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Use this free FAQ Schema generator tool to easily generate the FAQ Page rich snippet code to insert into your site.

Why FAQ pages are important?

Well, the main reason is that they help to increase your search traffic

Pretty cool right? If you want to learn more about why you should use faq schema generator, have a look at my FAQ schema tutorial.

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How To Use The FAQ Schema Generator Tool

Just follow the video tutorial to learn how to generate & deploy the FAQ rich snippet code.

It only takes a few minutes for you to learn how to do it and you can always ask any questions in the comments below-

Step #1 – Add Your Questions & Answers

Fill out your first question & answer then click on “+Add another question” to add more.

Step #2 – Deploy The Code

Next, you just need to deploy the code on your site.

There are 2x ways that you can do this-

Option #1 – Script
Simply take the generated code and copy/paste it into the header of the specific page you want to the FAQ to appear on.

You can also paste this code directly into Google Tag Manager or any SEO plugin for WordPress that allows you to add code to the header specific posts/pages like this one.

Option #2 – Wordpress
The way I deploy the code is to copy and paste the output into my WordPress themes functions.php file.

Just watch the video above and I’ll show you how to do it.

Tips: you can test your faq schema and check out if you can get faq rich results thanks to Google’s Rich Results Test.

Frequently Asked Questions

An FAQ schema is a special markup you can add to your page’s code that includes a list of questions and answers that are supposed to bring value to your readers.
To help you create your FAQ schema code, I developed my own FAQ Generator. My FAQ schema generator tool allows you not only to display a section called ‘frequently asked questions’ on your website but also to provide quick and straightforward answers to questions that users ask on Google search (or other search engines). To see how to use it, watch my tutorial. It is very easy and takes only a few minutes!
Including FAQs in your blogs is crucial because it helps you deal with special queries that your customers/readers might have about your business, products or services. On top of that, FAQs can also help you generate traffic to your website, especially if Google picks your answers for its FAQ snippet which usually appears at the top of the page.

What Are Your Thoughts?

107 Responses

  1. Not working on my site. Is it a must for the post to be a published post and not a draft for it to work?

    1. If you’re speaking about the video script section, I didn’t use any tool or plugin, just a basic HTML code. 🙂

    1. I had the same issue, you have to type in the page or post id to generate the WordPress code not copy & paste it. works fine now!

  2. I am testing the tool and method right now.Is there any advantage in using unique text, or rewriting the questions and answers?

  3. Nice post, thank you.Should i also have the FAQ on the actual page as text ? or just add it to the code generator and paste in functions.php file ? So when users browse to the page they will find the actual FAQ on the pages.Also can one page have more than one FAQ rich snippet ?

    1. Yes, you should have the FAQ on the actual page. Google is clear that the questions and answers should be visible to the user. If the questions aren’t visible to the user, there’s no guarantee that Google will show them in SERPs. If they do get shown, it would be confusing to the user to browse to your site and find that the questions are not actually there.One page = one FAQ Rich Snippet- however, it can appear more than once on the SERPs.

  4. Just make sure its generating json Chris & not just an on-page FAQ. I have a site thats only 6 months old and weirdly although I am not yet getting great traffic, this method allowed me to skip the queue & get some high visibility questions on page 1. Keep up the good work too Matthew, good to see a website like yours in the UK space.

  5. Hii Matthew,Thanks for this awesome tool when I using default Wordpress editor then its easy to add faq but when I using page builder then that time I facing issue for adding FAQ but by using this tool I able to add FAQ in my article while I using any page builder thanks again

  6. Hi, Can you check my website?I used the plugin, it was working well for one week, but after that FAQ disappear from SERP.Can you help me?

  7. Honestly, I don’t know about FAQ Schema. But now This tool is too much helpful for ranking my article on google. Thanks a lot to Mattewwoodward community!

  8. Hey Matthew, Thanks man to sharing this code generator. This is fantastic and most beautiful thing is that you attached hoe can we put this code on website page or post as well. really thankful to you.

  9. Hey man,The tool stoped working for Wordpress, I mean it is not generating the WP code after adding the post number.Please check

  10. Thanks for sharing this valuable Information Matthew Woodward Sir! i have added this FAQ in My website.

  11. You’re a lifesaver Matt! I use Rank Math to insert FAQ snippets. But it only works with the block editor. I created a post using Thrive Architect and I wanted to insert rich snippets. Your tool worked perfectly for me.

  12. Really helpful for my website, I am commenting in this post because my website ranking boost up with the help of this FAQ Page Rich Snippet Generator. Thanks Matthew for this amazing tool.

  13. Great tool Matthew, I am going to try this out today and will let you know if I get a boost in my ranks

  14. Sorry Matthew- I was completely wrong with my last 2 comments to you. I didn’t mean to be ‘that guy’ with the nonsensical questions. Once I found your video showing the installation process, it was a piece of cake. Thanks for the awesome tool! Best,Nick

  15. This is really great work done by you. You have cleared the way for adding the FAQ rich snippet, I was really confused. Thanks for sharing really a helpful article. Keep sharing.

  16. Hi Matt,It works in search results(SERP) But does not show on the page.Is there anything to add or it’s just okey? – I used the WordPress option.Thanks

  17. Thanks for a great code generator. It’s a great option to use without having to install a snippet plugin like Yoast. Great work!

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