Highest Revenue For 2 Years In 6 Months

The site was already established but it had a range of issues and was losing traffic and revenue for over a year before we started working on it.

SEO Case Study T Shirt Ecommerce Store

The Results

The Challenge

The Solution

The site was already established when we started working on it but had a range of issues and had been losing organic traffic and rankings for over a year.

The previous owner of the site had done some low quality link building in previous years which was pretty typical of an ecommerce site that had been actively doing SEO for years.

We also discovered the site needed a fair amount of on-site work after conducting an initial site audit when starting the campaign.

Campaign Goals

Our aim was to get the site back on a positive trajectory and gain the top of first page rankings for a range of niche-specific terms.

Our primary focus was on the term ‘t-shirt printing’ which is a very high-value term to the business and generates approx. 5,400 searches per month.

Link Building

During the first 6 months of the campaign, we built out 100 links from relevant authoritative domains.

We were able to take advantage of the fact that we could bridge content from any niche into this niche to really expand our potential net of target domains to get links from.


The site had some low-quality legacy links but not enough to trigger Penguin in our opinion so we decided it was not worth removing and disavowing links.

To counter the lower quality links we added new high quality links and built out the branded anchors to avoid the site getting hit by future Penguin updates

On-Site Optimisation

To accompany the link building campaign we also worked with the site owner and his developers to increase the on-page content.

The site was lacking in text-based content for Google to crawl and determine what each page was about and should potentially rank for.

Once the extra copy was added to the site we also:

  • Tweaked the page title and meta descriptions
  • Added alt tags to all images
  • Updated the sitemap

…which helped improve the crawlability and on page targeting for the site.

Ranking Results

As you can see from the below table of ranking increases for the tracked target terms we have seen excellent gains across the board.

Since we started working on the site we have bought the site back to its highest organic traffic and revenue levels for over 2 years within 6 months of starting the campaign.


Looking at the sites overall search visibility for the past 2 years in SEM Rush.

As you can see when we started the campaign the site was at an all-time low and had been steadily losing search visibility for the best part of 2 years.

We saw some big gains after the initial on-site work and link building with the upward trend continuing as new links were added and the site further optimised.

tshirt semrush

When we started the campaign the site was showing for the following number of terms according to SEM Rush.

  • 213 keywords position 11-20 (2nd page)
  • 221 Keywords position 6-10
  • 92 Keywords in top 5 positions.

The site is currently showing up in SEM Rush for:

  • 229 keywords position 11-20 (2nd page)
  • 403 keywords position 6-10
  • 594 keywords in top 5 positions

In Summary

We are currently 6 months into the campaign and the site continues to perform well and increase its search visibility.

We are using a combination of link building and on site changes to achieve the increases in rankings, traffic and revenue.

It continues to perform well in revenue from organic search.

We are very happy to have helped the site owner turn things around and get the site back to where it used to be. If you want us to help you too then send us an enquiry.

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