Ultimate Email Marketing Part 1 – My Email Marketing Strategy

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Across this email marketing tutorial series I’m going to show you my personal email marketing strategy that:

  • Builds relationships
  • Drives constant traffic
  • Provides user generated content
  • Social shares
  • Sales on complete auto pilot.

Email marketing is a critical part to any business – whether your an affiliate, blogger or run an e-commerce store.

When someone signs up to your email list they are giving you permission to invade their personal life any time you want.

That is a very powerful tool to have and is something that I use to great effect, but it is also a dangerous tool if not used correctly

Why Is Email Marketing Important?

Email marketing is so so important. You get instant traffic, automate relationships, it’s evergreen and very cost effective.

My #1 goal with the blog isn’t to get people to click on affiliate links but for them to subscribe to my email list.

If you have ever heard the phrase “the money is in the list” – it is true, and if you haven’t started an email list yet you are leaving an awful lot of money on the table.

Instant Traffic

The first and most important reason is having the ability to directly communicate with your audience at the push of a button.

You can reach out to thousands of people in an instant to take action, whether that is to read your new post or check out a special offer.

Here is a screenshot from my Google Analytics account for the past month, where you see a red arrow is when I sent out an email to my list-

email marketing tutorial traffic

Having the ability to control thousands of peoples attention and direct it wherever you choose is like having super powers!

Automate Relationships

One of my favourite uses of email marketing is to automate relationship building with your subscribers.

I do this through my autoresponder sequence which is pre-written set of emails scheduled to go out at set times after someone has subscribed.

I will explain more about this & how I do it later in the article along with all of the email templates I use!


No matter what happens you will always have your email list. What if one day your site gets penalised by Google and disappears from the rankings?

Suddenly 80% of your traffic is gone and so is your income!

Your email list isn’t subject to the same risks as your website and will stay with you forever.

Cost Effective

You can start your email list for $1 which not only makes it cost effective, it makes it an absolute no brainer! Read my full Aweber review to learn more.

What other form of marketing can offer all of these benefits and more for just $1?

My Email Marketing Strategy

So before showing you how you can get started with my email marketing strategy I’m going to reveal precisely how I use email marketing to drive this blog.

This strategy builds relationships, drives a constant stream of traffic, provides new user generated content, gets new social shares & generates sales on complete auto pilot.

My email marketing service of choice is Aweber and if you want to follow along with this tutorial series I suggest you use them as well!

Getting Subscribers

The most important part to any email list is getting subscribers – without subscribers your email list is pretty useless.

You can get subscribers through a number of avenues-

  1. Opt in forms on your site
  2. Landing pages
  3. When someone buys a product
  4. When someone submits a contact form
  5. When someone registers on your site
  6. When someone comments for the first time

Those are just some of the most common ways of driving subscribers to your email list and they are the exact methods that I use on this blog!

Opt In Forms

I have a number of opt in forms placed around the blog asking people to subscribe by entering their name/email address.

There are 4 different types of opt in form that I use which are illustrated below-

In The Sidebar

The first one is in the sidebar, right at the top of the blog.

email marketing examples to optin

Sticky Sidebar

The next one you will see is also placed in the sidebar but stands out much more and follows you down the page.

email optin sticky sidebar

In Content

This opt in form is usually placed within content to catch peoples attention while they are engaged with content. Below is a live example for you to sign up if you haven’t already 😉

Subscribe to this award winning blog now to get free updates.

End Of Posts

The last opt in form you will see on the blog is at the end of posts after someone has finished reading.

email optin endpost

As you can see I like to place opt in forms everywhere! I have them placed at every opportunity to grab as many subscribers as possible!

In fact there are a total of 8 opt in forms on my about page – that might seem like overkill but the page converts 1 in 4 visitors into a new subscriber!

Landing Pages

I also use dedicated email opt in landing pages to generate subscribers.

This is the landing page they get taken to that I created with LeadPages & integrates with Aweber seamlessly-

leadpages email marketing template

This method costs me $0.63 per new subscriber but each new subscriber is actually worth $17.81 to me (more on this later).

Contact Form Submission

I get a lot of enquiries via my contact page and I figured that anyone that wanted to get in touch with me, would also be interested in joining my email list.

I use the Contact Form 7 plugin to power the contact form and to connect it with Aweber.

So now when someone sends me a message via the contact form, they get an email asking them to confirm their email subscription.

When Someone Registers

The other way I capture email subscribers on the blog is when someone registers on the forum.

Again I figured anyone joining the forum would benefit from the email newsletter and I use this plugin to do that easily!

First Time Commenter

When someone comments on the blog for the first time they get taken to a page thanking them for the comment and asking them to subscribe to my email list-

email capture page

This is the perfect time to ask because once someone has taken action once (submitted a comment) they will take action again (email subscription) if you ask them to!

You will notice I’m using the in content opt in form here but the redirect to that page is done with this plugin.

The Subscription User Journey

When someone subscribes to my email list this is the user journey they will go through-

  1. Enter name/email address
  2. Taken to the confirmation page
  3. Confirm their email address
  4. Taken to the thank you page

This is a typical journey when someone signs up to an email list. So once someone enters their name and email address they get taken to this page-

confirm email page

Then they have to go to their email inbox where they will find an email that looks like this-

email confirmation email template

Once they click the link to confirm their email address they get taken to the thank you page.

Now at this point most people would end the user journey, but remember when I told you that if people take action once they will take action again if you ask them to?

So I also ask people to connect with me on Google+ – you could ask people to follow you on Twitter, like your Facebook page, tell their friends or whatever you choose.

thank you page

That is all there is to it – that person is now subscribed to my email list!

But that is only the start, the next step is where the magic really happens!

The Magic Of Autoresponders

An email autoresponder is essentially a set of pre-written emails that gets sent to every new subscriber.

This is the bit that builds relationships, drives a constant stream of traffic, provides new user generated content, gets new social shares & generates sales on complete auto pilot.

Right now I have a total of 56 emails in my autoresponder sequence that gets sent out 1 per week keeping new email subscribers engaged with my blog for over a year automatically.

Here is a sneak peak at my email auto responder sequence-

email marketing strategy sequence

As you can see Aweber makes it really easy to set up & schedule!

Personal Email Marketing Examples

There are lots of different ways you can use email autoresponders and I’m going to show you a few of the different approaches & email templates that I use once someone has subscribed.

The Welcome Message

The first email new subscribers receive is the welcome message which is sent immediately after they confirm their email address.

welcome email template

This email is simply to welcome them to the newsletter but also to set expectations of what they will be receiving from me each week.

I also ask people to connect with me on social media so I have another way to reach my subscribers.

The Relationship Builder

The next email goes out 2 days later and invites the subscriber to ask me any internet marketing question they like!

relationship email template

This email is designed to do a number of things. Primarily it helps to create a stronger relationship with the new subscriber by offering to personally help them.

But what is also does is drives people into the BBPress forum which has a number of benefits like creating new threads/pages which get indexed/found by Google.

It also gives them a reason to keep coming back to the site and getting involved with the hidden community on the blog.

Even if people don’t join the forum to ask a question, they fact that you have reached out and offered to help them really sets the tone of the relationship.

Breathing Life Into Old Content

The vast majority of the emails in my autoresponder sequence are used to breathe new life into old content that would otherwise be buried away deep in the archives.

content email template

Not only does this keep people constantly engaged with my blog it also provides a steady stream of traffic, comments, social shares & affiliate clicks across every post on the blog.

Without an email autoresponder most of these posts would just be collecting dust – but now they are a powerful business asset I can use over and over again.

Content Ideas

I’m always on the look out for new content ideas and thinking about what I should write next. But really the best people to ask for content ideas are your readers-

content ideas email template

Not only does this email provide a constant stream of new content ideas every week, it also helps to strengthen the relationship with subscribers further.

People really appreciate the fact that you are listening to them and a lot of the tutorials I have published on this blog are the result of people replying to this email and asking for them.

Improving The Blog

There is always room to improve your site and again, the best people to provide that are the people that actually visit your site.

blog feedback email template

By simply asking for 1 thing they like about the blog, 1 thing they don’t like and 1 thing they would change immediately you get some amazing feedback.

That feedback has helped shape the direction of the blog while strengthening relationships with subscribers at the same time!

Collecting Testimonials

After someone has been subscribed for a while I also ask them to provide a testimonial for the blog.

testimonial email template

It is amazing to read the testimonials people provide and how the blog has helped them – in some cases tutorials have helped change peoples lives!

I haven’t published any of these testimonials yet, but I have a huge library of them ready to go when I need them!

Showing Gratitude

It is also important to show your gratitude to your subscribers & thank them for supporting you.

gratitude email template

Some of the responses I get from this email touch me right in the feels to say the least!

Getting Started With Email Marketing Right Now!

I hope you are starting to understand why my #1 goal with the blog is to get people to subscribe to my email list.

The benefits are huge creating strong relationships while driving traffic, comments & social shares to old post. At the same time it provides new content ideas, testimonials & feedback to improve the blog.

You can start your email list for just $1 right now and start collecting subscribers for your email list.

Everyday that you are not doing this – your are missing out in a big big way.

Step 1 – Sign Up To Aweber

The first thing you need to do is sign up to Aweber – it will only cost you a dollar to get started!

I have always used Aweber because they are easy to use, very affordable, offer great deliverability and lighting fast support. They are the best email marketing service provider in my experience.

You can also create separate email lists for each website you own using a single Aweber account.

aweber email marketing service

Once you have done that, login to your account!

Step 2 – Creating Your First Email List

Now you need to setup your first email list. I create a separate email list for each of my websites as it only takes a few minutes.

First click on Create and Manage Lists

create email list

Next Aweber will take you through the setup wizard to finish creating your new list.

It is really easy to follow-

aweber list setup

It will also ask you for an address, this address will get shown at the bottom of each email you send to comply with the Can-Spam act.

If you don’t have a business address and are worried about using your home address, you may want to use a different address.

You will also be asked at this point to provide a sender email – this is the email the emails will get sent ‘from’ so make sure this is an active email address that you monitor in case anyone replys, which they will!

Next you’ll be asked to give your list a name & a short description-

aweber list setup 2

As you can see it doesn’t have to be anything special.

Last but not least you need to setup your confirmation message. This is the email confirmation that people receive when they sign up to your list to confirm their email address.

This is what mine looks like-

aweber confirmation message

Once that is done – you have successfully created your first email list!

Step 3 – Creating Your Opt In Form

Now all we need to do to start collecting email subscribers is to create an opt in form and add it to your site.

To do that click on Sign Up Forms and then click on Create Your First Sign Up Form.

create aweber optin form

The first thing you need to do is pick a template that you like, Aweber provide an endless amount of designs for you to choose from!

Just scroll through them all until you find one you like – you can even customise it if you want.

aweber optin form templates

Once you have done that move through the rest of the steps leaving everything at default and save your form.

Step 4 – Adding The Opt In Form To Your Site

There are a few different ways to add the opt in form to your site.

If you use Wordpress you can just use the official plugin which makes it really easy to add the opt in form to your sidebar.

If you get stuck with the plugin then check out Awebers guide on how to set it up properly.

The plugin will also add a tickbox that allows commenter’s to sign up to your newsletter as well!

If you don’t use Wordpress then you can just take the code that Aweber provides and paste it into your sites template where you want the opt in form to appear.

install aweber optin form

If you aren’t comfortable with doing that – there is also the option to email the code to your developer in 1 click so they can add it for you!


That is all there is to creating your email list & creating your first opt in form.

Once you have deployed the opt in form on your site it will start collecting email subscribers for you instantly!

Feel free to give it a test yourself and see how everything fits together to help build your understanding.

In The Next Part Of The Email Marketing Tutorial Series…

To help avoid information overload I have broken my email marketing guide into a small series of posts.

Once you have learned my complete email marketing strategy above, you are ready to move on to the next part in my email marketing tutorial series to learn about-

  • How to design your autoresponder series
  • The best time & day to schedule your emails for maximum impact
  • How to personalize emails
  • The call to action trick I use in every single email
  • How to set it all up

You can read the next part of the email marketing tutorial series to learn about building an effective email autoresponder!

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