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Get ahead of the fast growing CBD market by using our specialist  SEO services. With our extensive SEO experience we can help your online CBD business grow in this relatively new industry.

“The agency really thinks outside the box when it comes to SEO and delivers ideas and strategies which are unique for my business”

Dave Taylor - Medical Industry


CBD SEO Is Different, Here's why...

The CBD industry is one of the fastest growing business sectors at the moment which also makes it incredibly competitive. On top of that, many people are still skeptical about CBD which makes SEO & link building tricky. We have a great history of delivering success in tricky niches and now we are delivering the same success for our CBD SEO clients.

The CBD industry Is Growing Rapidly

This industry is becoming hyper competitive meaning you not only need to get ahead of the curve, but you need to stay there. 

Marketing Presents Unique Challenges

Many sites refuse to market products from the CBD industry meaning SEO is more important than ever for your online business.

There Is A Ton of Opportunity

CBD is the new kid on the block, meaning there are many ranking opportunities to take before the market gets too saturated.



“I’ve worked with many SEO agencies in the past and this is the one I am sticking with. The whole team works towards your goals & are always very responsive. They put together extensive audits & don’t waste time on unnecessary stuff just to get another box ticked. The knowledge their team gives has value for our business at every level.”

Margus Hõim

Gaming Industry

How Is Success Measured?

Success means different things dependent on your business goals. But we believe these are the most important “success factors” for most CBD based businesses at the moment-

New Traffic

The main goal for any digital  CBD business is to increase the number of qualified visitors that come to your site.


But new traffic is worthless if it doesn’t convert! So we pay close attention to how your new traffic is converting.

sports betting

Increase Revenue

And ultimately our job is to increase your sales revenue because if we don’t do that, we will lose our jobs.


100 % transparency with everything!

“Through the years we tried cooperating with various agencies & without any significant results. It’s not the case with these guys – it’s a pleasure to work with them! Everything is 100 % transparent, monthly reports are on time, communication is smooth & most important, the results are not lacking!”

Luka Pancirov


BUT! We Do not Work With Everyone...

If you would like to work with us, you need to understand and also agree with these 3x basic principles-

SEO Is A Long Term Strategy

If you want lasting results and continuous growth then it needs to be done safely over time. SEO is not a quick fix for your business.

Treat SEO Seriously For The Best Results

If taken seriously, SEO will generate more revenue than any other traffic source BUT only if you do it correctly.

Proper SEO Is Not Cheap

SEO done right, means input from SEO experts, designers, developers, writers and outreach teams. Effective SEO is not cheap.

The Client Experience

We are focused on providing our CBD SEO clients with a structured and measured approach that is tailored to the needs of their business and helps them achieve their vision. This is how we work-


Define Your Sites Goals

We will take the time needed to understand the goals of your business so we can work on achieving them together. We will offer insights into the fast growing CBD SEO industry to help you set achievable targets.


Full Site Audit

Our detailed site audit checks everything from top to bottom to ensure you have a solid foundation that your visitors (and Google) will love. This gives us the opportunity to fix any issues and ensure they do not reoccur.


Exploring Opportunities

We will use our bespoke keyword research strategies to find unique online opportunities in the CBD industry, giving us everything we need to create a robust on going SEO strategy.


Plan Of Attack

After conducting an SEO audit and in depth keyword research, we can then create a powerful plan of attack for your CBD business. We will use this as a guide to growing your brand and increasing your search traffic.


On-Page Optimisation

Part of the action plan will be to fix any on page issues highlighted in the SEO audit and then improve your on page SEO making it as user friendly and search engine friendly as possible.


Link Acquisition

Link building is a challenging task especially in the Cannabidiol industry where it some prejudices may still exist. But our dedicated outreach team are highly skilled in earning quality relevant links which come from real websites.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

We will make sure all of that new traffic coming to your site is converting. We have a great depth of experience when it comes to conversion and together we can make huge differences to your revenue.


Report & Improve

Each month we will compile and send a report which details how our campaign is progressing vs the business goals. This will include everything we have been working on, what we intend to do next and why.


Take a look at our SEO Case Studies

Checkout our real life SEO case studies where you can see our strategies in action. We undertake most of our work under an NDA however these clients have let us publish the results so you can have a sneak preview of the service we offer-

14x Search Traffic

We built search traffic from 2,732 per month to 38,420 over the course of an 8 month campaign.

+4207% Search Traffic

We took search traffic from 10,439 per month to 472,591 in a highly competitive niche.

114x Number 1 Ranks

We took this client from manual penalty to over 114 keywords ranked in the number 1 spot.

Do you have any questions? Read our FAQ

We will work any CBD website, however… we have some specific requirements that you need to meet.

To work with us, you must-

  1. Be an established legal business with the systems in place to convert traffic into revenue
  2. Take SEO seriously and understand it is a long term strategy which we will work on together
  3. Not condone anything morally adverse such as violence, crime or hate of any type

We will only work with a business that we know we can deliver good results for.

If that sounds like you… please get in touch using the form below.

All businesses, goals and budgets vary so there are no typical results. It’s morally and ethically wrong for SEO professionals to make promises of any kind.

However we do have an excellent record of growing search traffic and sales for our clients websites but it’s important to remember all websites are at Google’s mercy.

We can show you the results achieved for other websites but that only serves to demonstrate our expert understanding of SEO and how we adapt and change our strategies when required. Please have a look at our testimonials and case studies.

It’s impossible for any SEO to give you a guarantee of results technically, morally or ethically.

Why? You need to understand that we are at the mercy of Google and rather than fight it, we understand it and adapt to it.

But we can guarantee that-

  • We are realistic, upfront, honest and always direct
  • We are available to help you & support you at all times
  • Our only focus is to deliver tangible results
  • We have some of the worlds most intelligent SEO’s in our team
  • We have decades of success & experience
  • We’re here to help you grow your CBD business

Link building is an especially important part of SEO for your CBD website.

We have a dedicated team who work solely on outreach and relationship/link building.
Meaning we can build natural looking links from real websites at scale-
gaming seo outreach link building

Yes we do! You can learn all about our technical SEO audits here.

We create a complete report that goes through all your SEO problems that we find and a custom checklist which any developer or in house staff member can work through and fix.

You’ll also get our full support should you need any help with integration.

Our prices are set to present a fair service for all our clients.

Meaning we don’t have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to negotiating price as we aren’t trying to squeeze you from day 1.

If you do have other sites you’d like us to work on then we can certainly discuss your requirements. Just get in touch.

No we do not.

Effective SEO requires a large upfront capital investment.  It is a resource intensive and time consuming process.

After making that investment, we have no control and our success then relies on the ability of the website to sell a product/service and deliver it effectively.

We also need to rely on the fact that we’ll actually get a fair cut.

Meaning for us, there are a lot of uncontrolled risks that alongside a large amount of capital invested.

It doesn’t make business sense for us to work that way when we could easily invest and then develop our own properties without that risk.

Every website in the CBD niche will be different.

In the same way that all business’s and their goals differ.  Some will want to build a steady secure growth and others will need quick ranking tactics for when the latest products hit the CBD market.

It is impossible to give an accurate answer to the question ‘how long it will take to see results?’ because there are so many variables.

But we can give you a very rough idea with this timeline

SearchLogistics SEO Timeframe

Once we have analysed your site we can then provide you with a more accurate estimate.

Worst case scenario… you should expect to see positive traction of your websites search visibility within 4 months.

Answering this question is difficult without analysing your site and knowing anything about your business and goals.

But we can tell you 2 things upfront.

Typical Timeline

This timeline will give you a rough idea of what you can expect-

SearchLogistics SEO Timeframe

Please note that because every CBD business will differ there is no such thing as a typical SEO timeline.

Contract Length

Secondly our minimum contract agreement is 4 months. Then you can cancel at any time.

This is because during the first 4 months we purely focus on increasing your “Google compatibility” via a detailed technical SEO audit and in depth keyword research. From this we then develop a plan of attack which includes content creation and link building.

If you are not happy at the end of the 4th month… you are free to walk away.

Usually our clients stay with us for around 18 months because we become irrelevant after fixing their site and establishing search traffic.

We are always present and contactable to support you and the growth of your website.

Whether it’s a quick question or something larger we are here to help you in any way we can.

Every client is unique so we offer support in different ways but whichever way – we are always present.

You can see what other people have said about how we have supported them.

An intelligent SEO service has a lot of moving parts so we don’t base our quotes on the amount of hours.

As strategies develop there is no knowing when they may require more or less attention/resources.

For example the costs vary between link building and technical integration that come at different stages of the campaign.

But as everything we do is in house we have complete control over our cost base meaning we can offer an SEO package that’ll actually move the needle for a competitive price.

The very minimum budget we can work with is $3,100 per month.

To offer an SEO approach on a lower budget would mean we wouldn’t be able to deliver incredible results.

We know how to deliver results and what it takes to do this so our prices reflect exactly that.

You can opt for a larger budget, which will enable us to get more done is a shorter period of time, having a direct impact on your search results.

If we started negotiating our minimum budget that would have a knock on effect to the quality of service we could offer and we are not willing to sacrifice the quality of our service.

SEO is an investment that needs to be taken seriously and an understanding that it is a long term solution.

You can take full advantage of our one time audit service if you aren’t in a position to take on our full SEO services.

We take SEO very seriously and we only offer this service because staying on top and up to date with Google and all the latest changes takes passion and dedication.

We are led by international award winning SEO Matthew Woodward and also employ some of the top SEO talent on the planet right now.

Our sole focus and skill set is to increase organic traffic and sales..

We are extremely good at what we do and proud of it.

Not building a solid SEO foundation for your website is the most common mistake people make when they solely focus in link building.

We offered a link building only service in the past but stopped because we were asked to build links for websites that would have no chance of ranking no matter how many links we built them.

We get the best results for clients who gave us control of on page SEO AND link building so that’s where we focus.

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