Deep Linking

What Is Deep Linking?

Deep linking is when you link directly to a page or piece of content within a website.

Deep links are used to send users to a specific page rather than the generic homepage of a website. This helps users find the information they want quicker, improves user experience and can benefit SEO.

what is deep linking

Deep linking can also apply to mobile applications.

When a user clicks on a deep link, it takes them directly to the app rather than a website. If they don’t have the application installed on their device, it takes them to the app store to download it.

This is the genius of deep linking.

It takes users directly to the relevant content or app without them needing to do any extra searching.

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Why Are Deep Links Important?

Deep links are important because they enhance the user experience by quickly directing users to the exact content they’re searching for.

Think of deep links as a streamlined navigation around your website.

You can create sophisticated linking strategies that take users to where they want to be in one click.

All quality websites, search engines, marketers and applications use deep linking.

It has become an essential part of how people interact and navigate online.

Benefits Of Deep Linking

The benefits of deep linking are:

  1. Seamless User Experience: Improve your site’s user experience by making it easier for visitors to find what they need with fewer clicks
  2. Better User Engagement: Boost user engagement by taking visitors to the information they’re looking for quickly
  3. More SEO Value: Increase your site’s SEO by making it easier for search engines to understand site structure and content
  4. Increased Conversion Rates: Increase your conversion rates by guiding users directly to the pages where they’re most likely to take action (sign up, purchase, download etc)
  5. Link Equity Distribution: Distribute your link authority to internal pages of your site, which can improve SEO rankings for individual pages

Because deep linking improves your website’s navigation, you get a ton of extra benefits that can enhance the visibility of your website online and help drive more conversions.

What Are Deferred Deep Links?

Deferred deep links are like smart bookmarks for apps and online tools.

If you click on the deferred deep link but don’t have the app or aren’t logged into the tool, you will be prompted to install the app or log in to the tool first.

After that, it’ll automatically take you straight to the content you were looking for. You don’t need to go back to the original link you clicked on.

Think of deferred deep links as smart links that remember your destination, even if there’s a step to do before you get there.

Let me give you an example:

When a user clicks on a deferred deep link for an app and doesn’t have it installed, they’ll first be directed to the app store.

Once they’ve installed and opened the app, the deferred deep link will take them directly to the original deep link content or page.

The link still works even though they needed to install the app first.

The same works for online software or tools if the user isn’t logged in or doesn’t have an account.

Example Of A Deep Linking URL

An example of a deep linking URL is:

This URL takes users directly to the blue running shoes product page within the ‘shoes’ category on the website.

The user doesn’t first land on the homepage and then search for the blue running shoe page. The deep link takes them directly to where they want to be.

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