5x SEO Presentations That Are Worth Watching

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Good SEO presentations are hard to come by.

You want valuable information…

…without spending 20 minutes on an SEO presentation and realise it’s total rubbish.

The truth is:

There are a lot of fake SEO ‘gurus’ out there.

What they do is:

  • Create a presentation
  • Make it sound compelling
  • Teach you something that sounds valuable

This means you end up spending loads of time trying to implement what they taught, but get nothing for it.

But there’s some good news:

I’ve curated a list of the 5x best SEO presentations that are available for free!

If you are short on time and just want to learn things you can implement immediately, I’ll show you how to increase your search traffic step by step.

Otherwise, keep scrolling to check out some of the best SEO presentations on the web…

What Are The Best SEO Presentations You Can Find On YouTube

Each of these presentations is in case study format and take you through specific processes that you can use for your own website SEO.

Whether you have:

  • A typical website
  • A blog
  • An online store…

…These 5x SEO presentations will be valuable for you.


Grab yourself a nice cup of coffee, sit back and let the SEO masterclasses begin!

#1: 14x Search Traffic In 8 Months – Matthew Woodward

In this SEO presentation video, I take you through my simplified SEO process for ranking any site.

So, if you want to know how my team and I managed to increase our client’s organic traffic by 14x in just 8 months:

14x search traffic

Pay attention, because I take you through the step by step process of how we did this in a quick 10-minute case study video.

In this short video, I only included the information you need so you can quickly start applying it to your own site.

YouTube video

Why You Should Watch It

If SEO has got your mind in a tangle, this YouTube video will straighten it out.

SEO can be complicated…

…Unless you have a simple process to follow.

Once you’ve got that aspect nailed down, it’s just about rinsing and repeating each step.

As I like to say: “Keep it simple stupid”.

In my SEO presentation I will teach you:

  • My three-step SEO process
  • How to conduct an SEO audit on your website
  • Steps to find the right keywords to target
  • How to create excellent SEO content
  • How to build quality links that grow your site’s rankings

Trust me, it’s worth a watch if you want to learn how to overcome SEO challenges and experience growth on your site.

#2: Google’s Algorithm is an Algorithm – Kyle Roof

Kyle Roof is a real SEO expert. He understands exactly how search engines work.

In this 50 minute SEO presentation, Kyle Roof does an incredible job of explaining and simplifying Google’s algorithm.

He talks about the fact that Google’s algorithm is just that…

…An algorithm.

Google isn’t a human. It is a very powerful, mathematically driven algorithm that’s core goal is to help users find what they are searching for quickly and efficiently.

Plain and simple.

As SEO’s, this allows us to understand how we can optimise our sites to make Google happy, which is the key to success.

Happy algorithm = better rankings.

YouTube video

Why You Should Watch It

There is a wealth of golden nuggets in this video. You will learn about how Google’s search engine algorithm really works.

Spoiler alert: Google’s algorithm relies on just math.

Once you understand that, you can start to use it to your advantage.

Kyle shows you how to create your own road map to rank for any keyword.

He talks about:

  • How Google’s algorithm ranks pages
  • How to identify why Google is ranking a particular page
  • How to analyse your competitors so you can rank better
  • How to create an SEO process that is update resilient

If you really want to take your SEO performance to the next level, this SEO presentation is definitely worth watching.

#3: SEO and Website Flipping – Matt Diggity

Matt Diggity is known as:

  • An affiliate website “guru”
  • An expert in “quick” SEO growth

In this SEO presentation, he shows you exactly how he buys and flips websites for a considerable profit.

Here is a simplified rundown of how he does it:

  1. Purchases a website that has potential
  2. Builds the website with content and SEO
  3. Monetises it through carefully chosen affiliate partnerships
  4. Sells the website for up to 30x-40x what he originally paid for it

Sounds awesome, right?

He has built an affiliate empire by flipping websites. The big takeaway is the content and SEO process that he uses.

YouTube video

Why You Should Watch It

The presentation was one of the most talked-about at Nomad Summit 2020.

Matt takes one of his highest performing affiliate sites and goes through a case study on it. He talks about how he took the site from just $2,000 per month to over $50,000 in less than two years.

You get an in-depth look into what it takes to create a very profitable affiliate website.

Some of the topics he talks about are:

  • How to buy a website that has good potential
  • How to do an in-depth audit on a website
  • On-page SEO hacks for better rankings
  • His process for building quality backlinks
  • How to sell an affiliate website for 40x monthly profit

This 40-minute video really is a masterclass in SEO and affiliate marketing.

#4: SEO Strategies for Competitive Verticals – James Norquay

Is your website in a competitive niche?

Something like:

  • Beauty
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Tech

Then, this presentation is for you!

Here’s the truth:

If your website is in a competitive niche thinking outside the box isn’t optional…


James’ SEO presentation focuses on the unique strategies you can use to rank your website in competitive niches.

James runs a large SEO agency in Australia that works with big companies.

He provides in-depth insight into:

  • How he handles larger companies
  • The strategies he uses to scale their SEO results

He lists lots of the tools they use to accomplish different tasks and the creative ways they build links.

YouTube video

Why You Should Watch It

I think we can all agree:

Practical presentations are king.

When you can learn something and apply it to your own website – it’s great.

You can watch it and without a doubt, you’ll have a handful of different tactics in your back pocket to implement for your own website immediately.

In this YouYube video, James explains what SEO looks like in a competitive space-

  • What bigger companies are doing to scale SEO
  • How to approach SEO in competitive niches
  • Different methods for building quality backlinks
  • Lots of valuable SEO tools to use on your own website

He also has a Q&A at the end where he answers some great questions from the audience.

I put this SEO presentation on the list for a couple of reasons.

#1: James uses more than one website for examples.

He provides lots of examples of different websites in multiple industries.

Regardless of what industry your website is in – you’ll get an excellent overview of how you can be creative with SEO.

#2: Practical. Practical. Practical.

If you’re tired of watching videos that download tons of knowledge without teaching you how to implement it for yourself…

…This presentation will be a refreshing change.

The strategies, tools and resources he talks about are all things you can use for your own website

Definitely keep a pen and notepad nearby while watching.

#5: How To 12x Your Search Traffic – Matthew Woodward

I don’t want free traffic to my website”…

…said NO ONE ever.

There’s something special about growing your organic traffic, especially because it’s free.

So, if you want an insider’s look at how we increased organic search traffic by 12x…

…Listen closely to this video as my Head of Technical SEO, Rad Paluszak and I, go through a case study of one of our clients’ websites.

We share a 3 steps SEO process that anyone (and any website) can implement.

Rad and I explain this exact process and how we implemented it to achieve this result:

google search console results

The three steps are:

  1. Conduct an SEO audit
  2. Create quality content
  3. Build relevant backlinks (download the checklist)

If you want to nail down the process for your own website, it’s definitely worth bookmarking this video.

You’ll be walking away with step by step actionable advice you can start implementing.

YouTube video

Why You Should Watch It

What industry are you in?

Is it:

  • Marketing
  • Fitness
  • Beauty
  • Teach
  • Crypto

Or something else entirely?

Here’s the deal:

It doesn’t matter which industry or kind of service/product you sell…

…SEO is important.

Strong organic traffic should be the backbone of your website.

In this video, Rad and I explain what good SEO looks like-

  • How to build an intelligent keyword strategy
  • What is a healthy website structure
  • Different types of link building strategies
  • A specific process for increasing organic search traffic
  • How to analyse your competition to get higher rankings

And so much more!

Just good old fashioned SEO that works (at 12x might I say).

Worth a watch, don’t you think?

Wrapping It Up

So there you have it.

Each of the 5 SEO presentations above provides a range of:

  • SEO tactics
  • Practical strategies
  • Easy to implement processes

…You can use for your own website.

Every business wants targeted traffic for free.

SEO is how you get it.

You need to commit to what you are doing and the results will follow. There aren’t any secret ingredients or complicated processes you need to follow.

Take the time, implement a proven process and watch the rankings rise.

On top of that, you can also:

  1. Take an SEO certification to level up your skills.
  2. Read SEO books to dive deeper into the subject.
  3. Listen to SEO podcasts to stay up to date.
  4. Download my step by step SEO checklist.

And remember:

“Keep it simple stupid”.

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  1. Thank you for providing this extensive and detailed presentation – all valuable and helpful information. Am pleased to be a subscriber and customer.

  2. Thanks for sharing the presentations. I’ve heard Kyle Roof and Matt in SEO Conference 2019 in Chiang Mai. The presentations was full of knowledge specially kyle roof on-page tactics. I heard your presentation and it was really have some gold nuggets

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