Successful People Vs Unsuccessful People – Which One Are You?

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Not really my typical tutorial but a life changing topic.

A friend of mine posted about this successful people Vs unsuccessful people poster on Facebook the other day so I thought I would share it with you guys.

I think this really highlights the true differences between someone that is truly successful and someone that is unsuccessful.

Although in some respects I fall into both categories.

I’ve got some work to do it would seem!

Successful People Vs Unsuccessful People Poster

If you go through each list, which group of people do you share the most traits with?


I don’t think anyone is 100% one group or 100% the other, after all we are only human!

Never forget that successful people do what unsuccessful people won’t.
But looking at this chart should give you a good idea of where you are right now and what you should be working on to adopt the mindset of success as quickly as possible.

What The Mind Can Conceive & Believe – It Can Achieve

Building on those traits further I wanted to share a video from Napoleon Hill called ‘What The Mind Can Conceive & Believe – It Can Achieve’ that my Dad showed me when I was younger.

I highly recommend you want the entire video and if you don’t know who Napoleon Hill is, you need to!

He is the leading author of personal success literature. His work focuses on how the power of personal beliefs play a key role in personal success.

I highly recommend you read his book ‘Think & Grow Rich’ which has sold over 70 million copies since it was first published in 1937 and is still a top 10 seller to this day.

This book has had a strong influence on me since the first time I read it and I have read it multiple times since then, each time reflecting and learning something new.

So which envelope are you currently holding?

What Are Your Thoughts?

108 Responses

  1. Indeed true… It holds good not only for successful and unsuccessful but also for:1.sane and insane2.high and low intellect3.broad minded and narrow minded

  2. Another great author in this area is Dr Robert Anthony. He’s written several books and released audio programs. Two of his great books are “Ultimate Secrets of Total Self Confidence” and “Beyond Positive Thinking”

    1. Thank you for sharing this information with us, Justin! I’ll definitely have a look at these books!

  3. I never thought this will be this long, I could not agree more to be successful or unsuccessful. Thou I think I need to put more effort in achieving my dreams.thanks Matt.

  4. Amazing post and some different idea of posting. Do need to implement some of these for my betterment. Thank you

  5. Infographic is spot on. I also saw it circulating around Facebook a few days ago. The idea about what attitudes of mind are required for true success is sobering to think about. It’s a powerful antidote, though, for us when we slip into modes of thinking and acting that are characteristic of the unsuccessful. Man, I have a lot of reflecting to do!Thanks, Matt.

  6. What an awsome blog you have. I am your follower from some time ago and you always have good tips for everyone.Thanks for sharing your knowledge with your readers.

  7. Successful people go positive and tolerant through life. Whoever does not allow strangers to remain a lonely, unsuccessful hater.

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