Doubled The Amount of Organic Traffic

This client runs an ecommerce store that sells pet products and were not ranking for any kind of commercial terms to begin with.

SEO Case Study Pet Store Ecommerce

The Results

  • The client has 155 keywords on the top 2 pages
  • 43 product lines in the top 5 pages
  • The traffic of the site has more than doubled since we came on board.

The Challenge

  • The website had multiple product pages.
  • The main category pages did not appear within the top 5 pages.
  • They were not ranking for any type of commercial term

The Solution

  • We carried out a technical SEO audit to find and fix the problems holding the site back.
  • We created a niche relevant link building campaign.
  • We ensured all pages were properly indexed.
  • We made sure keyword associations were made effectively.

The biggest jumps were seen after a Panda update.

This increase was down to a major SEO website restructure and meant the site saw the really big jumps during the critical algorithm update.

By building a solid link base from niche relevant pet-related websites, we increased the DA and Trust of the site.

And quickly achieved the major traffic increases that our client needed in order to cash in during the busy Christmas period.

Ranking Results

Big boosts were made between May and June and then more significant jumps made during September-


Overall increases of:

  • 374 just for our core tracked keyword targets
  • Over 100 new keywords now ranking on the top 2 pages of Google

…has lead to some serious traffic improvements.


Traffic Results

The client’s ecommerce store now boasts more than double the traffic than received before using our services and now ranks for key commercial terms.


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