Technical SEO Audit's That Increase Search Traffic

Our technical SEO audit increased traffic by 45%
(no link building required).

On-Page SEO Is Important! Here's Why...

If you don’t build a solid foundation that Google loves, how can you expect search traffic to grow? It’s critical that your site is fully
compatible with Google’s crawlers and free of errors. Otherwise all of your SEO and link building efforts will be seriously held back.


On-Page SEO Is A Critical Ranking Factor

On-Page SEO is the foundation of growing your search traffic and once you build a site that Google loves, you will be rewarded.


You Have Full Control Of On-Page SEO

Unlike most things in SEO, you have full control of your on-page SEO which presents a rare & unique opportunity.


The Secret On-Page SEO Advantage

We review thousands of sites a year & most of them have terrible on-page SEO. That makes for great opportunity if you do it right!

Last year my SEO blog’s organic search traffic dropped by 33%! How did I recover? An SEO Audit!

I had gone from having 1,016 keywords in the top 3 positions to just 578 – but why was search traffic declining? We ran an SEO audit to find out why…

The SEO audit highlighted some critical flaws. The result? We increased search traffic by 45%

The SEO audit quickly showed why search traffic was declining, but after fixing everything – search traffic grew to record breaking levels. Click here to read the full case study.

Who Is This Service For?

Not everyone needs a technical SEO audit. But if you are suffering from any of the problems
below, then you should take action…


You Are Struggling To
Grow Search Traffic

On-Page SEO is the foundation of growing your search traffic and once you build a site that Google loves, you will be rewarded.


You Have Declining
Search Traffic

On-Page SEO is the foundation of growing your search traffic and once you build a site that Google loves, you will be rewarded.


You Have Hit A Plateau
In Search Traffic

On-Page SEO is the foundation of growing your search traffic and once you build a site that Google loves, you will be rewarded.


You Have Huge Drops In
Rankings Or A Penalty

On-Page SEO is the foundation of growing your search traffic and once you build a site that Google loves, you will be rewarded.


Want To Build A Healthy Foundation Before Wasting Money On Link Building

On-Page SEO is the foundation of growing your search traffic and once you build a site that Google loves, you will be rewarded.

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What Will We Do For You?

Our detailed technical SEO audit is crafted by hand and human intelligence to identify all of your SEO problems. Once we deliver the audit – you will have a complete blueprint of how to improve your search traffic step by step.

A Complete Technical SEO Review

We will go through your site and check hundreds of on-page factors to identify all of your SEO problems. Depending on the size of your site, it take’s around 20-30 hours of manual labor for our technical SEO specialist’s to complete a review.

Index Management

We will make sure that you are maximising your crawl efficiency by reviewing every page in the index to highlight opportunity and to make sure we are not suffering from any issues like duplication and cannibalization.

Site Structure

Your site structure plays a vital role in your search visibility and it’s something we pay close attention to because a poor site structure seriously anchors your sites ability to rank.

Internal Linking

One of the most underused strategies in SEO is internal link building. We will review your internal link structure to find weaknesses and look at how we can leverage authority to increase search traffic to key pages across your site.

Content Audit

Written content is the face of your digital business which either helps you or hinders you. We will review all of your sites content from a quality & relevancy perspective to highlight any problems and areas you need to improve on.

Backlink Audit

We will review your backlink profile and provide recommendations based on what we find. We will take a look at referring domains, topical relevance, anchor text distribution and other metrics to uncover any link based issues.

Site Speed Optimisation

Website speed is a confirmed ranking factor so it is no secret that Google loves fast websites. We will review your sites current standing and make recommendations on the easiest ways to increase your websites speed.

Your Complete SEO Audit Report

Finally you will receive a report that guides you through every SEO issue along with a custom checklist that any developer or in house staff member can begin working through with integration support from our technical SEO team.

Case Studies

The best way to show you what we can do for you, is to show you what we have done for
others. We have had great success across a variety of verticals including sites that were
previously penalised or loosing search traffic rapidly.

Any Questions? Read Our FAQ

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But if you are-Suffering from declining search traffic

  • Struggling to increase search traffic
  • Have received a manual or algorithmic penalty
  • Wanting to build a solid SEO foundation

Then a technical SEO audit is the right decision for you.

If you are not sure or would like one of our search specialists to review your site first, click here.

Anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks.

This varies depending on the size of your site and the complexity of the issues that we find.

It is morally and ethically wrong of any SEO professional to promise specific results.

While we have a great track record of increasing search traffic and sales for our fully managed clients, it’s important to remember that we are always at the mercy of Google.

So rather than selling you on promises or expectations that have no real foundation – the only thing we can ethically do is to show you the results we have delivered for other people.

Please feel free to browse through our case studies and testimonials to see what results we have being able to deliver to the clients that were kind enough to allow us publish public case studies.

You will get a complete report that guides you through every SEO issue along with a custom checklist that any developer or in house staff member can begin working through.

They’ll also have complete support from our technical SEO team via our live Skype helpdesk or phone call if they need it.


Our team is available to help with implementation.  Just send us an email or get in touch via our live Skype helpdesk.

In order for us to present a fairly priced service for everyone, we don’t have much wiggle room when it comes to pricing. However we can certainly discuss your requirements if you have more than 1 site you would like us to audit.

We check hundreds of different on-page SEO elements across a range of categories including-

  • Index management
  • Site structure
  • Internal linking
  • Content
  • Backlinks
  • Website speed

No stone is left unturned as we hunt down every SEO problem that is holding you back.

All we need is temporary access to your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts (if you have them).

You can do this by adding us as a user to your account which you can then remove once we have completed the report.

There is not a single SEO or service on the planet that can give you a guarantee technically, ethically or morally.

The reason for that is we are all at the mercy of Google.

And even though we have a solid track record of increasing people’s search traffic and sales – that doesn’t change the simple fact that we, you and every SEO on the planet is at Googles mercy.

But what we do guarantee is that-

  • We are honest, upfront and realistic
  • We are present, available and contactable
  • We are focused on delivering tangible results
  • We employ some of the worlds most intelligent SEO’s
  • We are fueled by data, intelligent decision and hard work
  • We have decades of experience & success
  • We are here to help you grow


The report includes a custom check list of action points to follow.

We describe each of the issues in detail, providing you with a clear path to follow to solve them.

However – due to the technical nature of the audit, some of the recommendations might be confusing.

If that’s the case, we will assist you or your developer with the implementation.

Unfortunately no.


Because we know precisely how long it takes to complete a thorough SEO audit.

We are committed to delivering results but we know what it takes to deliver those results and at what cost.

The only way we could offer a discount is by sacrificing on the quality of the service which we are not willing to do.

Yes you do so via LinksThatRank but before you build links it’s absolutely critical you have taken care of any outstanding technical SEO issues otherwise link building will be a waste of money.

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Let's find out if you need an SEO Audit...

Just answer these quick questions and we will be able to help you out-

Technical SEO

  • How’s the site’s pagespeed? Red/Yellow/Green?
  • How do the competitors compare?
  • What does PageSpeed Insights say to improve?
  • Anything we can notice that slow down the site?
  • Images optimised?
  • Images in next-gen formats (where applicable)?
  • Any videos that can be lazy-loaded?
  • Any images that can be lazy loaded?
  • Are all pages correctly redirected to https?
  • Is the site using HTTPS only?
  • Are there any pages indexed under a wrong protocol?
  • Are there any admin pages indexed?
  • Are there any subdomains indexed that shouldn’t be?
  • Any custom query strings indexed?
  • Any artificial or Soft 404 pages
  • Are there any duplicated categories and tags?
  • Are there any search results indexed?
  • Any other index bloat?
  • Are there any 302 redirects?
  • Are there any unnecessary internal 301 redirects?
  • Are there any external 301 redirects affecting the site’s usability or user’s comfort?
  • Are all redirects that are needed in place where applicable? (e.g. http -> https or non-www -> www)
  • Any redirect chains?
  • Any redirect loops?
  • Are there any internal 40x errors?
  • Are there any 40x pages in the sitemap?
  • Any 40x pages occured during the crawl?
  • Any 40x errors reported in GSC?
  • Is the 404 page correctly optimised?
  • Are there any soft-404 errors or pages that can potentially be marked as soft 404s?
  • Are there any internal 50x errors?
  • Are there any 50x pages in the sitemap?
  • Any 50x pages occured during the crawl?
  • Any 50x errors reported in GSC?
  • Is it available?
  • Are Google bots treated well :) ?
  • Does it include all the required directives?
  • Does it not block resources that shouldn’t be blocked?
  • Does it reference the sitemap?
  • Does it reference URLs returning 200 http status code only?
  • Does it not include any blocked pages?
  • Does it not include any pages that do not need to be indexed?
  • Is it formated correctly?
  • Does it not include any unnecessary data or attributes?
  • Does it reference images?
  • Does it reference videos?
  • Is it sitemap index and is it correct?
  • Is it not too big?
  • Is it frequently updated?
  • Does it reveal any orphaned pages?
  • Is the site optimally using internal linking?
  • Are the core pages easily accessible for users and search engine bots?
  • What’s the site’s crawl depth? Is it OK?
  • Are internal anchor texts structured correctly?
  • Is internal link juice and Page Rank used well?
  • Are there any issues in Google Search Console?
  • Are there any orphaned pages?
  • Any maual penalties?
  • Any coverage issues?
  • Any unusual crawling behaviour/patterns?
  • Any unusual indexing issues?
  • Any structured data issues?
  • Is page rendering OK?
  • Are important pages accessible?
  • Any search performance issues?
  • Any mobile usability issues?
  • Any link-related issues?
  • Any sitemap issues?
  • Is geo-targetting needed & configured?
  • Do any URL parameters need to be configured?
  • Is the site under mobile-first indexing?
  • Any sudden drops in traffic?
  • Any unusual traffic trends?
  • Any long-term traffic downtrends?
  • Are goals needed & configured?
  • Is conversion tracking needed & configured?
  • Are bot hits being filtered?
  • Are hreflang tags in place?
  • Are all hreflang tags reciprocal?
  • Are hreflang tags correctly configured?
  • Are all languages corresponding with the hreflang tags?
  • Are there any unnecessary tags used?
  • Is there excessive inline CSS or JS?
  • Is the site using correct encoding and language definition?
  • Are there any missing or excessive meta-tags?
  • Are there any excessive html comments?

Content SEO

  • Are there any pages with no or very thin content?
  • Any pages with broken html that cut off the content?
  • Any pages that should cover substantial topic, but only have a couple of hundred words?
  • Any informational pages with no or very short content?
  • Any product pages without product descriptions?
  • Do all pages have a page title?
  • Are there any duplicating page titles?
  • Are there any page titles that are too long?
  • Are there any page titles that are too short?
  • Are there any page titles not corresponding with the page contents?
  • Any "broken" page titles?
  • Any page titles that are spammy?
  • Do all pages that should have meta description have it?
  • Are there any duplicating meta descriptions?
  • Are there any meta descriptions that are too long?
  • Are there any meta descriptions that are too short?
  • Are there any meta descriptions not corresponding with the page contents?
  • Any "broken" meta descriptions?
  • Are all meta descriptions correctly worded and do they make sense?
  • Any meta descriptions that are spammy?
  • Are there any missing Hx tags?
  • Are there any duplicated Hx tags?
  • Are there any multiple H1 tags?
  • Are all Hx tags correctly worded and do they make sense?
  • Are there any Hx tags misused?
  • Are all headings semantically leveled?
  • Any images without alt tags?
  • Any alt tags that are spammy?
  • Any alt tags misused?
  • Any incorrectly worded alt tags or some that do not make sense?
  • Duplicate content in subdomains?
  • Any duplicate content detected through the site?
  • Any pages creating duplication?
  • Any product pages with the same description?
  • Is there another domain with the same content?
  • Does anyone duplicate the main page content across the internet?
  • Does Google correctly attribute the content ownership?
  • Any issues reported in GSC?
  • Any issues with rich snippets in Google SERPs?
  • Any issues with the structured data in the code found during our crawls?
  • Any structured data missing?
  • Any rich snippet opportunities?
  • E-A-T (if applicable)
  • Is there a solid About Us page?
  • Does the site have contact information
  • Are authors properly showing their expertise
  • Above The Fold
  • Is the ATF area correctly used?
  • Does ATF area include the core content piece?
  • Does ATF area directly meet users' intent?
  • Does ATF area include main navigation and heading?
  • Is the site mobile friendly?
  • Does the site use RWD, AMP or PWA?

Off-Site SEO

  • What's the RD to Links ratio?
  • What's the RD vs oRD ratio?
  • Is RD vs DR healthy?
  • Does the number of RD look good?
  • Should you work on increasing the number of your referring domains?
  • Are there any potentially harmful domains in the link profile (revealed in the quick review)?
  • Are links coming from relevant sites?
  • Is there enough relevancy signals in the link profile?
  • Are anchor texts relevant to the site?
  • Is the anchor text distributed correctly?
  • Does the anchor text look healthy?
  • Is the brand vs targeted vs misc anchors ratio OK?
  • How does it compare with the main competitors?
  • What's the site's DR?
  • What's the homepage's UR?
  • What do the metrics say about the sites's link profile health?
And much much much more! There’s literally too much to list. Contact us if you have any specific questions or special requirements.