H1 Tag

What Is A H1 Tag?

H1 tags are HTML elements used to indicate the topic of a web page and highlight the most important headline.

They tell users and search engines about the topic of the web page.

HTML header tags (H1 to H6) form a hierarchy and structure content on a page.

The H1 tag defines the most important heading while also making it the most visually obvious.

header structure

When you think of an H1 tag – Think the first and main heading on the page.

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Why Are H1 Tags Important For SEO?

H1 tags are important for SEO because they help search engines understand the main topic of a page.

Search engines use H1 tags as the first signal of what kinds of search queries the page could answer.

That means that H1 tags strongly influence which keywords the page ranks for and how high it ranks.

But that’s not all…

A well-written H1 tag can improve the user experience of your site.

This leads to higher engagement on the page and increases the click-thru rate from the search results.

Because user engagement is an indirect Google ranking factor – Getting more clicks and engagement on your page can lead to higher rankings.

Examples Of H1 Tags

The article below is the first example of an H1 tag:

Does green tea help weight loss?

h1 header article example

The H1 is the main title of the blog post and clearly tells the reader what the page is about.

It also includes the main keyword so search engines understand the page topic.

The second example of an H1 tag is an online store page:

Loose Leaf Green Tea.

h1 tag online store page example

With the context of the online store and the h1 heading, readers know that the page they are on will contain loose leaf green tea products.

The website is also trying to rank this page for the target keyword “loose leaf green tea”.

H1 Tag SEO Best Practices

Here is a list of best practices for H1 tags in SEO.

Only One H1 Tag Per Page

Google’s John Mueller has suggested in the past that it’s ok to have multiple H1 tags.

But independent testing shows that pages with just one H1 tag rank better.

Add only one H1 heading to each page, followed by sub-headlines (h2 to h6). This will ensure that users and search engines know what the page is about – without getting confused.

Add In Your Target Keyword

Your H1 heading should include the target keyword you want to rank for.

You want to add the keyword towards the front of your H1.

keyword in h1

This is one of the biggest on-page SEO factors that signal to Google what your main topic is about.


You don’t want your keyword to look unnatural in your H1.

This is where you need to use your SEO copywriting skills to make the H1 flow while still incorporating an exact match of your target keyword.

Unique H1 Tags For Each Page

Every page should have its own unique H1.

The H1 is the first indicator Google uses to understand your page’s topic. The last you want is Google getting confused about which page to rank because two pages have the same H1.

Optimise For Mobile Devices

About 60% of all SEO traffic comes from mobile devices. That means that your H1 should display and read well on mobile devices.

Always double-check that the H1 looks good on your phone before publishing.

Describe The Page Content

Does your H1 tell the reader what content they will find on the page?

Your website visitors will decide whether to scroll and read the rest of your page content based on your H1 alone.

It must read well and give visitors a taste of what they can expect on the page.

How Many Characters Should Your H1 Tag Be?

There are no specific limits on how many characters your H1 tag should be.

The length of your H1 tag should primarily depend on:

  1. How it looks on your website
  2. How many characters are needed to describe the content on the page
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