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Who Is Matthew Woodward?

My name is Matthew Woodward and I have a long track record of helping thousands of businesses and people just like you, to increase their search traffic through my award winning SEO blog and sometimes, from stages.

I’ve helped thousands of people to increase their search traffic and you will be next!

I've been speaking at conferences...

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And it resulted with incredible feedback from you guys!

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What You Get


An introduction to quick win SEO

I'll introduce you to the quick win SEO process, showing you how it works and why we love using it to increase search traffic.


How to build your quick win SEO strategy

I'll give you a free copy of the tool we built to generate quick win SEO strategies and show you how to build your own quick win strategy.


Executing your quick win SEO strategy

You will learn the step by step processes you need to execute your quick win SEO strategy, I'll show you how over my shoulder.


Bonus SEO Strategies

I'll introduce you to the various SEO processes we use for link building, topic research, content creation, hiring writes and much more.


You get a free copy of private SEO tool

We built a private SEO tool that allows us to generate simple SEO strategies for any site in less than 5 minutes. You’ll know precisely what you need to do to increase your search traffic.

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