What Is The Best Schema Tester In 2024?

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Want to stand out in the SERPs?

You need to implement good schema markup. Recent studies have shown that schema can increase your rankings by up to 20%.

Here’s the problem…

It’s not only about adding schema but accurately verifying that the schema is working correctly. So, how do you do that?

By using the right schema tester.

What Is A Schema Tester?

A schema tester is a tool that tests the quality of your schema markup (also known as “structured data”).

Schema markup is the reason that you see featured snippets in the SERPs such as:

schema markup in serps

But structured data can be tricky to implement correctly. Get something wrong and you won’t be getting any features in the SERPs.

Think of a schema tester like getting a blood test from the doctor.

A schema testing tool checks the health of your markup and ensures that there aren’t any problems. The tool looks at your markup exactly how Google would.

This kind of review means that you get a solid assessment of the markup quality and ensure that it has been implemented correctly.

Don’t forget to check out my free FAQ schema generator tool to easily generate FAQ rich snippets.

What Does A Schema Tester Do?

Good schema testers help you accomplish a couple of things.

At its core, a schema data testing tool checks to see if the schema markup is implemented correctly.

It validates that Google will be able to understand the markup, which means you are far more likely to get featured results in the SERPs.

A schema tester will help you by identifying the-

  • Format of schema markup found on the page
  • Any errors in the schema markup
  • Specific details of any issues in the schema markup

Put simply – A schema tester tool ensures that structured data is formatted correctly and doesn’t contain any errors.

But quality schema testers don’t stop there…

Depending on the structured data testing tool you use, there are other things it can do. Some schema testers can detect taxonomies and even custom post types.

The best structured data testing tool can also validate metadata formats supported by major search engines like Google and Bing.

It’s like looking beneath the hood of a car!

Why Should You Use A Schema Tester?

Want more featured snippets?

You need to start taking advantage of schema testers.

Even one minor issue with your markup can prevent Google from reading it correctly. It can be as simple as missing code or just using the wrong code in the markup.

No one wants to spend ages manually double-checking each piece of markup code.

A quality schema tester will:

  • Identify errors quickly
  • Show you what needs to be fixed

In some cases, schema testers can uncover issues that aren’t obvious when you manually inspect the code yourself.

Do yourself a favour and use a schema tester. It will save you hours of time and ensure that your structured data is implemented correctly.

What Is The Most Reliable Schema Tester?

The key to a reliable schema tester is accuracy.

What could be more accurate than a schema tester created by Google?

Schema Markup Validator was launched in 2011 by Google.

schema markup validator

10 years later in 2021, Google announced that they would move the tool over to Schema.org where you can now use it today.

Schema Markup Validator was built to help website owners implement schema data markup correctly on their site.

This was so search engines could get more information about the page and provide a better experience to users.

Think of Schema Markup Validator like looking at your markup through Google’s own eyes.

Who wouldn’t want that?

But what makes Schema Markup Validator the best schema tester is its features.

First of all, it’s super easy to use. Just head over to Schema Markup Validator and paste your site into the Fetch URL search area:

schema validator

You then get a breakdown of all the schema markup implemented on your web page. This makes it easy to see if Google can capture each of the data types.

Next you’ll see:

  • Errors – Specific markup code is missing altogether
  • Warnings – Markup code was found but isn’t implemented correctly

schema errors and warnings

This is where Schema Markup Validator really shines. You can identify issues quickly and it will show you the exact part of the markup that has an issue.

This one feature alone saves you tons of time.

Lots of schema testers will just point out the data types that needs to be fixed. You then have to go back through the code, find the data and fix it.

Not ideal.

Schema Markup Validator allows you to click on each data type and on the left takes you to that exact point in the code.

click to point in code

Cool, right?

There’s no need to spend all that time searching and fixing. Schema Markup Validator identifies errors and warnings showing you exactly what needs to be fixed.

It doesn’t get any better than that!

Wrapping It Up

In the online world today, schema is a must.

But implementing it correctly can be tricky. Just one minor issue can prevent Google from reading your Shopify schema markup properly.

Take advantage of the Schema Markup Validator.

It’s completely free and easy to use. You’ll save yourself tons of time and improve your chances of getting more featured snippets in the SERPs…

… And more featured snippets = more organic traffic.

That’s the end goal!

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to test your schema is to use a schema tester like Schema Markup Validator. It tests each element of your markup code and identifies any issues. You'll also see exactly what needs to be fixed if there are any issues.
Schema on a website is a special type of code. Think of it like a unique language that highlights specific elements on your page to search engines like Google. This helps Google better understand your page and your content, resulting in getting featured snippets in the Google search results.
The easiest way to create a schema is using Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper. This free tool will take you through creating a Schema step by step.

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