Resource Page Link Building Step By Step

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Resource page link building is one of the easiest ways to build links for your site.

I think it’s a great link building strategy because:

  • It’s simple to setup
  • It costs nothing to do
  • And gets great results

But despite that, it’s still a highly underrated strategy much like link inserts, niche edits, competitor backlink analysis and broken link building.

So I am going to show you the easiest way to find relevant resource pages and get your link published, with as little effort as possible.

What Is Resource Page Link Building?

Resource page link building is getting yourself featured on a blogger or influencer’s “resource” page on their site.

These resource pages contain information about the:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Tools
  • Other websites

…these influencers rely on to run their business.

You pitch the website owner to feature you on their page. If they accept, you get a backlink to your site. Let me show you what I mean…

I found this resource page

resource page example

And sent them an email asking for them to link to my SEO portal.

2 days later, they added the link-

link added

And that’s all it took to get a link from a DR37 domain-

link stats

But how do you identify resource link building opportunities in the first place?

And more importantly, how do you go about acquiring the links? Well, let me show you…

PRO TIP: You can also use this technique to build powerful edu backlinks and gov backlinks.

How To Find Resource Page Opportunities

There are two methods I recommend to find resource page opportunities:

  1. Using Google footprints
  2. Using Ninja Outreach

Both methods can be very effective to find powerful resource pages that are more likely to respond to your pitch and go on to place a link back to your website.

I’ll go through both processes in-depth below.

Method #1: Resource Link Building With Google Footprints

Google “footprints” are advanced searches that help you find more targeted and specific results in a Google search.

In this case, they’ll help you to find resource pages.

The first search I recommend you try is:

[Your niche] + “resources”

This will bring up many of the websites in your niche and the resource pages attached to them. If I were to do this for Travel Blog + “Resources” that would look like this:

Travel Blog resources

Many of the world’s top travel blogs showed up in the first four results and as you work down the page, you can find lots of travel resource pages from smaller blogs as well.

The second search I suggest your try is:

Inurl:[your niche] + resources

This will search the URLs of websites to find these elements.

If I do this for travel again, that would look like this:

in url resources

This narrows down the search results (there are almost seven million less) but they are more targeted and clearer.

I recommend exporting the results you get to a Google Doc using the Scraper tool.

You can just right click any search result and select “scrape similar”, which will collect all the relevant links on that page.

Scrape similar tool example

Then hit “export to Google Docs”:

Google Doc resource page

Method #2: Resource Link Building With Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is a great tool to help you with link building. And it can simplify this whole resource page link building process.

Inside their tool go to:

Prospecting > Find Leads

This will bring you to this screen where you can search for websites:

Ninja outreach

In the search bar you can type in the keywords for the type of website you’re looking for (I’ll use travel blogs again).

Once you’ve searched it’ll give you the option to filter:

Ninja outreach filter option

From here you’re going to select “Resource” from the Featured Pages drop down menu:

all featured pages filter ninja outreach

This will bring up all of the resource pages for that keyword in their database.

Complete with contact information and a link to their resource page:

filtered results

You can then use the Save Prospects button to add these to a list of potential contacts:

save prospects ninja outreach

Easier than messing around with Google docs and searches, right?

PRO TIP: Before starting any link building campaign, it’s best to determine how many backlinks you need to rank and archive your goals.

How To Analyse A Resource Page

With a list of pages in place you’re going to need to analyse if your product, service and website is going to be a good fit for you and the website owner.

You need to look for relevancy, type of link and page and any special deals you can offer.

Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Relevancy: Is your product a good fit for the site owner? (And vise versa.)
  • Types of link: What are the other links on the page? Do they link to products and websites, or is it all books and scientific journals?
  • Page Type: Is there a specific page on your site that would be a better fit for this page, or is your homepage best?
  • Special offers: Can you offer users a short free trial or a marginal discount to ensure you get featured? (Bloggers love special deals for their audience.)

You want to be able to tick at least the first two boxes before pitching them.

How To Pitch For Your Backlink (Script Included!)

When you’ve found and analysed your resource page opportunity, it’s time to pitch.

It’s important to avoid being pushy and forceful. Remember, you’re looking for the site owner to do you a favour and they’ll only do that for someone they like.

It should feel like you have something valuable that helps them and their audience.

resource page link building cheat sheet

There are two ways you can pitch:

  1. Manually
  2. Using a Ninja Outreach template

For manual pitches I’ve included a script below for you to work with.

Just edit and delete information to make it sound more like you!

“Hey [First Name],

I’ve been researching [topic] for a while now and I felt pretty stuck until I found your resource page. Learning about [topic] from the link on there really helped me do [desired outcome].

Since you helped me so much I’d love to offer something in return. I’ve [created/written] a [product/article] about [topic] and I think it would be a great help to your audience, and a good addition to your resources page!

[Your link]

Keep up the great work, and I really look forward to reading more of your stuff.

Have a great day,

[Your name]”

But if you’ve levelled up your business and you’re using Ninja Outreach to help you build links, you can tap into their large resource of pre-written scripts for you to use.

If you go to:

Outreach > Templates

You’ll be able to access all of these.

You can then select the “Example #5: Link Request” template – which is focused on resource pages – and update it to fit your tone of voice:

Ninja outreach example template

Whichever method you choose it’s as simple as wash, rinse and repeat until you find yourself featured on a few pages with some high quality links.

Wrapping It Up

Resource link building is an easy and effective strategy for building links.

By finding resource pages that match your website or product/service you can get yourself featured easily, earn a backlink and get targeted traffic back to your website.

You can find these pages by using either Google Footprint searches, like:

  • “inurl:[your niche] + resources”

…or if that sounds like too much work you can always:

Next we are going to focus on another powerful link building strategy:

Broken link building

But remember… Before starting building links, make sure you have read the full link building checklist that explains all the link building process.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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  1. Hey Matthew, That was immensely helpful for me as a beginner SEO and blogger. I actually looked at some of the other tutorial videos and blogs and found them extremely complicated to comprehend. Thank you so much again.Aswin

  2. I love this step-by-step guide. It is a relatively easy hack wherein you don’t need to come up with new guest post to get these links.Plus, I assume this also helps establish authority.Great article. Thanks

  3. Hey Matthew,Thank a lot for your lessons.Just wanna tell you that “ninja outreach” doesn’t~t work anymore as it use to.

    1. Hey Marco! Thanks for your feedback. Could you explain to me why? I am always looking for a way to improve my tool.

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