500,000 Visitors After Penalty Recovery...

This client sells products in the diet & weight loss niche and came to us after getting badly hit with a Penguin penalty.

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The Results

The Challenge

The Solution

The client came to us via our Google penalty recovery service after their site got hit badly by a Penguin Penalty for a long history of link spamming and over optimised anchor text.

The old site had serious issues so we set up a brand new site with a partial match domain which also makes up the brand name of this business.

The site was freshly registered when we started work on it.

The client sells a range of dieting recipe books & guides so it is important for them to have a high presence in the search results.

Ranking Results

A year after starting the campaign the site now ranks on the first page across the board for most high-value diet-related terms.

It also ranks on the first page for over 4,000 separate keywords in the US according to SEM Rush data.

We targeted the most competitive high traffic terms in the niche & you can see our results in the image below-


As you can see from the graph the majority of the rankings gains were made during the first 4-6 months of the campaign.

The site continued to rank on the first page and steadily improved its positions with no negative impact from the recent Penguin updates or any manual reviews.

Looking at the SEM Rush data you can see how the site has progressed during the past year.


There was a slight drop off in May due to a few Panda issues related to other websites ripping off and duplicating our clients content.

That was swiftly remedied with overall search visibility continuing to steadily grow each month.

The site is currently ranking for:

  • 9,120 keywords within the top 20 positions
  • 4,051 different terms now ranking on the 1st page
  • 2,158 of those terms in the top 5 most valuable positions</li.

Traffic Results

The site now gets over 500,000 visitors each month from organic search including Google and Bing. Traffic from search engines makes up over 50% of this sites overall traffic.


Social Media Results

The increased search positions have also helped the site owner grow out some large and highly engaged social profiles:

  • Facebook Page Likes – 363,640
  • Twitter Followers – 13,500
  • Pinterest Followers – 13,011
  • G+ Followers – 136,067

The social following is a great boost to traffic.

It acts as a further trust signal with Google which has certainly helped the campaign progress quickly and maintains its rankings once showing on the 1st page.

How We Did It

We were able to achieve this with our bespoke link building process that was focused on elevating the rankings for the search terms that would have the biggest impact.

Over a year we created 200+ dieting, health and nutrition-related backlinks from sites that have high levels of authority in Google.

We were fully focused on feeding the algorithm with exactly the type of links it favours – contextual links on high authority related websites.


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