Do High PR Backlinks From Blog Comments Really Work?

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A few years ago high PR backlinks from manual blog commenting exploded and became one of the most popular ways to build high PR links quickly and effectively.

Way back then they were very powerful especially if you leveraged the strength of high PR comment links.

It was incredibly easy to rank pages with nothing but blog comments but then tools like Scrapebox came along and ruined the party for everyone as every man and his dog was blasting hundreds of thousands of comments out per day and they become less effective.

UPDATE: You can get high PR backlinks from LinksThatRank or any one of these link building services.

What Are High PR Backlinks?

High PR backlinks are when you get a link to your website from a website that has a high level of authority or page rank. They are considered to be the most powerful type of backlink you can get.

Are High PR Links From Comments Still Effective?

I use high PR links from manual blog commenting as part of my overall link building process but it is difficult to judge if it is still effective as it once was when you are building lots of different links over a number of months.

There is only one way to find out (you know where this is going right?) so I decided to setup my own test and share the results with you!

Can You Rank A Page With High PR Backlinks From Comments?

In this experiment I selected a keyword focused inner page of a website that is already ranking well in the SERPS for its main terms. The inner page I chose had no previous link building work done on it all and was perfect for the purposes of this experiment.

Keyword #1 Competition

High PR Blog Comments KW1 Competition

Keyword #2 Competition

High PR Links From Comments KW2 Competition

Experiment Details

The page mentioned above was already optimised for the 2 keywords. Keyword 1 naturally ranked at position 62 and keyword 2 ranked at position 69 at the start of the experiment.

Every week for 4 weeks I built 100 new high PR backlinks with comments and ensured every target page had-

I did not spread out the link building each week and just built all 100 of them in one go every Tuesday morning.

Pretty simple stuff and a few years ago that would have been more than enough to rank for some pretty decent terms.

21st Feb – Experiment Results So Far

I started building the links on the 7th Of February and so far 200 of the 400 planned links have been built.

21st Feb Keyword #1 Rankings (Started at #62)

21st Feb Keyword #1 Rankings

21st Feb Keyword #2 Rankings (Started at #69)

21st Feb Keyword #2 Rankings

So 200 links seems to have a positive uplift so far and I’m sure Google are still playing catch up with finding all the juicy new links. Both keywords have jumped up at least 10 positions or so.

12th March – Ranking Update

Last week I built the final set of the links to the page which has now had at least 400 high PR backlinks from comments built to it over the past 4 weeks. Rankings below-

12th March Keyword #1 Rankings (Started at #62)

12th March Keyword #1 Rankings

12th March Keyword #2 Rankings (Started at #69)

12th March Keyword #2 Rankings


Both keywords have shown fairly decent increases in rank across the past 4 weeks. Keyword #1 has jumped up 23 places so far and keyword #2 has jumped up 25 places although both seem to be jumping between the 40’s and 50’s at the moment.

Google will still be playing catch up with all of the links that have been built so I will update the page again in a couple of weeks with the results of that.

Clearly high PR blog comments do carry some weight and still provide traction with Google although I wouldn’t like to completely rely on them to get me to the number 1 position. You should definitely be using them to support and diversify your existing link building campaigns.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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  1. I have always been your ardent reader. I had this belief that link building via comments is dead. I think I will give it a try now.Regards

    1. It’s not “dead” but has evolved over the past few years. It’s definitely more challenging now than before. But you know what? Give it a go, and keep me updated!

  2. Thanks for the post Matthew. More than 2000 comments! Dude, I don’t know what to say, but thanks. I’ll be trying more link building thought blog commenting. Keep up the good work.

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