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Acquire more players with our specialist casino SEO services. We have had great success planning & executing campaigns for various gaming verticals, markets & languages.

Margus Holm

“This is the SEO agency I’m sticking with. The knowledge their team gives has value for our business at every level.”

Margus Hõim - Gaming Industry

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Casino SEO Is Different, Here's why...

Ranking sites in the ultra competitive casino & gambling world requires a special touch. Not only is it super competitive, but it’s hard to build links. This has become a specialty of ours as we’ve developed bespoke strategies to overcome the problems that casino SEO presents.

The gaming world is Super Competitive

This is one of the most competitive verticals on the planet which requires out of the box thinking to get ahead of the competition.

Link Building Presents Unique Challenges

Getting high quality links in the gaming, casino & gambling niche is hard. Many sites flat out refuse to work with the industry.

There Is A Ton of Opportunity

Casino SEO is always evolving with new niches and markets appearing all the time.  Are you taking advantage of that?


Justin Le Brocque

Having a partner with an extensive knowledge of SEO has played an important part in the rapid online growth seen within our company. Their advanced auditing and bespoke initiatives continues to drive search engine performance to this day. Couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Justin Le Brocque

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How Do We Measure Success?

We have been doing this for a very long time and realise that success means different things for different people. But I think we can all agree that our Casino SEO success is based on 3 pillars-

New Traffic

Our main goal is to increase the amount of qualified gamer traffic coming to your site through targeted keywords.

New Players

But behind traffic is conversion – we monitor the performance of search traffic to make sure it converts into new players.

Visitor Value

And above anything else we are here to increase the revenue of your business because if we don’t, we lose our jobs!


A well balanced approach to SEO that gets results.

“Their team is highly motivated, and provides a lot of value over the course of every month. From site audits to monitoring suspicious activity to linkbuilding and content creation, this is a well-balanced approach to SEO. Best of all, they get results… consistently.”

Alan Saltz

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BUT! We Don't Work With Everyone...

If you want to work with us, then it’s important that you understand and agree with the 3x principles below-

SEO Is A Long Term Strategy

If you want sustainable results and growth it must be done over time safely. SEO will not provide business changing results overnight.

You Must Treat SEO Seriously

Organic search traffic will generate more new players than any other traffic source BUT only if you treat it seriously.

Effective SEO Is Not Cheap

SEO requires input from SEO specialists, developers, designers, writers, outreach teams. Effective SEO is not be cheap.

The Client Experience

We are committed to bringing new players through a structured and measure approach that takes care of absolutely everything on your behalf end to end.  This is how we work-


Define Your Sites Goals

Every gaming site and vertical is different. Some want to grow slow and steady while others need to rank pages before a certain sporting event starts. We will take time to understand your business goals so that we can support them.


Audit Your Site

Gaming sites often suffer from technical problems like duplicate content, landing pages, lots of JavaScript and more. Our detailed audit reviews everything from the ground up to make sure we build a foundation that Google loves.


Discovering Opportunities

Our bespoke approach to keyword research will find all of the unique opportunities in your gaming vertical that your competitors have missed. This will form the basis of our SEO strategy moving forward.


Plan Of Attack

With an SEO audit and keyword research strategy in hand, we will create your personalised plan of attack. This will guide our campaign to make sure we grow your sites search traffic as efficiently as possible.


On Page Optimisation

It is very important that Google loves your site. To make sure that happens we will pay close attention to your sites  on-page SEO optimisation to improve your overall “Google Compatibility”.


Link Acquisition

One of the biggest challenges many casino and gaming sites face is with link building. Our dedicated outreach team have being able to overcome that by earning relevant links from real sites that move the needle.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

It’s important for us that your sites search traffic converts into as many new players as possible. We have a wealth of conversion experience and we will tell you how to increase new player conversion rates with a few simple changes.


Report & Improve

Every month we will send you a report that shows you how the campaign is progressing & how that ties into your business goals. We will explain everything we have worked on that month along with what we will work on next & why.


You'll Love our SEO Case Studies

Rather than telling you what we can do, it’s much better to show you what we can do. Most of our work is done under NDA but sometimes clients let us share their results with the world so you can get a sneak peak behind the scenes of our work-

14x Search Traffic

We built search traffic from 2,732 per month to 38,420 over the course of an 8 month campaign.

+4207% Search Traffic

We took search traffic from 10,439 per month to 472,591 in a highly competitive niche.

114x Number 1 Ranks

We took this client from manual penalty to over 114 keywords ranked in the number 1 spot.

Do you have any questions? Read our FAQ

We will work in any gaming niche or vertical, BUT we do have some specific requirements on the types of clients that we will work with.

For us to work together, you must-

  1. Be an established business with the systems in place to convert search traffic into new players adequately
  2. Treat SEO seriously as a long term strategy by working with us to integrate the strategy we create
  3. Not condone anything that is morally adverse like violence, hate or crime of any type

We are only interested in working with a business that we know that can deliver results for.

So if that sounds like you, please get in touch.

Every clients business, goals, site and budget are different which means there is no such thing as a typical result. It is also morally and ethically wrong for any SEO professional to promise any kind of result.

We have an excellent track record of growing our clients search traffic and sales but it is very important to remember that we are all at the mercy of Google.

The only ethical thing we can do is to show you the results we have delivered for other people so please spend some time looking through our case studies and testimonials.

No SEO can give you a guarantee of results morally, ethically or technically – it’s impossible to do.

Why?  Because whether we like it or not – we are all at the mercy of Google and it’s better to understand that rather than fight it.

And even though we have an excellent track record of increasing business revenue – we are still at Google’s mercy just like everybody else.

But what we can guarantee to you is that-

The reason for that is we are all at the mercy of Google.

And even though we have a solid track record of increasing people’s search traffic and sales – that doesn’t change the simple fact that we, you and every SEO on the planet is at Googles mercy.

But what we do guarantee is that-

  • We are upfront, realistic, honest and direct at all times
  • We are always available to help & support
  • Our sole focus is to deliver tangible results that move the needle
  • We employ some of the worlds most intelligent SEO’s
  • We are fueled by hard work, data & intelligent decision
  • We have decades of experience & success
  • We are here to help you win new players & grow your business

Link building is especially tricky in the gaming SEO and Casino SEO world and will literally make or break your campaign

However we have built a dedicated in house team who do nothing but outreach and relationship building.
That means we are able to overcome the problems of link building to gaming sites.
gaming seo outreach link building

That means that we can acquire links on real sites with real traffic that other people can’t placements on sites that other people can’t.

Yes! You can learn more about our technical SEO audits here.

We will create a complete report that details every SEO problem we detect along with a custom checklist that any developer or staff member can start working through to fix your on site problems.

You will also get the full support of the team if you need help with integration.

Our prices have been set to present a fair service to all of our clients.

That means we don’t have much wiggle room to negotiate when it comes to pricing because we aren’t trying to squeeze you from day 1.

However if you do have more than 1 site you would like us to work on we can certainly discuss your requirements, just let us know.


Effective SEO requires a large capital investment upfront and is a very time consuming and resource intensive process.

And after we have made that upfront investment, we have zero control and our success purely relies on the ability of someone else to sell and deliver a product/service.

And we have to rely on the fact we will actually get paid a fair cut.

That means there are multiple uncontrolled risks with a large amount of capital on the line.

It doesn’t make business sense for us to work under those conditions when we could invest and develop our own properties where we have full control of the sales cycle.

Every gaming site, target market and vertical is different.

As is every business and it’s goals.  Some want slow steady growth to win new poker players where as others need to rank before the next big sporting event.

Some clients already have an established foundation that Google loves where as others need to spent time building that foundation first.

With so many variables at play it’s impossible to give you an accurate answer to how long it will take to see results.

But to help give you a very rough idea, we have built this timeline

SearchLogistics SEO Timeframe

There are a lot of variables at play here so as we analyse your site we will be able to provide a more accurate estimate.

The bottom line is that some sites need less work than others and we don’t know what that is until we take a look under the hood.

But even in the worst case scenario you can expect to see positive traction in search visibility within 4 months of starting the campaign.

Answering that question without knowing anything about your business or goals is difficult.

But there are 2 things we can tell you upfront.

Typical Timeline

Firstly – we created this timeline to help give you a very rough idea of what to expect-

SearchLogistics SEO Timeframe

It’s important to note that because every business, site and vertical is different that there is no such thing as “typical” in SEO.

Contract Length

Secondly the minimum contract period is 4 months.  After that it just rolls over to a monthly agreement which you can cancel at any time.

The reasoning behind that is during the first 4 months of the campaign we are purely focused on increasing your “Google compatibility”.

That is done via a detailed technical audit, keyword research along with creating and executing a plan of attack that includes content creation and link building.

If at the and of the 4th month you are not happy – you are free to walk away.

On average our clients stay with us for 18 months because once we have fixed their site and established search traffic we become irrelevant.

We are always available, present and contactable to support the growth of your business.

Whether you have a quick question or a more pressing problem we are here to help you.

Each and every client is unique and needs our support in different ways but rest assured – we are always present to help you grow.

Take a look at what other people have said about how we supported them.

A holistic SEO services has so many moving parts that we don’t quote based on numbers of hours work.

As each client’s strategy is different there is no knowing which part of the strategy will require more or less resources at any given stage of the campaign.

For example there are different costs for link building vs technical integration that come in different quantities in different months as need.

However as we do everything in house we have complete control over our cost base which means we can deliver an SEO package that will actually move the needle at a competitive price.

The absolute minimum budget that we can work with is $3,100 per month.

That is because to offer a truly holistic SEO approach and a lower budget would mean we would struggle to deliver tangible results.

We have been doing this for a long time and we know what it takes to deliver results and how much it costs to do that.

When we have larger budgets, that means we can get more things done is a shorter period of time which has a direct impact on your results.

If we chose to negotiate our minimums that would come at the expense of the results and we are not willing to sacrifice the quality of our service to meet lower budgets.

SEO is a long term investment that we take seriously and you must take it seriously as well otherwise you will get burned.

If you are not ready to for a fully managed SEO service you might want to take a look at our one time audit service.

We take SEO seriously.  Its all we do because staying on top of the latest changes in Google takes dedication and passion.

Not only that but we are led by international award winning SEO Matthew Woodward whilst employing some of the top SEO talent the planet has to offer.

Our sole skill set is increasing organic traffic and sales.

Nothing more, nothing less.

We are very very good at what we do and we stand by with pride

If you are serious about increasing your search traffic it’s absolutely critical that you build a solid foundation that Google loves first.

We used to offer a link building only service but we closed it down because of the sheer volume of low quality sites we saw that had no chance of ranking no matter how many links they built.

The clients that were getting the best results were the clients that gave us control of both on page SEO and link building.

So we shut down our link building only service to focus on delivering results for committed clients.

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