SamCart Review – How I Used It To Make $134,171 In 6 Days

  • Matthew Woodward
  • Updated on Mar 1, 2024
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I’m going to be honest.

One of the greatest missed opportunities for businesses is the checkout experience.

It’s where your customers review their selections…

…and make their final decisions!

So before I launched my first 6 figure product, I knew I had to find a top-notch shopping cart.

I needed a shopping cart that could:

  • Link with different payment processors.
  • Have beautiful checkout page templates.
  • Help me upsell my digital products.
  • A/B test & split tests.
  • And integrate with my online tools.


I had a lot of different requirements.

But with the global average rate of cart abandonment hitting 75.6%, I understood the importance of optimizing the checkout pages.

And that’s how I found out about SamCart. I was super impressed with SamCart checkout and used it to promote my first digital product.

 …and it helped me make $134,171 in just 6 days!

samcart review

And that was way back in 2015, so I am more than qualified to be writing this SamCart review and showing you all the features I use to achieve solid sales for my products online.

So to learn how Samcart works, their sales process, setup process, upsell pages and checkout pages to create powerful shopping carts with great customer support staff… keep reading.

What is SamCart?

SamCart is a piece of 3rd party shopping cart software that was founded by Scott Moran and Brian Moran who created unique value proposition.

It is jam-packed with features to help you increase sales and that understand how a sales funnel and page funnel works.

That is why I use SamCart as my shopping cart for product launches.

It is a simple add-on that helps you make the most of every sale by optimizing the checkout pages experience, so you get higher conversion rates from your sales page.

SamCart also offers a 14-day free trial. So if their shopping cart isn’t right for your product… then simply cancel your account at any time.

How Much Does SamCart Cost?

I’m not going to lie.

SamCart pricing is one of the more expensive shopping carts out there.

They offer two tiers.

  • PRO plan that comes with a subscription charge of $99 per month
  • Premium plan that is $199 per month.

SamCart Pricing Table

The premium plan includes all the Pro plan features. But you also get the subscription saver for your subscription products, which automatically recovers failed subscription payments which will quite literally pay for itself.

You can also create and manage your own private affiliate system sales team with tracking tools via the Affiliate Center.

And if you are having any problems which you can’t find an answer to in their knowledge base, Samcart has an in-app chat support team on hand to help with the setup process.

What Do I Get For My Money?

Here we’re going to dive into SamCart’s features. I’ll go through each of their key features and show you how I used it to launch my first product.

Launching My First Product

Beautiful Checkout Designs

SamCart has amazing checkout platform that can create inviting check out designs. Just have a look at the checkout page template library for design options.

Beautiful Template Library

Out of all the options above, this is the one I ended up using.

My Landing Page

It’s simple and clear.

It’s checkout pages are easy for the user to navigate and input their purchasing details.

Samcart also is highly customizable.

You can:

  • Set preset colors
  • Define your own colors
  • Toggle different fields
  • Add custom fields
  • Choose your checkout pages button text
  • Include guarantee terms
  • Include testimonials
  • Add custom content
  • Include Terms and Conditions

The ease of use is brilliant!

How to Customize Your Template

I know you’re aware of the importance of web design. But did you know 38% of visitors will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive?  Design matters.

SamCart allows checkout templates to do a fantastic job of showcasing your physical products and accepting orders on one sales page.

Plus SamCart offers split testing on your checkout designs in just a couple of clicks to make sure you are getting as much value from every visitor as possible at your checkout pages.

Order Bumps

You can use SamCart to order bump a supplementary product displayed on your checkout pages. Think of it like…last minute upselling.

It’s a great way to significantly increase your average order value on your sales pages by allowing customers to add on another product at checkout. Just look at McDonald’s.


Their strategy is to sell you the cheapest burger they can. They don’t make much profit on the burger, but they make a huge profit from their fries and drinks (bump offers).

I wanted to do the same with my product launch so I took advantage of one of SamCart features, OrderBump, just before my customers enter their credit cards details on my checkout pages.

Payment Information

And…I got 44 orders from this order bump.

 Which gave me an additional $4,268 in sales.

SamCart Order Bumps

Using SamCart, you can create your own bump offer in the ‘Upsells’ Tab.

And customize your bump offers and their descriptions and make them stand out with fonts, bold, bullet points etc.

Order Bumps Upsells

One-Click Upsells

I love how easy SamCart makes upselling products with an upsell funnel. Let’s think of it this way…

When you’re selling online, you don’t always get the opportunity to make additional offers during the checkout process.

And if you wait until after your customer has left your checkout page to sell to them, you’ll need to go through so many more sales processing steps.

They’ll need to:

  • Open their email
  • Click over to your checkout page
  • Consider your offer
  • Find their wallet
  • Get their credit card
  • Re-Enter their payment information
  • Re-Enter their personal information
  • AND THEN buy the additional upsell

No one would be happy with these sales funnels! But with one-click upsells…

Your customers see the upsell right after they place their order!

SamCart Oneclick Upsell

This way, all your customer needs to do is.

  • Consider the offer
  • Add the Upsell to their order

Reducing all the additional steps will exponentially increase the likelihood of your customers buying your upsell.

Why do you think large companies like Amazon do it?

Amazon OneClick Upsell

Because it works!

A/B Testing

A/B Testing is a method of comparing two different versions of a website against each other. The idea is to see which one performs better.

 AB Testing

For example, if you’re A/B Testing your checkout page, you can test 2 different product descriptions to see which one converts better.

It’s a great way to take the guesswork out of optimizing your website.

When you’ve added up all your experiments, you’ll significantly improve your conversion rates over time.

With and Without AB Testing

When I A/B Tested 3 different versions of my sales funnel in SamCart…

The results were shocking!

Varying Conversion Rates

As you can see, my 2nd sales funnel configuration had the lowest rate of conversion at 11%.

It also had the lowest customer value at only $44.92. But the winning combination generated an extra $64.37 per customer which is a 43% increase!

How To Setup A/B Testing In SamCart
You can access A/B Testing on the application, under ‘Advanced Settings’.

SamCart Advanced Settings

Scroll down the page, and you will see this:

AB Testing SamCart

Click on ‘New Test Variation’. And create your Test Variation.

Create Test Variation

And… you’ll see this.

Here, you’ll have a control and a second checkout variant.

Control and Second Checkout Variant

If you hover across the options, you’ll see that the second option has the word ‘V2’.

SamCart AB Test Second Option

If you click on ‘V2’, SamCart will redirect you to the ‘Product Details’ page.

SamCart Product Details

Here you can edit the details. Any edits you make will apply to the second version and not the control.

I recommend changing one variable at a time.

This way, you know what’s making a difference in your conversion rate or average customer value.

Payment Plans

Did you know that if you add a payment plan to your checkout page…


This data comes straight from the SamCart support database, the world’s largest source of checkout conversion information.

So…what exactly is a payment plan? It is a payment model where instead of paying the total upfront cost of the product, you take its price and break it down into 3 or 4 chunks.

For example:

If your online course costs $300, you can offer a plan that charges ‘3 payments of $100.00.’

When you add in the option to break up the payments, you’ll attract a new group of people.

They’re great.

Especially on high ticket expensive products. So when I used Payment Plans to launch my first digital product, I saw some pretty amazing results.

SamCart Payment Plans

As you can see in this picture, I offered two types:

  • One for ‘3x Payments.’
  • One for ‘2x Payments.’

The 3x Payments did extremely well. It gained 137 orders and made $34,551 in sales.

The 2x Payments received 1758 views. It gained 24 orders and made $6,684 in sales.

If I didn’t offer these Payment Plan options, I could have missed out on making more than $40,000 in sales.
How To Setup Payment Plans In SamCart
Click on ‘New Product’.

SamCart Click on New Product

You’ll see this pop-up.

SamCart Create Product

Under ‘Product Payment Frequency’, click on the dropdown.

SamCart product Payment Frequency

Here, you can select an option.

For example:

If your product costs $100 and you want to set up 5 monthly payments of $20, click on recurring monthly.


Here’s something you need to be careful of.

Instead of putting 5 payments of $20.

You want to input ‘Product Price’ first (so the customer pays the first $20 after entering their card details.)

SamCart Product Price

And then enter the remaining number of payments. So 4 Payments of $20.

SamCart 4 Payments of 20

Now there’s one more thing we need to do. Go back to the original ‘One-Time Payment Plan’ of this product on the ‘Product Page’.

In this example, it’s the ‘$100 Sample Product’.

$100 Sample Product SamCart

Click on ‘edit’.

SamCart Edit Sample Product

Click on ‘Payments’.

SamCart Payments

And then, scroll to the ‘Secondary Payment Options’. Select your option.

SamCart Secondary Payment Option

Then write your primary product description (what the original one-time payment is).

And then, add your secondary payment option description.

SamCart Secondary Payment Options

Then hit ‘Save’!

And… your users will see the different payment methods available to them.

You can also test payments in Sandbox mode without any charges being applied.

Sandbox mode is a useful feature that not only allows you to test payments, but you can ensure your checkout pages are fully functional… including sales processing, shipping options and each upsell page.

5 Payments of $20

Automatic Coupons

Consumers love coupons. It’s thrilling. It’s exciting. And it helps us save money on the items we love to purchase.

As for businesses, it’s a great way to get a quick burst of sales.

While many businesses use coupons, 78% of consumers said they would prefer coupons to be automatically applied to their purchases.

It makes the process of purchasing with a coupon, quicker and easier. With SamCart, you can do this. Under ‘Product Details’, scroll to the bottom. And you will find ‘Coupons’.

SamCart Allow Coupons

Switch ‘Allow Coupons’ to ‘ON’.

SamCart Coupons

Click ‘Add Coupon’. Fill in the details below.

SamCart Create a Coupon

Then click ‘Create Coupon’. You should see this.

SamCart Add Coupons

Then click ‘Save Changes’ and you’re done-

Add in Coupon Code SamCart

The coupon will be live and ready to use in seconds! You can create many different types of coupons with, daily weekly monthly or lifetime value.

Affiliate Program

Remember how I told you, you could have your own private sales team that will sell your digital products online for you? Welcome to the SamCart Affiliate Center.

Before we continue, the Premium plan includes the Affiliate Center but is only available for Premium plan users. So if you’re on the Basic plan or Pro Plan, you won’t be able to access it.

So how does it work?

First, you need to get your affiliates to sign up for the program. SmartCart allows you to automatically generate an ‘Affiliate Signup Page’ where your affiliates can apply.

Begin by accessing the ‘Affiliate Center’ under ‘Apps’.

Affiliate Center SamCart

You’ll find the affiliate sign up link just here:

Affiliate Signup

It will look like this.

Marketer Seal SamCart

You can copy the link to your affiliate signup, and send it to your potential affiliates.

Once the affiliate fills out and submits this form, they will see that their application has been sent. And that their account approval is pending.

SamCart Status

You can approve your affiliate’s status here.

Approve Affilate Status

Alternatively, you can also automatically accept affiliates.

Auto Approve Affiliates

Here, instead of receiving a ‘pending approval’ message, the affiliate will be taken to their dashboard. They will receive a message with a login link.

When it comes to affiliate commissions, your affiliates will earn 50% through their affiliate links for every product in your SamCart account by default.

You can customize these rates if you’d like to.

In your affiliate dashboard, you can change your commission structure by scrolling down to the ‘Commission Structure’ table.

List of Affiliates

Here, you can change the commission payment type from ‘percentage’ to ‘amount’. By setting a percentage of 50%, your affiliates will earn 50% of your product’s sale price.

But If you’re setting a flat rate of $50, your affiliates earn $50 in commission anytime the product is sold, regardless of what this product costs.

When it comes to payments, all you need to do is go to ‘PayOut’ and upload the CSV File into your PayPal Account.

Export CSV File

This way, you can MassPay with just a few clicks.

If you want to know more information on how the SamCart Affiliate Center works, you can visit this link here.

If you use SamCart, affiliate management becomes easy for your online business.

Integrates with Everything

And finally, SamCart integrates almost seamlessly with many 3rd party apps.

Integration Engine

From a range of different industries as well such as tracking tools, email marketing, marketing automation, payment gateways, product delivery and page builders.

SamCart All Integrations

Integrations with marketing tools are great because they save you so much time.

You can:

  • Zapier integration will link the checkout process to Zapier to help automate your tasks.
  • Load SamCart customers into email integrations with ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and MailChimp to follow-up with your customers through an email address and email list.
  • Automatically add customers as a contact in Hubspot.
  • Connect SamCart also with Stripe and PayPal to accept live payments.
  • Integrate SamCart with a popular Page Builder like Wordpress.

Those are just a few examples. So how do you Integrate with SamCart?

Go into ‘Marketplace Settings’. Then Click on ‘Integrations’.

Under ‘Integration Setup’, you can see a list of your active integrations connected via the ‘Integration Engine’.

SamCart Integrations List

To add a new integration, click on the ‘Add New’ button.

Add New Integrations

Select an integration.

SamCart Email Integration

Then, label the integration. Add API Key. And then click ‘Add Integration’.

Add integration

And Voila!

Wrapping It Up

So the bottom line is, SamCart offers a great shopping cart if you’re looking to launch any digital or physical products.

  • It’s easy to use.
  • Links with different payment processing tools.
  • Has beautiful checkout page templates.
  • And helps you upsell products and services with just 1 click of a button.

That’s why I used it to promote my first product…

 …which made $134,171 in just 6 days.

So if you want to sell to more people and increase your average order value…

Start your free trial to use SamCart now!

If you want to keep in constant contact and receive articles like this SamCart review, join my email list by subscribing to my blog and leaving your name and email address.

Looking for an alternative to SamCart? Check out my ThriveCart Review.

Frequently Asked Questions

SamCart takes the hard work out of the checkout experience with an incredible checkout platform shopping cart that makes it easy to offer things like one-click upsells, order bumping, payments plans, pricing options, subscriptions and much more like split tests. Using SamCart, you can build membership sites with solid a payment structure.
Yes, you can see on their pricing page, SamCart offers a no-strings-attached 14 days free trial of each of their plans (Pro plan & Premium plan) so no need for a money-back guarantee.
There are 3 different pricing plans for SamCart, which are suitable for every budget. The Launch Plan (basic plan) costs $49 per month and includes everything you need to get started. The Grow Plan at $99 per month, adds features like upselling, and the most expensive Scale Plan at $199 per month includes affiliate tracking.
Unfortunately, you can't cancel your SamCart account from the dashboard. You either have to use their live chat within the SamCart dashboard or send them an email to They are always very responsive so don't worry about that.
Yes. SamCart is definitely legit for SEOs and marketers who want to sell their products or/and services online. SamCart is one of the leaders when it comes to online shopping carts, with thousands of people that use it worldwide to boost their sales.
Yes, SamCart is great beginners. The setup process is easy for anyone, even setting up the upsell features to help you earn more money is easy to setup. SamCart makes it really easy to build one-page funnels so you can get them up and running in minutes. You can setup a full funnel in less than a day.
SamCart is a web-based check-out platform that features high-converting checkout templates along with order bump, subscription, one-click upsell and payment plan capabilities that were designed to maximize profits & benefits from every sale.
Yes. SamCart is extremely easy to set up and use. The interface is very user-friendly, making creating high-converting checkout pages easier.

SamCart Review

  • Review Of: SamCart
  • Reviewed By: Matthew Woodward
  • Rating:
  • Updated On: Mar 1, 2024

Samcart provides everything you need to process transactions in your business. It’s easy to use, integrates with everything and is backed with awesome support. Not only that but they have advanced split testing features that helped me make an extra $24,074 in quite literally just a few clicks. What more do you want?

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  1. Hey Justin, If you don´t have a product to sell then I don´t think SamCart is a good option for you. You should look at affiliate marketing instead.

    1. My question is.. I am very much interested to become a member and make money like other participants but my challenge right now is… i don’t have a product of my own to showcase… What do i do?

  2. thanks for sharing this useful post i read and get alot information from it so keep it up, You’re amazing! nice to see

  3. I Watch the 90 minute webinar by Brian Moran that sells samcart. I was going to sign up for their training program and after reading a few of the post listed here I’m not sure if I should. How did you get started with him anyways?

    1. Hey Nat! I started with them when I launched my first online course, back in 2015.At the time it was the best shopping cart on the market and probably still is.However, it’s one of the most expensive options…

    1. Samcart is not here to bring traffic to your website but to increase your sales. If you don’t already have traffic to your site it won’t work…

  4. WARNING ⚠️ DONT SIGH UPSamcart would have to be the worst company to work with. I got sold the scam early days. “Sign up now and you’ll never have to pay more. You’ll get all the features”Well that was a lie! They don’t even update the original subscriptions. Instead advice you to change subscriptions and pay double. Make changes that break links and connections with your membership site and don’t even tell you. Trying to force you to upgrade. When you complain they just close the ticket. It’s a joke. But you’re stuck right because you have links and systems set up it’s not easy to just change. I finally was in the position to cancel gave plenty of notice, they acknowledged receipt of my cancellation and THEY STILL CHARGED me and Overdrawn my account. This shopping cart is so over priced and the support of terrible. Biggest scam. Oversold underdeliver. DONT SIGN UP

    1. Hey Jodi – What a story! I am sorry that happened to you! I have never had any trouble with them before and the support team is always good to me… Weird!

  5. Samcart is bad now !!I work as affiliate with samcart from 2019 till now ,i receive my commission payout every month without problems ,but last 2 months jun,jul i didnt received my payout!! I send many emails to ask him to send payout and it reply 1 time and not reply again !! Samcart now is bad an dont send payout to his affiliates !!

  6. So much value in this page! I am about to start my e-book , webinar and masterclass memberships !This article just boosted my expectations about this enticing adventure.Will definitely checkout the samcart basic plan today.

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