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Grow your Home Service business by working with our specialist SEO team. We will create a personalized strategy suited to your website and bring home qualified leads.

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“Through the years we tried cooperating with various agencies & without any significant results. It’s not the case with these guys – it’s a pleasure to work with them!”

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Home Sevice SEO Is Different, See why...

When a local contractor is needed most people are more likely to reach for their smart device than the phone book. But as a brick and mortar business, it can be difficult to stand out in the online world. You must demonstrate that you offer a high quality physical service through a digital platform.  We have a ton of experience in delivering great success for even the trickiest Home Service niches.

The Home Service Industry Is Moving Online FAST!

This industry is moving into the online world at a rapid pace which has accesslerated with COVID-19.  SEO is required to succeed.

Specialist SEO Tactics Are Required For Specific Leads

General SEO isn’t going to cut it. You need a targeted SEO strategy that brings leads from specific geographical locations.

There Is A Vast Amount Of Opportunity

The majority of home service business’s are new to online so there is great opportunity to establish yourself as an industry leader with little competition.


Justin Le Brocque

“Having a partner with an extensive knowledge of SEO has played an important part in the rapid online growth seen within our company. Their advanced auditing and bespoke initiatives continues to drive search engine performance to this day. Couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Justin Le Brocqu


How Is Success Measured?

Success means something different to each business. But we have some “success factors” that we believe to be the most important for most Home Service based businesses right now-

New Traffic

The goal for any home service business website is to attract the highest possible number of qualified visitors.

Lead Conversion

Getting new traffic is pointless if you can’t convert it into a lead! We pay close attention to make sure that happens.

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Increase Revenue

Ultimately it’s our job to increase your revenue. If we don’t we will lose you because theres no long-term contracts.


They Had My Back When I Really Needed Their Support

“I never experienced the real power of Matt’s infrastructure until I started to work with the rest of his team. They are exceptional marketers who know how to do things the right and sustainable way and deliver on their promises. They had my back when I really needed their support, have been honest and committed to our projects consistently without glitches. I feel grateful and excited about our collaborations and look forward to working together in partnership with them for years to come”

Daniel Volshin


BUT! We Do not Work With Everyone...

To determine if our SEO agency is a good fit for you, you must understand and agree with 3x simple principles-

SEO Is A Long Game Strategy

SEO is not a quick one-time fix. To get lasting results and enjoy continuous growth it must be done safely over time

Treat SEO Seriously For Optimum Results

When taken seriously, the most revenue will be generated from SEO over any other source of traffic.

Effective SEO Is Not Cheap

SEO done correctly, means hiring SEO experts, writers, designers, outreach teams and developers. Real SEO isn’t cheap.

The Client Experience

We are dedicated to increasing the number of leads you recieve by providing an intelligent and structured approach that is customized to your business. This is how we do it-


Define Your Sites Goals

Firstly we take the time to understand each goal of the business. We will discuss in depth and then offer insight in how we can work together to achieve those goals within your home service sector.


Full Site Audit

We conduct a full site audit which checks everything is in good working order so that we can ensure your business has a solid foundation. This is the starting point where we can fix any problems and make sure they do not happen again.


Exploring Opportunities

Our intelligent keyword research strategies help us to find opportunities within your area of home services, that will give us exactly what we need to build a strong strategy that’s focused on lead generation.


Plan Of Attack

After a thorough SEO audit and keyword research is concluded, we will then put together a plan of attack designed uniquely for your business. This will act as the guide to growing your home service leads and search traffic.


On-Page Optimisation

Within the action plan, we will be looking to fix any on page problems that are having a negative effect. Improving your on page SEO will ensure a user friendly and also a search engine friendly website.


Link Acquisition

Link building can be a tricky task, even for the experts. Our agency includes a dedicated and highly skilled outreach team who will create link building  campaigns that earn high quality relevant links from real websites.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

We will be watching closely to ensure new traffic hitting your site has the highest chance of converting. We have in depth experience with conversion and will work together to make a huge boost to your leads and revenue.


Report & Improve

Every month we will put together a report detailing the campaigns progress against it’s business goals. This will show what we have worked on, and what the next steps will be and why.


Take a look at our SEO Case Studies

If you are interested in seeing our strategies in action, you can take a look at our real life case studies. These clients allowed us to give you a sneak preview so we can demonstrate the type of service that we offer-

14x Search Traffic

We built search traffic from 2,732 per month to 38,420 over the course of an 8 month campaign.

+4207% Search Traffic

We took search traffic from 10,439 per month to 472,591 in a highly competitive niche.

114x Number 1 Ranks

We took this client from manual penalty to over 114 keywords ranked in the number 1 spot.

Do you have any questions? Read our FAQ

We are happy to work with most home service sites, however… there are some specific requirements that need to be met.

If you would like to work with us, you need to-

  1. Have a legal business that is established and has systems in place which are able to convert search traffic to revenue
  2. Understand that SEO is a long game strategy that we will tackle together and take it seriously.
  3. Not tolerate anything that is morally adverse. This includes any type of violence, hate or crime.

We will only commit to working with a business where we are confident we will be able to deliver good results.

If you agree with all of the above… please reach out through our contact form.

There are no typical results we can promise you as all businesses are different with goals and budgets that vary. In fact it is wrong both morally and ethically for any SEO professional to guarantee results.

But, we can boast of an excellent track record where our team excels in growing our clients search traffic and sales. Although you must remember we are all at the mercy of Google.

We have a ton of results that demonstrates our in depth knowledge and understanding of SEO and how we can be flexible and adapt our strategies when needed. Just take a look at our case studies and testimonials.

This is an impossible ask. Any SEO services that are handing out guarantees are morally and ethically in the wrong.

Why? Because we are beholden to Google. A good SEO won’t fight against it but work to understand and adapt to the algorithm as needed.

However, this is what we can guarantee-

  • We are ready to help grow your Home Service business
  • We will be direct, upfront, honest and realistic
  • Our sole focus is to bring home tangible results
  • We will always be available to support and guide you when needed
  • Our team consists of some of the most intelligent SEOs in the world
  • We can offer decades of successful experience

In order for your Home Service website to be successful we will need to build links.

Within our team we have specialist outreach and link building experts.
Meaning we have the ability to build natural looking links at scale, from REAL websites.
gaming seo outreach link building

Indeed we do! Learn more about our technical SEO audits here.

We will build a complete report that highlights your SEO issues and provide a custom checklist you can hand to a developer or member of your team to work through and fix.

And you will also have our support if you need a hand with integration.

We keep our prices set, meaning a fair service for everyone.

We don’t tend to have much room for negotiation because we aren’t trying to squeeze every last penny from you.

If you would like to discuss other sites you may have please just get in touch and we can talk about your requirements.

Nope, we don’t.

To perform SEO effectively requires a large sum of investment up front. The process is resource heavy and time consuming.

Once we have made the investment, the overall results depend heavily on the websites ability to sell their product/service (which is out of our hands).

Meaning on our part, we would need to invest a large amount of capitol with a lot of uncontrolled risks.

So it makes no sense for us to make an investment like that upfront when we could just easily use that money to work on our own ventures without the risk.

The time frame for results on every website in the Home Services niche is different.

Each business is different and has different goals. Some will see a steady secure rise in results others will see a steeper growth when quick ranking tactics are needed.

There are so many variables so giving an answer to this FAQ is pretty much impossible.

If you twisted our arm for a rough ball park figure then we would suggest this timeline

SearchLogistics SEO Timeframe

After we have analysed your Home Service site it will be easier to provide a more accurate estimate.

But worst case… it will take 4 months to see a positive traction of your search visibility.

A tough question to answer without analysing your site and discussing your business and its goals.

But there are 2 things we can tell you upfront.

Typical Timeline

We can give a rough timeline idea-

SearchLogistics SEO Timeframe

But note that as every Home Services business is different and a typical SEO timeline doesn’t exist.

Contract Length

We have a minimum contract agreement of 4 months because during this time we focus purely on the technical SEO audit and detailed keyword research all with the aim of increasing your “Google compatibility”. Then we are able to build a strong plan of attack for content creation and link building.

If after 4 months you aren’t happy… you are free to wave goodbye.

Typically our clients remain with us for around 18 months before we eventually become irrelevant to their business after their site is fixed and they have the search traffic they wanted.

We make sure we are always contactable and available to support where needed in growing your website.

It could just be a quick question or a larger problem, we are here and happy to help however we can.

Each client needs something unique from our service so we ensure we can offer the support in the best way possible to them – we are always present.

See what other clients have said about us.

The service we provide has plenty of moving parts, so basing our quotes on hours would prove quite difficult.

It can also be difficult to predict which areas will require more/less of our attention and resources. 

Different stages of the campaign such as technical integration and link building will have varying costs.

But we do everything in house so have complete control over our costings and can offer competitive prices that will actually bring home good results.

The absolute minimum budget per month that we are able to work with is $3,100.

We would be unable to offer good results on a lower budget. Our prices reflect exactly what it takes to deliver results.

If you can commit to a larger budget we are able to commit more resource and spend on achieving results in a shorter period of time.

But we are not willing to sacrifice the quality of service we offer by negotiating our minimum budget spend.

SEO is a long term solution that needs to be taken seriously, which is also true when considering investing in an SEO service.

If you cannot commit to our full service package then you should consider our one time audit service.

Keeping up with, and staying on top of SEO takes hard work and dedication which we take very seriously. We only offer this service because it is our passion and it takes an incredible amount of knowledge and resource.

Search Logistics is led by Matthew Woodward, an international award winning SEO, along with some of the planets top SEO talent.

Our combined skill set means we focus solely on increasing organic traffic and sales.

We are very proud of what we do and extremely good at it.

The most common mistake a website makes is not building a solid SEO foundation. Instead they skip straight to building links, thinking this will solve all their problems.

In the past we offered link building services but after being asked to build links for sites that stood no chance in ranking no matter how many links we built… we decided this was not something we could offer in good faith.

Instead we focus on getting the best results by having control of building that foundation and fixing the problems first, then we add link building into the mix.

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