Outbound Link

What Is An Outbound Link?

An outbound link is a clickable link that directs visitors from your website to another website.

Outbound links are also known as external links. They are used to direct visitors to external resources on other websites such as:

  • Articles
  • Applications
  • Tools
  • Online content

what is an outboundlink

Outbound links provide additional context or reference information on your site. They ultimately enhance your website’s user experience by directing users to relevant content outside of your site.

They can also be used to build the credibility and trustworthiness of your website by linking to authoritative sources.

The number, quality and context of outbound links on your site can affect both your SEO and the websites you link to.

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Outbound Link Example

An example of an outbound link would be if you cited Healthline as a source for the article you are writing about weight loss.

healthline outbound link example

Simply adding the link from your article to the Healthline weight loss article creates an outbound link from your website.

Think of it like this:

Every time you place a link from your website to another website – You create an outbound link.

How Do Outbound Links Affect SEO?

Outbound links affect the SEO of your website and the website you link to.

When you place an outbound link to another site, Google thinks of it like citing a source. By linking to trustworthy and authoritative sources, you enhance the quality of your article in Google’s eyes.

This can help that article rank higher in the Google search results.

Outbound links also pass link equity. That means your website’s trust and authority are passed to the website you linked to.

That will benefit the SEO of the website you linked to.


Outbound links affect the SEO of both websites. Only link to relevant and trustworthy websites with a good reputation online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no difference between an outbound link and an external link. When you add a link from your website to another website, this can be called an external link or an outbound link. They are both the same thing.
Inbound links (also known as backlinks) are links you receive from another website. Outbound links are external links you place from your website to another website. Outbound is when you link out to another website and inbound is when you receive a link from another website.
No, an outbound link is not a backlink. It’s the opposite. An outbound link is an external link you place on your site to direct users to another site. A backlink is an incoming link from another site to your website.

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