entire process and how he did it.

Jeff shares with you:

  • How to choose a skill you can sell
  • How to create a brand around it
  • How to deliver it to a community
  • How to make instant sales

If you feel like stuck and just can’t seem to make money online, I’d suggest you try this article. It can break that belief and show you the internet is the place to make money right now.

8 Powerful Ways to Monetize a Blog That Generates Under 1,000 Visitors Per Day by Neil Patel

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post with Case Studies
  • Difficulty: Easy to Medium to  Hard

neil patel monetize

Just because you don’t have thousands of people landing on your site every day, doesn’t mean you can’t make money.

You just need to know how to deliver your product to the people you do have.

That’s exactly what Neil shows you how to do here. He’ll talk you through:

  • How to create an in-demand online course
  • How to become a coach (even if you’re an internet ‘nobody’)
  • How to use your skills to become a freelancer
  • How to write and sell Kindle eBooks

These are all proven ways to make money, and he has the case studies to prove it.

If you’re looking for the means to boost your income, you may have just found your answers.

How To Create And Sell Your Own Digital Product by Nichehacks

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post
  • Difficulty: Easy

create digital product

A digital product is a product that exists only online. Unless they were to print it out onto paper, it doesn’t exist in the ‘real’ world.

That makes them one of the best products a blogger can create and sell. Why?

Because they’re cheap (even free) to make. You don’t need to package and send them. You don’t need to worry about returns.

And, you can put them together in just a couple of hours or days.

In this guide, you learn how to choose, create and sell your digital product. You’ll cover:

  • The 60-second guide to digital products (and if you should sell them)
  • Why most digital products fail
  • Your two biggest problems and what to do about them
  • A simple checklist for creating magnetic products

Even the smallest blog, with the least traffic, can start to make money from these digital products.

Content Distribution Tutorials

The final stage of everything is getting people to see your blog posts.

Because, without traffic, you’re trying to sell to an empty room.

In this section, I’ve collected tutorials that will help you take your content, and your social media pages, and get them in front of people who care.

But, if you want tutorials on getting significant traffic to your blog, check out this complete list here.

Effective Content Promotion by Copyblogger

  • Link
  • Style: eBook
  • Difficulty:Easy

copyblogger promotion

Copyblogger can give you a clear foundation for most topics in blogging. This guide to content promotion is no different.

Another free download from My.Copyblogger, this book takes you through the core values and strategies of content promotion. Showing you where, when and how you should share your content.

There is some information that’s dated, but the core principles are always the same. If you’re not sure what it takes to get a blog post out into the world, you should start here.

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic by Matthew Woodward

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post Guide
  • Difficulty: Easy to Medium

matt traffic

Trust me, you want to read this guide. Julian Sakanee shares his personal strategies that he’s used to grow traffic on multiple blogs. All you have to do is follow along step by step.

He’ll show you

  • How to increase blog traffic easily
  • What this traffic strategy is (plus some proof)
  • Why this traffic strategy works
  • How I did it and most importantly…how you can do it too

You can’t really ask for more from a traffic generation article!

16 Ways to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic Through Content Distribution by Neil Patel

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post Guide
  • Difficulty: Easy to Medium to Hard

neil patel distribute

Getting your content in front of new people isn’t as simple a just putting it on social media and hoping for the best.

Instead, you need to manipulate your content to make it shareable, interesting and fit for different platforms.

In this article, Neil Patel talks you through 16 different ways you can manipulate your content, and your sharing, to get the most traffic per blog post.

Some of the strategies include:

  • Turning your blog post into a shareable infographic
  • Hijacking BuzzFeed and stealing their traffic
  • Stealth marketing on Reddit
  • Answering Quora questions with your content

This will give you access to thousands of people who otherwise would have no idea who you were And; that’s just the start of his strategies.

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy From Scratch by Buffer

  • Link
  • Style: Blog Post Guide and Course
  • Difficulty: Medium to Hard

buffer social media marketing strategy

Social Media doesn’t need to be hard. When you have a system in place, it can be easy to master and drive consistent traffic back to your blog. But where do you start?

This tutorial from Buffer shows you how to create an entire social media strategy for your blog from scratch.

Even if you’ve never posted a Facebook update (who are you?!) you’ll be able to follow along.

Kevan Lee shows you:

  • How to choose the right social media channels for your blog
  • How to create a social media tone of voice
  • How often to post content
  • How to time your shares for the best results

If you want to use social media to get big traffic wins on your blog, this is the best place to start.

The Complete Guide To Building Your Blog Audience by QuickSprout

  • Link
  • Style: Guidebook
  • Difficulty: Easy to Medium to Hard

Finally, this in-depth guide shows you how to build your blog audience from scratch. Even if you have no idea who you’re writing to, you’ll be able to build a following here.

Across ten chapters, Neil Patel and Aaron Agius take you through:

  • Whether you should be using paid advertising
  • How to unlock a hyper-specific social media traffic source
  • How to outreach to other bloggers
  • How to repurpose your old content to attract new readers

If you want a complete understanding of getting your blog seen and growing an audience, you’re in safe hands here.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. All the articles you need to successfully start, run and monetize your blog today.

To save you going all the way back through the article, you can click any of the links below to jump back to the section you want to visit:

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  1. Great tutorials for a fresh blogger like me. Invariably, after this I simply have to get my feet wet! Kudos for a this tasking job.

  2. Hi Matthew,this is an awesome and useful article for newbie bloggers like me <3 I am following all you since a long time but this is the first time I am commenting on your post 😀 Thanks <3

  3. Hi Matthew Woodward! Your blog is true inspiration for me. I love the way you describe the story (post) and make it colorful with awesome link building. Thank you Sir

  4. Thanks Matthew for taking your time to make this long yet educative blog post. One of the things apart from the quality of your content that trips me and even keeps me coming back to your blog is your choice of colour combination. It’s fascinating. I have been learning a whole lot from you.I have made a resolution to optimize my colours and blog post headlines. I’m hoping to reduce my bounce rate to below 20% since I’m not selling anything. I hope that will help me achieve it.

    1. Haha it took me a long time to make the colours, but some people like it and other people not.A bounce rate like that will be hard to achieve, if you manage 50% you will be doing very very very well

  5. Hello Matthew, You know, there are every type of backlinks gigs on fiverr. All of them provide what they say, thousands of dofollow backlinks, EDU, GOV, etc. I tried purchasing quite a few. They always provide what they tell with proper report of links to cross-check but MAIN PROBLEM is that, those links never get indexed. For some gigs, it’s even over 5 months now, those backlinked pages are still live but none of those backlinks are indexed. Some seller even drip feed links too. Still nothing happened. Can you tell me if I am doing something wrong or leaving any step? I check backlinks through, Google Webmasters and Alexa Site links. The simple normal dofollow/nofollow comments backlinks I manually create always start appearing in Seoprofiler’s backlinks screen so I trust it that it is correct but all those thousands of backlinks, GSA blasts, EDU GOV backlinks, none of them are indexed. Obviously, almost everyone use these technique to create maximum of their backlinks but what I am missing that none of my backlinks are getting indexed? Should I stop creating such backlinks as they are just waste of money or if even those links can be indexed then please tell my overlooked step? Is there need to submit those received backlinks report to link indexing services like Indexification, OneHourIndexing etc. that you suggested in your case study? I am tired of this thing and without knowing the way, I can’t proceed. 🙁 Try to first tell the free way even if it’s slow so that I can actually check myself without investing. Waiting for them to get indexed naturally is going to take forever I am sure.Regards. P.S.: And yeah, one is my reputed blog where I write 1 or 2 articles daily others are wallpaper sites where hundreds of images are being uploaded on daily basis. So, If you can tell what type of backlinks strategy to opt for each of them, It will be nice. I want to rank both of them high but yeah, I love my reputed blog more so can’t risk it’s much with it.

  6. hey Matthew, thanks for this amazing blog post. there is so much value in your posts! I need more than 24 hours a day to read all the texts behind the links. thank you so much!

  7. Hi Matthew, I’m also Mathew (lol). Glad that I have landed on a great piece of content. I wonder how much do you spend to consolidate this valid stuff for us.I never miss the posts of Neil, Copyblogger, Robbie, Moz, problogger and now, yours. To be frank, I can’t read this article at one stretch, thus am bookmarking to come again.I’ll check all the resources that you have mentioned here!

  8. Nice Detailed Long Post Matthew ! I have bookmarked this page and Beginner’s Guide to WordPress is really good series about word press learning, anyone can start their blog with the help of word-press.Thanks for Sharing!!!!!

  9. Awesome. great resource to begin with; for the newbie blogger. i had lot of confusion when i first started. but this will help a lot of new bloggers. thanks for sharing it over here.

  10. Hey Matthew,Well the topic was quite interesting. We all need to become better blogger and you gave some awesome blog posts links that will helpful for us.No doubt, you write top-notch content on your website.With best wishes, Abdul Samad Essani

  11. Great post!! I completely understand about finding your groove, after a while of not writing. I don’t have children, but there are times when I completely lose my writing groove. It’s challenging. But, I hope that my writing will get much better!

  12. Great post again Matthew and a very well put together list of high quality resources. Some of the blogs you mentioned I already followed but now I have a ton more on my to-do list haha.If only there were more than 24 hours in a day :)Keep up the good work bro.

  13. Excellent Guide. You’ve covered every single part of blogging from some of the top bloggers.Thanks for sharing.

  14. Wow.I was litterally thinking a few hours ago “Matthew is a little quiet. I wonder what he’s up to”. Then you hit us with this monster of a post!I’ll be honest; I quickly skimmed through it. There’s so much to get through, but the kettle’s on and I’m about to start tucking it. I can’t wait!It’s nice you included a few of Neil’s guides. His guides are all oozing with value and actionable content.Awesome post!

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