What Is Noreferrer?

Noreferrer (rel= “noreferrer”) is an HTML tag used in the “rel” attribute of an outbound link that tells the browser not to send any referrer information to the linked website or resource.

The norferrer attribute effectively stops the linked website from knowing who sent the traffic to the site.

what is noreferrer

Let me explain:

When you place an outbound link to a website and a visitor clicks on that link, analytics tools like Google Analytics mark the traffic as “referral traffic”.

google analytics referral traffic report

The noreferrer attribute stops that information from being passed to the analytics tool by the browser.

If someone clicks on an outbound link with a noreferrer tag – the website receives the visitor through the link but won’t know where the traffic came from.

Think of it as a way to anonymously refer traffic to other websites.

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When To Use Noreferrer Attribute

Use the noreferrer attribute when you don’t want to disclose the referrer URL to the linked website.

For example, you might link to a competitor but don’t want them to know.

The noreferrer attribute will hide that information.

You might also use the noreferrer tag when linking to an untrusted site to prevent potentially malicious scripts from exploiting your referrer information.

Is Noreferrer Important For SEO?

No, the “Noreferrer” has very little direct impact on SEO so it’s not something you need to worry about.

Noreferrer links still pass link equity in terms of SEO rankings like any other backlink.

But keep in mind:

Noreferrer links can indirectly affect analytics by NOT passing the referrer data. This means you will limit the insights on traffic sources to the website you linked to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Nofollow” is an attribute that tells search engines not to pass along ranking credit (link equity) to the linked page. Noreferrer prevents the browser from sending referral information but does not influence search engine crawling or link equity.
Noreferrer stops the browser from sending referral information to the linked page. Noopener is a security measure that prevents the website you link to from having control over the referring page. This enhances security by blocking access to the “window.opener” object.

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